The demand for bitcoin options trading on the CME has increased 10 times over the last month

The amount of open interest in bitcoin options on the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME) has increased more than 10 times per month, reaching $373 million on June 10 compared to $35 million on may 11.

For six days this figure has also updated the historical maximum. According to analyst firm Scew, CME took the second place on volume bitcoin options with a total market share of 20%.

Total options market on bitcoin rose 50% over the last month, reaching $1.5 billion By volume CME is second only to the exchange of crypto-derivatives Deribit.

In June the volume of trading bitcoin options on CME may set a new record after updating a historic high in may.

Open interest in bitcoin futures, in contrast, is recovering after the collapse in the first quarter. On the CME, the figure approached $500 million, which puts the exchange on the 10th place according to the Skew.

We will remind, in may the volume of open positions in bitcoin options on Deribit for the first time in history reached $1 billion in Total market volume for the month exceeded the record $3 billion.
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Why LADA Granta, even in the “zero” configuration is better than many “Asians”

It is not in vain that the domestic “state employee” is considered the flagship of the AvtoVAZ line.

Since 2011, the Grants lineup has received improvements to the technical part, appearance and functionality. Comparing the current performance of the car with the first samples, the changes become visible to the naked eye. But the main advantage of modern LADA Granta is its availability and unpretentiousness in operation. Let’s see why the model even in the “zero” configuration is better than many “Asians”.

The fact that the LADA Granta 2020 model year received a more attractive design is no secret. The car became available in four versions: station wagon, sedan, hatchback and liftback. Due to the variety of body structures and trim levels, including a useful winter package, each driver can choose a car to suit his needs and driving style. None of the Grants rivals will offer such an assortment at an affordable price.

The only external difference between the basic version of the model and more expensive was the lack of fog lights. Under the hood of the “state employee”, a 1.6-liter engine with 87 hp is installed by default. Due to the simplicity of design and unpretentiousness in operation, this power unit is considered the most reliable in the motor line.

But the main advantage of the technical part of the LADA Granta model is its energy-intensive suspension, which is difficult to “break through”, making it the best in the class. The set of options in the “poor” configuration of the car is small and has only the necessary elements in the form of a heater, interior, 12V sockets, power windows and on-board computer.

Thus, LADA Granta even in its basic version has a “savvy” technical part with a minimal but necessary set of options. Cheap does not mean bad.


HSE rector warned of the risk of sharp impoverishment of the middle class in Russia :: Society :: RBC

The rich as a result of the crisis become poorer, but remain rich, while the middle class is facing a decline, said HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov in an interview with RBC

Yaroslav Kuzminov

(Photo: Alexander Scherbak / TASS)

As a result of the economic crisis associated with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, the middle class could slide into poverty. This was in an interview with RBC, the rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov.

“Most likely, incomes will fall among all sectors of society, but if the impoverished rich will still remain rich people, and the poor will still be poor, then for the middle class, which is now taking the brunt of it, there are serious risks of falling into poverty,” – said Kuzminov.

He noted that this trend concerns primarily the economy of services, including intellectual, and the economy of impressions, which provided space for the development of new creative projects.


Russia Moscow Peace

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Source: JHU,
federal and regional
anti-virus operations

Source: JHU, federal and regional anti-virus operations

“It was the service sector that contracted the most. Large cities have been hit hardest by COVID19, and their economies have stopped the most, ”explained the HSE Rector.


Facebook launches option for video calls with up to 50 people without time limit – Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra

Facebook revealed that it is launching a tool called Messenger Rooms with which users will be able to make video calls with up to 50 people. This is the latest move by the social network ‘due to the popularity, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, of other applications such as its Zoom or Houseparty with similar group video contact capabilities.

The news was given this Friday by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook Live.

Live with Mark Zuckerberg

Tune in here on April 24th at 11am PT, as Mark Zuckerberg goes live to share some new product updates we’ve been working on, to help everyone feel more connected with each other even while we’re apart.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, April 24, 2020

According to our sister station CNBC, the tool will be free will allow Facebook and Messenger users to create group video calls of up to 50 people at a time, increasing the current limit of the Messenger app from 8 people.

According to CNBC, the 50-person limit for Messenger Rooms will not be available immediately. Facebook users will see a lower limit at launch, but it will soon rise to 50 people, a company spokesperson told CNBC. The limit will vary for users at launch, the spokesperson said.

By comparison, Zoom allows up to 100 people to video chat for free for up to 40 minutes. Houseparty supports up to eight people.

Video calls in Messenger Rooms have no time limit and will include features like augmented reality filters that allow people to add masks to their faces. Video call hosts will also be able to block calls and delete users. Facebook and Messenger users can create Messenger rooms, and they can invite anyone to join, including people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Messenger Rooms will begin rolling out to users on Friday, and will expand to more regions in the coming weeks. “You can start and share video calls on Facebook through your wall, Groups and Events, so it is easy for people to visit it. We will soon add ways to create video call rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal too”, explained the social network.

WhatsApp also expands capacity

Facebook also announced that it is doubling the limit of people in WhatsApp video calls from four to eight people.

In addition, the company is introducing a video calling feature on Facebook Dating so that users of that service can have virtual dating.

Zoom improves your security

The video conferencing platform Zoom, which has achieved a sudden popularity success with the COVID-19 pandemic, announced this week an update to its software, where, it says, it has improved the encryption system to respond to criticism received for lack of security.

The San Jose, California-based firm explained in a statement that Zoom version 5.0 adds support for encryption with 256-bit AES encryption GCM, providing “increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. ”

The update available this week will also allow the account administrator to choose which regions of the data center their meetings and webinars use for real-time traffic at the account, group, or user level.

On the other hand, the company has grouped all the options related to security in the same icon, which is accessed through the menu bar of the digital meeting, the “waiting room” option has been activated by default and allows videoconference hosts report a user whose participation has not been allowed.

“I am proud to achieve this step in our 90 day plan, but this is only the beginning. We will earn the trust of our customers and bring them happiness with our firm goal of providing the safest platform, ”said Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan.

Zoom’s success and sudden growth as a result of the increase in teleworking and digital encounters following the confinement orders for the COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by many complaints about failures in communication security and little respect for the privacy of users.

One of the most common problems that its users are encountering is that Internet users who have not been invited appear by surprise in teleconferences, a phenomenon baptized as “zoombombing” and which has caused educational institutions, governments and companies to stop using the platform. and, in the case of Google, their employees have even been banned.


“Stop criticizing the uncritical!” Motorists have proved the superiority of LADA Vesta over KIA Rio

“For 800 thousand rubles there is no better option than Vesta,” experts say.

Surprisingly, recently, the cost of domestic cars has begun to exceed half a million rubles. In all likelihood, the matter is in quality, since recently motorists conducted a test drive and proved the superiority of the LADA Vesta over the KIA Rio.

First of all, observers said: “Stop criticizing the uncritical!” According to them, LADA Vesta is the best car in its segment, and the 1.6-liter engine with 106 horsepower is simply “not killed”.

In addition, if you take Vesta, you should pay attention to the Classic Start Plus package bundle, which includes a robotic gearbox and front-wheel drive. Motorists claim that the more you drive a compact car, the better the transmission behaves, because it is the same “mechanics”, only without a clutch pedal.

“Yes, and the same consumption,” – say the drivers. Only 9.2 liters spends LADA Vesta per 100 kilometers in the city. In turn, the KIA Rio will consume 8.5 liters, but it accelerates 1.6 seconds longer – for 12.9 in comparison with the Russian competitor.

Moreover, the “Korean” and is much more expensive. KIA Rio in the Comfort configuration with a 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower, as well as an “automatic” and front-wheel drive will cost Russians 894 thousand 900 rubles, and as you know, “a foreign car is not a foreign car, but save the hunt”.

In the end, it is worth noting that for two years of intensive operation, the resource of clutch discs and synchronizers on LADA Vesta exceeded all expectations, proving the true quality of AvtoVAZ.


Passenger claims airline and travel agent failed to deliver refund after flight cancellation – NBC10 Philadelphia

Sue Ng and her family organize a great vacation every summer. Last year it was Greece and Italy.

Ng booked the trip with Norwegian Air on the third-party booking website, JustFly. When the time came to board the plane, a problem arose.

“They cancel premium cabin seats for the economy,” Ng said of the outbound flight.

A family of three arrived in Italy.

But when it was time to go home, the airline canceled the flight. Ng said Norwegian Air hadn’t had another flight for four days, so he gave her another option. He could rebook with another airline and get a refund for the original fare, according to Ng.

After the trip, Ng got in touch with Norwegian Air to request two things: a refund for the downgrade of her outbound seat and a refund for the return flight which was canceled.

He received a response stating, Unfortunately we cannot help you with a refund for this type of ticket. Please contact your travel agency. “

Ng told NBC10 Responds: I contacted Justfly and Justfly said ‘no, no Norwegians had all your funds.’ ”

Trying to sort it all out, Ng called Norwegian Air and JustFly five times. He filed a dispute with his credit card company, but only got a refund for the downgrade of the seat. Among the options, she turned to NBC10 Responds.

NBC10 contacted Norwegian Air and JustFly to see what was hindering the refund process.

Norwegian Air asked Ng to contact JustFly once again, which he did. Ng said JustFly then called Norwegian Air and Norwegian Air asked her to resubmit the complaint. He got a refund of $ 2,620.

Norwegian Air told us in part: “Delays in compensation were due to complications with working with an external online travel agent (OTA),, which unfortunately created confusion and further postponements due to policies and procedures. conflicting refund. “

We brought this explanation to JustFly. The airline told us in part: “It was the airline’s responsibility to process the refund …” and “… the airline can refund a ticket without involving travel agents.”

Passenger rights group Airhelp tells us that the airline is generally responsible for refunds unless the flight was part of a travel package.

If you can’t get anywhere with the airline or travel agent, you can file a complaint with Airhelp. They will work as third parties to support on your behalf. The organization can handle the complaint and take legal action if necessary. It works without winnings, without costs.


Mass. Man left the cruise due to coronavirus fears, refused reimbursement – NBC Boston

A February Caribbean cruise was something Yi Zhao and Greg O’Brien from Provincetown, Massachusetts were really looking forward to.

“About a week before departure, we received an email from the shipping company saying that if anyone had been to mainland China within 14 days of sailing, it will not be possible to embark,” said O’Brien.

The cruise line notification stated that it was closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and that passengers who had provided proof of travel to China would receive a full refund of all money paid for the Holland America line. Yi had visited his family in China for the new year and was not eligible to sail, so he called Holland America to get a refund.

“They said, ‘We’re sorry, even if we don’t let you take the trip, because you booked through the charter company, the charter company has to start the whole process,” “said Zhao.

Zhao had paid over $ 5,000 for the trip to the charter company, RSVP Vacations, but says customer service wouldn’t accept a refund.

“They kept saying,” It’s a government problem, we can’t give you your money back, “said Zhao.

“We said we have to talk to someone else, and he was a little rude, and he said, ‘I am there’ ‘,” said O’Brien.

The couple then turned to NBC10 Boston Responds for help.

“Half an hour later, Leslie came back to me, and I’m like ‘Wow, it’s Johnny on the spot’,” said Greg. “He’s taking this seriously, and it was a really good feeling. There was someone on our team.”

NBC10 Boston Responds has contacted Atlantis Events, the parent company of RSVP Vacations and the managing director, Rich Campbell, told us: “As agents for our cruise lines, we transparently support their policies and in situations like we will of course grant full refunds if a guest is not allowed to travel. I personally replied to Mr. Zhao and assured him that if he could provide the correct documentation of his recent trip to China, he would be entitled to a full refund according to the policy. from Holland America. “

Zhao provided the paperwork and was told that his $ 5,158 refund is being processed. O’Brien claims that NBC10 Boston Responds did the trick.

Many countries are now affected by the coronavirus. If you have booked an international trip and wish to cancel or reschedule, you must contact your travel agent or the company you booked with to find out what your options are.

If you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-521 NEWS or click here.