Dietrich: international rail service will open in 2020

The head of the Ministry of Transport, Eugene Dietrich, said that international rail services will open this year. According to him, the issue of resuming communications with Finland is currently being discussed.

“This year,” Mr. Dietrich answered the question of when the international railway service will open (quote from TASS). “We must clearly understand that we comply with safety standards within the country, that this does not entail any negative consequences, that people travel and do it safely, and then release them abroad. ”

On May 25, the head of the Ministry of Transport sent a letter with proposals to Finland. The country’s authorities should study it and give “some kind of creative suggestion,” Mr. Dietrich said.

On June 26, Mr. Dietrich expressed hope that international air traffic would be resumed in July. Recall that in Russia the borders remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the support of transport in an epidemic – in the article “Kommersant” “Transport will receive support.”