Ukrainian mayor burned the flag of Russia in front of the embassy in Kiev

The politician called the Russian Federation “the occupying country”

The Ukrainian mayor burned the flag of Russia in front of the embassy in Kiev. Photo: frame from the video from Artyom Semenikhin’s Facebook page

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Head of the Ukrainian city Konotop, which is located on the border with Russian territory in the Sumy region, Artem Semenikhin burned the flag Of Russia in front of the diplomatic mission in Kiev. The politician posted a video with this misconduct on his page on the social network Facebook.

– I stand under the embassy of the “occupying country.” I do this in response to the Ukrainian blogger Tolik Shary, who recently released a video about me, in which he allegedly exposes me in something. I watched this video and realized that my greatest sin is that I once burned the flag of Russia when I was in the ATO (military operation in Donbass“, – commented on the actions of the video Artyom Semenikhin.

After that, the Ukrainian mayor, to the sounds of the anthem of his country, burned the Russian flag. Semenikhin arranged his “action”, being across the street from the Russian embassy. Moreover: in a commentary on the published video, the head of Konotop wrote threats against the Russian president. Representatives of the Russian embassy have not yet commented on this situation.

The Ukrainian mayor and before that distinguished himself with several anti-Russian actions. At the beginning of this year, the head of the city of IvanoFrankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv said that he had consulted with a Konotop colleague, and they decided to install a statue near the Russian border in honor of the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists * Stepan Bandera.

Earlier, the site wrote that the Ukrainian journalist Ostap Drozdov confessed his hatred of Ukraine. He said that the only goal of his state is to be the antipode of Russia, “there is no other purpose for the existence of independent Ukraine”

* prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation



“As he is 2-3 cases per year, it is worth to cure it”

Alex Zanardi is struggling between life and death after the terrible accident in which he was involved yesterday, during a race handbike. As reported in the last bulletin doctor, the condition of the ex-pilot are very serious: is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the policlinico of Siena.

His is a condition rather installment, as confirmed by Joseph Oliveri, director of the Uoc of Neurosurgery, hospital of the Azienda ospedaliero-universitaria senese, where he was admitted Zanardi: “it is Not a situation that we see every day, is a type of trauma is not so frequent: do we treat two or three a year similar. But every patient is different. The only thing I can say is that, for its clinical and not because it is of a character such as Alex Zanardi, is a patient worth to treat: but it is too early to make predictions”.

Zanardi, the neurosurgeon: “If there will be improvement will be very slow”

“And there is a failure in the cranio-facial – remember – we also talked with the surgeons, maxillo-facial and, if things go well, in the future you will have to proceed with a reconstruction of the skull”. Now Alex “should remain in an intensive care unit sedated, ventilated, leaving that, with time, the secondary damage consequence of the injury to stabilize. It will be a long, in the best cases, while the aggravations unfortunately can come from a moment to another. The improvementif there will be, it will be very slow in time.”

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“The only thing that I can say now is that it is a sick person who is righteous a cure – reiterates the neurosurgeon – that in our work each patient is different, has situations the cranial different, there are statistics that are applicable to, are things that cannot be predicted and you only have to commit to it. Its with underlying health conditions were excellent, certainly the mechanical ventilation prolonged can lead to complications, but it is useless to speculate now how it goes.”


The media learned about the unsuitability of the Ukrainian self-propelled mortars :: Policy :: RBC

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine refused to accept the concern “Ukroboronprom” party self-propelled mortar “bars-8ММК”, entered service, as these guns were unusable. This publication reports the Defence Express.

APU Ukraine received a shipment of mortars in the autumn of last year in the framework of the state defense order. However, according to the publication, a 120-millimeter mortars were supplied with substandard barrels and had no firing tables.

Instead of assault guns brigades were sent to the base storage in the village of Orzhiv, and now APU are looking for other mortars.

Ukraine held military trials “threatening” the Crimean bridge the rockets

The situation is saved by the fact that armored vehicles can use different launchers, without reference to a specific manufacturer. Therefore, an alternative solution to the Ukrainian defense Ministry decided to use “bars-8 MMK” new mortar, developed by a private company “Ukrainian armored vehicles,” the newspaper notes. Now the mortar passes the state tests.

From the trunk of a 120-millimeter mortar are planned in total experience min. 5 thousand today, made about 3 thousand shots. This work is carried out at the highest possible rate, says the publication.

In October of 2018 testing a mobile mortar complex “bars-8 MMK” said Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov. He noted that this complex can quickly move to the desired location of the fire, its computer system allows positioning on the ground, and preparing to fire from traveling takes just one minute. The crew consists of three people, the ammunition of the complex has 60 minutes Turchynov said that “bars-8 MMK” can leave its firing position for 20 seconds to evade return fire.


MTS-the Bank complained of the theft of money from the card :: Finance :: RBC

What they say affected customers

RBC has communicated with clients, said about the thefts. Withdrawals from accounts without their knowledge occurred from late March to early June. Most accounts tied to credit cards, there are also cases of withdrawal from debit cards and savings accounts. RBC said 11 clients in total, with their words, they stole more than 1.8 million rubles.

How to tell clients MTS-Bank, the most thefts occurred on the same scheme: the scammers have blocked the mobile number of the customer (mobile operator most affected is the MTS, there are also cases of blocked customers of MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2), then changed to Bank customer number in your received account access and online banking and transferred money. “Watching their stories in the personal accounts of MTS and MTS Bank, I learned that the service “Voluntary lock room” I was hooked 4.06.2020 at 22:55. And all fraudulent transactions were carried out with 5.06.2020 02:20 and 02:50″, — says one of the victims, Yuri, who asked not to mention his name.

The representative of MTS said that complaints about the service in the last month from clients have been received (affected customers in conversation with RBC said that addressed to MTS). Representatives of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) and “MegaFon” reported that the company did not record complaints from clients in a similar situation. Tele2 did not respond to a request RBC.

The CPS reported types of fraud during a pandemic

How the crooks could steal the money

  • In these schemes, attackers can first call the call-center operator and ask to temporarily block the room (it is possible, for any operator, e.g. in case of theft of phone) — for this we need to know the passport details of the victim, says the employee of one of the operators. Then the scammer, knowing the passport data, can call the Bank’s call center and ask them to bind another phone number instead. This would allow him to get full access to one-time SMS passwords sent to the linked phone number to confirm the operation.
  • RBC appealed the call-center MTS-Bank question, how to change number linked to the account. The call centre operator said that now this can only be done in person at the office, although a couple of days ago, there existed an opportunity to change the room through the call center, knowing only the passport data and a code word. In a press-service of the Bank representatives explained that the room can be changed only inside the MTS, the Bank branch or at an ATM.
  • If the scammers were able to access phone number and then Bank account, knowing the passport data and a code word that could leak personal data of the customers, MTS-Bank, says founder and CTO of DeviceLock Oganesyan: “In the hands of fraudsters could get as a complete database with passport data and a code word, and just with the names of customers and their balance of the account. In the second case, the attackers could choose customers with the largest amounts in the accounts and order the service “punching” their data from the operator and the Bank. The cost of such services in banks can reach 15 thousand. cellular operators Have “piercing” room is 800 rubles. up to 4.5 thousand rubles, the lock number can be from 3.5 thousand rubles. and above (follows from the ads posted on the darknet. — RBC)”.
  • To seize the code word can only Bank employees with a certain level of access continues, the head of directions “Compliance” and “Audit” of the security Department of the Softline group Ilya Tikhonov. “I can assume that this situation occurred either inside (special people in the Bank provides the service “punching”. — RBC) or target a well-organized attack on the servers of the Bank”. Banal leak of personal data just did not give criminals the opportunity to organize such a scheme of plunder of means, as in one database is usually not stored and passport details, and a code word, said Tikhonov. According to experts, blocking a phone number in this case was necessary, rather, to ensure that potential victims have not received the notification about change of data tied to the account.
  • Forced change of passwords by the Bank (MTS Bank held it at the end of may), may indicate a strengthening of security measures in case of suspected compromise of client credentials that attackers are unable to use them, for example, go to the user’s personal account, says head of security analysis of web applications Positive Technologies Jaroslav Babin.

VTB warned about fraud via the job advertisement

In some cases, the Bank must return the money

The victims were applied in MTS-Bank, addressed to law enforcement and CPS. At the Bank they said that the review of the incident will take 60 days, said several interlocutors RBC. One of the victims, Mr Zonov, discovered the theft on March 31, a statement the Bank filed the next day, however, despite the fact that the period of examination of the appeal already happened, received no response. The term for consideration of such appeals established by the law “About national payment system” and is 30 days to verify the transactions made inside the country and 60 days for cross-border transactions: if the Bank has designated a period of 60 days, then the surgery could be performed abroad, explains partner of the bar Association Pen & Paper Anatoly Loginov.

The other victim, Valery Kokorin, applied to the Bank in early April. The answer from the credit institution (RBC got acquainted with him) came in early June, it says that the card was translated to the map individuals of another Bank through a third-party acquiring network using a Protocol processing online transactions 3D Secure (the SMS code to the phone number specified in the Bank). The Bank refused to return the money, as the operation was confirmed by the introduction of a one-time verification code sent to your Bank the phone number (client says that the number of scams).

This answer Bank looks questionable, said Loginov: “the Bank refers to the norm of the Federal law “On PS”, under which he is obliged to return the money or to prove to himself that the customer has violated the procedure for the use of electronic means of payment and that this violation led to the Commission of the disputed transaction. That is, the Bank in this case should return the money, but all the same writes that the reason for this is not.”

According to the lawyer, in this case, fraudsters gained access to the means of payment and monetary funds of the clients without their participation and, if the Bank can prove the contrary, the refusal to return funds to the customer is illegal.

“Analysis of incoming requests shows that users themselves often convey information about the card fraud, which in turn excludes the liability of the Bank”, — noted in Rospotrebnadzor. At the same time, the office believed that “the Bank is obliged to prove that on his part, in the provision of services had taken appropriate measures to ensure its security and prevent access to, for example, the one-time password by unauthorized persons, and controversial operation carried out solely because of the violation of consumer safety regulations when using the card”.

Eugenia Chernyshova, Anastasia Skrynnikova

Yuliya Koshkina, Serhiy Sobolev, Alain Prokhorenko


Turkey launched a new military operation against Kurds in Iraq :: Policy :: RBC

Turkish armed forces began a military operation “Eagle claw” against the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) in Northern Iraq. About this Twitter informs the Ministry of defense of the country.

“Began “operation Eagle claw”. Our planes destroy the den of terrorists”, — stated in the message. It is clarified that the air force bombed a cave sheltering, which were of Kurdish forces.

Later the military said that the military operation was a legitimate right to strive for self-defence. In this regard, the Turkish armed forces attacked a terrorist cell (Turkey considers the PKK a terrorist organization) in some Northern areas of Iraq: Sinjar, Karaoake, Zap, Avaline-a native of baxian and Hakura, and also in the mountains of Kandil.

Erdogan has accused Russia and the United States in violation of the agreements on the Kurds

As reported Anadolu, the military operation began after the attacks of Kurds on the police station and the locations of the Turkish security forces.


In California shot and killed a wounded police man :: Society :: RBC

In Paso Robles, California, police shot and killed the attacker, previously attacked local residents and wounded four policemen. It is reported by NBC.

Police identified the shooter as Mason James Lear, 26-year-old man from California city Monterey. On Wednesday 10 June, he started shooting near the police office in Paso Robles. After that, according to County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Mason remained in ambush and waited for the two deputies arrived, the Sheriff. One of the officers was wounded in the head and he is now hospitalized and underwent surgery, another officer was injured. After the attack, the shooter fled.

During protests in Indianapolis shot and killed a man

Later Mason several times opened fire on the officers looking for him. So, when on June 11 the police surrounded him near the river, the man wounded two law enforcement officers, they received not dangerous to life injuries.

In addition, were found dead homeless man at the train station Paso Robles, he was shot from close range in the head. Ballistic examination of the police proved that the murder was committed by a Mason.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

How to change labor relations in the conditions of a pandemic, how much of Ephraim will spend under house arrest, which the US will start to buy icebreakers that virologists think the abolition of isolation in Moscow; main news — a review of RBC

The authorities refused the special rules of the layoffs and idle during a pandemic

The Ministry of labor has radically rewritten the draft government resolution on regulation of labor relations during a pandemic.

  • Disappeared from the document, the prohibition of employers to dismiss employees or send them in a simple and new procedure for relocation of employees to shifts and changes of their duties without consent. Many of these initiatives had previously criticized both the trade unions and employers.
  • The Ministry of changes was explained by the fact that the previous version of the draft is no longer current, since “a significant part of the restrictive measures have been removed”. In the document left “rules, which require rapid adoption.”
  • Among them vacation benefits for residents of the far North, as well as the norm regulating the procedure of transition to digital service book.

The court sent Mikhail Efremov under house arrest

Tagansky court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the investigation and sent the actor Mikhail Efremov, who became the participant of road accident in the center of Moscow, under house arrest until August 9.


it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases.

– The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Westchester Medical Center Sean Wengerter.

And then the incredible happened.

One morning, a man woke up with icy and numb legs. The body was constrained by terrible weakness; there was not even the strength to get out of bed.

The examination showed that the patient had aortic occlusion – a large blood clot formed in the main artery at the place where the artery diverged in two directions – to the right and left leg. Because of this clot, blood enriched with oxygen did not enter the iliac arteries.

“This is extremely dangerous.” From this can die from 20% to 50% of patients, – notes Vangerter. – But such things are not typical for 38-year-olds.

An emergency operation to remove a blood clot could save the patient’s life. But doctors working with patients with COVID-19 are everywhere faced with rather strange and frightening phenomena in infected patients. For example, the formation of blood clots (actually blood clots) of various sizes throughout the body, renal failure, inflammation of the heart muscle and malfunctions of the immune system.

“Coronavirus occurs in each patient in its own way,” notes Scott Brackenridge, associate professor of emergency surgery at the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. – In some cases, the patient has a problem with breathing, in others, the internal organs begin to fail. In children, the immune system as a whole begins to rebel.

Coronavirus is not just a respiratory diseasePhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


A new type of coronavirus is considered to be a respiratory virus, although it is already becoming obvious – the infection affects the entire human body. The most common symptoms are fever, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

In this case, the virus attacks some organs directly. First of all, the mucous membrane of blood vessels, which entails unnatural coagulation of blood.

– COVID-19 provokes a local inflammatory reaction that leads to the formation of blood clots, – explains Wengerter. – This is due to the direct effect of the virus on the arteries.

A number of doctors recorded strokes in young patients with coronavirus, as well as the formation of blood clots in the lungs. Blood clots were found even in the smallest vessels.

“Since each organ feeds on blood vessels, and the virus attacks them first and foremost, we end up with damage to internal organs,” adds Dr. Scott Brackenridge.

Another serious symptom that is observed in some patients who become ill with the new coronavirus is the “co-fingers.” The infected toes swell, becoming red or purple. It is possible that the reason for this is blockage of blood vessels. But doctors say that usually this does not have serious consequences.

Kawasaki Syndrome

One of the most alarming reactions to COVID-19 is observed in children. It has already been named as a children’s multisystem inflammatory syndrome. In newYork Doctors have identified more than 100 cases.

This syndrome is characterized by a rather long fever, inflammatory process, malfunction of one or more internal organs, as well as the general condition, which is usually observed with shock. Pediatricians also compare these symptoms with the syndrome. Kawasaki.

Kawasaki syndrome is a rare disease that affects children aged 3 to 10 years. It is characterized by damage to the medium and small arteries, thrombosis, the formation of aneurysms and rupture of the vascular wall. Cases of infection are rare. However, recently, doctors have noted an increase in the number of patients with this syndrome.

Both childhood multisystem inflammatory syndrome and Kawasaki syndrome lead to an overly aggressive immune system response to coronavirus. This may be accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessels and heart muscle.


However, scientists note that coronavirus is not able to cause a strong immune response, but, on the contrary, suppress the entire immune system. And this can allow the infection to freely attack the internal organs.

Partly this theory was confirmed by Chinese experts, led by Dr. Zhang Zhang. Scientists analyzed samples of immune cells taken from the lungs of 9 patients infected with coronavirus. The results of the study showed an abnormally high level of leukocytes – macrophages and neutrophils responsible for the destruction of harmful pathogen – in severe patients. At the same time, these patients had a rather low level of CD8 T cells, which are called killer cells. They are responsible for killing virus-infected cells.

But doctors are reassuring, noting that they have drugs that can thin the blood, and also help the work of white blood cells that resist infection.


Sergey Mardan: In the USA, the clinic would simply go broke if the ventilator apparatus exploded and people died


Nadezhda Babkina sang Victory Day, despite voice problems after illness

Hope Babkina only recently discharged from the hospital after a serious illness. The 70-year-old singer was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. And although the tests did not show in her coronavirus, friends of the artist are sure that she became a victim of a pandemic. Nadezhda Georgievna spent several days in a coma, on a ventilator, with a pipe in her throat. After such a procedure, the voice is restored far from immediately – it would seem that there is no time for singing. But Babkina did not break the long tradition and on May 9 sang the song “Victory Day” for fans. She shared the video on Instagram.

– Happy Victory Day, friends! – congratulated the artist subscribers.

The singer’s voice after illness has not yet gained full strength, but her colleagues at the Russian Song Theater came to her aid. Together they sang the famous hit in honor of the Great Victory. In the general sonorous chorus, Nadezhda Georgievna’s voice sounding with a slight hoarse sound is easily guessed.

The artist filmed the video in her house near Moscow, where she wakes up after discharge from the hospital.

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on there: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts to work,” Babkina told of her illness.

Before discharge, computed tomography showed that Nadezhda Georgievna still affected 40% of the lungs. During rehabilitation, doctors prescribed her a special course of treatment (pills and injections) and breathing exercises. Babkin goes to the nearby Lapino hospital for procedures. By the way, another star patient who underwent coronavirus, Stas, was also treated in it. Mikhailov.

According to doctors, it can take a long time to restore the voice after such a disease: after a coronavirus and mechanical ventilation, it may not be able to listen to the patient for a long time, it sounds dull and hoarse.

– This is due to a change in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and cough. A prolonged cough has always been considered one of the risk factors for the formation of voice disturbance, ”saidKP»Phonator Ekaterina Osipenko. – How big the risk is depends on the severity of the patient’s condition, his presence on the ventilator. Patients who underwent tracheotomy – an operation to install a tracheotomy tube for long-term mechanical ventilation, also have a risk of voice changes in the future.

Happy Victory Day, friends! @rpfolk # Nadezhdababkina #Russian song #HymnWinning


how Nadezhda Babkina restores health after pneumonia

Nadezhda Babkina on May 9 will certainly perform Victory songs. This time thousands of spectators will not applaud her – we celebrate the main holiday in self-isolation mode. And Nadezhda Georgievna herself is recovering after a serious illness, therefore she saves herself – there will be concerts, but later. But “Victory Day” will certainly sound in the house of the national artist. We tell how Babkina regains her health after being discharged from the hospital.

Recall that Nadezhda Georgievna was hospitalized with pneumonia, for almost a month we were worried about her health. The treatment required the introduction of an artist into a coma, Babkina coped, doctors saved the life of Nadezhda Georgievna – and now she is already at home. The situation was very serious. Nadezhda Babkina told about the course of the disease in Let They Talk, immediately after hospitalization and computed tomography of her lungs, she was transferred to intensive care:

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts working …” Later, the artist found out that at some point the situation became very serious: “The question was acute at the time the kidneys stopped working. Why? Details did not tell me. Probably it was scary, there were a lot of problems with me … “

Before discharge, CT showed that lung damage, according to the singer, decreased to 40%. Now Nadezhda Georgievna is not in a Moscow apartment, but in her country house in the suburbs. Therefore, she goes to special Lapino hospital for special physiotherapeutic procedures to restore lung function and rehabilitation. At discharge, the artist was prescribed home recovery (for 20 days): pills, injections – the artist tells her colleagues what she can do herself. Doctors ordered Babkin to do breathing exercises.

Nadezhda Georgievna says that the exercises are not easy, they are dizzy after them, but the artist is not lazy: she does it every day, because it’s important for the profession to restore the lungs as soon as possible. “Since we are singing, I have light accordions (squeezed – unclenched),” Babkina communicates with her colleagues and friends over the telephone — her voice is normal.

Nadezhda Babkina walks a lot – she lives in a country house (the singer was taken to the hospital from her Moscow apartment), and she came to rehab for fresh air outside Moscow. The actress is accompanied by a nurse Allochka – now the first assistant to Nadezhda Georgievna. “A beautiful little girl, Allochka, looked after me in the hospital, as though she was young, and hands like sledgehammers — I think all four will fall down. And she dragged me. From the bed to the toilet (I couldn’t walk). And – night is not night, she just lived with me, ”Babkina got used to her nurse. And Allochka went to her house – to help recover.

She goes to physiotherapy with her son, and Assistant Allochka is always nearby at home. Civilian husband Yevgeny Gor also raises spirits – he and his Hope have been 17 years old.

“He protects me, worships!” – the artist praises her Zhenya. There is something to praise – Gore kept the defense of journalists for a month: not a single interview or comment on Babkina’s health until she wrote out. Immediately after Nadezhda’s discharge, Eugene breathed a sigh of relief, and even cut himself off for joy! The precautions for self-isolation in this family are followed very strictly. Now Babkina even before washing her hands washes: he touches his face only with clean hands.

Nadezhda Babkina with common-law husband Eugene GorePhoto: Personal page of the hero of publication in social networks

The house has a special lamp that disinfects the air. The device for air disinfection in the rooms of Babkina was presented for an anniversary – even before the illness. Now come in handy! In March, Nadezhda Georgievna celebrated her 70th birthday; she is going to celebrate lavishly in the fall, when they are allowed to hold events. For the anniversary, the singer lost 23 kg in three and a half months: food was delivered to her ready diet. And in the hospital she dropped it again: I didn’t want to eat. Now she eats fully: as she began to recover she suddenly wanted sauerkraut.

Nadezhda Georgievna is not bored at home: the collective of her theater “Russian Song”, like all artists on self-isolation, but Babkina is engaged in current affairs, in touch with her employees. In the hospital, I didn’t communicate with anyone from friends: only with relatives, and when I got better, I watched TV. But now it receives calls and congratulations, we can say that with a second birth. Babkina says that she gave herself the command not to be afraid, to completely trust the doctors as soon as I entered the hospital: “When I looked in my eyes Shapovalenko Tatyana Vladimirov (the chief physician of the Medsi Design Bureau in Otradnoye – approx. Aut.) said that I believe you – my life is in your hands. ”

Recovery will not be quick – this artist understands, does not deny: no one knows yet – what consequences can be after an illness. But now there is more good news: according to the results of the analyzes, the doctors said that the immune system is restored.


Two million for treatment: Nadezhda Babkina will have a month of rehabilitation

The singer was in a private clinic (details)

“Almost 80% of the lungs were affected, there was an operation”: the first interview with Nadezhda Babkina after the illness

The actress told how Moscow doctors saved her (details)