“We had to break the window”

This Wednesday, a four-year-old child was left in a car in full sun in the parking lot of the Escapade shopping center in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc (Aube), France, as indicated by our colleagues from theIs Eclair.

A customer of the shopping center passing by noticed the presence of the child alone in the vehicle while the mercury read 30ºC. The rear window was ajar but only a few millimeters and not allowing the air, which was essential to circulate.

The worried witness warned the security officers of the Carrefour which was inside the shopping center.

The latter then rushed to the parking lot: “We had to break the window,” said one of them, a man named Nathan. He and his colleague then took the child out of the car to drive him to the refrigerated section of the Carrefour store: “He was hot,” Nathan continued.

Fortunately, the child’s temperature dropped quickly, but he was still taken to hospital as a precaution.

His mother, who then joined the car, explained that she had only left him alone for a few minutes, the time to withdraw money from the ATM.


Parked his Porsche yellow under the arcades, to save it from the downpour. “I had no choice” Photos

PADUA “I apologize to the city, but my was not a violent gesture is arrogant, much less a lack of respect towards the people or Padua”. Carlo Mancuso is amazed at the clamour aroused by his parking creative last Sunday when, to save his Porsche convertible from the shower, he decided to park it under the porch behind the windows of the Duke Of Aosta, while he was at the bar Baessato, but it also says saddened by the comments that are poisonous that the photo of the car at the shelter has raised about social.

“They were the 15.30 to about began to fall tears and you could tell that he was going to get a shower important, perhaps even the hail – tells Mancuso – close the hood of my light yellow, so I call her affectionately, is very difficult. It is a maneuver by hand, and serve two people, and in a moment I realized that he would never have made it in time. I had no choice, I stood and I took her to the shelter in the first place that came to mind, in which, however, remained about ten minutes, then I immediately removed. Who took the picture did it at the first ray of the sun”. Mancuso with its light yellow is an entrepreneur widely known in the city and also as the character that embodies the history of the movida. Sixty years old but doesn’t show it, last year launched shaby chic a local on the beach of Sottomarina, with the enthusiasm of a guy who loves life and face everything, even the sadness with a smile. “I realize that I have exaggerated, I am a person that has the utmost respect for the children and for the disabled and parking in that way, under a porch off of about 5 metres, I calculated that there were over 2, because anyone could easy change – continues the entrepreneur – I do not feel I deserve much criticism and even insults free that I received for the parking of a few minutes, and even arouse much outcry”.

Mancuso describes as a normal person, responsible, love life and fun, and obviously in love with his car that everyone will recognize. “I am not rich, I don’t buy a Porsche the day, my light yellow I purchased it in 1994 and I keep it as a relic – stresses Mancuso – I’m not a thug, I only put it on instinct my car to the shelter where it could be damaged by the storm. I’m really sorry but I did not do it for other reasons, and that gesture is not part of my way of being, I had no choice. And again, sorry to those who felt offended in any way”. The photo yesterday, it soon made the rounds of social provoking thousands of comments, and not all unfavourable, while many have spoken of the arrogance and the age-old problem of wild parking in the vicinity of the Baessato.



In Atlanta, two people died and five were wounded in a shooting :: Society :: RBC

Previously, the government of Georgia started an investigation after the death of 27-year-old black Rashard Brooks on the evening of 12 June. He died in a hospital in Atlanta after he was injured during the arrest by the police.

The law enforcement officers arrived on call in a fast food restaurant, in the Parking lot which was hindering the other drivers car. In the cabin slept drunk Brooks. The police tried to detain him, but he resisted. African American grabbed one of the officers Taser (gun-Taser) and tried to escape. In the end, the police opened fire. One of the law enforcement officers were also injured.

After the incident in Atlanta with new force protests erupted against police racism. The city police chief Erica shields, resigned.


Las Vegas installs homeless people in an outdoor parking lot to curb the pandemic



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As the alarm grows by The uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus in the United States, with President Donald Trump finally admitting that health must be ahead of the economy, photographs of a Las Vegas, Nevada parking lot have caused a wave of outrage. In the images, you can see how the place has been enabled to receive homeless people, installed in painted rectangles on the ground and forced to sleep outside, reports CNN.

At first, the facilities had a carpet that prevented homeless people from having to sleep on the asphalt, but ended up being withdrawn, when those responsible found that it was difficult to clean, and could become a focus of infection.


Many of the homeless people installed in the parking lot come from from the Catholic Charitie’s shelter, which had to close its doors after several cases of coronavirus occurred, explains the same medium. Others have come from different centers that are overwhelmed by the health emergency.

Although the facilities in the car park have the help of volunteers who assist its residents, the truth is that many users on social networks criticized this solution, remembering that hotels in Las Vegas, a city known for its luxurious casinos, are closed.

Now, more than 164,000 people have been infected in the United States, and about 3,200 have died. Over the weekend, the White House expert on the pandemic claimed that 200,000 citizens could die. A day later, Trump claimed that if 100,000 were killed, “a good job” would have been done.