Without surgery, increasing breast size can be done by consuming these foods

Harianjogja.com, JOGJA – There are various ways that can be done to increase breast size. Some women choose to have breast implants or others instantly.

Though certain foods can have a significant impact in increasing breast size. Food can help you get the perfect breast size and shape.

The following is reported from NDTV, foods that make hormones move and can help increase breast size.

1. Milk

Cow’s milk contains all the hormones found in the human body, such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Another rich source of protein to increase breast size is soy milk. The isoflavones in soy milk mimic estrogen which is responsible for increasing breast size. You can also eat soybeans directly.

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2. Nuts

Walnuts, cashews and peanuts are foods rich in protein and good fats that can increase breast size. Nuts can also help maintain heart and brain health.

3. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are packed with high nutritional value which is good for health. Although these vegetables do not have enough phytoestrogens to stimulate breast tissue growth.

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However, green vegetables such as spinach can help tone your breasts and increase their size.

4. Seafood

Seafood or seafood can do wonders for your health. However, some varieties can promote better breast growth.

Seafood such as shrimp, oysters, fish, shellfish and seaweed are packed with manganese which induces sex hormones in the body. As a result, breast size will increase.

5. Chicken

Chickens can help increase breast size quickly. Chicken is also known to increase estrogen levels which is the basis for increasing breast size.

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“Factor X” winner Elīna Gluzunova enlarged her breasts – Celebrities

Gluzunova on the social site “Instagram” in May this year announced that she wants to increase breasts for longer “unable to accept himself” – The singer was most saddened by the fact that her breasts were no longer as firm as before.

Well, the clinic where Elīna underwent breast augmentation surgery posted several photos of the operation on the Instagram site.

The pictures show a photo before and after breast augmentation. “The operation went in a calm spirit and exactly as planned! Elīna said before the operation that she was not worried, and even now – after correction – she feels good and harmonious,” the photos said.

Gluzunova herself shared her post-operative feelings on social networks: “I feel great, a little pulling, but nothing hurts! The mood is perfect, the sleep has not been so deep and good for a long time!”

For “Private Life”, she revealed: “My breasts will not be too big, but such that I will look feminine to myself.” She also added that the operation was free of charge.


Next Monday begins operations of international flights in the country | Economy

Next Monday, September 21, Colombia will begin the gradual reactivation of international flights. The return of these air operations occurs after the Ministry of Health issued a favorable opinion for the suspension of the restriction of entry of international travelers to Colombia, based on the current state of the pandemic.

(Lea: These are the protocols for international flights)
“The entire sector is committed to complying with the biosafety protocols defined so that this operation is carried out safely, as the way forward is to reactivate,” said Angela María Orozco, Minister of Transport.

(Lea: On the 19th of this month 2 international flights return)

Likewise, the Ministry of Transportation indicated that two days before this reopening, there will be two inaugural flights of this new phase of activation of international air transport, which will have the Rafael Núñez airport in Cartagena as their epicenter.

“For that day of Saturday, September 19, the arrival of the first flight of the Spirit company, from Fort Lauderdale, in the United States, is scheduled to arrive at the Rafael Núñez airport in the city of Cartagena at 12:37 pm. The flight, operated by the Colombian company Viva Air, will leave the same terminal bound for Miami at 11:40 am, “he explained.

These two flights are part of the national government’s strategy for the reactivation of international tourism and with the purpose of keeping Colombia in force as a tourist destination.

“As countries open and lift their restrictions, new destinations will become possible. Currently, airlines are evaluating possible routes to operate, after the request made on September 9 by Aerocivil to air operators, to present their itineraries for reactivation.“added the entity.

The international air operation will be carried out with three prioritization criteria, first, the identification of those countries where there are openings of international flights, that is, there are activated routes. Second, that there is airport capacity to serve international flights complying with biosecurity protocols, and third, commercial viability, that is, the interest of the airlines to carry out the flights.


Decentralized: Sports University | Luis Urriti was successfully operated on from the ro

With a message of encouragement, announced that the forward he underwent successful surgery on his right knee after a meniscal injury. Said intervention was announced the day before, after the publication of the club’s medical report.

Our forward Luis Urruti had a successful operation. We look forward to your speedy recovery! Force, «Tito»! ”, The meringues published on their social networks, a message that was quickly shared by the team’s fans.

In the medical part, the player’s ailment was announced, as well as the time he would be away from the courts. “After the tests carried out on our player Luis Urruti by the Club’s medical department, he has been diagnosed with a meniscal injury in his right knee”, Says the statement.

In addition, said document details the type of operation to which the ‘charrúa’ attacker was subjected. “The player will undergo an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy this Monday, September 14 and his approximate recovery time will be three weeks, according to evolution”, They explained.

Far away He had been adding minutes with the meringues, after the return from the championship. Although in recent meetings he has not been as a starter, he has not stopped being present for the complement, making a double with Jonathan Dos Santos, scorer of the team with 8 goals.

At the moment, Universitario is the only leader in the Standings with 25 points, taking an advantage of 7 with his closest rivals, such as Ayacucho FC and Alianza Universidad. Her next commitment will be precisely with the ‘foxes’ this Friday, September 18 at 6:00 pm



Belarusians took $ 1 billion from banks in August :: Finance :: RBC

Since August 9, protests of those who disagree with the results of the presidential elections have continued in Belarus. But against the background of the political crisis, the population was actively withdrawing funds from banks, and also buying foreign currency in cash. According to the National Bank, in August, net purchases of foreign currency by the population amounted to $ 622 million against $ 874 million in the previous seven months.

How the behavior of Belarusian depositors affects banks

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In August, many Belarusian credit institutions imposed restrictions on withdrawing funds from accounts and buying foreign currency – local media reported about queues at ATMs and currency exchange offices. Banks also suspended the issuance of certain types of loans to the population and imposed restrictions on cash withdrawals and transfers from credit cards. By the first week of September, rates on short irrevocable deposits, from which funds cannot be withdrawn early, overcame the bar of 15%, and in some banks exceeded 20% per annum.

“Subsidiaries” of Russian banks in Belarus have sharply raised rates on deposits

According to Fitch’s estimates, at the end of the first half of 2020, up to 60% of the liabilities of Belarusian banks were in customer deposits. Moreover, 63% of the total volume of client funds are foreign currency deposits and accounts (approximately $ 11.6 billion). The National Bank as a whole can satisfy the demand of credit institutions for ruble liquidity, but the ability to supply banks with foreign exchange is limited by “modest reserves,” analysts stressed in their August 28 survey.

Moody’s pointed to risks for banks in Belarus due to withdrawal of deposits

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

On September 11, the S&P agency downgraded the outlook on the sovereign ratings of Belarus to negative. The reason for the revision was the increasing risks to the financial stability of the banking system. As analysts noted, the acceleration of the outflow of funds from banks with the subsequent conversion of these savings into foreign currency could lead to a rapid depletion of the National Bank’s foreign exchange reserves. In August alone, the foreign exchange reserves of the Belarusian regulator fell by 15%, or $ 1.4 billion. If the trend continues, the Belarusian government will face a choice: to satisfy the demand for foreign currency within the country or to isolate the reserves of the National Bank in order to use it for its own purposes. The second option could undermine the stability of the banking system, S&P experts warn.

Will the Belarusian regulator be able to stabilize the situation?

There is no need to overly dramatize the scale of the outflow of savings from Belarusian banks, says Ivan Uklein, director of the credit institutions ratings department at Expert RA: “Two-thirds of the total amount of funds withdrawn went from current accounts, and not from time deposits. This is a largely predictable and normal situation. That is, there are no unpredictable risks for the National Bank of Belarus. “

September 14 National Bank of Belarus extended measures that were taken at the end of August to reduce pressure on the foreign exchange market. Until October 13, inclusive, the regulator will not conduct permanently available operations to support and withdraw liquidity for banks – instead, liquidity will be provided to the sector through auctions. Auction transactions allow banks to further conduct bilateral transactions.

“Bidding at auctions has certain limits, in contrast to direct refinancing at the request of banks. In addition, the volume offered by the National Bank is distributed on a competitive basis, depending on the rates offered, ”explains Uklein. According to him, this approach allows to solve two problems: to avoid speculation on the part of banks, which could channel the obtained liquidity to Forex transactions and influence the exchange rate, as well as to solve liquidity problems of specific players. At the same time, the analyst does not exclude that the National Bank’s policy may be aimed at ensuring that market participants with parent structures abroad increase fundraising through this channel.

Reuters learned about Mishustin’s request to support the banks of Belarus

Anton Siluanov and Mikhail Mishustin

The regulator’s policy may lead to stabilization of the situation, believes Svetlana Pavlova, junior vice president of Moody’s. According to her estimates, in September the outflow of depositors’ funds from banks may be less than the indicators of August. “At the end of last week, rates on the interbank market went down (from a peak level of 25%), which signals a decrease in the liquidity deficit. Also in September the rate of the Belarusian ruble is still stable – and even slightly strengthened, ”the analyst emphasizes. At the same time, Moody’s does not exclude that with the aggravation of the political situation in Belarus, the banking sector may face a new raid of depositors.


Bladder cancer: often undetected for a long time | Symptoms & Treatment

Bladder cancer is one of the most insidious types of cancer. A malignant tumor can grow in the bladder unnoticed for years. A urologist explains how to identify the disease early on.

People in this country get fose bladder cancer more than 29,000 times a year. It is insidious that the tumor hardly causes any clear symptoms in the early stages. Pain is also rare.

What is bladder cancer? Bladder cancer, a so-called bladder carcinoma, is a malignant tumor in the urinary bladder.

Symptoms: Beware of blood in the urine

The symptoms by which bladder cancer can still be recognized is explained by Professor Dr. Christian Wülfing, head of urology at the Asklepios Clinic Altona. “The most common thing is blood in the urine,” said the press spokesman for the German Society for Urology.

Those affected should therefore always consult a doctor if their urine turns red or brown. Painful urination can also be a sign of bladder cancer. In the advanced stages of the cancer there is usually pain in the abdomen and kidney area.

According to the urologist, an early detection test such as the urine test “NMP22”, which is supposed to detect a substance that is increasingly formed by tumors in a urine sample, has so far not been very reliable.

causes: Smoking is the number one risk factor

It is still unclear why tumors develop in the urinary bladder and urinary tract. Scientific studies have been able to prove some factors that increase the risk of developing bladder cancer, writes the German Cancer Aid in its guide.

The biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is “clearly” smoking, according to Professor Dr. Wülfing. Passive smoking also increases the risk, because the carcinogenic substances in cigarette smoke are filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and enter the bladder with the urine, where they damage the mucous membrane. Experts estimate that around 30 to 70 percent of all bladder cancers are due to smoking.

Chemical substances that cause bladder cancer

During certain professional activities, employees are exposed to certain chemical substances such as aromatic amines and aniline dyes, which can increase the risk of bladder cancer. According to the German Cancer Aid, the following are at risk:

  • Chemical workers
  • painter
  • car Mechanic
  • Employed in rubber processing
  • Employees in the steel and leather industry
  • Hairdressers
  • Dental technician

Bladder cancer is a recognized occupational disease in these industries. There are now improved safety precautions for handling such substances in the workplace. But many people also come into contact with carcinogenic substances in their private everyday lives. Chemical hair dyes are suspected of increasing the risk of bladder cancer.

Other risk factors for bladder cancer are:

  • chronic bladder infections
  • Bladder stones and indwelling catheters
  • Taking pain medication with the active ingredient phenacetine
  • Infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis that have persisted for many years

Men are more likely to develop bladder cancer

According to the German Cancer Aid, men get sick more than twice as often Bladder cancer like women. That is because men smoke more. But the number of new cases among women is increasing, “probably because the proportion of female smokers has also increased over the past 30 to 40 years,” explains the urologist.

treatment depends on the tumor stage

The doctor can determine whether a suspicion of bladder cancer is justified by analyzing the urine, palpation and ultrasound examinations, cystoscopy and an X-ray contrast image of the kidneys and urinary tract. The majority of bladder tumors are recognized at a stage in which they are still growing on the surface and can be surgically removed.

“This is usually followed by an endoscopic operation in which tissue from the tumor is ‘peeled off’ via a cystoscopy,” says Professor Dr. Wülfing. This method is also called transurethral bladder tumor resection – TURB for short.

Even with one chemotherapy or radiation therapy of the urinary bladder Krebs treated in the early stages. If it is already advanced, however, the bladder must be removed. Then the patients get a bladder replacement and a so-called urostoma is placed. The urostoma is an artificial urine discharge through the abdominal wall, through which the urine is then excreted.

If the bladder cancer is detected late, it can affect the muscle and lymph tissue. If this is the case, even a bladder removal will no longer help and the cancer will be fatal. In Germany around 4,000 people die each year from a tumor in the urinary bladder.

Important NOTE: Under no circumstances does the information replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of t-online.de cannot and must not be used to make independent diagnoses or to start treatments.


“Living Barbie” got a hole in her chin after an unsuccessful plastic operation – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

In January of this year, Brazilian Alves told the world that he was a transgender named Jessica. She has spent about 900 thousand British pounds on the new look: the most money is invested in breast and buttocks enlargement, skin removal.

In the photos, Jessica shows a hole in her face that has appeared as a result of an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure. The woman said that she wanted to tighten her chin with the help of fillers, but a few weeks after visiting the salon, her face took on a shape that did not really resemble the desired result.

An infection then appeared and the filler began to be excreted through the chin. In addition, the celebrity admitted that her legs were swollen and three sizes larger because the body rejected the ingested chemistry that made up the filler.

Alves is currently in the hospital and worried that her fans might think she is addicted to plastic surgery, when in fact this is not true.

Since 2004, the celebrity has undergone 48 plastic surgeries. In 2016, the man was hospitalized due to an unsuccessful nose reshaping operation. After the incident, he decided not to lie under a knife anymore and insured his body for a million pounds, but a year later came back to the operating table.

Foreign media report that “Living Barbie” has already spent 426 thousand euros in operations.

PHOTO: Instagram / Jessica Alvesuk

PHOTO: Instagram / Jessica Alvesuk


Hundreds of police participated! Giant drug bust

Bursa Provincial Police Department Drug Fighting Branch Directorate teams, drug trafficking in many addresses in the city found that. With the permission of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, besides the Narcotics Branch, with the participation of 1500 police officers from the Special Operations, Riot Force, KOM and Public Order Branch, operation started.

In the morning, it conducted simultaneous raids on previously determined addresses. While Special Operations teams took extensive security measures around the addresses, the gates of some addresses were broken with the ram head. Many suspects were detained in the raids. Various amounts and types of drugs were seized in the searches, which also used trained narcotic dogs. The operation was also supported by drones from the air.


“The Dr. tells me ‘what music do you want to listen to?’ and I said “mine, of course” “

A complex moment was the one that lived Luis Jara in January of this year, after he was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery after an internal bleeding that had him on the verge of a thrombosis.

The entertainer suffered a tear playing sports in Miami during his vacations and, at the beginning of January, he resumed his normal activities, without giving more importance to the injury.

Jara related this fact in conversation with María Luisa Godoy through his Instagram program. “I had a tear, because my children are very athletic, so I got hit on the beach with my middle son, who is dry, and he gave me a tear. It had never hit me, it’s heavy“, said.

The worst came later, when he resumed his usual activities and woke up with “a ball in the calf and it started to hurt”, he counted. Given this, he called his kinesiologist, who recommended an emergency treatment.

“Four hours to Santiago, I arrive at the clinic, twelve at night, they look at my leg, they did all the tests. The pain was getting over me and at three in the morning I grabbed the doctor, hit the wall with a combo and said like this: ‘Cut my leg with …!’ That was the pain level“He added.

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Before starting the operation, a particular situation was generated with the doctor in charge of the procedure. “The only thing that mattered to me was that the hueon operated on me. The guy says ‘now, what music do you want to listen to?’ And guess what I told him, ‘mine, of course’ “, he indicated.

No doubt, the singer requested that they put his song In love, released in 2018 in the company of the duo 330am.

Fortunately I was saved, because that clot could have mutated to the brainIt could have mutated my lung, it could have generated necrosis, my leg could have been cut off, “he said.

See the full conversation here:


After surgery for a tumor in the spine … POTMĚŠIL celebrates 75: My dreams will no longer come true

How will you celebrate your birthday?

“I will celebrate, as always, with my family at home. And I want steak and potato salad. “

What else would you like?

“To make my health worse.”

You had to stop playing because of your problems. Still, do you see colleagues?

“There are still a few, I would say the most loyal. They are Take it Jirák, Igor Šebo, Jirka Hug, Martin Zahalka. Thank you to them. “

The collapse of Daniel Nekonečný’s sister at his funeral! And Ladislav Potměšil admitted to fighting cancer!

Do you miss acting?

“No, I’ve recorded enough.” Do you still have any acting dreams you’d like to fulfill? “Dreams were, but they won’t come true because of your health.”

What fills you now, how do you spend your time?

“Apart from getting up – self-help for now, I take a shower and have breakfast. I try to exercise and walk. Every day I increase the distance by a few steps. The children downloaded a few great games to my mobile phone, such as Machinárium – the doll dials me nicely. But I like to play chess, I only lose lately … “

How do you manage this strange time, and who is your biggest support?

“Not only this time, but I can handle all the difficulties thanks to my wife.”

5 months in bed

It was about his life. In 2016, the actor heard an overwhelming diagnosis. “There was a tumor on the lumbar spine, a metastasis on one vertebra, and Professor Jan Štulík put it away,” he revealed in front of the camera of the 13th room. There must have been two vertebral surgeries, followed by reoperation. “It was one of the most difficult times I’ve ever had,” he recalled He frownedwho was bedridden for five months. Then he could barely move with a walker.

“The entire vertebra was removed in the piece in which the tumor was hidden. So we started from the posterior approach, we removed the posterior part of the vertebra. And then, from a distance, the operation was performed from the anterior approach, “described the demanding intervention of Prof. MUDr. Jan Štulík, CSc., Head of the Spondylosurgery Clinic of the Motol University Hospital. Later, a reoperation was necessary, during which the vertebral replacement had to be fixed. And that was not the end of it for Potměšil, when it seemed that he had all the problems behind him, a huge hernia had developed on his abdomen. Her removal was the fourth operation he had to undergo during the year.

He wanted to keep the cancer secret ?! “Polds” Ladislav Potměšil had to be operated on by doctors ….