Overweight: How Unhealthy Do Children and Adolescents Eat?

Teenagers are said to sometimes develop appetites similar to those of pregnant women when eating. With the difference that your Jieper mostly concentrates on greasy or sweet – and lasts significantly longer than nine months. It is not only parents who are concerned that such quantities of highly processed carbohydrates, salt and sugar could permanently […]

Scientists call: Overweight in the crosshairs

MMore than a hundred medical organizations and also publication platforms such as the “Nature” group have joined a call by 36 obesity experts and called for “an end to the stigmatization of obese people”. The starting point for the initiative was the observation that fat people were generally and erroneously publicly misrepresented as lazy, sluggish […]

Reaching for the biscuit is a symptom

Our author has been participating in a weight loss program in a clinic for six months. She is currently fighting against her previous habits. In doing so, she realizes that she doesn’t just have to change her diet. ,

Witten study: why are migrant children overweight more often?

Witten. After the United States, obesity has become a widespread disease in Germany. A study by medical professionals in Witten examines the reasons. Two thirds of German men (67 percent) and around half of women (53 percent) are overweight. Almost every fourth adult is even overweight, i.e. obese. A common disease, as doctors warn. In […]

Parabens: Why pregnant women should avoid some cosmetics

UTo investigate the effects of parabens on unborn babies, a team led by Irina Lehmann from the Berlin Charité and Tobias Polte from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research examined pregnant women. The women had agreed to participate between 2006 and 2008, when they were asked about their use of cosmetics. In the following eight […]

Microbiome: what if obesity is contagious?

WORLD: When people get sick, their microbiome can change. For which diseases is this particularly noticeable? Finlay: Microbial changes are associated not only with obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and chronic intestinal inflammation, but also with certain types of cancer, asthma and neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and especially Parkinson’s. WORLD: They now say: […]