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Ex-BVB coach fights against new book

Ex-BVB coach Thomas Tuchel: anger SMS to Michael Zorc revealed

After a year, Thomas Tuchel is back in the social networks.

The ex-BVB coach defends himself on Twitter against a biography that has just appeared in Germany, which he says is not authorized by him. This includes: The story of a spicy SMS breakdown by today’s Paris coach during his time at Borussia Dortmund.

With BILDplus you can read what it was about and what Tuchel’s lawyer said.


Report: Mauro Icardi only wants to go to Juventus

The Argentine has allegedly made his choice and wants to go scoring for the Bianconeri in the new season.

Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi is determined to become the Serie A record champions Juventus Turin switch. That reports Sport media set. Is currently the top scorer of Inter Milan at Paris Saint-Germain borrowed, but his future is open. And according to the report, Icardi could only switch to Juve.

PSG has a purchase option of 70 million euros at Icardi. There are different reports in Italian and French media about whether Thomas Tuchel’s club wants to pull them. If so, PSG would have to wait until June before Icardi can be contracted. However, the 27-year-old reportedly has a veto right and could tip the deal.

Juventus: does Juan Cuadrado switch to Inter in exchange with Mauro Icardi?

Loud Sport media set so this would be a likely scenario. Icardi, whose contract with Inter runs until 2022, moves it back to the Series A. Rumor has it that Napoli is also keeping an eye on him, but the Old Lady is his stated goal.

This is not the first time Juventus has been associated with the attacker. However, Inter has so far refused to hand over Icardi to the archrival from Turin. According to the report, however, this could change now that right-wing Juan Cuardrado is to be involved in a possible deal.

The Colombian, who can hold several positions on the outside track, is said to be a dream player of Nerazzurri coach Antonio Conte. In November, however, the 31-year-old extended his contract with Juve until 2022.


L1 dismisses the white season solution

A small victory, a possibly derisory victory if the 2020-2021 football season goes out the window under the effect of successive waves of contamination from the coronavirus, but a victory nonetheless: according to several sources, the idea of ​​a 2019-2020 Ligue 1 season known as “white”, that is to say without classification and without effect at any level whatsoever – qualification for the European Cups, relegation or promotion from one division to another, ( hypothetical) recovery of TV rights indexed to performance -, has been ruled out by the Professional Football League, or rather the working group it has set up to work on the “recovery scenarios”.

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If the principle of the white season had been adopted, the sporting verdicts of the 2018-2019 season would have been identical and dispatched, for example, the Olympique Lyonnais (3e from L1 in May 2019) in the Champions League next fall as the club chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas dragged to the 7e place when the championships were stopped in mid-March. Thus, Aulas has made himself the proselyte of this white season: he defends his dairy, the camp opposite (Olympique de Marseille and Stade Rennes, eligible for the Champions League or his preliminary round at the time of the stop of competition) did the same and, to our knowledge, absolutely no one defended anything else – a sporting vision, for example – than their own interests.

Temporal conflict

It’s football: a zero-sum game, or at least understood as such by its decision-makers. However, except reversal of the situation excluded by the team in its Wednesday edition, and with the understanding that there is “No ideal solution” as Raymond Domenech, president of the coaches’ union underlined, the start of the season has started to count: we can for example stop the classification at the time of the stoppage, that is to say at the 28e day of L1, unless we stick to that of 27e day (which would be fair with RC Strasbourg, who saw his match of the 28e day in front of the postponed Paris-SG). Or mid-championship, so at 19e day since at that moment, all the clubs met once – which would have the merit of not penalizing those who have faded the PSG twice for so many defeats.

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We are talking about a temporal conflict: the supporters of the “white” season argued for the time of a statutory competition spread over 38 days, those of the current classification for the time of the match, in which case it seemed scandalous to them. erase the 279 games (75% of the championship) already disputed, with as many sports verdicts as it is important to make sacred. Would we have dared to brandish the concept of “white” season if the championship had stopped at 37e and penultimate day? Reasoning by the enlightening absurd, which also recalls the last Tour de France (the Colombian Egan Bernal had taken the yellow jersey at the end of a shortened stage), or the all fresh Paris-Nice (cancellation of the last step and coronation before the German Maximilian Schachmann).

Upcoming legal battles

A reasoning that we owe, once is not custom, to the political power of football: last week, in the shade of any media impact, the French Football Federation (FFF) of President-elect Noël Le Graët showed this direction by stopping the classifications (sometimes accompanied by a weighting game) of all the amateur divisions except one (the National, in fact a hybrid between the professional world and the amateur world) at the time of confinement, c that is to say by accepting the sports judgments, admittedly incomplete, fallen on all terrains of France between August 2019 and March 2020.

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It is therefore difficult to make a double standard between pros and amateurs, especially since the federal decision could have been used as an argument in the (probable) legal battles to come. Always the same story: when the economic power is in agony, the political takes the hand and it goes from football as from the rest. French football has already sat down on its shameless sports verdicts: the ex of the Luzenac Ariège Pyrénées (LAP), failed at the gates of Ligue 2 in 2014 for fanciful reasons (and to raise the Strasbourg juggernaut), know some thing. Politics is also there to set limits.

Grégory Schneider


Mbappe and the “Corona strike” … from 200 million to 35 million

European Parliament member Daniel Cohen Bendit claimed that Mbabi – estimated at 189 million pounds – would drop by about 150 million pounds.

“Tomorrow, Mbappe will cost 35-40 million euros, not 200 million,” Bendit was quoted by the British newspaper “The Sun” as saying.

He added: “Who do you expect will be able to buy it with that high price? There will be an organized regulation and will affect even the maximum salary of players.”

He continued, “It is a reorganization that will affect not only the players’ wages, but also their image among the fans and the value of their ads. “

This comes after reports indicated that players ’transfer fees will decrease by 90 million pounds, in the absence of clubs’ ability to make profits due to an outbreak of a pandemic virus. Sk.

Although big clubs may have the financial means to deal with difficult times ahead, but they – according to experts – are still quite ready to cut their budgets in the summer.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has put in place mechanisms to reduce the blow and support the clubs, as both the FIFA and the European Union seek to avoid the collapse of many clubs, which may prevent the resumption of competitions in major leagues and at the level of European club championships.

In this regard, a sports director said to a club: “In the past, the value of the players was exaggerated and 100 million euros were spent on any player, but things will change and there will be no such contracts in the future.”


European Parliament member Daniel Cohen Bendit claimed that Mbabi – estimated at 189 million pounds – would drop by about 150 million pounds.

“Tomorrow, Mbappe will cost 35-40 million euros, not 200 million,” Bendit was quoted by the British newspaper “The Sun” as saying.

He added: “Who do you expect will be able to buy it with that high price? There will be an organized regulation and will affect even the maximum salary of players.”

He continued, “It is a reorganization that will affect not only the players’ wages, but also their image among the fans and the value of their ads. “

This comes after reports indicated that players ’transfer fees will decrease by 90 million pounds, in the absence of clubs’ ability to make profits due to an outbreak of a pandemic virus. Sk.

Although big clubs may have the financial means to deal with difficult times ahead, but they – according to experts – are still quite ready to cut their budgets in the summer.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has put in place mechanisms to reduce the blow and support the clubs, as both the FIFA and the European Union seek to avoid the collapse of many clubs, which may prevent the resumption of competitions in major leagues and at the level of European club championships.

In this regard, a sports director said to one of the clubs: “In the past, the value of the players was exaggerated and 100 million euros were spent on any player, but things will change and there will be no such contracts in the future.”


Players who will be free in Europe and Liga MX should consider

The break in the big leagues Europe because of the COVID-19 it will leave doubts about the duration of the contracts of the players. A few months after the summer market, in ESPN Digital we introduce you to figures from the Old Continent that will be free and could reach a new destination for free, including Liga MX.

For David Faitelson, it would be “wonderful” for a Liga MX team to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Getty Images

Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Club: AC Milan | Age: 38 years
Country: Sweden | Market value: 3.5 million euros

The great veteran with a passage in the MLS and who now continues his career in Series A will be released this summer. With no intention of retiring, Ibra can still bring her talent and experience to many clubs around the world. Although he has already conquered American territory with his foray into the Los Angeles Galaxy, many look forward to seeing him in Liga MX.

Player: Daniel Sturridge
Club: Free | Age: 30 years
Country: England | Market value: 10 mde

After shining with teams like Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, the English midfielder had a stint at Trabzonspor, however his path was slowed down by illegal betting and he is now without a team so he could arrange with the club. your convenience.

Player: Edinson Cavani
Club: Paris Saint-Germain | Age: 33 years
Country: Uruguay | Market value: 25 mde

The Uruguayan striker is considered one of the most outstanding strikers worldwide and even Atlético de Madrid tried to sign him during the winter market, but they did not reach an agreement. At 33 years old, the Charrúa could even be living the final stretch of his career in Europe football.

Player: Willian
Club: Chelsea | Age: 31 years
Country: Brazil | Market value: 28 mde

The right winger of Rio de Janeiro origin has shown his talent in the English Premier League since arriving at the Blues in 2013, staff where it has established itself as one of the football players most dangerous in the league. The Brazilian has twice been crowned champion of England and can also boast in his record a Europa League as well as the 2019 Copa América with Brazil.

Player: David Silva
Club: Manchester City | Age: 34 years
Country: Spain| Market value: 15 mde

World Champion in 2010 and two-time Euro champion with Spain, Silva is one of the football players Most outstanding Spaniards of recent years. The midfielder has become an idol of the City in the 10 years he has been with the club, with which he has won four Premier League titles.

Player: Mario Gotze
Club: Borussia Dortmund| Age: 27 years
Country: Germany| Market value: 13 mde

The person in charge of the goal that gave the World Cup to the German National Team in 2014 ends his contract with Dortmund East summer and you could be looking for an ideal display case to recover your best football version.

Player: Dries Mertens
Club: Napoli | Age: 32 years
Country: Belgium| Market value: 25 mde

The Belgian gunner has become an idol of the Neapolitan team thanks to the 121 goals he has scored since arriving in Italy in 2013. Mertens has international experience playing in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups with Belgium.

Player: Jan Vertonghen
Club: Tottenham Hotspur| Age: 32 years
Country: Belgium| Market value: 18 mde

The Belgian central defender will be eight years old this summer in the Premier League and his quality has led him to be considered in various campaigns as one of the best players of the planet in its position.

Player: Pedro
Club: Chelsea | Age: 32 years
Country: Spain | Market value: 12 mde

Former Barcelona player and World champion with ‘The Red‘In 2010 he is going through a great moment in his fifth season with Chelsea, a club with which he has won two titles.

Player: José Callejón
Club: Napoli | Age: 33 years
Country: Spain | Market value: 12 mde

The former Real Madrid player arrived in Serie A in 2013 and has managed to earn the love and respect of the Neapolitan fans. Callejón is a player who stands out for being unbalanced and a game generator, but also has an excellent scoring nose. The former Espanyol attacker boasts 80 goals for Napoli and 77 assists.

Player: Thomas Meunier
Club: Paris Saint-Germain | Age: 28 years
Country: Belgium | Market value: 30 mde

After four years in the French capital, Meunier seems ready to seek a new challenge in his professional career. The right-back has won two Ligue 1 titles and is a regular choice.


Neymar, Barcelona and article 17 The daring plan of the Spanish giants to recover the Brazilian

With the report of Moises Llorens and Eduardo Fernandez-Abascal

Andy Webster, who made 28 appearances for Scotland, retired from football in 2017, but could provide the key to Neymar’s possible return to Barcelona, ​​assuming that the indefinite delay in football caused by COVID-19 does not delay. too long and you influence club finances too harshly. Webster left the contract with Hearts of Midlothian in 2006 to join Wigan Athletic, then the English Premier League. He still had one year to conclude a four-year contract when he invoked Article 17 of FIFA’s transfer regulation to get his move.

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Article 17 was drafted in 2001 when the European Commission threatened to outlaw the transfer system within the European Union because it undermined the freedom of movement of players compared to other workers. He declares that players can leave their contracts “without cause” after the three-year protection period ends.

The consequences are far from clear, but sources explained to ESPN that Barca will look to Webster’s transfer as a precedent this summer when, for the second consecutive year, they try to bring Neymar back to Camp Nou after completing the third year of his Paris Saint-Germain agreement. A club source tells ESPN that Neymar, 28, is still “an incredible footballer and natural heir to Lionel Messi”, adding that Barca “will do everything possible to bring him back”.

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• Sources: Barca can cut wages in the event of a crisis

Few clubs have tried this method because of the often undisclosed agreements between teams not to manipulate the system. But snatching it from PSG through article 17 would represent one of the most incredible transfers in the history of football, not least for the way it should break these “rules of the lords” who have seen this method unused for over a decade. In terms of ambition, it would be on par with the transfer of Neymar from € 222 million to Paris in 2017, the transfer of Luis Figo from Barca to Real Madrid in 2000 and the Madrid signature of Alfredo Di Stefano under the nose of Barca in the 1950s.

Messi has hinted several times that he wants Neymar to return to the club, while defender Gerard Pique also revealed that the players were willing to adjust their wages last summer if he helped the club – which had already engaged in big deals for Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong – to structure an agreement for the Brazilian, who has scored 105 goals in 186 games in four years with Barca.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu, whose term of office at Camp Nou lasts until 2021, also wants to make a big, pleasant signature for the crowd before stepping to the side. The club’s priority is to negotiate first with PSG in an attempt to bring the superstar back, but if the French team refuses to discuss a transfer, Barcelona will consider using this highly controversial mechanism to land their man.

Neymar looks happy at PSG but the constant ties between him and his former club, Barcelona, ​​continue to swirl. Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images

How Article 17 works

Webster’s move to Wigan ended in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) – the international quasi-judicial body set up to resolve sports disputes through arbitration – but the story has failed for Hearts. CAS determined that the player and / or Wigan would have to pay a fixed sum of £ 150,000, which was the last year of his salary in Tynecastle Park. It was a big blow to the Scottish club, like FIFA previously stated that they would have to pay £ 625,000 for the 25-year-old defender.

At that time, the Webster case was reported as a reference rule in sport. It was compared to the Bosman ruling, which states that players can move for free when their contracts expire, and it is the work of Jean-Marc Bosman’s challenge to the system in 1995. As a result, Webster’s transfer has been dubbed the ruling. Webster and the sources told ESPN that Neymar, his attorneys, Barcelona and their attorneys are following a similar path.

ESPN has learned that Bartomeu has placed his trust in a Belgian lawyer, Wouter Lambrecht, to examine all possible outcomes. Lambrecht has been working for the club since 2017 and specializes in issues related to FIFA, UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA) – he previously worked for two of these organizations, FIFA and ECA. (Lambrecht was not available for comment on this article.)

A legal source with experience on the situation told ESPN that the first step is that Neymar, at the end of the third year of his term, “will break his contract with PSG”. It is at that point that the protected period of FIFA ends and he should have informed the PSG of his intentions within 15 days of the final competitive game of the campaign club. (The ongoing suspension of the game across Europe would also complicate which game is considered their final competitive device of 2019-2020.)

If Neymar does, Barca and PSG should then sit down at the table with the goal of reaching an agreement. This was not possible last summer when the two sides last attempted to do business. La Barca has come up with all sorts of formulas: a loan with a mandatory option to buy for a figure that comes close to € 200 million at a later date, cash plus player deals and even plans focused on paying the transfer fee to rate. Nothing met PSG’s requests.

Webster, an international Scottish defender, was the first to invoke article 17 to force a transfer, but it took some time before he was allowed to leave Hearts and join Wigan Athletic. Barrington Coombs – PA images via Getty Images

If the two clubs fail to reach an agreement here, FIFA would try to resolve the case as they did with Webster. If one of the clubs disagreed with the ruling, they would therefore reserve the right to appeal to the CAS.

The reality is that in trying such an extreme measure to bring Neymar back to Camp Nou, Barca would take a step into the unknown. The Webster ruling did not become the new Bosman rule of football; rather, the cases have been sporadic in court, with no new examples for over a decade. The 2008 case of the attack on midfielder Matuzalem, who followed Webster’s move, provides an example of the risks that Barcelona and Lambrecht would face.

A warning for Barca

Matuzalem, Brazil’s former U20 international, sought the same result as Webster in an attempt to force a move from Shakhtar Donetsk to Real Zaragoza in 2008. The Ukrainian team signed him from Brescia for 8 million euros in 2004. Three years later, unilaterally ended his contract and signed for Zaragoza. FIFA has ordered the Spanish club to pay 6.8 million euros, but later the CAS has determined that the commission should be almost double (11.9 million euros). By the way, they also considered how much it would cost to replace it with a player of similar quality.

When neither Matuzalem nor Zaragoza were able to pay the compensation ordered by CAS, FIFA imposed sanctions (reaffirmed by CAS) including the indefinite ban on Matuzalem from all football-related activities. This decision was subsequently annulled by the Swiss Federal Court, which is the only court in which CAS judgments can be contested (and only for a very limited number of reasons).

“It is difficult for teams, players and agents to prepare a case and know that a player will be worth X or Y,” sports lawyer Juan de Dios Crespo told ESPN. “There are no fixed criteria. That’s what FIFA wants. [That way] they can avoid a situation where a player or agent can conclude a contract knowing how much they will have to pay to move elsewhere. “

Dios Crespo represented players and clubs in previous cases relating to Article 17. He was Webster’s lawyer, obtaining a favorable result for the player and Wigan, but then worked for Shakhtar in the Matuzalem case. He also represented Morgan De Sanctis when the goalkeeper invoked Article 17 to leave Udinese for Sevilla in 2007. CAS eventually awarded Udinese € 2.2 million when the Italian team requested € 4 million.

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When the Webster ruling was issued, FIFA said it was “baffled” by the CAS decision. So FIFA president Sepp Blatter said that “it was very damaging to football and a pyrrhic victory for those players and their agents, who play with the idea of ​​withdrawing from the contract before they have been fulfilled.” Yet Tony Higgins, a member of the European FIFPro Players Union, has taken a different view. He said that “there was now a certain degree of certainty as to what the value will be”. This has not proven true. Asked by ESPN if he would support Neymar if he decided to invoke Article 17 to make a move to Barca this summer, FIFPro did not respond.

Messi spoke of his desire to reunite with Neymar in Barcelona, ​​but this plan seems particularly difficult for the reigning Spanish champions to take off. Denis Doyle / Getty Images

A source with knowledge of Barca’s plans involving Neymar pointed out that there are so few precedents and none involving players of Neymar’s stature, which is why this case is so complicated. Several factors could be considered, including pending wages and how much it would cost to replace the player, but the reality is that each case is assessed on its individual merits.

All in all, the plan is far from clean for Barca. If they were to sign Neymar and then refuse (or not be able) to put in difficulty the amount set by FIFA and / or CAS, they would risk a severe punishment. A source explains that they would investigate a two-window transfer ban, similar to what it took for the signing of minors five years ago, and a huge fine.

“I don’t think clubs will dare to use it [again]”, Says Dios Crespo.” Many clubs keep calling me for advice [about article 17] but there have been no cases in years. “

A long blow

The risk indicated above is not what Barca should take lightly as the consequences of not being able to pay whatever FIFA or CAS decide are serious. Spanish champions had to take out a loan to sign Antoine Griezmann last summer and sources told ESPN that the club was due to raise € 60 million in sales by the end of June to balance the books.

Hopefully the sale of Philippe Coutinho, currently on loan to Bayern Munich (which has an option to buy), will bring some money, but moving the ex-Liverpool man is proving more difficult than expected. Sources also told ESPN that the club expects to see their transfer plans affected by the financial implications of stopping football imposed by the coronavirus: Barca is also meeting this week to discuss a temporary reduction in players’ salaries at cause of the ongoing crisis.

Money is also not the only consideration. Injuries have hampered Neymar at PSG and there are questions about his fitness as he approaches 30. So while Barca can see Neymar as Messi’s heir apparent, the risk of signing him invoking Webster’s judgment, as could be 11 of Ocean as robbery being a high-level bet, things like this never seen before in football. It could involve months of classroom fighting and large sums of money.

Is it worth it?


Man United connects with Thomas Lemar, block of Liverpool, Neymar organizes the PSG party

Welcome to our second European football notebook, with contributions from ESPN writers across the continent. In this edition, Liverpool’s preventive measures before the Champions League, a great goalkeeper mentions his availability this summer, Man United makes contact with their first goal and much more.

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Man United connects with the main target Thomas Lemar

Despite the current suspension of football in Europe, the clubs are hard at work for next season, particularly their recruitment plans. Manchester United are planning and hoping for the summer of world-class signatures and sources have told ESPN that they have started meeting with the agents. One name stood out: Thomas Lemar, whose representatives met with United last week.

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The French international wants to leave Atletico Madrid where the style of football is not suited to his qualities and where he doesn’t play much. Lemar, who was only 24 years old, was on United’s list of goals after a 2016-2017 stellar season with Monaco, when he was tied to Liverpool and Arsenal and then ended up in Spain for 70 million euros the following year. He still has just over three years left in his contract, which means it won’t be cheap, but United believes his left foot and creativity can be an advantage for next season.

Man United’s executive vice president, Ed Woodward, and his team will be in contact with many agents and players in the coming weeks, and this is one to watch out for. – Julien Laurens

Thomas Lemar has disappointed in Spain, but has the talent and desire to bounce back if given a chance in the Premier League. Quality sports images / Getty Images

Liverpool started the blockade early

Liverpool players were preparing for the blockade before their Champions League outing against Atletico Madrid last week, with the club imposing stricter measures on Jurgen Klopp’s team due to the coronavirus pandemic. Players were told to limit contact only to teammates and close family members before and after the game, without anyone being allowed to visit the hospitality areas or private pits at the end of the Round of 16 return.

Players not involved in Klopp’s team day were also told to stay away from Anfield to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. – Mark Ogden

The impromptu feast of Neymar



The FC crew wonders if Neymar’s attitude towards PSG has changed or if he will soon tighten up in the club.

The Paris Saint-Germain players swear they didn’t plan it. Their 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League second leg on 11 March, putting the French champions in the quarterfinals for the first time since 2015-16, led to some wonderful scenes of joy, happiness and communion with the fans. Once the Parisian players finally left the Parc des Princes, they all met in Neymar’s huge house in Bougival, a residential city 20 minutes west of the stadium, for an impromptu party. Despite some tension for the team’s conduct and focus, sometimes this season, PSG sports director Leonardo and manager Thomas Tuchel were too happy for the rally to happen and for players to have fun and celebrate.

Sources told ESPN that music and dance continued until the early hours of the morning. The team had a day off the next day, which meant a lot of time to recover from the impromptu celebrations. – Julien Laurens

Donnarumma on the move?

It’s probably not a coincidence that Gianluigi Donnarumma posted a story on Instagram suggesting that he was studying English while in a locked state. The Milan goalkeeper, who has already made nearly 200 appearances for the Rossoneri despite turning 21 at the end of February, he becomes a free agent at the end of next season and, according to several sources, it will be extremely difficult for the club to cling to him.

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Donnarumma already earns a whopping 6 million pounds ($ 6.9 million) per net season, which is close to nearly £ 200,000 ($ 233,000) per week. The deal was signed in 2017 with the previous group owned in Milan, and while playing at a high level, sources familiar with the situation said it is highly unlikely that it will receive an increase, which is what you normally get when you extend a contract – particularly when your agent is Mino Raiola – in light of the club’s disastrous financial status.

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If Donnarumma does not renew its agreement, Milan will face a difficult choice: to sell when the transfer market opens for a reduced rate or to risk losing it for nothing in a year. This is why Raiola made it shopping discreetly, and why it is making its English lessons known to the world, the latter in a slightly less discreet way.

It would seem another hit from Raiola’s teacher, but as a veteran intermediary told ESPN, it’s not that simple.

“Everything indicates that he will be leaving this summer or next,” he said. “But the caretakers market is fun. Even at his current salary, there are no more than eight or 10 teams who can afford it. And if he moves, he is guaranteed to get a further increase. Especially if he’s like a free agent. I very few clubs that can afford it are generally happy with their caretakers. ” – Gab Marcotti

La Liga gets creative with FIFA 20



Good feet for a big man! Exploding Heads explores a new perspective in the latest FIFA 20 predictions.

Real Madrid vs Granada. Barcelona against Espanyol or Eibar. Atletico Madrid vs. Real Sociedad. It was like any other cup drawn in football, except that the names of the teams were on pieces of paper extracted from a large saucepan, and the guest was sitting in his living room wearing a bathrobe.

With Spain officially in a locked state and pending training sessions, La Liga players need to be creative to have fun. This weekend, 19 players – one for each La Liga club, with the exception of Real Mallorca after leaving Alejandro Pozo – will play FIFA 20 online in a tournament organized by content creator Ibai Llanos and now officially supported by La Liga.

To read all the latest news and reactions from Mark Ogden, ESPN FC Senior Writer.

Marco Asensio will represent Real Madrid after beating Dani Carvajal and Thibaut Courtois on Tuesday in a warm-up event. Carvajal was returning to FIFA after he stopped playing last summer, saying he was too irritated when he hadn’t won, while Courtois’ almost constant involvement in various eSport events in the past few days has even raised eyebrows among teammates.

Sergi Roberto will play as Barcelona, ​​Marcos Llorente as Atletico Madrid, Carlos Soler as Valencia, Adnan Januzaj for Real Sociedad and Lucas Perez as Alaves. The big event comes after over 60,000 people saw Real Betis’ Borja Iglesias beat Sevilla’s Sergio Reguilon in a fake Seville Derby online last weekend.

The event will be broadcast on Spanish TV and on La Liga social media accounts and the proceeds will be donated to charity. – Alex Kirkland

Man United’s scouting: the character counts

Manchester United now attaches as much importance to a potential signature’s personality as his talent, with sources telling ESPN that one of the key criteria in any scouting relationship is now the player’s character. What may seem like an obvious statement dates back only to the appointment of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer last season, with the Norwegian and his staff dissatisfied with the attitude of some players inherited from Jose Mourinho.

Sources told ESPN that too many players have focused primarily on themselves rather than the team, with a high-profile member of the team who has been unable to accept that he is not considered Old Trafford’s biggest star.

Since the arrival of Solskjaer, United have signed Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Daniel James and Bruno Fernandes, with each player considered by Solskjaer to be the mentality needed to shine at Old Trafford. Maguire and Fernandes in particular impressed with their altruism and also with the demands they placed on their teammates.

Solskjaer is determined to add players of similar quality on and off the pitch this summer, with Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho a main target. – Mark Ogden

Dier still in the dock



Steve Nicol says that Eric Dier’s actions after the loss of the Tottenham FA Cup could cost him the rest of the season.

While football operations at all levels have been suspended, the British Football Association is still trying to maintain some sense of “business as usual”, which isn’t necessarily good news for Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier. No action has yet been taken against the 26-year-old following his confrontation with a supporter in the stands following the FA Cup defeat against Norwich City on March 4, but the FA disciplinary unit continues to investigate the incident by seeking observations from everyone involved.

While Dier received widespread sympathy following the accident, which was allegedly triggered by the player’s brother who was verbally abused by a spectator, the FA is aware of his responsibility to evaluate the whole picture, rather than focusing only on the vitriol aimed at players and their families, on and off the pitch.

Dier is facing the prospect of a long ban due to the need to provide a deterrent not only to prevent other players from entering the stands, but also to avoid a potentially much worse outcome than the argument that followed in Dier’s case. . – Mark Ogden

Cantona and Deschamps stop in court

In September the process between the Man United legend (and the four-time Premier League winner), Eric Cantona and Didier Deschamps, manager of the French national team, will reopen. It was updated less than a month ago, due to a strike by the judicial system in Paris, after the head coach of France sued the former actor tuned in for defamation.

To read all the latest news and reactions from ESPN FC senior writer Gabriele Marcotti.

It’s a frankly incredible story of animosity between two former teammates in Marseille and with France. Before the Euro 2016, Cantona mentioned in a couple of interviews that Deschamps was biased because he hadn’t chosen Karim Benzema or Hatem Ben Arfa in the French team for the competition. “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t,” said Cantona at that moment. “What is certain is that Benzema and Ben Arfa have North African origins and will not go to the euro. So the debate is open.” Deschamps ‘attorney, Carlo Alberto Brusa, immediately went public with Deschamps’ intention to pursue legal action. “These words are unacceptable, unworthy and Cantona shames France, the French people and the French team that is the epitome of diversity. Growing North African origins is denying that the two players are French.”

The former Manchester United legend has never loved Deschamps. He publicly called him a “water carrier” and a “random player” while mocking his lack of technical ability. Deschamps, winner of the 1998 World Cup as a player and 2018 World Cup as a coach, therefore decided to organize his day in court, a meeting that took many years. – Julien Laurens

India is disappointed with the visit of Man United

Manchester United was due to visit India for the first time this summer, with plans well advanced to play East Bengal during the Premier League club’s pre-season preparations in July.

United has long had ambitions to play in India, with club searches suggesting that it has up to 35 million supporters in the country. In the past, concerns about the climate in the subcontinent have stunned attempts to play there in July, but having overcome those reservations, United was preparing to play in India this summer before embarking on a series of friendlies in Europe.

However, the coronavirus epidemic has seriously left the trip to East Bengal, with sources telling ESPN that the ongoing logistics chaos regarding the end of the 2019-20 season will likely lead to a complete redoing of their summer plans. – Mark Ogden

The teams in France prepare the economic impact

Some French companies are already counting the potential cost of stopping domestic calcium due to coronavirus. Both professional levels, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, were paused indefinitely by the Professional Football League (LFP) last week, and the French Football Federation (FFF) did the same from the semi-professional third level in down, in addition to suspending the even women’s game. The freeze created an inevitable debate over whether the current season can, or even should be, ended and qualification for the Champions League – a prize awarded only to the top three finishers – is a great topic of contention.

The fierce rivals of Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas and Marseille counterpart Jacques-Henri Eyraud were publicly spared after Aulas told Le Monde that a campaign is nothing “the best solution” as any alternative “would open a can of worms “. His reasoning appeared personal: based on the suspended Ligue 1 classification, the Aulas club (seventh in this season, nine points drifting from the automatic qualification) would qualify for the European competition by virtue of third place last season. On the contrary, Eyraud and Marseille (in second place this season, 16 points ahead of Lyon) would have been excluded having finished fifth in 2018-19.

While French football waits to see if it will be possible to resume and end the current season before the end of June, Aulas has since put Lyon’s sports staff into partial unemployment during the suspension despite stating that OL would not be “put in trouble” – – Amiens (in 19th place) has already taken similar measures. Not all clubs are exploring this option: the Nantes owner Waldemar Kita promised, in an interview with Ouest-France, to honor the “full wages” of all employees during the suspension.

KPMG has estimated that Ligue 1 clubs could collectively lose between € 300 and € 400 million if this campaign is ultimately considered a void term. – Jonathan Johnson

Gavillucci comes back into play … in the non league of England

While 480 fans showed up to see Radcliffe FC against Whitby Town in the Northern Premier League on Saturday, one or two eyebrows were raised by the referee’s name on the team sheet: Claudio Gavillucci.

Two years ago, Gavillucci was taking charge of the Serie A matches and made headlines in 2018 when he suspended a match between Sampdoria and Naples after the home fans were heard making discriminatory noises against visiting fans. With the game suspended in the 31st minute, the president of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, took the field to ask the fans of his club to stop singing. However Gavillucci was subsequently fired from his role by the Italian authorities, who cited his poor performance as a justification for their decision.

The 40-year-old has taken legal action but has since moved to England, where he registered with Cheshire FA in January. He will have to publish a book that recounts his experience on March 20. – Mark Ogden


The report suggests that PSG fears the £ 30 million Everton landing

Reportedly, Premier League trio Everton, Arsenal and Leicester City want Lille’s Gabriel Magalhaes, so it’s no wonder PSG’s Ligue 1 champions are moving fast.

Gabriel's Lille during the Ligue 1 match between Lille OSC and Montpellier HSC at the Stade Pierre Mauroy on December 13, 2019 in Lille, France.

Paris Saint-Germain increased their interest in Everton and Leicester City’s target Gabriel Magalhaes, according to Le10Sport, with President Nasser Al-Khelaifi informing Lille of their interest in a half of the center of £ 30 million.

The reigning champions of French football are facing an important summer start – and no, we are not talking about Neymar or Kylian Mbappe.

The club’s influential captain and six-time Ligue 1 winner Thiago Silva is expected to become a free agent in a few months and replacing one of the best defenders of the 21st century is obviously easier said than done.

Gabriel, therefore, would have had a great challenge in his hands if he had swapped Lille for the Parc des Princes. Le10 Sport reports that PSG has made the 22-year-old one of his main goals with President Al-Khelaifi by ensuring that Les Dogues they are fully aware of the interest of the club in the capital.

The timing of Al-Khelaifi’s move suggests that he knows PSG is facing a real threat from a number of Premier League clubs.

The president of the French Ligue 1 football team Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, speaks during a press conference to officially present the club's new coach on May 20, 2018 ...

It is no secret that Arsenal and Everton are desperate to strengthen their vulnerable rear lines with the report suggesting that both are “very hot” on Gabriel’s tail. The Mirror confirms these claims, stating that Carlo Ancelotti’s Toffe are in advanced negotiations on a potential £ 30 million deal.

Leicester also made an offer.

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So it’s no wonder that PSG is moving fast.

Gabriel's Lille during the Ligue 1 match between Lille OSC and Paris Saint-Germain at the Stade Pierre Mauroy on January 26 2020 in Lille, France.

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PSG to obtain the Amazon Prime documentary treatment

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French soccer champions will be featured in the behind the scenes series later this year.

PSG to obtain the Amazon Prime documentary treatment

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French soccer champions Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will be featured in their own Amazon-produced docuseries, it has been confirmed.

Coming soon to launch this year on the Prime Video streaming platform, the behind the scenes series will include exclusive footage captured during the current 2019/20 season and the past 50 years, offering a level of access never before granted by PSG.

The docuseries will also include interviews with current and former players, as well as coaches, fans and club leaders. Amazon’s cameras will also capture footage that reveals PSG’s daily life, including match days.

The show will be produced by PSG and CAPA’s internal production team.

PSG becomes the last high-profile football team to connect with Amazon for its sports documentary. The top English club Tottenham Hotspur is currently filmed for its series, joining the Manchester City Premier League champions who were part of the Amazon documentary franchise All or Nothing. Other teams to get Amazon treatment include second-tier English Leeds United and German football giants Borussia Dortmund.

In addition to football, Amazon has produced docuseries with the New Zealand rugby team All Blacks, as well as the cardinals of the Arizona (NFL) of the National Football League (Dallas), Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles and the football team American of Michigan Wolverines in the United States.