Mendoza: pitched battle between skaters and municipal agents

He Park O’Higgins from the city of Mendoza became a battlefield between agents from the prevention area of ​​the local Municipality and a group of skaters. In the place there was a concentration to request the opening of a track where they usually practice this urban sport that ended with a balance of 20 detainees.

The incidents occurred on Friday afternoon, around 6 p.m., when about 50 young people gathered in front of the Government building to demand the public clearance of the skatepark which remains closed within the framework of the measures for the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the protest, young people were mobilizing on bicycles, rollers and skates. In this way, they arrived at Parque O’Higgins and then demonstrated by breaking a perimeter fence, according to the chief of staff of the Mendoza capital, Rubén Zavi.

Given the situation, a preventer who was in the park wanted to stop the young people from passing through, but was unsuccessful. This is how she requested reinforcements and minutes later other agents arrived at the scene. From there, the lack of control began.

Skaters and preventers began to fight, in scenes that were filmed both by the skaters themselves and by witnesses who were close to space. These incidents left no less than 20 detainees.

Battle in Parque O’Higgins

Battle of skaters in Parque O’Higgins

According to the Mendoza press, Zavi said that in recent days, municipal authorities met with urban sports leaders and indicated that the opening of the park is scheduled for next Monday, under a health protocol in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only those who carry out any of the disciplines offered by the facilities will be allowed to enter: skate, parkour, in line, quads Y bmx. According to the protocol that was prepared, the park will be entered by five people per shift, which will be two hours, at a time that will go from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Inside the premises, in addition, they must respect social distancing.


A train almost ran them over in Parque de Mayo and they were miraculously saved

Two girls who were walking along the tracks, in the canal sector located in Parque de Mayo, had to jump to avoid being run over by the train.

It happened yesterday afternoon, a passerby filmed the desperate situation and the video went viral.

The girls were assisted by a mobile phone from the Prehospital Emergency System (ALWAYS).

Fortunately, they both managed to get off the road in time. Only one suffered a minor injury: a sprained ankle. She was treated on the spot by professionals, although the mother decided to transfer her on her own to a health center for a better check-up.

“We take the opportunity to raise awareness among the population about the risks generated by walking through sectors like this while using headphones at the same time, or even worse, lending ourselves to viral challenges or seeking to generate impact content to add followers on social networks. Protection begins for one “, they pointed out from ALWAYS.


Siemens Gamesa wins a large order for one of the largest wind farms in India | Companies

Siemens Gamesa has received an order from the Indian renewable developer Adani Green Energy for the supply of 473 megawatts (MW) and the installation of 215 wind turbines of the SG 2.2-122 model in what will be one of the largest wind farms in India, as reported this Monday.

The agreement includes the manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of the park, located in the town of Fatehgarh, in the northern state of Rajasthan. With this park, the number of MW signed by Siemens Gamesa and Adani now reaches 860 MW.

Siemens Gamesa India CEO Navin Dewaji said that strengthening the relationship with “leading developers like Adani” encourages the company to put even more effort into developing innovative technologies that bring greater value to its customers. “Agreements of this magnitude also demonstrate the industry’s commitment to clean energy and reiterate the importance of renewables in India,” he stressed.

Siemens Gamesa has been present in India since 2009 and has installed more than 6.9 gigawatts (GW) in the country. The company has two blade factories in Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) and Halol (Gujarat), a nacelle factory in Mamandur (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) and an operations and maintenance center in Red Hills (Chennai, Tamil Nadu).


They advise not to circulate in the Parque de Mayo due to a weather alert

Due to a meteorological alert, the Municipality of Bahía Blanca advises not to circulate in the vicinity of Parque de Mayo.

The Municipality reported that “the forest mass of Parque de Mayo is composed, to a greater extent, by species susceptible to natural delimbing, which is why it is inadvisable to inhabit these spaces in situations of strong winds.”

The National Meteorological Service anticipated intense winds with gusts for the center and south of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The winds will reach speeds of 40/50 kilometers per hour, with gusts of up to 75k / h.

It is expected to decrease starting in the afternoon.


salute from the cable-stayed bridge, hovering above the water Assol and space suits

The brightest evening of the country’s graduates ended, which the guys were looking forward to this year. So, as always, the Scarlet Sails Festival 2020 became a beautiful chord of the All-Russian holiday. This year it was both traditional and completely unusual at the same time. We tell you what the Scarlet Sails 2020 surprised.

The main innovation of this year is the change of locationPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Well, firstly, the main innovation is the change of location. For several years in a row, a snow-white brig passes through the water area Not you along the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and right under the Palace Bridge. This year, another, no less picturesque place was chosen, with very recognizable sights. Petersburg – stadium “Gazprom-Arena “, Lakhta-center and cable-stayed bridge ZSD.

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country. Photo: Artem KILKIN

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country.Photo: Artem KILKIN

The second innovation: live Petersburgers and visitors could not see all this beauty. And all because this year there are special requirements: because of the pandemic, access to the park is closed, it was also impossible to see from the water, since part of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland were blocked. GIMS boats and various services went around the water area and made sure that no one violated the ban. Law enforcement officers were also on duty on land: if they met people in a territory where there should not be anyone, they politely asked to leave the place and go home.

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast Photo: Artyom KILKIN

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast.Photo: Artem KILKIN

And at home, by the way, everyone would have considered it in the best possible way: there was a live broadcast of a concert and a pyrotechnic show on the Internet and on TV. By the way, on the screen you can see what on the shore would definitely not be accessible to the eye. And all because along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland there were several scenes at once and on each of them there was an action.

The main stage was next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, it was also very unusual – as if soaring in the air, and with it the stars acting on it. Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Александрова.

The hosts of the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova Photo: Oleg GOLD

Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria AlexandrovaPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Timur Rodriguez, Vera performed their hits Brezhnev, RASA group, Dima Bilan and Surganova. And there were surprises in the form of a show of pirates and drummers, yes, it is worth noting separately what costumes the artists had – just space ones. Be sure to watch Bilan’s performance if you missed. And also a salute, well, the passage itself of a sailboat!

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworks. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworksPhoto: Oleg GOLD

By the way, the pyrotechnic show lasted almost half an hour, hundreds of volleys were launched into the sky, the first cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was used. It was both a platform for light, and for launching a salute.

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of Finland Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of FinlandPhoto: Oleg GOLD

And at the end of the extravaganza, the romantic Assol soared above the water to meet her dream. By the way, this year the holiday was dedicated to the author of the fairy tale about Scarlet Sails Alexander Green – marks 140 years since his birthday.

If you missed the broadcast live, there is an opportunity to watch the best moments of the show.

Graduation Scarlet Sails in St. Petersburg ended with a grandiose salute.Alena CHICHIGINA


An amusement park, “Charlie and the chocolate factory” should see the light of day in the netherlands

Have you ever dreamed of winning, as Charlie, the ticket of gold to be able to visit the Willy Wonka factory ? Well, this will soon be possible ! In the netherlands, the largest brand of chocolate in the netherlands, Tony’s Chocolonely, wants a factory-museum-amusement park on the outskirts of Amsterdam, Zaandam.

It should be inspired by the universe created by Roald Dahl in Charlie and the chocolate factoryadapted into a film by Tim Burton, based on the information of Time Out . Tony’s Chocolonely has posted, on 12 June, a video that shows what it might look like this amusement park. The arrival should be done by boat, visitors enjoy discovering then the bottom of the chocolate factory.

Nearly 500 000 visitors per year expected

In the middle of ” the factory of Willy Wonka “, a roller coaster and other attractions will be installed. Always according to the plan, the plant will be built in red bricks.

The company hopes to be able to open this place by 2024, and plans to invest about 100 million euros for the construction.

Tony’s Chocolonely promises “a total experience, where you can learn and discover all about the chocolate “. Once the park will be open, the company hopes to host nearly 500,000 visitors per year.


Crowded parks and more traffic, the first weekend of phase 2 – Chronicle

Checks from North to South to verify compliance with anti-Covid measures on the first weekend of Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency. Under the lens in particular the areas of the promenade and the parks, the destination of many runners and families who took advantage of the beautiful day to take a walk or a ‘ride’ in the open air. Even the nightlife areas are monitored, especially in Milan the Navigli, after the gatherings of recent days.

Law enforcement checks also on the exit roads from the cities to avoid any ‘escapes’ to the sea or to second homes.

Pescara Riviera as Navigli – Runners and people on bikes who do not respect distances, children playing together, boys talking in groups or embracing each other without the protection tools, many without a mask: from the beginning of ‘phase 2’ the Pescara seafront and the streets of the promenade are invaded daily by thousands of people, to the point that, after the controversy of Milan, the Riviera of the Adriatic capital is compared to the Navigli. Warning from the mayor Carlo Masci who talks about “risky attitudes” and invites citizens to “common sense”, asking them not to force him to “make rigid containment measures again”, which he is also ready to adopt if it should become necessary.

Crowded the pine forest of Ostia, 2 fined on the beach – Large influx in the main parks of the capital and in the pine forest of Castel Fusano today, the first Saturday of Phase 2. Checks are underway on the local police and law enforcement agencies in parks and historic villas to avoid gatherings. Checkpoints have also been set up in the city where cars in transit are stopped for checks on compliance with restrictions on the coronavirus. So far, six thousand checks have been carried out by the local police in Rome and fifteen sanctions have been carried out for failure to comply with anti – Covid. Between these two people fined for walking on the beach in Ostia on the shore. The other sanctions, according to what has been learned, mainly concerned movements without valid reason towards the sea.

In the first weekend of phase 2 in Turin and province special controls have been arranged to avoid gatherings. In addition to the fixed presence of the police in the Barriera di Milano and Aurora districts, decided by the Provincial Committee for public order and safety chaired by the prefect of Turin Claudio Palomba after the tensions of the past weeks, related checks are also scheduled on the day the restart of take-away and take-away services in bars and restaurants. Particular attention will also be paid in the evening hours, to prevent any queues in some areas of the city where restaurants and pizzerias are concentrated from turning into unauthorized gatherings, one of the reasons that led the Region to delay the OK for a few days. Turin take-away compared to the rest of Piedmont.


Phase 2: Rays, in spacing parks, closed play areas – Politics

“We are preparing to safely open historic villas, parks and public gardens in Rome, which will be accessible again on Monday, albeit with due caution and limitations “. So on Facebook the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. The first caution “the most important to avoid new infections, is the prohibition of gathering – he explains – But it will still be possible to walk and exercise individually respecting the distances from other people. Here is a simple handbook to always know how to behave inside the green areas of the capital. Entry is allowed only to those who do not present symptoms of respiratory infection and fever and are not in quarantine. Yes to walks – he continues – but strictly 1 meter away from each other. Yes also to individual sporting activity but, in this case, the distance must be 2. Minors and people who are not completely self-sufficient can always walk with the companion in observance of the safety distance. In the green areas the play areas for children remain closed It is also forbidden to have parties or picnics and to use sports equipment. Also recreational activities such as games and group activity. In Phase 2 we have to live with the virus. We continue to behave with the responsibility with which we have acted to date. If it were not so – concludes Raggi – we would be forced to close the parks again, but I’m sure it won’t happen. We respect the rules and little by little, and with caution, we will be able to fully enjoy our magnificent green spaces again “.