TOP 5 pluses of the second generation Hyundai Creta

“Crete” has become not only more technologically advanced, but also much more attractive.

Hyundai Creta II (ix25) for China. Photo: Hyundai China

The second generation Hyundai Creta debuted in the Indian car market in 2020. The novelty has not yet reached Russia – we sell restyling of the first generation. The experts of the IndianAutosBlog portal named the TOP 5 pluses of the second generation Hyundai Creta.


The new “Crete” pleases with a stylish design – the front of the body received custom and aggressive optics, and the radiator grille is brought to the modern corporate style of Hyundai.
Unusual appearance was to the taste of young motorists, tired of the classic design.

Hyundai Creta II for India. Photo: IndianAutosBlog


The youth audience will also appreciate the “stuffing” of the new Hyundai Creta. The list of equipment includes a modern multimedia complex BlueLink Connected.

The option allows you to track the location of the car, adjust the seats and air conditioning, as well as synchronize with smartphones on iOS and Android.

Rich equipment

“Creta” is in the segment of budget crossovers, but pleases with a list of equipment. In terms of Russian currency, a crossover in the maximum configuration in India costs about 1.5 million rubles, and the “base” can be bought for 900 thousand rubles.

In the second generation of the model, a panoramic hatch with voice control, electric drive and seat ventilation are offered to customers.

Interior Hyundai Creta II. Photo: IndiansAutoBlog

Hyundai Creta developers have not forgotten about the security systems – there are ABS, EBD, parking sensors, a full set of airbags and much more on board.

Motor and gearbox

Under the hood, “Creta” is a 1.5-liter gas turbo engine with a capacity of 140 “horses”. The motor allows you to call the crossover dynamic – acceleration to “hundreds” takes 9.9 seconds.

VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

On this topic

VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

2020-06-29 09:35:55

A smooth automatic transmission with double clutch will help to gain speed – the technology allows to achieve greater fuel economy, even than in the case of manual transmission. Also, the box has the ability to switch to the classic “mechanics” mode.


Hyundai Creta is not offered with a 4X4 system and a frame body, but even a front-wheel drive is enough to drive on moderate terrain. The traction control system, which has the Sand, Snow and Primer modes, will help in this.

When the novelty reaches Russia, it is unknown. In Russia, the crossover is in high demand and is the leader in its segment, so the premiere, although belatedly, will certainly take place.


Another birthday

Thank you for the very interesting dossier devoted to 80e anniversary of the June 18 call. It was important to have this look at the event and its author (The cross June 18). I would express only one small regret: here is a little more than a month it was the 70e anniversary of the Schuman Declaration (May 9, 1950), the foundation of European integration, and this anniversary has gone almost unnoticed when it seems to me just as important in our history. All the media are victims of this Gaullist steamroller which since 1958 wants to make forget everything that could have happened between 1946 and the return to power of General de Gaulle. When will we accept to have a more objective look at this IVe Republic that one seems to have doomed to gemonies forever?

Olivier Roussarie


Media: Kritsyuk agreed with Besiktas

Goalkeeper of Krasnodar Stanislav Kritsyuk will continue his career in the championship of Turkey.

According to En Son Haber, the Russian reached an agreement with Besiktas.

It is noted that the club from Istanbul is in search of a goalkeeper after breaking up with German Loris Carius, who returned to Liverpool.

Negotiations with Kritsyuk were led by the sports director of Besiktas Erdal Torunogullar. The final decision on the 29-year-old player will be made by club president Ahmet Nur Chebi and coach Sergei Yalchin.

Kritsyuk has been playing for Krasnodar since 2016, his contract expires at the end of the current season.

The goalkeeper spent a total of 72 matches for Southerners and conceded 63 goals.


Nick Burr joined the coaching staff of Jurmala “Spartak”

The coaching staff of Jurmala “Spartak” joined soccer blogger Nikita Kovalchuk (Nick Burr, author of “part two”).

We are pleased to announce that from 1 July a young professional Nikita Kovalchuk will join the coaching staff of “Spartak” as an analyst, wrote on Twitter of the Latvian club.

“Spartacus” is headed by Alexei Eremenko, who is the father of midfielder “Rostov” Roman Eremenko.

The first half of 2020, Kovalchuk was one of the assistants of the chief coach of the youth team “Sochi”.


the communities of the municipality, the other issue

On 28 June, voters will elect not only the councillors but also the community councils of municipalities, cities or agglomerations.

→ FIND the 28th of June the results of the second round of the municipal elections 2020

Today, there are about 1 250 public Establishments of intermunicipal cooperation (EPCI) which comprise a little more than 33 000 communes in France. When the municipal councils of all the municipalities members have been elected in the first round, the community councils were able to be installed at the end of may.

But it was enough that one community member is submitted to the second round for this installation to be postponed. Sunday, a number of elected mayors from 15 march guetteront the results of the ballot, may 28, to be mounted on the majority that will emerge at inter-communal level.

The seats of community advisors of an EPCIS are distributed between the lists having obtained at least 5 % of the vote. The list first gets half of the seats, the others are distributed proportionally.

The conquest of the cities more difficult for the environmentalists

The inter-communal groups, whose skills have continued to increase in recent years have budgets that far exceed those of the member cities. Their role will be critical to the economic recovery following the health crisis, the territorial communities, representing approximately 70 % of public investment, particularly in the CONSTRUCTION sector.

Intercommunal cooperation is also the place of strategic power for certain public policies such as transport or treatment of water or the environment.

In this regard, the challenge is particularly very important to the environmentalists. Following the good results obtained in the first round in major cities, EELV can expect a number of victories in cities such as Besançon (Doubs) and impose itself as a central force to the left.

But to prevail in the metropolitan areas, the case promises to be more difficult. The good scores achieved in the city centres are not as easy to replicate in the suburbs and peri-urban areas where the battle against the car is not necessarily a priority.

Negotiations in regional capitals

In the regional capitals, the question of metropolises has been the subject of negotiations, intense. In Strasbourg, socialist Catherine Trautmann hoped to condition his rallying to the candidate ecologist, release on 15 march, to the presidency of the group urban. In the Face of the refusal of the EELV, the socialists remained in the second round. Same scenario in Toulouse.

In Bordeaux, the outgoing mayor LR, Nicolas Florian threatened by the challenger and ecologist will be in case of victory in the town hall and will give the metropolis its new ally, the LREM Thomas Cazenave.

→ TO READ. Municipal 2020 : the candidates in Lyon for the second round

In Lyon, this is yet another case. The metropolis is the only association that has the status of a local community for a full year (since the merger of the city and of the department). On may 28, the citizens will proceed to the double election of municipal councilors, and those of the greater Lyon.

Maneuvers until 18 July

The ex-LREM Gérard Collomb, is an ally of the right. It was to allow his runner-up Yann Cucherat keep the municipality and dispose of in exchange for the seat of president of the metropolis in the event of victory to the candidate LR François-Noël Buffet. But, if Yann Cucherat clearly seems to be distanced by the environmentalists, it is impossible to know what majority will come out of the polls for the Grand Lyon.

After 28 June, the maneuvers, and reports of forces will be so far from being ended. On the 18th of July at the latest, the advice of all the groupings of communes will need to be renewed and installed, marking the end of the cycle municipal.


Peskov called threat to Poland’s willingness to place military facilities in other countries

The Kremlin believes that Poland does not threaten Russia itself, but its willingness to provide its territory for military infrastructure of other countries and NATO is a threat. According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Moscow is forced to take security measures.

“By itself, Poland is unlikely to pose a threat to Russia. But as a country, ready to provide its territory for military infrastructure of third countries or an organization like the Alliance that is a threat to us,” said Mr Peskov in the “Big game” on “the First channel”.

The representative of the Kremlin recalled that Moscow has always said about the undesirability and danger “consistent drift” NATO’s military infrastructure towards its borders. “We hate it, and most importantly — it forces us to take the measures necessary to guarantee the security of our country”,— he added.

June 19, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called provocative the actions of NATO in the Baltic States and Poland. He made this statement after talks with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makei in Minsk. The Russian foreign Ministry does not exclude provocations by NATO before the military parade in Moscow in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, which will be held June 24. At the beginning of June in Poland began large-scale military exercises.

Read more about exercise — in the material “Kommersant” “USA and Poland gave a General spirit.”


Health, another sensitive topic in Belarus

It was one more article, article, too, without doubt, in the eyes of the belarusian authorities. On 25 march, three days after the publication of an editorial calling into question the statistics of the coronavirus in the former soviet republic, Sergei Satsouk, editor-in-chief of the online journal Ejednevnikwas arrested in the company of his wife, at the time when he was about to go shopping in a diy store. Released nine days later, he risks ten years in prison.

→ MAINTENANCE. In Belarus, ” the legitimacy of the Lukashenko regime crumbles “

Sergei Satsouk was probably the wrong to criticize the health care policies of president Alexander Lukashenko. In power for 26 years, the ruler of this small country landlocked between Russia, Ukraine and Poland, has refused to take measures of social distancing and minimize the risks associated with the pandemic, while taking to the media accused of fuelling the fears. “Who sows panic on the coronavirus, the president or the websites and TV channels ? “, asked in return Sergei Satsouk to a d’Ejednevnik.

An investigative journalist famous

His arrest has sent to the passage, a signal to his fellow belarusians, but also to the nursing staff that one would venture to call in question the official version of a little cold under control. “This criminalization of journalism in Belarus creates a climate of self-censorship is unacceptable “warns Jeanne Cavelier, head of the office eastern Europe and central Asia at Reporters without borders.

Old road of journalism in belarus, Sergei Satsouk, 51 years, knew that he was in the crosshairs of the authorities since the publication of a survey in 2019, which revealed how the ministry of health makes money by selling the blood of donors. The article had led to a series of arrests within the administration. It had also earned its author a series of threats that had emerged by the opening of an investigation for ” kickbacks “. This is the name of this case that this investigative journalist known for his serious risk ten years in prison.

The repression is intensifying

The prosecution of Sergei Satsouk have preceded a series of sentences of fines or short prison sentences against journalists covering the coronavirus or the presidential campaign. “The power that observes the rising discontent increases the pressure on the profession from the perspective of the presidential election of August 9,”note, from Minsk, the belarusian journalist Elena Daneiko.

→ ANALYSIS. The Russian project of a confederation with Belarus

According to media reports, the opponents. In may and June, two presidential candidates were arrested and sentenced to fifteen days in prison in order to prevent them from being present. A third, the ex-banker, Viktor Babaryko, was interviewed Thursday June 18, by the police, that is, twenty-four hours before the publication of the list of candidates allowed to stand in the face of the omnipotent Alexander Lukashenko.


How to get a discount when making car insurance

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules and was not involved in an accident, you can count on preferential terms.

Photo: the insurance policy, source:

The introduction in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, which significantly impact on people’s lives, has led to a drop in demand for new and used vehicles. In turn, this phenomenon has led to lower demand for CTP policies and hull, which in the foreseeable future, may decrease the cost of the insurance certificate for motorists, annually insuring their vehicles.

Experts portal Naavtotrasse told how to get a discount when applying for insurance on the car. According to analysts, in case of extension of validity of the insurance policy motorist benefits in the amount of from 5 to 15% of the cost of the hull. The discount is provided only for those drivers that do not violate the regime of isolation and did not commit an accident in this period of time. Such measures will allow insurance companies to retain customer loyalty.

As noted by the experts Naavttotrasse, other countries invented different approach to addressing this question. Foreign authorities suggested motorists to get the money back that they spent on the issue of insurance. But the representatives of the Central Bank emphasize that the Russians can not wait for such benefits, as the country does not exist the necessary conditions, so motorists will have to settle for the discounts offered by insurance companies.

Photo: Hyundai, source: Hyundai

The police said that in the first days of the regime of self-isolation decreased significantly the number of accidents, but after the lifting of restrictive measures the drivers again began to violate traffic rules. This in turn can cause failure to discount the issue of insurance to individuals who are guilty of committing a traffic accident or other traffic violations.


In Africa, another electrification

Africa will have to jump a technological milestone “: it is the premise of Alexander Coster, the leader of the startup Baobab +, which believes that the continent must choose another way to expand access to electric energy. It defaults to half of africa’s population,” 620 million people, of which nearly 80 % in rural areas “according to the latest report of the Foundation Energies for the World, created by the former minister Jean-Louis Borloo.

→ ANALYSIS. On the trail of the reduction of fossil fuels

According to the report, the absence of a centralized network is” an opportunity to develop a lot of mini-networks “, a track which has already captured the private sector. An issue all the more important that the african continent could see its population double by 2050, by increasing its energy needs.

Enthusiasm for the ” pay-as-you-go “

We started in some regions and act now on the whole of Madagascar “, welcomes Guilla Lenna Venance, head of Baobab + in the island. Created in 2015, the company is offering, in partnership with operators of mobile bank (with Orange Money), the technology “pay as you go” (payment for use). It allows a buyer to acquire a solar kit that it unlocks according to his needs and ability to pay by buying credits of consumption. The system is definitely released when the payments have allowed for the reimbursement of the cost, after one to four years.

The purchase of the product leasing can, of course,” cost a little more expensive than the daily purchase of candles or oil, but in the end, the system belongs to the client, which becomes independent “puts it, Guilla Lenna Venance. The success was the appointment, since 40, 000 products were distributed in a “pay as you go” on the malagasy territory, in which the electricity grid is highly unreliable and where the electrification rate is only 15 %.

Also present in Mali, Senegal and Côte d’ivoire, Baobab + offers lighting systems, kits, water filtering and digital tablets,” an “educational” for literacy, and a “business” to support entrepreneurs in the daily management of their activities “, details Alexandre Coster.

Skip the step of the network star

“Africa could now skip a step in technology by developing directly on the electricity infrastructure low-carbon, decentralised and intelligent, whose the industrialized countries dream today “welcomed in a report released in 2018 another startup promoting solar energy, Nanoé, supported by the Fondation Veolia and the Ademe.

What she calls” the electrification side “and not to star, as has been done in the developed countries, with “gigantic electrical network designed to transmit and distribute the electricity produced by large units of production to the urban centres, the more dense and the rural areas to the most remotees “.

This pattern of african development is also what has been done with mobile telephony without having to install wired networks. Problem, it requires massive investments and a stability that is lacking in a number of States of the continent.

The authors express course reserves systems such as those distributed by Baobab +, in particular for the problems of recycling that will raise this mass of individual equipment. However, the report acknowledges, these” have already helped to improve the living conditions of millions of Africans “.


Shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”

Such a “Ulyanovets” will squeeze out other players in the cross-coupe segment on the Russian market.

In 2019, the Russian media excited the motorists with the news that UAZ was engaged in the development of a new SUV, which is considered as a domestic analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Due to the fact that the car was positioned as a competitor to Kruzak, it was nicknamed UAZ Russian Prado.

Technical details regularly appear, as well as patent images, partly declassifying the appearance and interior of the SUV, thanks to which we already know that the Russian Prado power line will include a 2.5 petrol unit and a turbodiesel engine like Ford Transit.

UAZ “Russian Prado” will remain the “frame”, and recent patent images hinted that the car will receive a new four-wheel drive, different from what was installed on the “Patriot”. This is indicated by the controls shown by Rospatent.

The Ulyanovsk SUV is due to appear in 2021, and it is worth recognizing that it will not be easy on the Russian market because of Chinese competitors. Haval H9 has already squeezed Kruzak, and its brothers in the person of Haval F7x, F7 and H6 raise the brand’s rating. In such conditions, UAZ should have trumps in the sleeve.

Therefore, the portal shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”. It’s high time for the Ulyanovsk machine builders to diversify their lineup, and for this we need boring cars that would attract the attention of young drivers. Therefore, our editors chose the cross-coupe format, and its appearance was created on the basis of the already declassified headlights of the Russian Prado, as well as the radiator grille.

The design of the machine is intentionally unrestrained, which emphasizes its intention to plug in the belt of competitors. At the same time, we made sure that the rear of the roof was sufficiently raised. This almost eliminates the minus of all cross-coupes – low ceiling in the back row. Enter such a car on our market, the Haval F7x will not stand it, the BMW X6 will certainly feel the appearance of an opponent, and Renault Arkana risks completely being left without buyers. But, only on condition that UAZ takes seriously the quality of its products.

Ivan Golovin

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