France declares war on Islamists, ‘enough is enough’ – World

It is France in mourning, indignant and incredulous at the beheading of a teacher to push Emmanuel Macron to the rescue. The men of the services, the police, the gendarmes, landed at dawn in the ‘cité’ of the northern suburb of Paris where a “fatwa” had been pronounced on Samuel Paty – as the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin said. They knocked on the house of the 80 who reacted with exultation or satisfaction to the barbaric murder of Paty, they added to the eleven in custody the four students who allegedly “sold” information about their teacher to his executioner, Abdullakh Anzorov. From hour to hour, the mosaic of the ten days that preceded the beheading of the professor just out of the school of Conflans Sainte-Honorine is drawn as a nightmare. The figure of the radical Islamist Abdelhakim Sefrioui, founder of the collective ‘Cheikh Yassine’ (the leader of Hamas killed by the Israeli army), who accompanied the father of a Paty student to protest, stands out as the author of the fatwa against him. ask the principal to dismiss the professor. The information services were alerted, reported the climate that had been created around the teacher for his lesson on freedom of expression, but no concrete measures were taken. Exactly the opposite of what Macron – after a meeting lasted two and a half hours yesterday at the Elysée – told his ministers and the anti-terrorism prosecutor he wanted to do: “concrete actions, without giving even a moment of respite” to the fundamentalists. Darmanin immediately announced that 231 Islamic fundamentalists immigrated to France will be expelled in the next few hours, then moved on to the implementation of the president’s instructions: “Islamic fundamentalists will no longer sleep peacefully, now they will have fear”. The Chechen killer who has matured beheading had been living “immersed in religion” for three years, had made himself known for common crimes which, however, had not cost him prison, and trained in a gymnasium to fight. The lesson on freedom of expression, the caricatures of Muhammad shown in class had strongly impressed him, to the point that on his own initiative he got in touch with the father of the pupil who was in charge of the protest against Paty to find out more. The parent – who remains in custody – in addition to having put the professor’s name and telephone number online, may have informed Anzorov. Who, however, the afternoon before taking action was seen wandering around the school of Bois d’Aulne for a long time, asking the students to indicate or at least describe the victim.