Elections 2021 | Roque Benavides: “I want to reiterate that I will not be a candidate in the next elections”

This Wednesday the employer’s registration was confirmed Roque Benavides as a militant of Peruvian Aprista Party, one that raised the criticism of various political opponents of said group.

In this regard, on the same day, the president of the Compañía de Minas Buenaventura denied that he would be a candidate in the next presidential and congressional elections in 2021, after Martin Vizcarra climax on mandate.

“Given the various comments that have been spreading in the media, I want to reiterate that I will not be a candidate in the next elections, to thank the samples of support received and to ratify my commitment to the development of Peru ”, wrote Benavides in his account of Twitter.

It should be remembered that the former congressman of the Broad Front, Marco Arana, criticized the registration of the businessman, as he considered that it is the worst time to register in said political party.

“He has been in politics for decades, what happens is that he has done so without joining a political party”said in the program Nothing is said of RPP News.


Final line of the pre-electoral calendar (Things as they are)

We need more than ever that the electoral campaign allows us to know who has a hope to propose to the country and who enters politics guided by subaltern motivations.


The leader of the “Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich revealed the size of his pension :: Society :: RBC

Andrey Makarevich

(Photo: Dmitry Korobeinikov / TASS)

Musician and leader of the Mashina Vremeni group, Andrei Makarevich, said that with all the additional payments, his pension was 26 thousand rubles. About this he himself stated the newspaper “Look”.

“Now I don’t remember exactly the figure, but, in my opinion, I get 26 thousand. This is with all additional payments, ”said Makarevich.

He also added that he receives a “rather large” pension, unlike other people, since in addition to the title of People’s Artist, he is a labor veteran.

According to Makarevich, there are no non-working pensioners in his social circle and among his peers. “That is, all my friends are practically my age and should be retired, but they are not there, because they are simply not interested,” the musician said.

Pension Fund denied reports about the threat of suspension of pension payments

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC


Open letter from the UBA Faculty of Medicine regarding Covid-19: The situation will continue to worsen day by day


Today, we pass through Argentina, the most difficult moment of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, measured both in terms of new infections as well as the increasing number of people who die every day. If additional measures are not implemented, this situation will continue to worsen day by day. In this context, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires together with the signatory Medical and Scientific Societies, concerned about Public Health, communicate our position to the different government bodies, to our colleagues and to society as a whole.

Social distancing continues to represent the fundamental measure in the fight against the pandemic. We observe with great concern a relaxation in the fulfillment of the rules of distancing, which does not respect geographical limits or political districts. We make an energetic appeal in this regard that includes both governments and each and every citizen. We are talking about thousands and thousands of deaths that can be avoided.

Search devices for infected people with and without symptoms (but still contagious) and close contacts should be put into operation more quickly. To this end, you must dramatically expand our diagnostic capacity, implementing a more aggressive and active logic. What we have done so far in this area is clearly insufficient. Although to this day, mortality is lower than in many countries, our number of infected and deceased continues to increase.

The health personnel have made and continue to make an extraordinary effort. Day by day they put their health at stake, and that of their loved ones. It is essential to acknowledge their work and pay our warm tribute to them. We urge the authorities to urgently request strengthen the health system, by incorporating suitable personnel and adequate equipment, and recognizing those who have long been ignored and devalued. We ask society and governments to help us take care of and take care of us.

We are exhausted from working in this context and under these working conditions. The pandemic affects us all, the fear of getting sick and dying is present in society, and the fatigue due to distance and confinement is increasing. Doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, and other health workers are also stressed and exhausted from working continuously and without rest, for 160 days, in a system that does not recognize us, that does not take care of us, or provides the necessary protection elements for our work. We too get sick, we die. No one should be without work, but what is certain, no one should lose their life to work, and this is happening to us.

We are very concerned about the increase in community circulation, the lack or misuse of chinstraps and masks, the fact that distancing measures are not respected, social gatherings without care, because this leads directly to an increase in infections, disabilities and deaths. It is necessary to increase our awareness of risk, as individuals and as a society. We all want to believe that the worst is over, but it is not, and it will not happen as in stories or dreams, that things happen just by wishing them. The increases in cases in the interior of the country and “plateaus with high numbers” in some cities, only herald new cases of disease, and not even societies with very advanced health systems, were able to sustain the risk of illness, without having to suffer a huge number of victims. It is not possible that the need for the freedom to have a coffee, expose us to more loss of life. We need society to make these situations of “lack of individual and community care” visible as problematic. For now, the best remedy we found was distancing, and protective measures, and in the meantime, we will also continue investigating vaccines, plasma, serums or some medicine.

Now is when, responsibly and as an adult society, we must assume the responsibilities that correspond to us, as a community, as individuals and as governments, and take charge of health care and life for ourselves and our people


Dr. Jorge Geffner, Chair of Immunology

Dr. Carlos Rojo, Graduate Cloister, Edgardo Knopoff School of Medicine. School of Public Health

Claudia Negri. Secretary of Degree and Courses

Dra. Angela Gentile, Argentine Society of Pediatrics

Raquel Wainsztein, Department of Pediatrics,

Dr. Perez Rosales, IAR

Dr. Luis Sarotto, Department of Surgery

Dr. Adrian Desiderio, Department of Surgery

Dr. Pascual Valdez, Argentine Society of Medicine

Dr. Pablo Rossini, Intensive Therapy Specialist Career

Dr. Guillermo Chapero, Argentine Society of Intensive Care

Dr. Ignacio Brusco, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health

Dr. Hugo Rios, Institute of Cell Biology

Dr. Adriana Alberti, Department of Public Health

Dr. Guillermo Roccatagliata, Garrahan Hospital

Dr. Donato Spacavento, uba professor

Dr. Sergio Varela, Professor of Kinesiology.


Elizabeth II wins her open war against a former butler: David, defeated by Goliath

Isabel II I had been upset for a long time and did not want to give in to the attitude of a former butler who worked for Prince Charles between 2005 and 2011. Grant Harrold, 42, no longer collaborates with the royal family. After leaving the Palace team, she began a new life that has given the Queen many headaches.

[LEA MÁS: La culpa de Harry y la obstinación de Meghan: un nuevo libro revela nuevos datos]

As reported by ‘Daily Mail’, Harrold continued to define himself as a “royal butler” and once his duties with Isabel II were completed, he opened a “Royal School of Butlers” and a “Royal School of etiquette” to share his knowledge.

Isabel II. (Getty)
Isabel II. (Getty)

But if something has become clear to us after the Megxit, it is that the Queen does not like anyone to use a royal title or position when you are already out of the institution. He prohibited Meghan and Harry and Harrold was not going to be less.

One of the Queen’s ex-butler’s friends revealed that tensions were high between the two parties: “It is a real battle between David and Goliath. Why the hell couldn’t he call himself a “royal butler” if this is what he was? What will the Palace do? Ban it? “, he wondered.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  (Reuters)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Reuters)

The prohibition of the Sussexes from using the royal title for commercial purposes seems to have created a precedent that must now be extended to all persons linked, in some way, to the Royal Household. “We cannot ask the duke of sussex don’t use the term ‘real’ and then allow let a former staff member do it, “said a source close to the Crown.

According to the Queen’s lawyers, Harrold was cheating on his students because calling himself that way, it seemed like he was still a ‘royal butler’ today.

Now, as reported by ‘The Times’, the queen has had her way. Harrold has lost in court and will have to pay £ 2,500 in court costs.


The High Council of Justice opens an investigation into the judicial treatment of the Chovanec case

This is the first time that the Superior Council of Justice has carried out a specific investigation into a judicial file which has not yet been closed.

Lhe Superior Council of Justice (CSJ) decided this Thursday afternoon that it will investigate to analyze whether or not the judiciary has committed errors in the Chovanec case. The body that works for a better functioning of the judiciary will investigate the way in which the judiciary handled the case, without any say in the content of the investigations into the death of the Slovak entrepreneur in February 2018.

“An investigation team, led by a magistrate member, will examine in particular how the judicial file was precisely opened, the progress of the file, to what extent the control mechanisms intervened and the communication between the judicial and police authorities”, details the CSJ.

A body which recalls that its investigations “relate to possible structural dysfunctions, and not to individual responsibilities”.

This decision is interesting for two reasons: first, “This is the first time that the Superior Council of Justice has carried out a specific investigation into a judicial file which is not yet closed”, he recalls. Secondly,, this decision comes the day after a communication from the public prosecutor’s office defending the investigation opened since February 2018.

The general prosecutor defends the investigation

Indeed, Wednesday, the general prosecutor’s office of Mons-Charleroi had explained that, according to him, the investigation was carried out with speed and it would be the civil party – with requests for additional duties – who would have extended the time of the investigation . In addition, Attorney General Ignacio De La Serna blamed the police for not using the CCTV footage to possibly open a disciplinary case.

The lawyer for the widow of Jozef Chovanec reacted sharply to this judicial communication: “It’s amazing, the madness of the day. But we have not yet finished and we want the investigation to be conducted elsewhere, ”said Me Ann Van De Steen.

After more than 10 days of pre-analysis of the Chovanec case, the CSJ therefore considered that there was material to dissect the judicial aspect of the case. An investigation in addition to those of justice (on the merits), the internal police investigation, the investigation of the Standing Committee P, the parliamentary investigation …


Saudi Arabia begins to open flights to 25 countries, including Indonesia, these are the conditions

Merdeka.com – Saudi Arabia began opening flights to 25 countries. Saudi Arabian Airlines or Saudia then issued guidelines and conditions for passengers entering Saudi Arabia and visiting those 25 countries, including Indonesia.

Quoted from Life in Saudi Arabia, Thursday (3/9), one of the guidelines stipulated is that all airlines must distribute a disclaimer form to all passengers coming to Saudi Arabia. The form must be distributed to all passengers on board before landing in Saudi Arabia.

“All passengers must submit the signed form to the Health Control Center upon arrival,” the statement said.

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Meanwhile, there are five terms or conditions for passengers who are allowed to fly to Saudi Arabia. First, passengers must not have respiratory or liver symptoms or Covid-19 symptoms.

The second condition, passengers must carry out seven days of self-quarantine at home after arriving in Saudi Arabia or three days for medical workers with negative PCR results.

Passengers are also required to enter their home address via the Tataman application within eight hours of arrival and are not allowed to leave the house for seven days except for a medical examination.

The fourth condition, passengers are required to log into the Tataman application every day and carry out a health assessment. Fifth, passengers must agree that if they violate the guidelines and conditions stated in the disclaimer form, the health authorities will be fined 500,000 riyals or two years in prison.

Apart from Indonesia, 24 other countries are allowed to open return flights to Saudi Arabia, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, China, England, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria.



Pilot of restaurants in Bogotá | How to go to Bogotá A Cielo Abierto – Bogotá

From this Thursday, the restaurants of the city will be able to serve their guests again with table service. The pilot ‘Bogotá A Cielo Abierto’ will be the plan under which the reactivation of the Bogotá gastronomic sector will take place, initially in eight delimited areas. But as the establishments receive the permits, the service will be opened in the rest of the capital.

Until Wednesday there were 879 restaurants and cafeterias authorized to start operating, this represents 3,051 locations in the eight areas enabled to implement this pilot, but in total in Bogotá there are 48,000 restaurants, gastrobars, cafes and coffee shops that may open in a staggered manner while grant the permissions.

(You may be interested in: So you can request permission for your business to operate ‘A Cielo Abierto’)

Everything will work with strict safety regulations, which include prior registration in the pilot, adaptation of spaces to guarantee social distancing, digitization of menus, reservations and orders, and safe mobility commitments for the administrative and operating staff of the establishments.

The Ministry of Economic Development explained that the launch of ‘Bogotá A Cielo Abierto’ will be the roadmap to begin to enable openings in spaces such as typical hotels glamping and gyms.

EL TIEMPO explains what you should take into account if you own a restaurant and want to participate in the pilot, and it also gives recommendations to diners to make your visit to these establishments safer.

The first areas enabled for ‘A Cielo Abierto’

Chapinero Zone 1

– Parque de la 93: Carrera 12 between streets 93 and 93A
– Carrera 13 between streets 85 and 86
– Zone T: Carrera 12A between streets 82 and 83
– Parque Espartillal, El Retiro shopping center, plaza 3
– Calle de los Anticuarios: 79A street between races 7.ª and 9.ª
– Urban Plaza: Calle 90 with Carrera 11
– Via Pacified: Calle 71 between races 9 and 11
– Zone G: Carrera 6 and 5 – Calles 68 to 71
– Andino shopping center
– Quinta Camacho: 10th race between streets 70 and 70A

Zona 2 Santa Fe

– Macarena: 4th race between streets 26A and 29
– Plaza de la Perseverancia: Carrera 4 between streets 30A and 31

Zone 3 Candelaria

– Mandolinas, Embudo and Chorro de Quevedo streets
– Calle 11 between races 2.ª and 3.ª
– Plaza La Concordia

Zone 4 Usaquén

– Plaza Fundacional: 119th street to 125th street between races 2.ª and 7.ª
– Square of the Santa Bárbara shopping center
– Av. 19 between streets 109 and 127

Zone 5 Kennedy

– Carrera 78B with 1st street

Zone 6 Tunjuelito

– Ciudad Tunal Shopping Center Plaza: Carrera 24C with Calle 48 Sur

Zone 7 Teusaquillo

– Big station
– Park Way
– Movistar Arena

Zone 8 United Neighborhoods
– October 12 Square

Other scenarios

Shopping center food squares: To make it work, they must register at bogotaacieloabierto.gov.co in order to receive authorization. They can operate with a maximum capacity of 25% under all protocols.

Restaurants outside the area: They will be able to operate with a maximum 25% capacity indoors, and if they require a greater capacity, they can process a permit with the IDU to take advantage of public space. But the Ministry of Economic Development has warned that “only establishments that have the certification informing the authorization of the start of operation can start activities. Similarly, activities can only be carried out from Thursday to Sunday.”

If you want to go to enjoy a restaurant, you must …

– Book in advance at the restaurant virtually. Remember that for restaurants there is no ‘pico y cédula’, and they will open between 8 am and midnight, Thursday through Sunday.

– Plan your trip: remember that the streets in the pilot zones will be closed to vehicles. Although there will be parking in nearby areas, it is recommended to go by bike or on foot.

– Arrive 15 minutes before of the reservation time and wearing face masks.

– Respect the time of two hours maximum stay.

– Respect the capacity allowed per table. Maximum six people are allowed. Yes, minors can go.

– Do not go alone to consume liquor. This will be served only as an accompaniment to a meal.

What to keep in mind if you are a restaurant manager

The establishments have regulations to be able to operate in this pilot.

They must first register on the website bogotaacieloabierto.gov.co.

In this portal they must follow several steps:

– Sign a commitment to safe mobility in which they specify that their workers will use sustainable means of transport.
– Commit to having the permits for the use of public space issued by the IDU, Dadep, IDRD and the Ministry of Mobility.
– Describe how they will guarantee a maximum capacity of 25% in closed spaces.

After doing this process, the Ministry of Economic Development will evaluate whether or not your establishment meets the conditions to participate in the pilot. Please note that you will not receive a registration confirmation, when the evaluation process is finished you will receive an email with the permission or inability to operate.

(Also: How to reactivate your business in Bogotá with the ‘new reality’)

What are the requirements for restaurants?

There are eight rules that restaurants must follow in order to open.

– Register at bogotaacieloabierto.gov.co and obtain permission.
– Digitize the letters or menus.
– Implement a digital reservation system.
– Participate in the training processes in biosafety and waste management protocols provided by the Ministry of Economic Development and the District Institute of Tourism.
– Guarantee a minimum distance of two meters between each table and install adequate signage so that diners can maintain their distance.
– Carry out disinfection and cleaning processes every time a guest leaves the establishment.
– Use protective clothing and biosecurity.
– Sign a manifesto in which they agree to follow all the rules to ensure that the ‘new reality’ is sustainable.

Keep in mind that if your establishment has a terrace, you can use it to set up tables.

And, stacks, don’t be fooled. The registration process is free and participation in the pilot is free.

To keep in mind

– If you want to know what your process is about, you can write to the email:
bogotaacieloabierto@desarrolloeconomico.gov.co with the following information:
NIT number, company name, registration number and legal representative.

– If you require guidance to activate your restaurant, the Ministry of Economic Development has arranged the following service channels for the gastronomic sector:

E-mail: bogotaacieloabierto@desarrolloeconomico.gov.co
Cell phones: 3046622007; 3016072116 and 3017469462

What if the rules are broken?

There is a committee of the mayor’s office that “will carry out permanent monitoring in the authorized areas and will be able to sanction, seal or provide the pertinent resources that disqualify the establishment for breach of protocols.”

If there is an establishment that does not comply, this and all the others in the authorized area could be closed.

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all stores open again this Tuesday

All stores of the Aldi supermarket chain that were affected by a strike on Monday reopened on Tuesday. This is what Aldi Belgium and the unions report, which will begin negotiations on Tuesday afternoon.

It was an action of the stores belonging to the Erpe-Mere d’Aldi power plant and located mainly in East Flanders. According to the unions, the workload problem had been around for some time and the compensation was insufficient during the coronavirus crisis.

Discussions between unions and management will take place at 2 p.m. in Affligem.


“A guy approached me saying he wanted to destroy me”, the police open an investigation

The local police of Mechelen-Willebroek opened an investigation on Sunday evening after threats made against Marc Van Ranst at the station in Mechelen. The virologist photographed his attacker as he gave the Hitler salute and posted the photo on Twitter.

On Sunday evening, Marc Van Ranst was at Mechelen station when a man made threats against him. The virologist posted two photographs of the individual on Twitter. “At the Mechelen station, a guy approached me because he was going to ‘destroy me because I’m a left-wing rat’. He gave the Hitler salute. Poor man, ”writes Mr. Van Ranst on the social network.

Mechelen police have opened an investigation after seeing the virologist’s message. “We asked for the images of the surveillance cameras of the city in the district of the station as well as those of our colleagues of the railway police”, specified the spokesperson of the local police force. “We have not yet had contact with Mr. Van Ranst, he has not yet filed a complaint and it is not necessary for this kind of facts. We will contact him later to obtain his version of the facts. “

The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office has been informed, a necessity when images from surveillance cameras are requested and kept during an investigation. “This kind of behavior is disgusting and we should never accept it!” “, Condemned, on Twitter, the mayor of Mechelen, Alexander Vandersmissen.

This is not the first time that the virologist has been the victim of such behavior. It must be said that with his strong opinions on the coronavirus and the management of the epidemic, Marc Van Ranst divides. The man had previously been placed under police surveillance because of the many threats he received on social networks.


Open the account and find a surprise income of 2,080 million | Companies

Opening the bank account and finding an unexpected income is a reason for joy, but if the amount rises to 2.45 billion dollars (2.076 million euros), the surprise turns to disbelief.

This is what has happened to a Bank of America customer, who a few days ago found an income from the entity of this amount. According to Bloomberg, the user, from Massachusetts (EE UU), initially thought that the bank would realize the error, but it was not, so he decided to contact his manager to find out where this gigantic amount of money came from that appeared so much in the statements of his account on the bank’s website as in the mobile application.

The bank has already fixed the error and ensures that in reality, these more than 2,000 million were never in the customer’s account. “It was a display error and nothing more,” company spokesman Bill Haldin told Bloomberg. However, it is not the first time that Bank of America has faced a failure of this type: at the beginning of the month, the entity had certain display problems that caused customer inquiries made on the web or in the mobile app will show incorrect balances. Although then, the errors were not in their benefit, since their accounts showed that there was not a single dollar left in them.

In both cases, the bugs were easily fixed, unlike the legal battle facing Citigroup after also making an accidental transfer a few days ago, in this case to a group of investment funds. The bank, administrative agent of the cosmetics firm Revlon, transferred 900 million dollars (750 million euros) due to an “operational error” to the accounts of the creditors of the firm, in a bitter battle between them and the company over debt restructuring.

Although some of the funds have already returned the money they received, others like Brigade refuse and argue that the operation corresponds to the repayment of the loan. However, the bank indicates that it only wanted to pay the interest but transferred amounts 100 times greater.

All this has led to a legal battle and contacts with supervisors. The bank has begun to inform the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve about how he could have made such a mistake, according to people familiar with the matter. Likewise, Citigruip filed a lawsuit on Monday against Brigade Capital Management, in which, however, it does not explain the reason for the error made.