these companies without address or office

Don’t look for their offices, they do not. Even before the outbreak of coronavirus, the containment and the massive use of telework, a handful of French companies had made the choice to work with employees entirely and exclusively at a distance.

Recruit anywhere

Our print center is at Cabourg, in Normandy, but we knew that it would be difficult to recruit for our development only in that area of employment “, explains Baptiste Hamain, leader of a Fizzer, an application to print custom maps. So, the company chose to let its twenty employees work where they want.

In Engrossing, an agency for the creation and support of web sites, Émilie Lebrun sharing this observation :” We can recruit anywhere in France, and as a result, we can also solicit customers everywhere “. For these companies in the digital sector, the 100 % telework becomes an argument for recruitment in a sector that is in tension.

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Some fear that the exchange system facilitates relocation. After all, if your work can be done from a third party, why not hire them in another country at lower costs ? Already because of the barriers of languages and cultures. Time zones can also be disruptive, the service meeting, at midnight and a half gathering quite a few fans.

The return of the hack ?

The followers of telework standing like to point out that the daily presence of a web developer in a tower of Defence does not provide immunity against its replacement by a Polish counterpart. The crisis of the sars coronavirus has shown, only the jobs of “first” and “second” line has absolutely need face-to-face, even though telecommuting has not been well lived by everyone.

The risk of telecommuting is that of isolation, impoverishment and a loss of collective interestwarns Jean-Claude Delgènes, expert of the working conditions and founder of the firm Technologia. The institutions that exist without a physical seat belong to the niche of the digital world, with a corporate culture that is very specific and strong remuneration.

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The expert is also concerned about a return to the “tâcheronisation” over the long term :” these employees are remote are judged on what they deliver, and the drift would be that they are also paid for the rendering. “Besides the questions around the representation of the staff and of the defence of the interests, the organization is completely decentralized, making it more difficult to identify potential abuse and to the emergence of collective claims.

The importance of a social life outside work

For these companies, to preserve the collective and the team spirit that needs constant attention. “ We communicate a lot on Slack (see below, editor’s note), where some conversations are solely dedicated to subjects “relaxation”describes Émilie Lebrun. Each one tells us when he starts his day, and stops, when he takes a break etc .. This allows me to be sure that no one exceeds his hours, and the balance with private life are respected “.

His agency currently has no profile ” junior “, or CSD or trainee. Employees must already be experienced in telework and perfectly autonomous. “ We’ve had a few recruitments unfortunate because the employees could not work solo “admits his side Baptist Hamain.

Bastien Giraud, “teleworker permanent” and founder of the platform that lists job offers 100 % distance, abounds :” I have the chance to have a life strong social outside of my job, but this type of organization is not for everyone, that is for sure. “ Parachuted into a large metropolis to a previous post, the designer of software has never found its marks. Then,” with telework, I was able to find the comfort of life in my village home and reconnect with my associative involvement.

The native of the South meeting normally his colleagues in Paris once every two months, a homecoming for the moment prevented by strikes and the epidemic. In fact, all businesses without office regularly organise “real” meetings, combining work and friendliness. In Engrossing, they take place at the rate of three days every three months, each time in a different city. Émilie Lebrun did the math :” it’s cheaper than having permanent premises in Paris. “


► Slack, the app’s flagship digital

The name is redolent of the spirit of a start-up, fast, agile and expensive with companies in the digital sector. Slack, founded in 2013, is an application of communication between staff, such as Teams. Available on mobile and computer, the application is organized by conversation, and by group. In the same group (e.g. a company or a service) can have multiple chat channels (e.g. one per project or one for planning and another for the follow-up client). Slack also allows you to send private messages to a single user, sharing documents, etc


The Russians admitted in the United States of involvement in cybercrime :: Society :: RBC

The U.S. justice Department said Sergei Medvedev, one of the founders of the transnational organization Infraud that sold stolen personal banking and financial data, and information from credit and debit cards

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Russian Sergey Medvedev admitted in a US court of involvement in transnational organizations Infraud, which deals with cybercrime. It is reported by the Ministry of justice.

“Sergei Medvedev, also known as Stells, segmed, serjbear, at the age of 33 years, Russian Federation, pleaded guilty before district court judge James Mahana in Nevada”, — stated in the message Department.

According to the Ministry, Infraud was engaged in a large-scale acquisition, the sale and distribution of stolen identification data, information from the compromised debit and credit cards, personal information, banking and financial data, the malicious computer programs.

The media learned about the arrest in Bangkok had 100 thousand bitcoins Russians

Photo: Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters

The prosecution believes that Infraud was established in October 2010, a native of Ukraine Svyatoslav Bondarenko, also known as Obnon, Rector, Helkern. Medvedev in the United States also considered one of the founders of the site. The slogan of the organization — “In Fraud We Trust” (“In fraud we trust”). As of March 2017 in the organization, there were nearly 11 thousand registered members (according to the US Department of justice).


The number of victims of the earthquake in Mexico increased to 10 employees :: Company :: RBC

The death toll in the earthquake off the coast of Oaxaca in southern Mexico has risen to 10. This is evidenced by data the Ministry of public security and protection of citizens of Mexico.

According to authorities, six people were injured in the region, and two others received injuries in Mexico city.

Earlier it was reported about four victims in the earthquake.

The devastating earthquake occurred on 23 June at 9 km from the town of El Koul (state of Oaxaca). The center was located at a depth of 33 km and the Magnitude of the disaster was 7.7.

Subsequently, the authorities announced that the earthquake in the town of Crucecita, one person died. In the locality of Huatulco in the same state because of the tremors was destroyed, the hospital for patients with COVID-19. Hospital staff and patients were evacuated to another medical facility. In total, under the calculations of the National seismological service of Mexico, in the country was 174 quake.


In the MOE reported about the disinfectant 3.5 thousand medical institutions of Russia :: Society :: RBC

EMERCOM of Russia from the beginning of April disinfected more than 3.5 thousand medical institutions, 2.7 thousand educational institutions and 15.7 thousand objects of social service. It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

In addition, MCHS handled 31.4 thousand buildings and structures of transport infrastructure, 6 thousand km of roads and more than 90 thousand units of equipment, said the Ministry.

Thorough disinfection is carried out on large transport objects. So, in Moscow and St. Petersburg several times treated railway stations.

Peskov said about the disinfection tunnels in the Kremlin

Previously, the Moscow Department of transport has published the order according to which taxi operators in Moscow should ensure disinfection of the vehicle after each assignment. Also operators were obliged daily to clean and disinfect the machine on specialized items and ensure drivers disposable masks, gloves, disinfectants and antiseptics for the hands.


The United States refused to Chinese airlines additional flights :: Business :: RBC

The U.S. Department of transportation rejected the request of the Chinese airlines to provide them with additional flights between the two countries, said the Minister.

The transport Ministry said that the refusal is aimed at maintaining parity between U.S. and Chinese airlines. The Ministry also stressed that the order of the Ministry “is a purely procedural matter” and should not be viewed as escalation from Washington.

Earlier, the Ministry has threatened Chinese carriers are forbidden to make passenger flights in the country from 16 June. These actions were the response of Washington to the refusal of Beijing to allow American airlines who reduced the number of flights to China because of the pandemic of mers to return to the previous mode of operation from 1 June.

USA decided to ban the flights of Chinese airlines

Subsequently, however, China has eased restrictions and allowed American airlines to operate four passenger flights between the two countries in a week. This applies to Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, according to Reuters. After that, the Ministry of transport the United States took a similar decision in respect of the airlines from China.


Pompeo called Bolton’s a traitor because of the memoir secrets :: Policy :: RBC

In later publications of excerpts from the book, called “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house”, was a reference to the fragment in which Bolton recounts a request by trump to the President of China, XI Jinping, to support him in the election, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, according to the former adviser, does not consider trump a serious opponent.

On 17 June the US Department of justice sued Bolton for his book, which is now preparing to exit. The Agency claims that it contains secret information that can endanger the national security of the country. Bolton by revealing this information, violated the commitments made when applying for the position, said the Ministry of justice. Bolton, in turn, denies these accusations.

Trump said about the ability of Bolton to unleash “the sixth world war”

Trump, evaluating the book of Bolton, stated that his former adviser had violated the law by publishing the memoirs of secret information, that he was not supposed to disclose. “He broke the law, very simple. This is strictly classified information, and he didn’t have approval [на разглашение сведений]. What comes out now, too loud,” said trump.

71-year-old Bolton was an Advisor to trump on national security from April 2018. In the fall of 2019, he resigned at the initiative of the President. Trump said that the reason for the dismissal was the disagreement between them.


Authorities have denied plans to increase tax on high salaries :: Economy :: RBC

Another source told Forbes that discusses the option is not taxable personal income tax income in the amount of subsistence minimum or more. According to the publication, the question of whether to introduce a variety of approaches to taxation of citizens with different incomes, was discussed even in the winter, in anticipation of the January message of the President.

The interlocutor of RBC, close to the presidential administration, confirmed that there is the option of increasing personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% for wealthy Russians. He noted that “now is the perfect situation for this — sanctions-pandemic”. At the same time, he added, the discussion is still ongoing and concrete decisions had yet been made.

Analyst, FNS has assessed the possible losses of the budget due to the abolition of the income tax for the poor

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview to RBC in February said the Agency may consider the introduction of a progressive tax rate on incomes of physical persons (NDFL) in 2024, the principles of taxation will not change and now this issue the government is not discussing.


The doctors outlined the main symptoms of coronavirus in children :: Society :: RBC

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images

The main symptoms COVID-19 in children are fever, diarrhea and vomiting. This is stated in a study group of pediatricians, conducted at four hospitals in Western China. The results published in Plos Medicine.

According to the study, heat or fever occur in 76% of coronavirus-infected children. In 62% of infected children have also recorded a strong cough, and 12% — diarrhea and vomiting. Lung problems from minor occur in the later stages of the disease, follows from the analysis.

In the study, pediatricians examined 34 children aged one month to 12 years. The analysis was conducted from 27 January to 23 February this year. All patients in the current study, rooting COVID-19 easy (18%) or moderate (82%) form.

Pandemic coronavirus. The most current at 18 June

Earlier, in April, Rospotrebnadzor reported that children tolerate coronavirus infection more easily than adults. They longer remain active carriers of the virus, warned in the Department. The most vulnerable to COVID-19 juvenile children are six or seven years, said the Agency.


Bolton said the question trump about the affiliation of Finland to Russia :: Policy :: RBC

The American leader Donald trump was asked whether Finland is part of Russia, says ex-aide to President John Bolton. He also did not know whether UK nuclear weapons, says Bolton

Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

The US President Donald trump was asked whether Finland is part of Russia. About this in his book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house,” wrote former assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton. A fragment of not yet published books is quoted by the newspaper The New York Times.

In addition, the “trump apparently did not know that the UK has nuclear weapons,” says Bolton.

71-year-old Bolton was an Advisor to trump on national security from April 2018, however, the fall of 2019 resigned at the initiative of the President. Trump explained that he did not agree with many of the proposals of Bolton.

Book is ex-Advisor to “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house” needs to be fully published on 23 June. Even now it leads the ranking of the top 100 bestellers Amazon, which sells on pre-order.

Bolton reported on the request of trump to XI Jinping, to help him with his re-election

Photo: Jonathan Drake / Reuters

The first fragments of the memoirs of Bolton was published in January of this year. In particular, it was said that trump allegedly wanted to freeze military assistance to Ukraine to help Kiev with the investigation against his likely opponent in the election of 2020 Joe Biden and his son hunter, who has previously worked in the Ukrainian company Burisma.