The Peralada festival offers three pears of its own production on its website

The Castell de Peralada Festival joins the initiative to bring culture closer to citizens during confinement and will offer three operas of own production in its web. From Friday and until the quarantine lasts, the Empordà contest will be uploaded to three full titles, open and free to recover shows released in previous editions. […]

‘Little Rena: Renna and Bulor confined!’ (Aftercomic)

Make your own cartoon The editorial Aftercomic has joined the initiative to release content on the network, in this case unpublished. ‘Little Rena: Renna and Bulor confined!’ It advances with the update of a daily cartoon on social networks, with the structure of ‘choose your own adventure’, thanks to the online contributions of the readers. […]

The leaders who cut down their own forest | International

There are leaders who surround themselves with the best and others who opt for the loyal; leaders who build bridges and others who build strengths; leaders who encourage the growth of relays and others who cut everything that stands out around them. These dichotomies in the interpretation of leadership thoroughly mark European politics these days. […]

Zion Williamson is missing basketball classes | sports

Dear Charles Barkley*; With the official start of Zion Williamson’s career in the NBA, it was clear that they would give you a lot of money. But, except for obvious reasons of the impact of the first image (you will always be the gold standard of the fat of basketball), I don’t see technical or […]

Australian Open 2020: The kings of the house are tyrants | sports

I did not see the games in which Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas show a really embarrassing behavior during both games of the ATP Cup, but today the videos have happened to me and, although I was warned, it is hard for me to give credit to what I see. How far we have come […]

The space, amusement park of billionaires | Science

In 1954, three years before the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite into space, Thomas Cook, the oldest travel company in the world, opened a list of reservations to travel to the Moon. The company promised to provide the tickets as soon as this type of space cruiser was technologically possible, but it went […]