During the flight, a part of the F-16 fighter fell out. She hit the car

The event, which took place on Thursday, September 10, was confirmed by Captain Anna Isselová. “It was not a part from an airplane, but a part from the suspension of training equipment. It fell itself,” the Polish quoted Onet.pl Isselova.

However, the metal part was to fall on the property of one of the inhabitants of the Polish city of Luboń. The part bounced off the gate and crashed into the car. The owner estimated the damage at 2,500 Polish zlotys (approximately 15,000 crowns).

According to Captain Anna Isselová, however, despite this incident, the aircraft completed its training task and returned safely to the base in Krzesina. “It doesn’t happen often. This is probably the first of its kind in the history of our base,” Isselová added.

The whole incident is now being investigated by the State Commission for Air Accident Investigation. “I currently have no information on the probable causes,” Issel concluded.

Although nothing happened to anyone, the presence of the Krzesiny military airport has been causing a number of contradictions for years. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, locals complain, for example, about the noise made by fighter jets.

The mechanic destroyed the fighter during maintenance. Find out more in the following report:


Heroes of the movie “Fast and Furious 9” will go into space, and now it’s a meme

The heroes of the movie “Fast and the Furious 9” will go into space, confirmed actress Michelle Rodriguez, and Twitter users responded with a barrage of jokes and criticism. The audience did not understand the intention of the creators of the picture, but in the memes they presented how it would look. However, whatever the filmmakers come up with, commentators are sure: it’s time to stop.

The first movie, Fast & Furious, starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, premiered in 2001 and received ten sequels. Two of them, Fast and Furious 9 and Fast and Furious 10, should be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively, with the latter, as reported media, promises to end the long-lived franchise. On September 10, actress Michelle Rodriguez, who plays in Letty Ortiz’s films, in the Jess Keigle show commented on rumors that the heroes will go into space in the ninth part.

How did you guys know about this? Michelle said. – See what’s going on? Damn, people start talking backstage. When a movie doesn’t come out and people forget about it, information leaks out. Nobody should have known about this!

At the same time, the star added that her heroine would not appear in space, and immediately changed the subject. But it was too late: journalists picked up the news, and she ended up receiving no less discussion on Twitter than the first trailer for “Dune” with a meme worm… After all, the commentators did not understand at all what the filmmakers were up to.

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But movie fans used to joke that in the new parts of the franchise the action will take place in space. Learning that trolling could become a reality, they uncovered old memes and stuck on new ones.

Artist BossLogic showed what a poster for a new painting might look like.

Meanwhile, there were more and more troll ideas about what would happen in the new Fast and the Furious.

There were suggestions for subsequent paintings.

But while some commentators joked enthusiastically, others quite seriously criticized the filmmakers – in their opinion, the franchise has not lived up to expectations for a long time, it looks ridiculous, and it’s time to stop.

Before jokes about the new Fast and the Furious flooded Twitter, the main topic of discussion for moviegoers was the trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves. Promo pictures with Robert Pattinson were sold to memes in which Bruce Wayne severely punishes people for the slightest wrongdoing and falls into “Twilight”. And the fans, intrigued by the mystery from the villain, deciphered it and learned that Batman’s adversary is no stranger to a sense of humor.


a fight breaks out, the Belgian team taken to task (photo)

This Sunday opened the 59th edition of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque, a tournament in which teams made up of three people compete. A Belgian triplet was also in the game and faced a Marseille triplet for their first match of the competition. This results in a 13 to 1 victory, assure our compatriots to France 3 Provence Alpes and Côte d’Azur.

If the two teams shake hands at the end of the match, the French team is responsible for announcing the score at the scorecard. “We trusted them”, explains to the French media one of the thirty-something Belgian. Except that a few moments later, by going in turn to the scorecard, the Belgians realize that the score is reversed.

If they try to justify themselves and give their version of the facts, the Marseille triplet quickly comes to challenge, “red eyes, drunk”. After a few minutes of hesitation, the referee makes his decision: the two teams are disqualified. “When they left, they threatened us, they started chasing us with their boules. They typed them for three minutes, we shouted for help, but no one moved, ”says a friend of the Belgian triplet.

It is a surge of violence. Despite the arrival of two security guards, the fight does not stop. “They’re sick guys, they got two on me. It was bullfighting… ”, says a Belgian. Because in addition to the three men against whom they had played, the Belgians are convinced that friends of the Marseillais joined the fight.

Another victim, injured in the head, protests: “I tried to tackle him to the ground, he shot me in the head. We’re going to leave before things get out of hand, it’s crazy that security doesn’t get them on board ”. The Belgians are especially shocked to see the lack of responsiveness and intervention on the spot. It was only after about twenty minutes that the Red Cross arrived to treat the wounded.

For its part, the organization of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque ensures that measures will be taken. “This is the first time we have seen such a fight. We are going to check the civil status of Marseille players. They risk being ousted from all petanque competitions, assures a member of the organization. We will do our best to find them, the referee will recognize them ”.

The Belgian team intends to file a complaint.


Musicians were hit hard by Spotify, Amazon and YouTube

The decision involves not only a reversal of the improvement obtained on that occasion, but also has a retroactive effect and occurs in times of crisis for artists, who saw their income reduced due to the impossibility of playing live.

Although the measure will only be applied in the United States, it raised the alarm worldwide for possible similar actions in other countries.

As detailed by the newspaper ABC of Spain, the institution Copyrights Royalty Board had established that the platforms should increase from 10.5 to 15.1 the percentage of payment of royalties to artists for five years, which would result in a total increase of more than 44 percent.

However, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube filed a lawsuit to stop the application of this measure, which was heard by the Court of Appeals, which asked to suspend it until it is clarified which was the calculation applied to fix that percentage.

Against this background, the National Music Publishers’ Association, which groups music publishers, issued a tough letter against digital platforms.

“It is shameful that Spotify and Amazon spent millions of dollars, money that could have paid songwriters, trying to deny them a raise based on technicalities.”David Israelite, president and CEO of the entity, lamented in the letter.

“They are shameless companies trying to undermine the very creators they claim to trust. We will continue to fight Spotify and Amazon’s blatant attempts to cut royalties from songwriters.”he added.


On video | Camino Nuevo Barranquilla will strengthen preventive medicine

A total of 80 thousand users will benefit from the Camino Nuevo Barranquilla that advances in the old building of the Barranquilla Hospital, located in the San Roque neighborhood.

The new project, which is built in an area of ​​11,019 square meters without affecting the heritage building of the current Hospital, guarantees care for users who reside in the Historic Center and the southeast of the city.

The new hospital center will have a level 2 complexity, 24-hour emergency services, 8-hour external consultation and imaging, and will offer different services.

In addition, it will have two procedure rooms, a resuscitation room and observation rooms for adult patients and children.

Its delivery is scheduled for May 2021. The total investment is $ 87,331 million in civil works and endowments.

Extern consult

It will also have outpatient services for promotional care, prevention, outpatient consultation, outpatient consultation and specialized consultation.

It will have a promotion and prevention office for adults and children, four general medicine offices, seven specialized medicine offices, a minor procedures office, a psychology office, a dental and oral hygiene office with three cubicles, and a vaccination office.

The Health walkers will also offer systematized services to provide personalized attention.

The surgical-obstetric service will have two delivery rooms, labor recovery with neonatal adaptation and sterilization service.

While the hospitalization area will have 120 beds, 33 two-person rooms for adults, 16 one-person rooms for adults, two rooms for isolated, 3 two-person pediatric rooms, two neonatal rooms with five cribs, four one-person pediatric rooms, eight intensive care units and eight intermediate care units.

This project is part of the comprehensive modernization of the District’s public health network, which has been implemented in the last 12 years with the aim of guaranteeing timely and quality care.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins has expressed his commitment to strengthening preventive medicine, one of the lessons that has been learned in the course of the pandemic, and which allows the early detection of patients with comorbidities that in many cases involve risk to their lives.

“Here we are going to have all the necessary elements to fulfill this objective,” said the mayor.

The district president made an inspection tour to find out how the work that rises in the same place is progressing, where the first hospital center in Barranquilla worked, built between 1871 and 1876, and which became over the years into one of the emblematic sites of this city.

Recover jobs

Although Barranquilla is on the list of cities with the lowest unemployment rate in the country, the District is looking to recover the 150,000 jobs that the city lost during the health emergency.

Between now and 2021 Barranquilla will invest more than $ 5 billion. The investments will be destined to education, health, public services, drinking water and basic sanitation, equipment, transportation and culture, among others.

The District says that these projects, included in the 2020-2023 Development Plan, will generate employment, taking into account that each peso invested by the State is multiplied by six, seeking that the economy grows at a rate of 8%.

The mayor estimates that the current reopening points him to that goal of “recovering employment.”

Barranquilla was the city, among the main in the country, with the lowest growth in the unemployment population and the second lowest growth in the inactive population, the Mayor’s Office reported.


24H on GAMERGEN.COM: Xbox Series X launch, The Last of Us Part II patch, and Halo Infinite delayed

The 24h on GAMERGEN.COM is a daily section allowing you to review the main news of the last 24 hours. What happened on Tuesday, August 11, 2020?

Without warning, Microsoft announced one month launch for Xbox Series X. Next to that, The Last of Us Part II will be entitled to an update 1.05, and following feedback from players, 343 Industries made the decision to postpone the release of Halo Infinite.

FIFA 21 11 08 2020 FUT Ultimate Team Icons Czech

In the rest of the news, old DualShock 4 are back on the shelves, Call of Duty 2020 could be revealed soon, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available in beta on Android, we looked at the latest in fashion FIFA Ultimate Team of FIFA 21, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm was announced on Switch, DIRT 5 have been reported, and the sales figures of Detroit: Become Human increased.

Finally, don’t forget to throw an eye on the current discounts on the Xbox Live.


Beirut, the explosion hits the delivery room as she is about to give birth to her son: the baby is born healthy

“It was crazy! I didn’t think we would get out alive,” the dad wrote on Facebook, who then thanked the healthcare staff for the incredible work they did and informed his contacts that the mother and baby are fine.

“We just heard the noise and everything fell apart around us, glass, tools, everything, there was nothing left. I was afraid that my wife or child would be hurt. She was covered in glass”, says the father a Bbc.


Does deodorant work better if I apply it in the evening? – Counselor

Morning or evening when is the best time to apply the deodorant?

BILD knows.

Deodorant works better in the evening, says dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall from the Western Sussex Hospital in Worthing, England. However, this only applies if the deodorant also contains aluminum chloride.

However, aluminum deodorants have been strong in recent years come under criticismbecause they are suspected of being carcinogenic. For this reason, almost only aluminum-free deodorants can be found in drugstores. These should be applied as usual in the morning after showering.

If you do not want to do without deodorants with aluminum chloride despite the health hazard, you should apply them in the evening. Because: “Studies show that people who apply their deodorant in the evening before going to bed sweat less than those who use it in the morning immediately after getting up,” says the expert.

Reason: “The cells of our sweat glands absorb aluminum chloride from the deodorant, swell and close. For this they need the time in the night. In the morning the sweat can no longer escape, we sweat less, ”explains Hextall. If you have sensitive skin, you can wash off the remains of the deodorant the next morning.


Top 5 tips for Renault Duster owners for a long ride without any problems

About the choice of oil, rust prevention and useful improvements.

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

“Duster” has gained a reputation as a reliable and passable crossover, although not without flaws. Our editorial board made the TOP 5 tips for Renault Duster owners.

Prevent chips and corrosion

The body is the most expensive part of the car, so you should pay special attention to it. In the reviews on Drom.ru, many owners note weak paintwork among the shortcomings of the Renault Duster. It’s easier not to wait for scratches and chips to appear, which later will begin to rust, but to protect the car in advance by pasting with special film the most vulnerable places: the edge of the hood, the edges of the doors and the trunk lid.

Also, foci of rust often appear on the chrome trim on the fifth door. Again, the armored film helps to prevent this – reliable care for the Renault Duster.

Avoid water

Another common complaint of “Dusterovodov” concerns moisture seeping through the joints between the roof and rear pillars in the trunk. “Life hack” specifically for such cases, shared a blogger from the channel “Go RASH” on YouTube. He sealed problem areas with a V-ribbed belt and sealant.

In heavy rain, water can get under the hood through the nozzles of the windshield washer, it is advisable to seal them as well, otherwise the moisture will reach the candle wells.

Fighting mud

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

The next tip that should be used immediately after buying a Renault Duster is to install seals on the hood cover so that dirt does not enter the engine compartment. Among the minuses of the French crossover, thresholds that are not covered by doors are also often featured. Because of this design, it’s hard not to get your pants dirty when landing.

However, among automotive accessories, you can look at the thresholds of “Clean pants”, which solve this problem. It will not be superfluous to purchase larger mudguards, since the standard ones do not protect the lower part of the car well from dirt.

Choose engine oil

It is no secret that regular replacement of oil in the engine is the key to a long ride without problems. For many owners, the selection of oil turns into a headache. Experts of the “Driving” portal advise pouring gasoline Renault Duster 5W40-5W50 in the summer, and 0W30-0W40 in the winter.

It is worth remembering that the brand and cost of oil are not as important as the regularity of the procedure and the maintenance of the Renault Duster. It is especially important to change the oil more often in difficult operating conditions.

Extend the life of the checkpoint

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

For a manual gearbox, Renault does not at all provide for the replacement of gear oil. You can listen to advice only to those who do not plan to travel longer than the warranty period. At the same time, the manual transmission will “say thank you” for changing the oil every 60,000 km.

For the “machine”, the replacement intervals will be approximately the same. The manufacturer recommends for automatic transmission Elf Renaultmatic D3 Syn oil for a long ride without problems. It is also worth updating the oil in the angular gearbox after 30 thousand km and in the rear gearbox – by 60 thousand km.


Lavrov: Europe is not going to open borders for Russians yet

European countries have not yet considered the possibility of opening borders for Russians, based on the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the country, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RT.

“Europe is now being opened, but, given the number of detected cases of infection, Russia, like the USA and Brazil, at this stage is considered as a country for which Europe has not yet opened,” the minister said. According to him, now Russia is assessing the epidemiological situation for the resumption of air traffic. When asked when the borders would be opened, Lavrov replied that he did not know.

On March 20, Russia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, stopped foreign rail traffic, a week later passenger air service with other countries was limited. On June 8, part of the restrictions was lifted – the Russians were allowed to leave the country to work and study, as well as to take care of sick relatives living in other states. Since June 15, the European Union has opened almost all internal borders. The European Commission previously recommended the launch of a phased opening of external borders on July 1.