Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 01:00 Entry to Denmark limited with immediate effect +++

Entry from Germany to Denmark has only been possible to a limited extent since midnight. Due to the increasing number of new corona infections, the neighboring country in the north had declared Germany a risk country. This means that only those who can prove a valid reason can enter the country. This can be, for example, visiting relatives, an interview or a funeral. Commuters and students are also allowed to continue entering the country. Exceptions also apply to residents of the Schleswig-Holstein border region and to owners of a holiday home. The valid reason must be given at the border.

+++ 00:30 Lockdown in Wales begins +++
A two-week lockdown to contain the corona pandemic came into force in British Wales on Friday evening. “Our goal is that we will no longer need this level of restrictions in Wales before Christmas,” said Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford. 3.1 million people are affected by the measure in the British part of the country. They have not been allowed to leave their homes since 6 p.m. After the first nationwide lockdown in March, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far refused to adopt such far-reaching measures again.

Tenby in Wales on Friday night.

(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 23:15 Slovenia’s foreign minister infected +++
The Slovenian Foreign Minister Anze Logar has contracted the virus, according to a media report. Logar was tested positive for Corona after a trip abroad, reports the state news agency STA, citing a message from his ministry. He has no symptoms so far and will self-isolate for ten days.

+++ 22:50 pharmaceutical giants are allowed to continue stopped vaccine studies +++
The pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca is allowed to continue its clinical vaccine study in the USA. The health authorities decided that, reports the Wall Street Journal. The study has been on hold since September 6th. It had to be interrupted after an unexplained illness in a subject. Astrazeneca is one of the leading companies in the race for a vaccine against the coronavirus. The US drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson’s will also be able to resume its vaccine study shortly. An investigation has shown that a test subject’s disease is not related to the vaccine, reports the Washington Post. J&J started the Phase 3 efficacy study in late September and recently had to stop it because of the study participant’s illness.

+++ 21:20 caught without a mask: Czech lockdown ministers in need of explanation +++
The Czech Minister of Health Roman Prymula has come under great pressure after violating the corona measures he has imposed. A paparazzo photographed the minister as he was leaving a restaurant in Prague that was supposed to be closed due to the strict Corona rules. As reported by the Czech daily Blesk, Prymula got into a car with a driver without wearing a mouth and nose cover. The behavior of the minister sparked a wave of criticism in online networks. Opposition politicians and representatives of the coalition also sharply criticized Prymula. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, who is also chairman of the Corona crisis team, called for the health minister to resign. “The rules must apply to everyone, without exception,” he said, according to the Czech news agency CTK. “How can someone set the rules who breaks them himself?” Said the head of the opposition party ODS, Petr Fiala, to journalists. Prymula imposed an extensive lockdown on Wednesday in view of the rapid spread of the corona virus in the Czech Republic.

+++ 21:55 Macron puts the French off for the summer +++
French President Emmanuel Macron says the French will have to live with the coronavirus at least until next summer. He stressed that there were no plans to cut back on the recently decided curfews. The epidemic can only be slowed down through restrictions. At the moment, however, it is still too early to say whether France is heading for a full or partial lockdown. France had previously registered more than a million infections for the first time. By the evening there had been a total of 1.04 million confirmed cases, the health authority said. A record 42,032 was reported for the number of newly registered cases within 24 hours.

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You can read the most important developments on the current situation regarding the global coronavirus pandemic read here.


Churches will be able to open their doors from November with a capacity of a third of their capacity

President Martin Vizcarra announced that as of November they will reopen the churches at the national level. However, stressed that they will only be able to receive a third of the capacity of each one.

Religious entities, starting in November, will be able to open their premises to receive the faithful and the general public with a capacity, first to start, of a maximum of one third of its capacity, “he said.

The president specified that with the passage of time, the capacity of the capacity may increase. “It has to be a gradual process and I’m sure they understand it perfectly, “he said.

He also commented that by means of the Supreme Decree that will be published this Thursday, it will be specified which are the necessary protocols.

“There will be a protocol of restrictions so that this opening does not generate contagion among the people who attend the church premises,” he said.

Among the other announcements made by the president was the lifting of social immobilization at the national level. However, in this he stressed that on Sundays private vehicles will not yet be able to move.


What is pandemic fatigue and how to avoid it? – Vital space

Pandemic fatigue is a feeling of apathy, lack of motivation and mental exhaustion that a person experiences. This type of fatigue affects the emotional health of millions of people in the world, not just those who have been infected with coronavirus. Dr. Elmer Huerta gives us recommendations to avoid being affected by this discomfort.


If I’m Sih Better to Postpone

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

vice President Ma’ruf Amin assess the implementation Concurrent regional elections 2020 It is better if it is postponed first even though her daughter, Siti Nur Azizah, is also running as a candidate for regional head in the 2020 South Tangerang Mayor Election (Pilwalkot).

This was conveyed by Ma’ruf in response to Najwa Shihab who asked questions about the president and vice president and insisted on not delaying regional elections during a pandemic because his children are running in the regional elections.

“I think it’s better if I postpone it,” said Ma’ruf, quoted from the Najwa Shihab YouTube channel broadcast, Thursday (22/10).

Ma’ruf said those interested in continuing the 2020 Pilkada in the midst of the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic were candidates for the incumbent regional head or incumbent. Meanwhile, Siti Nur Azizah, he said, is a new candidate and is not a candidate for incumbent regional head.

“Because my child is not the incumbent. The one who has the interest not to be postponed is the incumbent. My son is not an incumbent,” said Ma’ruf.

On the other hand, Ma’ruf said that he never encouraged his children to run for regional head candidates in the Pilkada. Moreover, he is not a cadre or senior official of any particular political party at this time.

Ma’ruf emphasized that every citizen has the right to run as a candidate for regional head in the Pilkada. Because of that, he could not prevent his son from participating in the contestation of the local leader because it was in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

“I entered as vice president not because I am a party member. So in fact I cannot ban my child. I cannot prohibit anyone from running. Even though it is my son,” said Ma’ruf.

Furthermore, Ma’ruf stated that he would free his children to choose their own profession when they grew up. He also mentioned that he had never crossed his mind to run for vice president during the 2019 Presidential Election.

“I am the vice president. I am not the one who wants to be the vice president, because indeed I have been asked for that from many parties. Including my son is like that too. I did not order. But I cannot prohibit,” said Ma’ruf.

It is known, President Jokowi has confirmed that he will not postpone the 2020 Pilkada which will be held on 9 December.

Jokowi, in a closed meeting with a number of ministers in early September, said that the regional elections could not wait until the pandemic ended.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 01:48 Oldest dog show in the world moves outdoors +++

The Westminster dog show, which has been held annually in New York for almost 150 years, will have to move next year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to ensure the health and safety of the participants, the 145th edition of the show will take place in the summer of 2021 and mostly outdoors on a property north of the metropolis of New York, the operators said. The prestigious event, which is considered the world’s oldest dog show, usually takes place at the beginning of the year in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Every year thousands of pedigree dogs compete against each other. The winning dog of the “Best in Show” category regularly becomes a star in the USA.

+++ 00:54 President of the World Doctors: From 20,000 new infections, lockdown is necessary +++
The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, expects a critical threshold of 20,000 new infections per day in the event of a further increase in the corona numbers. “Then it would no longer be possible for health authorities to trace and interrupt the chains of infection. Then we face a second lockdown because the virus can no longer be stopped otherwise,” said Montgomery of the “Rheinische Post”. The number of proven new corona infections within one day had recently risen sharply again, on Thursday morning the health authorities reported 11,287 cases within 24 hours, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

+++ 00:33 US authorities come to almost 64,000 infections +++
In the US, 63,656 new infections were registered within 24 hours. The CDC announced that a total of 8.312 million people were demonstrably infected with the corona virus. The death toll rose by 1,076 to 221,438. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) numbers do not necessarily reflect the data that individual states report. refers to the numbers from the New York Times, some of which are considerably higher.

+++ 23:50 plaintiffs challenge lockdown in Berchtesgadener Land +++
The strict corona measures in the badly affected Berchtesgadener Land are being judicially reviewed. The Munich Administrative Court received several lawsuits and urgent motions, as a court spokesman announced in the evening. Meanwhile, the corona numbers in the Upper Bavarian district continue to rise. According to the district office, the so-called seven-day incidence – the number of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week – increased to 292.65. 64 new corona cases have been confirmed since Wednesday.

+++ 23:03 Austria tightened rules – but later than planned +++
In Austria, the new measures in the fight against the coronavirus surprisingly only come into force on Sunday – and not on Friday as originally planned. Inside, only six people are allowed to meet for private events such as dance and yoga courses or birthday parties. For celebrations in your own home, there is an urgent appeal to also adhere to this rule. The upper limit is twelve people outdoors. The Austrian Ministry of Health reported 2435 new infections with the coronavirus within 24 hours on Thursday – a record for the Alpine republic with its around nine million inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic.

+++ 10:30 p.m. Frankfurt court overturns party upper limit +++
In Frankfurt, the administrative court has overturned the maximum limit set by the city for private celebrations in closed rooms. To contain the spread of the pandemic, celebrations in private rooms have so far been limited to ten people. The judges suspended the order due to formal errors with an urgent decision. The city ruled by converting the ten-party limit into an “urgent recommendation.” In Germany, several courts have to deal with restrictions imposed to protect against the virus. An urgent application against the ban on accommodation before the Federal Constitutional Court had previously failed.

+++ 22:03 record values ​​in Portugal: three regions tighten protective measures +++
For the first time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, there have been more than 3,000 new infections in Portugal. The health authorities in Lisbon announced that 3270 new infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus had been reported within 24 hours. This exceeded the previous maximum value (2608) registered last Friday by 662 cases. For the three worst affected districts of Felgueiras, Lousada and Paços de Ferreira in the north of the country, the government decided to take drastic measures for an initial week. The 150,000 people affected are only allowed to leave the house after midnight with good reason – for example to go to work or to the doctor. In these districts, which are not far from the metropolis of Porto, all shops have to close at 10 p.m.

+++ 21:26 New high in Baden-Württemberg +++
All 16 federal states report some dramatic increases by the evening: Baden-Württemberg records a new high with 1950 cases and catches up with the federal states above the 2000 mark: North Rhine-Westphalia has 2621 infections, Bavaria registers 2128 new infections. Only Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania reported only two-digit growth rates (plus 59), all other countries reported at least three-digit growth rates.

+++ 21:01 Current data in Germany: 11,714 new infections, 40 deaths +++
Germany is rapidly approaching the 400,000 mark: The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany has risen to a total of 397,613. As can be seen from the information from the state authorities evaluated by, 11,714 new cases were added within 24 hours. The number of deaths in connection with an infection rose by 40 to 9,926. Around 83,800 people are currently infected. The dynamics are also increasing in the case of infections on a 7-day average. The value is now 7603 cases.

The infection rate (R value) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 1.11 (previous day: 1.09). This means that an average of ten infected people infect around 11 other people with Sars-CoV-2. The 7-day R-value is currently 1.23 (previous day: 1.17). According to the Divi-Register, 1030 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, which is almost 90 more than the day before. 459 of these are ventilated. Around 8180 intensive care beds are currently still available in the German clinics.

More information about the You can find the most important corona data here read up.

You can read the most important developments on the current situation regarding the global coronavirus pandemic read here.


There will be no mass for the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12

It was first published in Money in Picture


Praise the virgin, but from a healthy distance, for the health emergency of covid.

The rector of the Basilica of Guadalupe, Salvador Martínez Ávila, announced in a letter that the activities on December 11 and 12 in celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe are suspended.

However, it was proposed that the pilgrims visit the enclosure without remaining there:

“On the eleventh and twelfth of December, no liturgical celebration or tribute to the Virgin will be held at this site. Only the pilgrims will be allowed to pass in front of the image avoiding at all times the permanence in the enclosure or its surroundings ”.

Similarly, pilgrims and people who participate in the event each year were urged to follow it through the media and digital media, as “deferred broadcasts of the event will be made.”

Health authorities invite not to make congregations

Similarly, this Tuesday, October 20, from the morning conference at the National Palace, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, and the Undersecretary of Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, urged the community not to hold congregations for the Day of the Dead and the Day of the Virgin.

“The pantheons are public places … the more people congregate, the greater the risk,” said López-Gatell, who added that it is the responsibility of the country’s municipalities to make the decision if these festivities are canceled.

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Rawson Hospital nurses: “We are physically and psychically exhausted” – Cba24n

Cecilia Ibarra, nurse of the Rawson Hospital, counted in Morning Chronicle of Canal 10 How is the situation that they go through daily in the care of Covid-19 patients in the hospital.

Cecilia tested positive for coronavirus, she is passing the disease in isolation and has been infected in nursing work, treating patients.

“There is a great need for beds, even clinics such as cold beds are being occupied. The need is so great that we have to wait for discharges to be able to admit more patients,” he described.

“You work piecemeal,” he said.

Now they demand that they return to a work regime that harms them: three by three they will return to provide tasks with only two francs a week.

“Our day is double, with 16 hours. There comes a point that we no longer know what the patients are called,” he lamented.

“The reason for this letter is to tell all Cordoba men and women what is happening to us at the RAWSON hospital, at the nursing level, as it is publicly known, we are a reference hospital for infectology and currently for COVID 19.

We were the first since March that we began with protocols and organization of how to work in a pandemic, which is why it was restructured and many modifications were made, always with the precariousness of our reduced space.

The nursing group always present and working piecemeal so that everything works, in the first months we trained ourselves how we should care for these patients, how to dress to protect them and protect ourselves, the task was arduous, new staff were admitted that were in charge of nursing for their training, doing double duty.

Time went by and fatigue was felt … a lot too much, we have a 3-day regimen, we work and 3 days we rest, it will seem like a lot of rest, but it is not … I assure you.
In our workday most of the time we are in isolations, either for critical patients or outpatients.

The wear is great … both physical and mental, many times the body does not accompany the head … many colleagues work in 2 places, leave the hospital and go to another job, not for pleasure but because our salary is mísero, pauperrimo no one likes to be 16 hours away from home … I assure you !!!!!!!

In these 7 months of pandemic we continue to give our best and work as the first day,
With all our professionalism and seriousness,

But as always the political vein and the interests involved prevail, today we were informed that we will no longer have this 3-day break,
We will have 8 francs again … hopefully, this left us all stunned, puzzled and wondering why ????
The address of our beloved hospital does not look at us ????
Do not see the fatigue on the face, the marks of the chinstraps, the time we spent exposed ????
What about these people who from an armchair, with their finger and a signature make you feel that the first line is only for television …. ?????



Today my dear Córdoba, the essentials of the Rawson hospital want to tell you what they are about to do with our rest … we want you to know that we were always there … but we are people and we are at the limit of our physical and mental health.

Today is our reality, and yours too … I ask you to viralize this letter and know how to understand, and support us as always !!!!!

RAWSON Hospital is a big family … and today it is being violated !!!!!!! “


All the way from going to Germany to isolation in luxury hotels, here’s the tragic fate of 20 Thai concubines during quarantine – all pages

Via Independent

Going to Germany during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the King of Thailand is Accompanied by 20 Women to Serve His Desires, Each Mistress Has a Rank!

GridPop.ID – The world was made helter-skelter because pandemic Covid-19 which spread to countries.

But the anxiety and fear experienced by the people of the world probably does not apply to King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn.

Received the title as the richest king in the world, King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn chose to isolation abroad, instead of staying at home.

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The king of Thailand chose to fly to Germany and rented a luxury hotel in the mountains.

He brought along an empress and 20 concubines to serve him while there.

Reporting from the Daily Mail, the hotel that the king rented was called the Alpine Hotel. The King of Thailand rented the entire 4 floors of the hotel.

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The facilities on the floor are said to be quite complete, including an entertainment room and decorated with Thai antiques.

Hotel staff are also prohibited from going to the fourth floor which has been rented by King Vajilangkorn.

Max Boeddeker, a reporter investigating the hotel, said Germany could not do much because of the diplomatic immunity possessed by King Vajilangkorn.

3 new concubines of the King of Thailand (red shirt)

3 new concubines of the King of Thailand (red shirt)

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The lives of 20 concubines

Even though they are considered as concubines they turn out to be like special forces military units.

These concubines were given military-style designations ranging from major to colonel.

Not only that, they are also labeled with numbers S01 to S20.

During the corona quarantine period, the king had plenty of time to have fun with his concubines.

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The king seemed to be enjoying the “pleasure room” specially made for the king with his 20 lust slaves.

According to Thai expert Andrew McGregor Marshall, these women are making big bets.

By becoming concubines, they can get wealth for themselves and their families.

But on the other hand, they must also be prepared to fight for the king’s attention, including obeying all the king’s orders.

Some of the concubines did so voluntarily out of self-ambition, but others were so overcome with fear that they couldn’t help but obey.

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“The women are making big bets, with hopes for the wealth and success of themselves and their families,” he said.

“Others gave up, fearing that if they refused it would have huge consequences,” explained Andrew McGregor Marshall.

Meanwhile, during this corona time, concubines were said to have enjoyed luxurious facilities at the hotel where the quarantine was located.

Criticized by the Thai Society

Hotel where the King of Thailand stays

Hotel where the King of Thailand stays

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Living in Germany amid the lockdown has seen him miss coronation day in Thailand, marking the time he was appointed the new king several years ago.

Last week he returned to Thailand from Munich Airport at least once, to inspect protective gear in Bangkok.

However, it only lasted a short time, after which he was mentioned again returning to the hotel and staying there.

Thailand itself has been on lockdown since March and so far 2,992 cases and 55 deaths have been recorded due to Covid-19.

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News of the King’s absence has sparked criticism on Thai social media, but those who insult and criticize the king could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Many people quipped on social media by making the hashtag, ‘Why do we need a king?’.

Vajiralongkorn ascended the throne in 2016, succeeding his father, who had ruled since 1946.

According to the tradition of the government in Thailand, a powerful king is seen as a god and semi-divine, he is highly respected and adored by his people.

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The king must sit higher than the rest and during the speech the king’s feet should stand at least above the heads of those around him. (Galuh Palupi)


This article was published on with the title

“The King of Thailand Isolating 20 Concubines in a Luxury Hotel, from Outside the Great, This Is Their Real Life”

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Is this Bill Gates’ prediction on ending the pandemic ending in 2022? – Microsoft founder who is also a philanthropist and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, believes that the Covid-19 pandemic will end in the middle of next year. However, this prediction still only applies to the United States of America.

He predicted this based on the development of vaccines. He is also optimistic that the Covid-19 pandemic will not last forever. This was disclosed by Bill Gates in his exclusive interview with Fox News Sunday.

Bill Gates himself is a donor from an independent foundation that has contributed the most to overcoming Covid-19. Gates’ total donations to deal with this pandemic amounted to USD 650 million.

In his interview, Gates stated that the donations he made were mostly used for the manufacture and distribution of vaccines for poor countries.

“We help fund research and development to get the best vaccine. Then we want to make sure, when the vaccine is there, not only rich countries get it,” said Bill Gates, as quoted by Fox News via Tekno

Bill Gates hopes that the Covid-19 vaccine will be approved in early 2021. Then in mid-2021, activity in the United States is expected to return to normal.

“Then at the end of the year, activities will slowly normalize and we can help other countries,” he said.


Roth: “insatiable ministers”: Spahn defends his special powers

In the Bundestag there is increasing criticism of the creative power of federal and state governments in combating the corona pandemic. The stumbling block: Federal Health Minister Spahn wants to expand and extend his powers. He holds on to that.

In the debate about ongoing and comprehensive special powers for Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn in the corona pandemic, the CDU politician has rejected the criticism of his plans. The existence of corresponding regulations is “not arbitrary or coincidental,” he said in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. Rather, special powers of the Federal Minister of Health in the fight against pandemics have “legal bases” and are regularly discussed by the Bundestag. That will continue to be the case, added Spahn.

The Federal Ministry of Health is aiming for a new version of the Infection Protection Act as an urgent procedure, whereby special powers of the Federal Minister of Health for disease control are to be extended beyond March 31, 2021. The special rights to issue ordinances have so far been limited in time and must be regularly extended by Parliament. The draft law states that the previous regulations should be “consolidated” “on the condition that this is necessary to protect the population from the risk of serious communicable diseases”.

Spahn said the plans to reorganize the law were also aimed at clarifying responsibilities around entry from abroad and entry restrictions. There must be “better legal bases” on this point. The federal government must decide centrally for all of Germany. This applies not only to Corona, but also to other diseases such as Ebola.

Spahn advocates debates

Spahn’s plans for expanded special powers had led to much criticism, including from the ranks of coalition partner SPD. In the “Morgenmagazin” the minister emphasized that his aim was not to prevent parliamentary debates. These are important because the measures to contain the current corona pandemic are about the “greatest restrictions on freedom” in the history of the Federal Republic as well as major “unreasonable demands on the individual”.

In his opinion, the Bundestag could discuss the fight against the virus “more often”, added Spahn. The “federal cooperation” between the federal and state governments has so far proven its worth in the crisis and is even a “strength of Germany”. A look at neighboring France shows that a central state is “not more successful per se at the moment” in fighting pandemics.

Roth: “That takes revenge”

Among other things, Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth is one of the supporters of greater participation by the Bundestag. At a time in which the protection of health and the protection of freedom and civil rights must be weighed up, there must be a struggle for solutions, demanded the Green politician on Deutschlandfunk. “That is the job of Parliament, we can do that, we should bring it back.”

Roth sees the principle of the separation of powers – i.e. the division of state power into legislative (legislative), executive (executive) and judicial (judiciary) power – in a lopsided position. “This is a really dangerously wrong development that it is moving away from the legislature towards clandestine executive events, then also with campaigning prime ministers and insatiable ministers,” said Roth. “The coalition factions have been delegating to the prime ministers for far too long, so to speak, and that is paying off.”


Europe: how is the second wave going and what measures are countries taking | coronavirus – Health

With records of reported cases that are three times higher than those of the first peak of the pandemic in MarchEurope is submerged in its second wave of the new coronavirus, the same wave that experts predicted a few months ago. The data is worrying. In the last week, cases increased 44 percent, with a trend that rapidly tends to place this continent again as the focus of the pandemic.

Proof of this is that Europe breaks its own records of positives daily, with figures above 150,000 daily. Those numbers, as analyzed by health authorities, are located very close to those that America showed in August, which for now is the region most affected by the pandemic.

And that also shows that the two continents are the face of the same coin, but at the wrong time: if in August America was locked and Europeans were enjoying their holidays, Now that the former are beginning to experience the ‘new normal’, it is Europe that is once again suffering the return of restrictions.

(Read also: The drastic measures in Europe to stop the second wave of coronavirus)

The situation is such that the World Health Organization (WHO) warned yesterday Saturday that many European cities are suffering significant increases in the number of patients treated in the intensive care units (ICU) of their hospitals, with what they could reach their limit in the coming weeks, thus contradicting those who lowered the profile of gravity to the predicted second wave.

Recently, the director for Europe of the WHO, Hans Kluge, had clarified that although the number of cases today is higher “compared to the peak of the April curve”, the “number of deaths represents one fifth” of those recorded in the hardest moment of the pandemic.

However, in the face of this potential overflow of serious cases, the WHO itself warned this week that if trends and projections, Europe could reach a mortality level “four or five times higher than in April” if the restrictions that have been applied are gradually and prematurely lifted.

For now, Europe already has more than 7 million positives and about 250,000 deaths.

(You may be interested in: WHO warns about the evolution of the pandemic in Europe)

By countries

When referencing cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the Czech Republic ranks first in this part of the world with 660.8 cases, triggered in the last two weeks. This rate is followed by Belgium (505.4), the Netherlands (435.2), France (321.6), the United Kingdom (300.2) and Spain (295), according to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention , with data as of October 16.

France, for example, recorded 30,000 new coronavirus cases and 88 deaths on Friday alone. “It’s frightening. I feel like I’m going back to March, ”said Hocine Saal, head of the emergency service at the Montreuil hospital, on the outskirts of Paris.

Taking measurements

The responses to the advance of the pandemic have not been long in coming. Since this Saturday, for example, a curfew has been in force in Paris and other French cities, one of the measures that continue to multiply on the continent to stop the spread of the virus.

In France, activities were paralyzed in some cities from Saturday between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am Around 20 million people in Paris and eight other cities, such as Marseille, will be affected under penalty of fines, and there will only be exceptions with authorization.

(See: European countries that have reinforced measures for outbreaks of coronavirus)

Belgium ordered the closure of cafes and restaurants starting Monday for four weeks. For its part, London went further in restricting people: banned its nine million inhabitants from meeting with family and friends in closed spaces since this Saturday.

In Germany, a country considered exemplary in its management of the first wave, the situation is also critical. Changes were announced there. Chancellor Angela Merkel called for new restrictions after registering a record 6,638 cases on Friday.

In regions where more than 35 new cases are confirmed per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, the capacity will be limited to private events and the use of masks will be imposed when distances cannot be maintained or people have to share space for a certain time. In addition, if the 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants are exceeded, stricter rules will be imposed, such as restaurant closings at 11pm

On the other hand, in Spain, the region of Catalonia decided to close all its bars and restaurants for 15 days, to try to avoid a “total confinement”. These measures come after strong movement restrictions in Madrid imposed by the central government.

(We recommend: Covid-19 caused 20% of all deaths in the country from March to October)

And Italy, which was the first country in Europe affected by the pandemic and which until now had managed to keep the outbreak under control, surpassed the threshold of 10,000 cases on Friday. The regions most affected by the rebound are Lombardy (north), Campania (Naples region, south) and Piedmont (north-west).

The new restrictive measures include a ban on private parties, more rigid hours for bars and restaurants, and limits the number of guests at home to six. Weddings and baptisms must have a maximum of 30 guests and the use of masks, even outdoors, is mandatory throughout the country under penalty of a fine of up to 1,000 euros (about $ 900).

And while all this is happening, the world is stepping on the accelerator for the development of effective therapeutic interventions or a vaccine that prevents contagion, something that would only happen until next year. Meanwhile, governments must make use of what is known to be effective: masks, distance and hand washing.