Magangué doctor is “detained” in Caracas

The doctor Antonio José Amell Cantillo, who had been reported by his family as missing, would be detained in Caracas, after he was captured at dawn last Sunday in the municipality of San Diego, a town near the city of Valencia, Carabobo state. , in the central area of ​​the neighboring country.

Members of the organization Foro Penal told EL HERALDO that after a meeting with officials of the Valencia judicial circuit, they told them that “he was not in the Judicial Palace.”

“Our team informs us that he would be in Caracas and they would present him before a special judge,” the NGO’s lawyers told this medium.

The coordinator of the NGO in Carabobo, Luis Betancourt, visited the main detention centers in Carabobo state yesterday and they answered that they did not have the 27-year-old doctor.

Marisol Cantillo, who is in Medellín, told EL HERALDO that several lawyers told her that her son was transferred to Caracas on Monday night in a helicopter.

“I only know that. I have not been able to talk to him, nor do I know the reasons for his possible arrest. The lawyers give me no more reason. They don’t know much either. These days have been an ordeal for me, ”Cantillo said.

According to neighbors, around 1:00 am on Sunday the doctor was forcibly taken from his home by officials with clothing and identification from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebín), who also took documents and a computer from the site.

Friends of the resident doctor of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera (CHET), in Valencia, rule out that his arrest and subsequent disappearance is due “to political reasons.”

“As far as we know, he was never linked to some kind of organization or anything like that. There are no videos or any publication of him making any kind of political statement, “the doctor’s friends told this medium.

A request

Congressmen Fernando Araújo, Gabriel Velasco, Emeterio Montes, Jorge Benedetti, Jennifer Arias, Alejandro Corrales, Yamil Arana, Nadia Blel, Karen Cure and Silvio Carrasquilla signed a letter requesting the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry to mediate to achieve the release of the doctor.

“In Venezuela there is a tyranny that violates Human Rights. We request that this communication be forwarded to international organizations in order to carry out the pertinent actions to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the victim of this gross act, ”the letter states.


Open letter from the UBA Faculty of Medicine regarding Covid-19: The situation will continue to worsen day by day


Today, we pass through Argentina, the most difficult moment of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, measured both in terms of new infections as well as the increasing number of people who die every day. If additional measures are not implemented, this situation will continue to worsen day by day. In this context, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires together with the signatory Medical and Scientific Societies, concerned about Public Health, communicate our position to the different government bodies, to our colleagues and to society as a whole.

Social distancing continues to represent the fundamental measure in the fight against the pandemic. We observe with great concern a relaxation in the fulfillment of the rules of distancing, which does not respect geographical limits or political districts. We make an energetic appeal in this regard that includes both governments and each and every citizen. We are talking about thousands and thousands of deaths that can be avoided.

Search devices for infected people with and without symptoms (but still contagious) and close contacts should be put into operation more quickly. To this end, you must dramatically expand our diagnostic capacity, implementing a more aggressive and active logic. What we have done so far in this area is clearly insufficient. Although to this day, mortality is lower than in many countries, our number of infected and deceased continues to increase.

The health personnel have made and continue to make an extraordinary effort. Day by day they put their health at stake, and that of their loved ones. It is essential to acknowledge their work and pay our warm tribute to them. We urge the authorities to urgently request strengthen the health system, by incorporating suitable personnel and adequate equipment, and recognizing those who have long been ignored and devalued. We ask society and governments to help us take care of and take care of us.

We are exhausted from working in this context and under these working conditions. The pandemic affects us all, the fear of getting sick and dying is present in society, and the fatigue due to distance and confinement is increasing. Doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, and other health workers are also stressed and exhausted from working continuously and without rest, for 160 days, in a system that does not recognize us, that does not take care of us, or provides the necessary protection elements for our work. We too get sick, we die. No one should be without work, but what is certain, no one should lose their life to work, and this is happening to us.

We are very concerned about the increase in community circulation, the lack or misuse of chinstraps and masks, the fact that distancing measures are not respected, social gatherings without care, because this leads directly to an increase in infections, disabilities and deaths. It is necessary to increase our awareness of risk, as individuals and as a society. We all want to believe that the worst is over, but it is not, and it will not happen as in stories or dreams, that things happen just by wishing them. The increases in cases in the interior of the country and “plateaus with high numbers” in some cities, only herald new cases of disease, and not even societies with very advanced health systems, were able to sustain the risk of illness, without having to suffer a huge number of victims. It is not possible that the need for the freedom to have a coffee, expose us to more loss of life. We need society to make these situations of “lack of individual and community care” visible as problematic. For now, the best remedy we found was distancing, and protective measures, and in the meantime, we will also continue investigating vaccines, plasma, serums or some medicine.

Now is when, responsibly and as an adult society, we must assume the responsibilities that correspond to us, as a community, as individuals and as governments, and take charge of health care and life for ourselves and our people


Dr. Jorge Geffner, Chair of Immunology

Dr. Carlos Rojo, Graduate Cloister, Edgardo Knopoff School of Medicine. School of Public Health

Claudia Negri. Secretary of Degree and Courses

Dra. Angela Gentile, Argentine Society of Pediatrics

Raquel Wainsztein, Department of Pediatrics,

Dr. Perez Rosales, IAR

Dr. Luis Sarotto, Department of Surgery

Dr. Adrian Desiderio, Department of Surgery

Dr. Pascual Valdez, Argentine Society of Medicine

Dr. Pablo Rossini, Intensive Therapy Specialist Career

Dr. Guillermo Chapero, Argentine Society of Intensive Care

Dr. Ignacio Brusco, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health

Dr. Hugo Rios, Institute of Cell Biology

Dr. Adriana Alberti, Department of Public Health

Dr. Guillermo Roccatagliata, Garrahan Hospital

Dr. Donato Spacavento, uba professor

Dr. Sergio Varela, Professor of Kinesiology.


Hard letter from IACHR officials who declare themselves ‘victims’ – US and Canada – International

A group of 12 people claiming victims of the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rightss (CIDH), Paulo Abrão, sent a harsh letter to the Commission on Monday in which they insist who suffered all kinds of abuses, work and personal, by the official and criticize the entity for minimizing their claims and defending them.

They also ask that they select a new secretary who has independence, high moral authority, experience and a recognized track record in Human Rights.

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“We suffer workplace harassment and retaliation for having dared to express internally opinions different from those of the Mr. Abrão. Respect for diversity and plurality of opinions is fundamental in every institution, even more so in one dedicated to the defense of Human Rights. Unfortunately, after decades and years of dedication to the IACHR, we were forced to leave the institution and had our careers interrupted. This has had a strong impact on our personal life, physical and mental health and on our families and environment ”, they say in the letter obtained by EL TIEMPO.

Last week a great controversy broke out in the Commission after the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, se refused to sign the renewal of Abrão’s contract, which was reelected in January for a new four-year term.

Almagro made the decision based on a report from the Ombudsperson of the OEA in which 61 complaints against Abrão are documented for workplace harassment and other irregularities and has requested an investigation by the Inspector General to get to the bottom.

According to Almagro, he also chose not to renew because the IACHR was not taking the complaints into account. that were transmitted to them by himself and by the Ombudsperson.

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What the Commission has seen in this is an attempt to limit its autonomy when it comes to selecting its directors and they maintain that Almagro never formally notified them of the complaints. And this Sunday they called for a dialogue between the organs of the OAS to reach a solution, reiterating that the independence of the institution should not be undermined.

But in the letter, the complainants question the motivations of the IACHR and its characterization of Abrão as the victim in all this mess.

“Pronouncements that minimize our claims by attributing them to resentment caused by internal restructuring, disqualify the nature of our complaints, affect our dignity and reputation, minimize the impact that workplace harassment has on our lives and revictimize us. Qualifying Mr. Abrão as a victim of political persecution is also re-victimizing”, Say the signatories who appear anonymously because they fear reprisals against them.

That same fear, they say, was what first led them to go to the Secretary General and to the Ombudsperson.

(In other news: IACHR urges the Colombian State to protect social leaders)

“We are afraid to denounce before the Commission these actions carried out by Mr. Abrão or with his knowledge, for fear of suffering retaliation by the Executive Secretary and his trusted staff… The facts denounced by us refer to abuse of power , harassment, retaliation, public humiliation, unjustified removal of functions, loss of positions, and discrimination in relation to other people with similar positions. Facts that, according to OAS standards, constitute forms of workplace harassment and that led us to leave the IACHR for not seeing another way out”, They maintain.

This is the text:

Letter addressed to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights:

Dear Commissioners,

We are a group of 12 people who file complaints against the former Executive Secretary of the IACHR Paulo Abrão. We are writing to you due to the recent public pronouncements made by the Commission and the Executive Secretariat on the OAS Ombudsperson report and the nature of our complaints.

First, we clarify that we do not represent all the people who presented complaints, complaints and claims against Mr. Abrão. We respect the will of those who prefer not to demonstrate publicly.

The facts denounced by us refer to abuse of power, harassment, retaliation, public humiliation, unjustified removal of functions, loss of positions, and discrimination in relation to other people with similar positions. Facts that, according to OAS regulations, constitute forms of workplace harassment and that led us to leave the IACHR for not seeing another way out.

We are afraid to denounce to the Commission these actions carried out by Mr. Abrão or with his knowledge, for fear of suffering retaliation from the Executive Secretary and his trusted personnel. For this reason, we went to the Secretary General of the OAS and / or the Ombusdperson to inform them about our complaints anonymously. These authorities have held meetings with you to inform you of our situation and, according to public information, of the existence of a systemic situation of workplace harassment and violations of the rights of the Secretariat staff.

Pronouncements that minimize our claims by attributing them to resentment caused by internal restructuring, disqualify the nature of our complaints, affect our dignity and reputation, minimize the impact that workplace harassment has on our lives and revictimize us. Qualifying Mr. Abrão as a victim of political persecution is also revictimizing. We have worked and continue to work with great commitment and firm conviction in the promotion and protection of human rights and we believe in the fundamental importance of the IACHR in the protection of human rights in the region. Therefore, we dedicate a combined 85 years of our lives to this institution and contribute to its growth and strengthening. Throughout all these years we have never received a single unsatisfactory job performance evaluation.

We suffer workplace harassment and retaliation for having dared to express internally opinions different from those of Mr. Abrão. Respect for diversity and plurality of opinions is fundamental in every institution, even more so in one dedicated to the defense of human rights. Unfortunately, after decades and years of dedication to the IACHR, we were forced to leave the institution and our careers were interrupted. This has had a strong impact on our personal life, physical and mental health, and on our families and environment.

We defend and will defend the autonomy and independence of the IACHR, as they are essential for the fulfillment of its mandate and the region needs a robust and independent IACHR. We are saddened that the IACHR has so far considered that the only way to preserve its autonomy and independence is through the re-election of Mr. Abrão. The Rules of Procedure of the IACHR establish that the Executive Secretary must be a person of high moral authority and we consider that this does not coincide with whoever has installed an authoritarian environment within the institution, which silences any opinion other than his own, and divides the personal.

Given that the Secretary General of the OAS has stated that “no [tiene] no interest or desire to participate in the selection of the next Executive Secretary, nor participate in the discussions that lead to his election, nor to choose him by [su] part ”, we urge you to select another person with independence and high moral authority, with experience and a recognized track record in human rights. We trust that, with the information that was already in the possession of the IACHR, plus that which has emerged recently, the Commission will take a decision that will strengthen the institution and safeguard the rights of its officials. The defense of the IACHR as an institution involves electing a suitable person for the position of Executive Secretary.



the fans were breathless at the sight of the undressed singer Natalie

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty


Singer Natalia Rudina, known under the pseudonym Natalie, at 46, looks like a schoolgirl. A mother of many children can boast of a young face and a gorgeous figure. The other day, she decided to show the fans her toned figure, undressing in the frame.

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty. In one of the last pictures, the performer of the hit “The Wind blew from the Sea” appears in a spicy form. Of the clothes, she is wearing a large shell that covers her chest. “With my Russian mentality I say, I’m not for my age to be naked like that … The director does not think so,” she signed a spectacular shot.

The fans took their breath away from the sight of the undressed artist. Fans noted that Natalie looks very young. “Look better than many 17-year-old girls”, “God, what a beauty”, “The figure is brilliant! You are a real Russian beauty!”, “Gorgeous Natalie,” the fans reacted with delight.

Not so long ago, the singer told how she manages to stay young. “Recently I made a facial procedure using polydioxanone threads. They are used in operations on the heart and muscles. These threads dissolve in six weeks, and dense collagen is formed in their place. It keeps the facial muscles in good shape. The first three days after this fashionable procedure I looked as if I was very badly beaten. But then I became sharply younger and prettier! “, – the artist is quoted as saying 7 days.

But her experiments do not end there. “I use Botox regularly. And don’t forget about the injections with hyaluronic acid. I like that after these deep procedures the effect is immediately visible. But only serious procedures give a quick result, which I like. I did it and ran, “says the star of the 90s.

The vocalist has not eaten meat for over 20 years. “At some point it seemed to me that I was chewing paper, not meat. I stopped liking the taste, and it was hard to digest it. For breakfast I can eat yogurt or yogurt, adding raisins, flax seeds and oats, honey. I love eggs. For example, my lunch may consist of a leaf of lettuce and an egg. By the way, I learned to “feed” on aromas. It’s very simple: you close your eyes, inhale the smell of food, enjoy, imagine a dish that gives off such a scent. that you’ve already had lunch, “the celebrity boasts.

Her top tip for losing weight is if you want to lose weight – reduce portions. She also eats seeds every day. “A small portion of sunflower seeds replaces a full snack for me. And sometimes lunch or dinner itself. By the way, I have other oddities. At eleven o’clock in the evening, when everyone goes to bed, I drink tomato juice, eat dried bread, processed cheese and garlic I have such a supper every night before going to bed, and I’m not getting better! “, Natalie summed up.


Papelón at Cantando 2020: Lizardo Ponce forgot the lyrics of the song

He “Singing 2020“, A cycle produced by” LaFlia “, a company owned by Marcelo Tinelli, continues to be the most watched program on Argentine television. Night after night the shipment of “El Trece” entertains thousands of Argentines who are in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the appeal of fulfilling the dream, the program attracts all the extra spices it has: fights, jealousy and controversies are some of them. And yesterday’s broadcast was no exception since the participant Lizardo Ponce starred in a real paper forgetting the lyrics of the song “La cobra” in the middle of the show.

Lizardo Ponce had already had a bumpy debut in the first round, when he starred in a very hard cross with Nacha Guevara, thus sparking a discussion on social networks about the role of “influencers” on the Cantando 2020 track. camera had maintained a dialogue with Nacha and that everything was now very well between them.

Lizardo Ponce forgot the lyrics when he sang “La cobra” in Cantando 2020

After the discussion of the first presentation in the “Cantando 2020”, everything seemed on track for Lizardo Ponce, who is taking his first steps on television. But when conductors Ángel De Brito and Laurita Fernández invited the young man to sing along with his partner, Lucía Villar, the theme they had chosen (“La cobra”, by Jimena Barón), everything fell apart and what would later become in a real paper, is that as soon as the interpretation began, Lizardo Ponce forgot the lyrics and was left blank.

What happened, Lizardo? ”De Brito asked him. “I don’t know what happened to me, I was nervous. It had never happened to me, sorry, a thousand apologies “, replied the participant, anguished, and with his eyes full of tears before the paper who starred in. “It has happened to a lot of people. In the ‘Dancing’ they forget the choreo, also professional singers, it has happened to them. There, Karina is saying that it happened to her, ”the driver tried to console him.

For her part, Nacha Guevara, also a member of the “Cantando 2020” jury, explained to the contrite Lizardo Ponce that “the important thing is how you solved it. Because it happens, you forget, you stumble. It doesn’t matter what happens, it matters how you solve it.” Very distraught about his first paper On TV, Lizardo Ponce was able to express himself and add, “It hurts me a lot, I’m very ashamed, it’s a challenge to be here.” After the broadcast of “Singing 2020”, the young man apologized on Twitter.

Laurita Fernádez, the other host of “Singing 2020”, tried to console Lizardo Ponce by saying: “the biggest fear is to go blank, it already happened to you, you know how it is, it won’t happen to you again.”

Lizardo Ponce spoke of his blocking and the jury was categorical in his return

To encourage Lizardo Ponce, at the time of the return, the jury was very considerate. Nacha Guevara marked him: “You are used to talking about everyone. Now you are on the other side. If you do well, it will strengthen you. The rest, leave it alone ”, and rated it 7. Karina La Princesita gave it the same rating as Nacha and pointed out:“ If your strength is not vocal, it can be enhanced with other things. They can enhance it with attitude. It still happens to me with a 16-year career, because my strength is not vocal. “Pepe Cibrián, who had the secret vote, added,” when you make a mistake on stage, you have to move on. What happens is that you lack a job. “Finally, Moria Casán considered that the problem of being an” influencer “is that” when a large number of people follow you, later, when they criticize you, you fall very low. “What Lizardo Ponce responded, “I am a journalist, I am an announcer, I prepared myself.” Regarding her performance on the track, Moria put her 6, so that, in total, Lizardo Ponce took 20 points and the memory of a very complicated night at “Cantando 2020”.


Miguel Herrán: “Money has not made me happy, it has dirtied me as a person” | ICON

Up to the sky It begins as a social drama when Ángel (Miguel Herrán) looks at the skyscrapers of Chamartín from his neighborhood and exclaims: “Surely from there we look like ants.” But it becomes a frenetic thriller action (or what was formerly called a americanada) when Ángel turns to organized crime to get to the top. “His ambition is excessive, he doesn’t conform and he always wants more,” explains the actor. “When he steals five million euros, the option of laundering them and losing half is, in his head, a mediocre life. And he realizes that the sky has no limit ”. The paper house already glorified the rebellion of the poor who rob the rich not to overthrow the system, but to place themselves on top of it, and Miguel Herrán has become famous (14 million people follow on Instagram, the population of a medium-sized country) interpreting ants with elephant pretenses. River in The paper house got into a love robbery, Christian in Elite he went where it was necessary for fame. But what does Miguel feel from up there? Among other things, envy of ants.

“I get money from Instagram, obviously, because you’re an asshole if you don’t take advantage of it. Right now, the prime time television has fewer viewers than Ester Exposito’s Instagram “

The story of its origins is too cinematic to be true and too raw to be invented. “I was the typical kid what. He didn’t want to work, he didn’t want to study. Back then I would go out a lot, I would spend many nights out with colleagues, and on one of those we ran into Dani [Guzmán, director de su debut A cambio de nada]. He offered us the film and I told him that it was made for free, my only motivation was to laugh and hesitate to the architect of There is no one living here at three in the morning. I didn’t know what a casting and he hardly understood the word ‘face-to-face’, he remembers. To the first casting He presented himself “with a peach hit” (“it was a dark room in a basement, I thought they were going to rape us”), the second “high”, the third he did not go and the fourth appeared “in a dubious way.” But since Guzmán did not stop giving him opportunities, Herrán decided to take something seriously for the first time in his life. The happy ending is that he ended up winning a Goya at age 19 (which he thanked Guzmán: “You have given me a life, Daniel”) and signing for the two most famous Spanish series in the world.

Herrán has commented that she would like to tell the life of her mother in a film, because she admires that she never threw in the towel before a son “very bastard, a true son of a bitch” and before a people that rejected her for being a single mother. “If I tell you the things I did before, it would not fit you with the person I am now. She hated life, she hated the world. I had a way of being quite a bitch and at the moment I am afraid to tell it, because I did things that I am not proud of. I would get up, look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like how he was, or what he did, or how he treated people, or how I treated myself, ”he reveals. This self-destructive character, for which he confesses that he came to think that if he were dead everything would improve, found in the interpretation a motivation to get out of bed in the morning. The self-esteem, however, is still a work in progress: from not wanting to be present, Herrán has gone to not knowing how to be present.

Miguel Herrán wears Prada.

“It is hard for me to be here and now. I am always thinking about what to do next, without enjoying the moment. I do a lot of things throughout the day and I’m not into any. I want to be able to be in this interview without wondering what consequences my answers will have, “he admits,” That’s why I like extreme sports, because in those moments I feel alive. When I am descending a mountain with the bike or the motorcycle I know that if I am not aware of the contact of the wheel with the ground, how I am going to fall or the suspension I am going to get a host. And I do not want to put a host “. That is already a step forward. The other pending issue for Miguel Herrán is managing the vigorexia he suffered in adolescence, when his friends nicknamed him “Conan the Barbarian”, and which still haunts him when he looks in the wrong mirror.

“I have noticed that people think that my life is cock, that I have fucked Ester Expósito and Úrsula Corberó, and that I cannot complain. The money has not made me happy, it has given me more worries”

“Every summer is the talk with my colleagues: how is my body, if I am bigger or more defined. And I always tell them that the sad thing is that they with their belly and their beers are ten times happier with their body than I am, ”he laments. Sometimes you feel like you’ve lost muscle overnight. “It all depends on the head,” he says. And of the light, of course. And of the light! I didn’t want to say it so as not to sound freaky, but I have mirrors in which I am forbidden to look at myself with certain lights because I know I am going to obsess. It is a continuous obsession, because once you start you don’t stop. When I travel by motorcycle I carry a suitcase with weights. And during quarantine I bought myself a TRX, a bench, and more weights. I gained five kilos of muscle, but at the end of the confinement I said ‘fuck it’. I have an obsession, but I’m not an asshole either. There have been times when I have not been able to control it. In The paper house There came a time when if I stooped my monkey would burst. They asked me to stop and I told them it’s okay, but I wouldn’t stop. When they told me that I was older, I replied that it was his perception, ”he confesses.

When the filming of Up to the sky Miguel stopped working out for the first time in a decade. Because his project of being comfortable in his own skin involves getting him to stop caring so much about the approval of others. When last year he published a video on Instagram in which he left crying without saying a word, his fans insisted on rescuing him just as Tokyo rescued him in The paper house. Meanwhile, the media showed a concern that attracted so many clicks as speculations about his emotional state. As if speculation was required. He himself tells it with total peace of mind to anyone who wants to listen to it: “I wanted to show that when nobody sees me I have my problems, I have noticed that people think that my life is cock, that I have fucked Ester Exposito and Úrsula Corberó, and that I cannot complain. Money has not made me happy It has taken away a lot of happiness and has given me more worries than when I didn’t have it. It has made me more ambitious. Money has made me dirty as a person. I do not value it. In the rest I am the same or worse ”, he clarifies.

Actor Miguel Herrán, like the devil, wears Prada.

Actor Miguel Herrán, like the devil, wears Prada.

Money also allows him to choose projects without pressure – doing things without pressure is what Miguel Herrán needs the most right now – which makes him feel lucky because he has seen how other actors his age worked reluctantly because their families exploited them. “I get money from Instagram, obviously, because you’re an asshole if you don’t take advantage of it,” he declares. “Right now, the prime time television has fewer viewers than Ester Exposito’s Instagram. Netflix gave us two iPhones and two cameras to create content while filming [de Élite]” In one of her stories recent, Herrán recorded a paparazzo That I was chasing him so he would know what it feels like.

This constant exposure is implicit in the public image of all the actors of his generation, although sometimes it gets out of hand like on that occasion when Herrán had to interpret a scene with a partner who gave him the reply, outside of camera, while looking at the mobile. “It is a yoke that we put on, needing the acceptance of the more people the better. As I have had moments of becoming addicted and of waking up badly if I did not have the likes that I wanted to have, one day I took it and said, with all the affection of my heart: ‘Come on and screw it up’. My life is my life and I can’t be trying to please everyone. It’s not my job, I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it ”. And, of course, one of the few things that Miguel Herrán is clear about is that what he most wants is to enjoy himself.

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RI’s Cigarette Paper Factory Left to Vietnam, What’s Wrong?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Secretly, the cigarette paper factory for the needs of the cigarette industry in Medan relocated to Vietnam. This happened after the investor took over the paper producer company to produce in Vietnam.

Chairman of the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association (APKI) Aryan Warga Dalam said that since the closure of the factory called PT PPM in 2017, the capacity and utilization of the cigarette paper industry nationwide has decreased. The impact turned out to have an impact on the flow of imports of similar products to Indonesia.

“There has also been a surge in cigarette imports of around 43%, which has caused the decline in the cigarette market share of domestic producers,” Aryan said in his official statement, quoted on Thursday (6/8).

If this condition continues, the sustainability of the domestic tobacco products industry will be threatened. This is because the tobacco products industry will depend heavily on imports and be exposed to major risks such as fluctuations in the rupiah exchange rate, the necessity to keep a larger supply of raw materials, especially if there is a global logistical disruption such as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The impact is expected to also weaken the resilience of the domestic industry. Namely an increase in unemployment, a reduction in investment, a reduction in the use of domestic resources, and an increase in cigarette imports.

The tobacco products industry is one of the domestic strategic sectors that continues to make a significant contribution to the national economy. This sector is able to contribute around IDR 200 trillion to the country’s foreign exchange. This industry also absorbs labor for around 1 million people, including the supporting industries.

On the other hand, APKI assessed that domestic cigarette paper producers often face obstacles in foreign trade, such as to export to China and Vietnam. Meanwhile, similar products can easily enter the Indonesian market.

Sadly, this obstacle is assessed as a result of regulations by State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) of other countries which have the authority to monopolize the trade in raw materials for tobacco products in China. This includes regulations that hinder free trade from Vietnam in the form of implementing import quotas by prioritizing the supply of raw materials from within their country.

“We are sure that the relevant agencies will immediately follow up immediately, especially when the shadow of the economic crisis caused by this pandemic is looming. The pressure experienced from the threat of losses due to this surge in imports can lead to the cigarette industry inside the country cannot last much longer, “said Aryan.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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What phrases from the script “Brother-2” became prophetic

20 years ago, the philosophical thriller “Brother-2” about the adventures of Danila Bagrova (Sergey Bodrov) at USA. The humor that permeates the picture captivates with spontaneity and simplicity. And then no one could have thought that many of the phrases of the heroes would not only become winged, but would be realized by history. “KP“Gives some examples.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox”

Well then, were there people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? A paradox.”Photo: frame from the movie

The replica of the nervous taxi driver played by Konstantin Zheldin is universal. Whether it’s the economic and social crisis of the 90s or the epidemiological crisis of our time, the darkest forces within people begin to fuss with tripled energy. So at the height of the coronavirus, there were photos of citizens buying toilet paper and buckwheat, as well as versions about the 5G towers, Bill’s chip plan Gates and the pedophile lobby of Hollywood, which should bring employees FBI covid-19.

“You, bastards, will answer for Sevastopol!”

Unique phrase killer Viktor Bagrov (Victor Sukhorukov) came true 14 years after the release of “Brother-2.” Crimea He returned to his native harbor and the Russian people on the peninsula voted unanimously for this.

“The Russians do not abandon their own in the war”

Events on Donbass, lasting more than five years, also confirm the maxim voiced by Danila.

Russians do not abandon their own in the war.

“- Hey, fellow countryman, where do the Russians live here?”

– Moskal is not my countryman!

– Bandera?

– Why ?!

“Alright guys, bye!”

Perhaps Alexey Balabanov wrote the script as a joke. And the “warm” meeting of the Russian killer with Ukrainian colleagues at the airport is just an episode from the movie. But 14 years have passed, and the slogans “Moskalyak on a dime!”, “Hto not leap, that Muscovite ”and“ Bandera come – put things in order! ” became very popular on Ukraine.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger. ”Photo: frame from the film.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”Photo: frame from the movie.

Before a showdown with local black people who did not allow Russian heroes to eat boiled crayfish, the prostitute Dasha suggests that power is not in the truth, according to Danila and not in money, as his brother is sure, but in “them”, in African-Americans. And if you look at the results of most sports competitions, the absolute triumph of tolerance in the United States, Hollywood cinema and Europeabsorbed by African migrants, it is difficult to disagree with the heroine.

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”Photo:

Laughter with a laugh, namely this meme jokingly explains the official representative MFA RF Maria Zakharova some strange accusations of our country by the USA. But how else to react to the fact that Russian hackers are to blame for the results of the American election?

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ” Photo: frame from the film.

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”Photo: frame from the movie.

The phrase prostitutes Marilyn (Daria Jurgens) from the final scene of the film on the plane also became a meme. During the epidemic, Russian citizens, stuck on vacation, began to return to their homeland en masse. It didn’t work for everyone. Those who succeeded reacted in much the same way as the heroine of Brother-2.

“You do not understand – this is quarantine!”

Well, there’s no need to explain anything. American customs officers informing Viktor Bagrov about quarantine teleported in 1990 as if from 2020.


“Brother-2”: How did the fate of the prostitute Marilyn, the hacker Network and Bones Big

The cult picture turns 20 years old (details)


In such times, the forecasts are wet paper (Àlex Font Manté)

All sorts of forecasts are coming out these days: the IMF says the Spanish economy is likely to fall by 8%, and the Bank of Spain believes that in the worst case scenario the decline will be close to 14%. In either case, it would be the worst fall since the Civil War. Do we have to believe these predictions? Half made, half done. Forecasts simply allow us to conclude that the patacada will be monumental and that the more time we spend without resolving the covid-19 crisis, the greater it will be.

But will we recover next year? The IMF and the Bank of Spain say yes. The reality, once again, is that we don’t know. Although it goes unnoticed, both institutions openly admit it in their reports. The 2021 figures are wet paper.

We humans need certainties, but the fact is that there are none today. Economists go as far as they can, and now we’re all in the hands of epidemiologists, who, as you can see, don’t have them all. They also get as far as they get.

It is symptomatic, however, that the Bank of Spain has published growth forecasts for 2020 and 2021 and, on the other hand, on 25 March it did not want to publish its usual statistics on how much Spanish GDP had risen in the first quarter. . A month later he still hasn’t done it. The reason given: there is a lot of uncertainty. If you dare not say when we closed the first quarter, how valid are the forecasts for the next two years?

Surely drawing possible scenarios makes all the sense in the world. But the reality is simple: we have no idea.


Confined readers, captive novels and paper roses on a virtual Book Day

There will be no books on the streets. The bookstores will be closed and the readers will be confined. The Cervantes Prize will not be awarded in Alcalá de Henares on Thursday, April 23. The authors will not sign their works in Sant Jordi and the streets of Catalonia will not be flooded with the din of fresh roses. 2020 will be the strangest Book Day ever. But authors, readers, publishers, booksellers and institutions have conspired to make it not the saddest. Everyone will redouble their presence on the networks, the digital window that will connect us in a rare and virtual book party in which the voice of Joan Margarit will have a digital tone.

The last Cervantes award will receive the tribute of culture through a video from the Ministry and it will begin through another the reading of the adventures of the ingenious gentleman in a day that the pandemic has forced to redesign. An ephemeris established to commemorate Cervantes – died on April 22 and buried on 23 – Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso, both died on 23.

The other great milestone, the Festival of the Book and the Rose in Catalonia, is transferred to the summer. But the sector does not give up entirely on spring April 23 and under the slogan ‘Sant Jordi does not give up’ announces a battery of acts on the networks.

Leonor de Borbón, princess of Asturias, and her sister Infanta Sofía will participate in the traditional reading of Don Quixote by the Círculo de Bellas Artes (CBA) in Madrid under the slogan ‘More Don Quixotes than ever’. The tribute to Cervantes and her universal novel will be the infanta’s first public intervention and the first appearance of both sisters since the schools closed. This twenty-fourth reading will be telematic and will not complete, as usual, the Cervantes novel. It will be opened by Margarit at 6:00 pm on Thursday and will be closed by the philosopher Emilio Lledó. Recordings of the most outstanding chapters of Don Quixote will follow on the CBA website. In the first, the daughters of the Kings will intervene, who “want to promote and underline the importance of reading in children and young people, especially in the hard time we are in.”

The video reading of Don Quixote will be the first public act of the Infanta Sofía, along with her sister, Princess Leonor

In tribute to their crucial fight against the pandemic, state sanitarians, cleaning, maintenance, surveillance and security forces will participate in the reading. The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, will also do so.; the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The Catalan Book Chamber and the Florists Guild, which encourage everyone to “celebrate Sant Jordi at home”, moved the event to July 23. It is a key date for the sector that concentrates between 10 and 15% of sales for the year: more than 22 million euros last year.

Dedications and parties

“Some years it is time to defeat the dragon and others it is … to stay at home”, they say from, a platform that invites readers “to enter our home and that of many authors” through the networks. Until Thursday allows you to choose a dedication among the more than 200 that the authors of the group make available to readers along with the first chapter of their book. As Sant Jordi would not be the same without roses, they also offer instructions for making a paper one.

Almudena Grandes, Luis Landero, Fernando Aramburu or Antonio Orejudo, will make a chained reading of a fragment of one of the works of Benito Pérez Galdós to commemorate its centenary. Dolores Redondo, Ana Merino, Víctor del Árbol, Juan Luis Arsuaga and many others will dedicate their videos to booksellers.

The other giant of the edition, Penguin Random House, will gather 80 of its authors in ‘Casa Tomada’, a long digital party of more than twelve hours with interviews, poetic and musical recitals on Instagram that will conclude with a Facebook meeting of Isabel Allende with her readers from all over the world.

The Cervantes Institute brings its Cervantine Week to the internet under the slogan ‘Freedom is a bookstore’, a verse by Margarit. Elvira Lindo (today at 7:00 p.m.) or Isabel Coixet (Thursday at the same time) will chat with Internet users, as Lorenzo Silva already did, through the Instagram channel of the Institute’s library network. They will have their climax on April 29 with the virtual talk that the Catalan poet will have with readers. Cervantes also invites cultural figures such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Luis García Montero, Darío Villanueva, Ana Santos Aramburo, Carolyn Richmond, Amelia Valcárcel, Ian Gibson or Victoria Camps to read passages from Don Quixote. Your videos can be seen on YouTube.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) celebrates Book Day claiming the classics of our letters, protagonists in their networks this strange April 23. Also with the project ‘Comedians of the language’, directed by the academic, actor and theater director José Luis Gómez with ten readings of titles from the Hispanic literary tradition that will be disseminated online.

Steam Boat and Wide Angle, big prizes for small people

The failure of the 42nd edition of the Barco de Vapor and Wide Angle Awards to the best children’s and youth books was also announced online Monday. The awards were for ‘Who do you want to be?’, By the Italian Carlo Frabetti, (Bologna, 1945) and ‘The Eric version’, by Nando López, (Barcelona, ​​1977). Awarded by the SM publishing house and endowed with 35,000 euros each, they are the great prizes in their field, a sort of Cervantes for small readers.

The jury highlighted how Frabetti’s work “appeals to an intelligent reader” and praised his “commitment to dialogue as a tool to know oneself and the world”. It stars Eva, who at twelve years old, very curious and endless questions, meets Ray, a somewhat crazy inventor, thanks to whom she will discover that not everything in life is what it seems. “I am talking to girls and boys today about the new ethical and psychological problems that derive from advanced technology, and that they will have to face when they grow up,” explains the author of a fable for readers from 8 years of age and illustrated by Joan Casaramona.

“It teaches us that life is not easy for anyone, much less for certain people,” says the jury of ‘Eric’s version’, presented as “a thriller and a story of acceptance, which forces us to change our gaze, to May it always be from the heart ».

“In a world of mirrors and appearances, keeping quiet or hiding are not an option,” says Nando López of an intrigue that takes place in a police station and at dawn, while Eric, a boy with high abilities who has had a hard time reaffirming himself as ‘trans’ , wait to speak to the police about the crime that just occurred. For readers from 14 years and illustrated by Rafael Martín Coronel, the theme of the novel “is identity, the inalienable right to be who we are and to defend who we want to be,” says López. “I wanted anyone to be able to empathize with Eric, listen to his voice and claim the universality of his experience.”