Police abuse: Juliana Giraldo’s mother will arrive in Colombia on a humanitarian flight – Government – Politics

Just fifteen days ago the country experienced a day of demonstrations after the murder of the taxi driver and law student Javier Ordóñez, by police officers in Bogotá.

(In context: Who was the lawyer Javier Ordóñez, who died after police abuse?)

Ordóñez’s mother and brother learned of their relative’s drama in other countries and had to return on humanitarian flights, after the family publicly requested the Government for support in firing their relative.

This Thursday another mother had to know that the Public Force murdered her daughter, Juliana Giraldo, a 38-year-old stylist, while he was riding in a vehicle with his partner in the village of Guatemala, near Miranda (Cauca).

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After these events, in Jamundí, south of Valle del Cauca, where Giraldo was born, there was a night watch to reject the crime and they asked for justice.

The citizens put posters, candles and rose petals on the floor in honor of this citizen and asked the Government to arrange a flight humanitarian so that Juliana’s family could fly from Spain to say goodbye and live the drama with her family.

His sister, Aura María Giraldo also pointed out that her mother wants to say goodbye to her daughter. The call was extended to President Iván Duque to bring his mother, who is in Spain, to accompany the last goodbye to her daughter.

Aura María Giraldo, sister of a woman who died at the hands of a soldier in Miranda, Cauca.

The petition was also raised by Felipe Ramírez, Mayor of Jamundí.

The Jamundeña community has mobilized to hold a candlelight in the central park and we are raising all the actions so that there is a humanitarian flight that brings Juliana’s mother and brother from Spain, ”he trilled.

EL TIEMPO learned that the national government, through the Foreign Ministry, the Embassy in Spain and the Consulate in Madrid, managed the free ticket for commercial flight (with the collaboration of Iberia) for the mother of the national, who will return to Colombia tomorrow, Saturday.

In this way, Gloria Díaz Maya, Galindo’s mother, will arrive in the country to say goodbye to her daughter.

The body of Juliana Giraldo, a native of Jamundí, remains in Forensic Medicine, where she will undergo the autopsy process, then she will be buried in Miranda, where she lived with her partner.

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Professor Didier Raoult asserts that the virus is mutating, “it’s another disease!”

“There is an increase in diagnosed cases, with no increase at all in death,” said Professor Didier Raoult. “The virus is mutating. The current epidemic has nothing to do with March April, it’s another disease! », He continued.

However, other doctors, in particular Bruno Megarbane, do not share this opinion: “I would not say that it is about another disease, but possibly a disease with a modified epidemic profile due to the interventional measures which have been taken to prevent contamination, ”he explained.


Jennifer Aniston sweeps Instagram in her Emmy pajamas, designed by another Hollywood star

Regardless of whether it is in the Red carpet or from the comfort of your home, Jennifer Aniston always manages to conquer us in the Awards Emmy. This year it has not been possible for the event to be of a massive nature as in past years for what we all already know, but they have managed to make it an evening worthy of remembering.

In fact, having to participate telematically it was not a problem for the American actress. At least, that is what she has implied through her last. Instagram post.

The ‘Friends’ star keeps pulling the maximum profit of his Instagram profile since an account was created last year, and the image he shared hours before having to face the cameras makes it clear how he shows himself to his army of more than 36 million followers.

Natural, comfortable, safe and fun could be just some of the qualifiers that come to mind when we see her sitting in a velvety armchair wearing a pajama set. A snapshot in which we have not been able to ignore the cloth mask and the glass of champagne with which she pampered her skin and relaxed before going through makeup, hairdressing and wardrobe.

Look de Jennifer Aniston. (Instagram @jenniferaniston)
Look de Jennifer Aniston. (Instagram @jenniferaniston)

The hours of disconnection suited her wonderfully, since afterwards we saw her splendid with a look infallible that ended up sneaking into our ranking of best dressed of the Emmys.

However, as we detailed his outfit we couldn’t stop thinking about him. sky blue pajamas With whom he decided to pose on Instagram hours before the event. Fortunately, the interpreter of ‘The Morning Show’ left us all the details labeled in her publication: the pajamas set is signed by For women.

Pijama from For Women.  (Cortesía)
Pijama from For Women. (Cortesía)

Far from being just any design, it is a proposal from the brand of Robin Wright. The Hollywood star decided to found a home and sleepwear firm that would shape the perfect pajamas for keep sacred from bedtime, with designer Karen Fowler.

Since then, they have conquered their clients with luxurious designs made of noble fabrics. Jennifer Aniston thus joins the fan list with a set of pants and shirt made with japanese organic cotton (288 euros) and a robe of the same fabric (283 euros).

When an actress like Aniston decides to pose in pajamas for the whole world, we can assume that will do it big, and with this relaxed but ultra-sophisticated look she has shown it.

Robin will surely be delighted with the shoppers stampede who have gone to sign their proposals. We, without a doubt, have signed up for our wish list.


Millionaires accounts to try to classify the eight in the League – Colombian Soccer – Sports

Millionaires is in serious trouble. Before the suspension of the League, he had already been hanging on the table, due to his poor start to the season. At the restart he tied in Cali and that gave him motivation. But their defeat on Saturday against Once Caldas 1-3 left the team on the limit to qualify.

His defeat against Once Caldas not only worries about the weak performance of the team and the points he let go in El Campín, but because the accounts are beginning to be a headache. He lacks more than half of the League: 11 games, that is, 33 points, but he has barely made seven units and the classification is uphill. And not only because of the position (box 17), but because there is no evolution.

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The accounts do not add up to Millonarios: he has five games left at home (Bucaramanga, Aguilas, Patriotas, Nacional and Alianza Petrolera) and he would have to win them all to reach 22 points, and that will be insufficient.

Today the ‘magic number’, a tentative classification figure, is at 30 points, and Millos has 33 units in dispute. This means that 70 percent of the points are missing to classify. He has to row hard to visit. A visitor has the classic next Sunday against Santa Fe. Also, visit Tolima, Envigado, Junior, América and Pereira.

“We wanted to win the game, we need to win the game, but I didn’t see a group without a desire to win. When we were going with the score against I saw that the team generated. We had options to trim the score. This team cannot lower its arms, ”Gamero said on Saturday.

Alberto Gamero, Millonarios coach.


Dimayor – Vizzor Image – Gabriel Aponte

Millionaires are on track for their fourth elimination in the last five tournaments. At the end of 2019, he was left out with Jorge Luis Pinto as DT. Situation that led to his departure. In 2018, with Michelangelo Russo, suffered two eliminations.

This moment that Millonarios is experiencing is not only due to a consequence of the pandemic and the suspension of the League, it is not that the team, which had problems training when it could not access its headquarters in Bogotá, has resumed the championship poorly prepared. Is much more. Millos has not been doing well since the beginning of the year, when the project began under the command of Alberto Gamero.

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For this resumption he had the casualties of Wuilker Faríñez and forward José Ortiz. But perhaps his most sensitive loss is that of the injured Mackalisyer Silva, who has been noticed. Gamero needs him back soon. The classic is coming and the team is already at the limit.



Brunette. INE approves the candidacy of Polevnsky, Delgado and Muñoz Ledo

The Commission of Prerogatives and Political Parties of the National Electoral Institute (INE) unanimously approved 100 nominations for the renewal of the leadership of the party brunette47 for the presidency and 53 for the General Secretariat; among which stand out that of Mario Delgado, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, Yeidckol Polevnsky, Alejandro Rojas Díaz Duran and Citlalli Hernández.

The foregoing, in compliance with a ruling by the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power, which establishes that the INE must allow those who want to participate in the internal process to present the evidence it deems pertinent to prove the status of militant.

The president of the Commission, Claudia Zavala Pérez, said that according to the principle of parity, ordered by the General Council of the INE, three women and three men per position will go to the open survey.

He explained that 47 people are candidates for the presidency of the political party, of which three are women and go directly to the open survey, while, for the General Secretariat, there are 53 candidates, of which 16 are women and must go to the survey. recognition to define the three finalists.

“This notification is important, because in a short time the circumstance changed from the determination of the Superior Chamber and we have to give great clarity, and order that the list be notified in the political party’s own media and our media”, added.

The counselor, Dania Ravel, stressed the importance of the project supporting the analysis of the militancy and clarifying the link with the political party and suggested ordering the complete publication of the people who meet the requirements to be considered as candidates for the presidency and the general secretary of Morena.

In her speech, counselor Adriana Favela highlighted the importance of political parties having their lists updated.

The approved project highlights that the status of a militant established as a requirement must be understood in a broad sense and it is considered this way to all the people who presented some evidence before the INE regarding their affiliation and therefore registration in the registry of the Morena national political party.

As mandated by the Superior Chamber, the files of the 34 applicants whose registration had been inadmissible were reviewed again, and after analyzing the documentation, 12 people were considered as candidates for the Presidency and 17 for the General Secretariat, while five did not meet the requirements to be considered in the various candidacies.

The Commission estimates that the following applicants, with the documents provided, proved their membership and complied with the rest of the requirements established in the call.



For Martínez, Central raises the blind again

between so many twists and turns there were in Central During the pandemic in the reinforcements issue and more specifically in what it does to the forwards, the issue of 9 remains more alive than ever. Because of lowering the blind and not looking for more names, he went back to looking at players in that position. Of course, everything is subject to what happens to the future of Federico Martínez. Is that the possibilities that were reconsidered depend purely and exclusively on the possible departure of the Uruguayan. What’s more, the name of Darío Cvitanich as an alternative, even knowing how difficult it is. Is it a viable option? “The survey existed,” said one of the sources consulted. “It is complex, but we do not rule it out,” replied another. Of course everything will depend on whether Martínez continue or emigrate towards Independiente.

What is clearer these days is that, as already reported from these pages, in Central they are willing to negotiate for Federico Martínez. From there, a thousand conjectures can be opened, in the midst of some other certainties, such as that the door will be opened for the Uruguayan after having a possible reinforcement at hand, which could be Cvitanich, for which all the planets have to align.

Pit Cvitanich They don’t see it as the most drinkable alternative, but no one at Central dared to rule it out completely. Similarly, the context is not favorable for scoundrels. The attacker renegotiated his contract with Racing which ends at the end of December (perhaps that is why someone thought it could be a drinkable name, but as of January) a short time ago, in which he agreed to lower his salary, just for the fact of continuing in the Avellaneda club to play the Copa Libertadores, even if it is clear that it will not be a priority for Rosario coach Sebastián Beccacece.


From Central they contacted Darío Cvitanich.

“The fact that Racing is playing Copa Libertadores is something that plays against Central, but the leadership is handling the name of Cvitanich”, An authorized voice, very close to the leadership of Arroyito. On the side of the Academia de Avellaneda they were also very cautious when they admitted that “it is very difficult that after renegotiating his contract so recently he decides to leave now.”

   Sea Cvitanich or any other, the player in question must have certain scrolls and, yes, adapt to the economic terms that Central would propose in a hypothetical negotiation, which undoubtedly should be under the format of a loan.

The truth is that the search for a center forward returned to settle in Central, after practically giving up on hiring a player in that position and after the frustrated negotiations by Leandro Díaz first (the tip that most convinced the Kily González and that he signed for Estudiantes) and Juan Manuel García later.

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For some in Central, the situation with Federico Martínez and a possible replacement is similar to the one that occurred at some point with Fernando Zampedri and his possible sale also to Independiente. On that occasion the Bull did not leave because the leadership did not have time to look for a replacement for him. Now, although the room for maneuver is greater, the intention is to have a name at hand in case he leaves Martínez.

But for the latter, Independiente has to make a specific offer to both Liverpool and Central, which is the club to which the player’s federative rights belong, something that had not happened until Tuesday.

The departure of Marsínez would imply Central not paying the 750 thousand dollars agreed with Liverpool for the purchase of 30 percent of the Uruguayan’s pass, plus the player’s salary, although the arrival of someone on the offensive would also imply a cost, possibly lower, but cost finally.

The concrete thing is that the search for a 9, something that already seemed like an off-the-radar issue, was installed again.

Martinez statements that did not go down well

In the middle of the particular situation that you live with Federico Martínez, from Central they made the soccer player notice the discontent generated by his statements to a partisan program of Independiente. That is why they spoke with the Uruguayan, to whom they raised this discomfort.

Martínez He spoke to a radio station last Sunday, where he said that the negotiation was not only on track (“a lot of progress was made, I still don’t know if my rescission was closed”, were some of the words of the Uruguayan soccer player), but that he would gladly accept the challenge of play for the Avellaneda club. From Central they took note of the impact caused by those statements and hence the talk they had.

The Uruguayan always had a very low profile since he arrived at Central, from where they considered that these statements were inopportune.


Progressive Social Networks responds to INE: we comply with everything

Mexico City /

The leader of the organization Progressive Social Networks, Fernando González Sánchez, assured that they met all the requirements to be formed as a political party, however, the INE changed the criteria at the last minute.

“We accomplish everything, suddenly there was an innovation in the criteria and sanctions were applied to us and new criteria to annul assemblies that had already been perfectly validated by the electoral authorities ”, he accused in an interview with Héctor Zamarrón, to MILENIO Television.

The son-in-law of Elba Ester Gordillo He explained that of the 34 assemblies they were able to validate 24, but in a first action of the INE they took two away, so they were left with 22 out of 20, thus meeting that requirement.

“Yesterday, with a criterion taken from the sleeve of I do not know where, of that qualitative superficial idea, they said ‘we are going to apply to them the unrecognized, unidentified contributions, we are going to apply 20 percent to what the assembly supposedly cost’ ”, He questioned.

He trusted that the General Council of the INE will correct the criteria applied by the commission, to tell the debate “on the objective issues” that the law requires organizations to be a political party.

He said that 3,000 participants were required for each assembly, but they far exceeded that number, in addition to rejecting that the affiliates are members of the SNTE, as he pointed out that they have a way to check where each person came from.

Regarding the fines that were imposed, including considering that there are unproven contributions, González Sánchez said that all are perfectly justified, but they imposed new criteria.

“They consider as an unidentified contribution one that does not meet an additional requirement that they put that the person should have had a statement of account or proof that the money came from somewhere. They force us to reorder these contributions that are generally validated by an agreement of the credential, address, the RFC “, he expressed.

He added that the electoral authorities would not have accepted any report if the contribution had not been justified, an exercise that they reported every month. “Many of them were in kind, inclusive, and with their price catalog they were putting categories to the various contributions and quantifying them,” he said.

“Our inspection department was checking each step and now it turns out that I have around 77 accounts that are not identified according to the new criteria established by the audit. We have clarity in all the standards, we know where each peso, each contribution and each decision came from ”, he pointed out.



México Libre and Encuentro Solidario would achieve registration as a political party


The Commission of Prerogatives of the INE Today it will propose to the General Council that only two of the seven organizations that requested their registration as a political party obtain it, because they meet the requirements of the number of assemblies and the minimum number of members, as well as the criteria that the councilors determined to evaluate the organizations.

México Libre and Encuentro Solidario are those that are shaping up to become new parties.

He General Council of the INE will have the last word, after last Wednesday the Complaints Commission decided that a corporate affiliation could not be accredited in the procedures to establish itself as a new political party, in the cases of Grupo Social Promotor de México, Redes Sociales Progresistas and Fuerza Social, with what several of the members of the Prerogatives Commission did not agree.

After the discussion of this last commission, the organizations Fuerza Social, related to the CATEM of Pedro Haces, and Redes Sociales Progresistas, of the son-in-law of the teacher Elba Esther Gordillo, did not comply with one of the two requirements of assemblies and a minimum number of Valid affiliations for cancellations related to irregularities.

In the case of Grupo Social Promotor de México, formerly Nueva Alianza, registration was denied due to qualitative criteria regarding the participation of a large number of union members in its organization.


Most of the council members of the Commission considered that, if of a sample of 10% of those attending assemblies, 50% reported that they were offered some type of gift to attend, such assembly would be annulled.

Another criterion taken by the councilors was that if the presidents, secretaries, delegates and assistants of the assemblies belonged to a labor union, it would be annulled.

The third criterion considers that with a single minister of worship participating in an assembly, it would have to be canceled, and the fourth criterion says that if the money contributed for the realization of an assembly came from 20% or more of unidentified people, it would proceed the anulation.


A Grupo Social Promotor de México 86% of SNTE affiliates were detected participating as presidents, secretaries and delegates in the assemblies.

In addition, it presented 9,402 affiliations with simulated voting credentials.

The organization achieved assemblies and affiliations, however, it was denied registration due to the high number of SNTE members who participated in the process.

Progressive Social Networks were found to have given gifts in some of their assemblies.

In addition, registration is denied by the qualitative criteria of members of a labor union, since 24% of its presidents and secretaries are affiliated with the SNTE.

It would have more militants than the PAN group of Zavala and Calderón

After the internal disagreements in Morena to update its list of militants, the National Electoral Institute (INE) recognizes that this party has 466 thousand 931, according to the opinion of the Commission of Prerogatives and Political Parties of the institute, on parties with registration that maintain the minimum number of members to continue receiving prerogatives.

The PAN managed to maintain the registry with 18,195 militants more than the minimum (252,140), and if Mexico Libre, of Margarita Zavala and Felipe Calderón manage to obtain it, they will have more affiliates than the Blue and White (263,762 militants).

After purging their registers, the seven registered parties managed to obtain more than 0.26% of the Electoral Register used in the previous federal election to maintain their registration (233,945 affiliates), as reported by the commission in its session yesterday.

In this way, the PAN has 252,140; the PRI, two million 65 thousand 161 militants; PRD, one million 242 thousand 411; PT, 448 thousand 492; PVEM, 660 thousand 874; MC, 381 thousand 735, and Morena, 466 thousand 931.


Now more than ever, Mexico needs the money that is given to political parties to channel it to fundamental sectors such as health, assured the coordinator of the Morena federal deputies, Mario Delgado, who along with the leader of the Morenoist senators, Ricardo Monreal , announced that 2021 will be a year in which austerity should be extended to all areas of political activity.

Interviewed in the Senate, where he participated in the signing of the agreement with the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, for the Congressional Channel to join the Aprende en Casa 2 program, Delgado stressed that not only the Senate, but also the Chamber of Deputies, they will have a smaller budget next year.

And he explained why he decided to revive his proposal to cut at least 50% of the budget for political parties.

It is time to show solidarity with our country. And it cannot be that everyone enters the sacrifice next year and the political parties will have more resources … Now more than ever those resources are needed, because all the families in Mexico are making the effort … Imagine, three thousand millions of pesos, at this time, for health care, would be very good, “he said.

Delgado recalled that, as of Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies will begin to work on the 2021 economic package, once the Ministry of Finance delivers the proposal, and Morena will continue to “legislate in favor of the people.”

He stressed that “the federal government has a very harsh austerity, we in the Chamber are also entering austerity, it is up to the parties. It cannot be the exception ”.

Ricardo Monreal He stressed that next year all public entities will have to make an austerity effort.



INE Commission denies giving matches to Gordillo’s son-in-law and Pedro Haces

Mexico City /

The Progressive Social Networks organizations of Fernando González, Elba Esther Gordillo’s son-in-law; Grupo Social Promotor de México (formerly Nueva Alianza) and Fuerza Social por México, by Pedro Haces, leader of CATEM, they were rejected as new political parties.

The Commission on Privileges and Political Parties evaluated the criteria for the control of reports of handouts, intervention by trade unions or churches, and contributions from unrecognized entities to consider that these organizations had sufficient irregularities not to obtain the registration of political forces and participate in the 2020-2021 electoral process.

Mainly the councilors Uuc-kib Espadas and Martín Faz insisted that although it could not be verified that there was a massive affiliation or pressure from the SNTE for their members to register, Yes there were contributions that imply irregularities and that cannot be missed.

“It is clear a very close link, there will be no evidence but it is purely common sense; the Constitution does not prohibit a member of a union from joining a political party, but it does prohibit a political party from being constituted from within a union The people who participate in the leadership of this political party are fundamental pieces of that union and that makes inhumane the denial that there is an intervention by this union group; if we deny this reality, we are giving a political party to the SNTE “, he warned Swords.

Therefore, applying this same criterion, although the project did contemplate offering the registration to Grupo Social Promotor de México, with the vote of four directors and only the vote against Claudia Zavala, they reversed the meaning of the proposal since it is the organization that More support obtained from the SNTE with 4,322 members who contributed 18 million 612 thousand 718.07 pesos.

In the case of Progressive Social Networks detected 247 people affiliated with the SNTE who contributed 5 million 829 thousand 570.20 pesos; besides that in this case It was found that they offered gifts in their assemblies, so these were discounted from them.

In the same way, they applied this criterion Social Force for Mexico by Pedro Haces, leader of CATEM, to whom they also The criteria for intervention by union organizations, delivery of gifts and contributions from unidentified entities were applied.

With this resolution, the commission will propose to the General Council that will meet tomorrow to deliver only the registry to two of the seven applicant organizations: Solidarity Meeting and Democratic Freedom and Responsibility.



Brunette. Mario Delgado asks INE to appear in the registry

Mario Delgado, parliamentary leader of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies, requested the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) their inclusion in the list of militants of the same party, since if you are not in the registry, you run the risk of not meeting the requirements to participate in surveys for choose the nextimo national leader.

The deputy sent the trade REPMORENAINE-180/2020 to the executive director of Prerogatives and Political Parties of the INE, Patrick Ballados, through the representative of Morena before the INE, Carlos Humberto Suárez Garza, and without going through the Organization secretariat, responsible for the custody of the list of militants.

With the administration, Mario Delgado would be the only applicant who can be sure that he is on the list of militants that will be released by the INE as of September 7, which can guarantee compliance with the established requirement by the call that the electoral body will issue.

However, the Morena Organization secretariat assured that “it has not been informed or is aware of any request made to the INE to incorporate people to the Morena registry.”

The secretariat in charge of Xóchitl Zagal clarified that it is “the only instance within the party with powers to register militants.”

Delgado Carrillo has been a member of Morena since July 1, 2015 and his affiliation was signed by the then Secretary of Organization, Tomás Pliego, however his registration is not part of the representative register delivered to the INE.

In the office of which you have a copy MILLENNIUM, Morena’s representative before the INE, Carlos Suárez requested “the immediate reinstatement of Mario Martín Delgado Carrillo to the list of affiliates of the Morena party, in force before said authority,” in addition to updating the registry published by the INE, as well as issue your membership certificate.

In response, the Director of Prerogatives and Political Parties of the INE, Patricio Ballados reported that the lists of affiliated persons are disabled for uploading new registrations but that they could do so as of September 7 next, but, once it is possible, it will be uploaded to the registry with the registration date of January 7, 2015.

However, his name as that of 2 and a half million Morena is not in said registry, since only a proportional number of affiliates was registered, a decision that at the time was taken by the CEN of Morena.

The INE only has registered the registers updated to 2017, which is 317 thousand and no militant is certain if it appears in the register because the page is disabled and the review carried out by the electoral body is about to conclude and will be known until 7 September.

The summons of the INE that will be published on September 4 to participate in the surveys for the renewal of the presidency and general secretary of Morena to be able to register must be Morena activists who appear in the register registered with the electoral body and who are not currently public for being in the review process.