Top 5 tips for Renault Duster owners for a long ride without any problems

About the choice of oil, rust prevention and useful improvements.

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

“Duster” has gained a reputation as a reliable and passable crossover, although not without flaws. Our editorial board made the TOP 5 tips for Renault Duster owners.

Prevent chips and corrosion

The body is the most expensive part of the car, so you should pay special attention to it. In the reviews on, many owners note weak paintwork among the shortcomings of the Renault Duster. It’s easier not to wait for scratches and chips to appear, which later will begin to rust, but to protect the car in advance by pasting with special film the most vulnerable places: the edge of the hood, the edges of the doors and the trunk lid.

Also, foci of rust often appear on the chrome trim on the fifth door. Again, the armored film helps to prevent this – reliable care for the Renault Duster.

Avoid water

Another common complaint of “Dusterovodov” concerns moisture seeping through the joints between the roof and rear pillars in the trunk. “Life hack” specifically for such cases, shared a blogger from the channel “Go RASH” on YouTube. He sealed problem areas with a V-ribbed belt and sealant.

In heavy rain, water can get under the hood through the nozzles of the windshield washer, it is advisable to seal them as well, otherwise the moisture will reach the candle wells.

Fighting mud

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

The next tip that should be used immediately after buying a Renault Duster is to install seals on the hood cover so that dirt does not enter the engine compartment. Among the minuses of the French crossover, thresholds that are not covered by doors are also often featured. Because of this design, it’s hard not to get your pants dirty when landing.

However, among automotive accessories, you can look at the thresholds of “Clean pants”, which solve this problem. It will not be superfluous to purchase larger mudguards, since the standard ones do not protect the lower part of the car well from dirt.

Choose engine oil

It is no secret that regular replacement of oil in the engine is the key to a long ride without problems. For many owners, the selection of oil turns into a headache. Experts of the “Driving” portal advise pouring gasoline Renault Duster 5W40-5W50 in the summer, and 0W30-0W40 in the winter.

It is worth remembering that the brand and cost of oil are not as important as the regularity of the procedure and the maintenance of the Renault Duster. It is especially important to change the oil more often in difficult operating conditions.

Extend the life of the checkpoint

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

For a manual gearbox, Renault does not at all provide for the replacement of gear oil. You can listen to advice only to those who do not plan to travel longer than the warranty period. At the same time, the manual transmission will “say thank you” for changing the oil every 60,000 km.

For the “machine”, the replacement intervals will be approximately the same. The manufacturer recommends for automatic transmission Elf Renaultmatic D3 Syn oil for a long ride without problems. It is also worth updating the oil in the angular gearbox after 30 thousand km and in the rear gearbox – by 60 thousand km.


Lavrov: Europe is not going to open borders for Russians yet

European countries have not yet considered the possibility of opening borders for Russians, based on the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the country, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RT.

“Europe is now being opened, but, given the number of detected cases of infection, Russia, like the USA and Brazil, at this stage is considered as a country for which Europe has not yet opened,” the minister said. According to him, now Russia is assessing the epidemiological situation for the resumption of air traffic. When asked when the borders would be opened, Lavrov replied that he did not know.

On March 20, Russia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, stopped foreign rail traffic, a week later passenger air service with other countries was limited. On June 8, part of the restrictions was lifted – the Russians were allowed to leave the country to work and study, as well as to take care of sick relatives living in other states. Since June 15, the European Union has opened almost all internal borders. The European Commission previously recommended the launch of a phased opening of external borders on July 1.


Nornickel could allow new pollution at its enterprise

On the morning of June 28, Novaya Gazeta published a video of how water from a sludge pond of the Talnakh concentration plant (located on the Taimyr Peninsula, part of the Polar Division of Norilsk Nickel) flows into the tundra. In the Krasnoyarsk regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they stated that there is a risk of runoff entering the Kharaelakh River, which flows into Lake Pyasino, RIA Novosti reports. The regional department of the Investigative Committee confirmed to the agency the fact of water discharge and the beginning of verification of these messages. The head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova wrote on her Instagram that due to heavy rains, the water level in the sludge pond increased and the factory dumped water on the adjacent territory.

“The factory management decided to pump out the clarified (purified. – Vedomosti) technical water to the adjacent territory, thereby flagrantly violating the rules for the operation of tailings. Responsible persons of the factory are suspended from work, an internal investigation has begun. There is no threat of waste leakage (tailings), ”the Norilsk Nickel press service said on Sunday.

Rosprirodnadzor took samples at the site of the spill, their results are not yet ready, therefore it is impossible to talk about the scale, the amount of damage and its existence, a spokesman said.

The Norilsk Nickel’s polar branch, which includes the Talnakh factory, provides for the production of more than 70% copper and more than 30% of the platinum group metals of the company. In 2019, Norilsk Nickel produced 499,000 tons of copper, 2.9 million ounces of palladium and 0.7 million ounces of platinum. The largest shareholders of the company are Vladimir Potanin’s Interros (34.6%) and UC Rusal (27.8%) previously controlled by Oleg Deripaska.

On May 29, a much larger emergency occurred in Norilsk: about 20,000 tons of fuel oil spilled from the tank of the Norilsk Nickel TPP-3. The reason is the subsidence of the concrete site of the tank and its subsequent destruction. As a result of the accident, a huge amount of oil products poisoned the soil and fell into water bodies located near the CHPP – two rivers and a lake, providing water to local residents. Potanin at a video conference with Putin promised to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the expense of the company, spending about 10 billion rubles on this. By June 19, Norilsk Nickel had already invested 5 billion rubles. in response to the spill. In addition, Norilsk Nickel promised to send an additional 2.5 billion rubles this year. to check their other facilities, and in the next – another 11 billion. Potanin, because of the accident, even proposed to refuse further payment of dividends in 2020, and limit the total dividends for the year to $ 1 billion.

Spillage of recycled water at the tailings pond is a typical accident for mining enterprises, many factories make such violations on a daily basis, says ACRA analyst Maxim Khudalov. The increased interest in the situation is associated with the recent serious accident at the CHPP, he notes. The consequences and the cost of their liquidation are not comparable; liquidation of an emergency at a concentration plant is unlikely to exceed 30 million rubles, Khudalov estimates. The fine for violations of water circulation will be insignificant – not more than 1 million rubles. “Fines for environmental violations for industrial companies are generally ridiculous: in 2019, 975 million rubles were raised. such fines, this is several times less than the drivers of Moscow paid for violating the speed limit, ”says Khudalov. The fine for the spill of fuel oil on May 29 has not yet been determined.

“Draining water is, of course, not a major accident. But now investors are watching even more closely how Norilsk Nickel is solving environmental issues. In these conditions, even such trifles interest the investment community and can negatively affect the investment attractiveness of the company, ”said Irina Alizarovskaya, analyst at Raiffeisenbank.


very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 patients died, and among severe patients who got mechanical ventilation, the mortality rate was less than 14% (for comparison, the average for the city and the world was up to 70 – 80%). Eighteen doctors out of 220 employees of the hospital were infected with coronavirus, there were no deaths among the medical staff.

What approaches were used at the University Hospital of Moscow State University to achieve such results? We continue the conversation with the head. Department of Therapy, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University, Head of the Department of Age-Associated Diseases, Medical Scientific and Educational Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Cardiologist Yana Orlova.


– Most of those who are ill or are afraid to get sick are worried about fibrotic changes in their lungs. They say that you have developed special therapy that can reduce the risk of developing fibrosis. Is it possible?!

– Yes, we launched an appropriate clinical study. There are no final results yet, but we have developed clinical practice.

“What did you do to save the lungs?”

– We used a combination of bromhexine and spironolactone (both are long-known very cheap drugs. – Ed.). Bromhexine is an expectorant that has been prescribed to patients with pneumonia and cough for many years. At the same time, experimental data showed that this drug can block a specific enzyme and impede the penetration of coronavirus into cells. True, it was on this effect that we counted to a lesser extent in inpatients, since such an effect is important mainly in the early stages of the disease. But the expectorant effect of bromhexine really helps patients with COVID. I heard that our colleagues in Peter launched a study of bromhexine for prophylactic purposes. We will wait for the results.

Coronavirus infected 18 doctors from 220 employees of the hospital, there were no deaths among the medical staffPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– The second drug – spironolactone – is traditionally widely used in cardiology for the treatment of heart failure, severe hypertension. It has a small diuretic, magnesium and potassium-preserving effect, continues Yana. Orlova. – It has several mechanisms through which it can be useful in coronavirus infection.

Firstly, a mechanism that prevents the development of fibrosis in general in the body. There are works that, in particular, show that spironolactone reduces fibrosis in the heart. At the same time, it is known that the tendency to fibrosis is not local, but systemic – where there is more inflammation, there will certainly be fibrosis. And we see, of course, fibrotic changes in the “covide” in our patients. Therefore, we prescribed spironolactone as a drug for the prevention of this process.

Secondly, this drug blocks sex hormone receptors, in particular testosterone. Some published studies suggest that “high-testosterone” men suffer from “covid” more often and develop more severe fibrotic changes. Therefore, blocking these receptors for several weeks during COVID treatment may be useful in reducing the severity of complications. We are not talking about a longer intake, since male patients are unlikely to agree with a decrease in testosterone levels in the long term.

And perhaps the most important point. In almost all of our patients, we observed hypokalemia (a decrease in potassium levels. – Ed.). With coronavirus infection, potassium is intensely excreted from the body, and scientific articles even suggest that hypokalemia serves as the trigger for a cytokine storm. So spironolactone has a real chance to reduce the risk of this dangerous complication. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that lowering the level of potassium in the body is extremely harmful to the heart and triggers life-threatening rhythm disturbances, increasing the risk of sudden death. We, like all others, replenished potassium with droppers, but it was more effective to retain it in the body with the help of spironolactone.

Men certainly get worse than women;  the elderly are heavier than the young;  overweight people are heavier than patients without excess weight Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patientsPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– Yana Arturovna, how many patients did you have on average?

– About 10 – 14 days. But someone and 50 days.

– Have you noticed signs by which it can be assumed that the disease in the person brought is likely to go the hard way?

– Such studies were carried out in the world, our clinical practice confirmed them. Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patients. Men with a classic male type of baldness, a lot of facial hair, we can say brutal men get sick harder.

– Under what conditions did you discharge patients?

– We acted as close as possible to the recommendations Ministry of Health: so that the temperature for three days was not higher than 37.5 degrees; so that C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation) is lower than 10 mg / l, and saturation, that is, the level of oxygen in the blood, is higher than 96%.


– How often do you get sick doctors and nurses?

– In the first month no one got sick at all. We have a very powerful epidemiological service. The head of the sanitary-epidemiological department, a senior researcher, correctly organized the whole process, and for the first two weeks she personally worked in the sanitary inspection room at the exit from the “red zone” and helped doctors and nurses who were exhausted after the shift safely remove protective clothing.

Then both people’s fatigue and viral load accumulated. By the middle of the second month, sick people began to appear. There were no seriously ill patients. We treated part of the staff in our observation, part of it was treated at home. In total, 18 people were infected from the medical staff (less than 10%).

– Doctors take something for prevention? Vitamins C, D, Zinc?

– I saw the recommendations of American nutritionists, they speak out positively about taking zinc, melatonin and vitamin C. There were somewhat conflicting data on vitamin D. But we did not give any such recommendations to our employees. We have all the prevention was associated with minimizing contacts and other measures of epidemiological safety.

Physicians are the heroes of our time.“If you think that you are special and that a pandemic will not affect you, you are deeply mistaken,” listen to what the doctors who are fighting with coronavirus say


“They used a cure for gout against COVID”: How patients were treated in a hospital that showed the best results in Moscow

The results of treatment at the university clinic of Moscow State University were the best in the capital. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” learned the details of how doctors and scientists saved severe patients [Часть 1]

Virologist told whether it is possible to disinfect masks from coronavirus in sunlight

And also why the epidemic is gaining strength in southern countries and whether the sun affects the incidence – all this in an interview with George Vikulova (details)


salute from the cable-stayed bridge, hovering above the water Assol and space suits

The brightest evening of the country’s graduates ended, which the guys were looking forward to this year. So, as always, the Scarlet Sails Festival 2020 became a beautiful chord of the All-Russian holiday. This year it was both traditional and completely unusual at the same time. We tell you what the Scarlet Sails 2020 surprised.

The main innovation of this year is the change of locationPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Well, firstly, the main innovation is the change of location. For several years in a row, a snow-white brig passes through the water area Not you along the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and right under the Palace Bridge. This year, another, no less picturesque place was chosen, with very recognizable sights. Petersburg – stadium “Gazprom-Arena “, Lakhta-center and cable-stayed bridge ZSD.

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country. Photo: Artem KILKIN

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country.Photo: Artem KILKIN

The second innovation: live Petersburgers and visitors could not see all this beauty. And all because this year there are special requirements: because of the pandemic, access to the park is closed, it was also impossible to see from the water, since part of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland were blocked. GIMS boats and various services went around the water area and made sure that no one violated the ban. Law enforcement officers were also on duty on land: if they met people in a territory where there should not be anyone, they politely asked to leave the place and go home.

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast Photo: Artyom KILKIN

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast.Photo: Artem KILKIN

And at home, by the way, everyone would have considered it in the best possible way: there was a live broadcast of a concert and a pyrotechnic show on the Internet and on TV. By the way, on the screen you can see what on the shore would definitely not be accessible to the eye. And all because along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland there were several scenes at once and on each of them there was an action.

The main stage was next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, it was also very unusual – as if soaring in the air, and with it the stars acting on it. Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Александрова.

The hosts of the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova Photo: Oleg GOLD

Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria AlexandrovaPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Timur Rodriguez, Vera performed their hits Brezhnev, RASA group, Dima Bilan and Surganova. And there were surprises in the form of a show of pirates and drummers, yes, it is worth noting separately what costumes the artists had – just space ones. Be sure to watch Bilan’s performance if you missed. And also a salute, well, the passage itself of a sailboat!

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworks. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworksPhoto: Oleg GOLD

By the way, the pyrotechnic show lasted almost half an hour, hundreds of volleys were launched into the sky, the first cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was used. It was both a platform for light, and for launching a salute.

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of Finland Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of FinlandPhoto: Oleg GOLD

And at the end of the extravaganza, the romantic Assol soared above the water to meet her dream. By the way, this year the holiday was dedicated to the author of the fairy tale about Scarlet Sails Alexander Green – marks 140 years since his birthday.

If you missed the broadcast live, there is an opportunity to watch the best moments of the show.

Graduation Scarlet Sails in St. Petersburg ended with a grandiose salute.Alena CHICHIGINA


Russian tuners have created a “wild” image of Toyota Land Cruiser 200

SCL Global has restyled the Japanese SUV.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global

Russian tuners from the studio of SCL Global, engaged in the restyling of luxury cars, created a 200 body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser, which gave the Japanese SUV an unrivaled look and a “wild” look. Now Kruzak looks at least spectacular.

Specialists called the body kit for the “Two Hundred” Hakama. The tuning kit includes: hood, front and rear bumpers, wing extenders, side skirts, upper and lower trunk lid spoilers, and a radiator grill.

The front of the car has changed and began to stand out. Bulging forward grating at the same time resembles both the jaws of a wild animal and the smile of a fantastic whale. The beams of the decorative grill smoothly pass into the headlights and share the lighting unit with daytime running lights. The front bumper of the tuned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 got laconic bottom splitter and enlarged air intakes on the sides and distinct wrinkles appeared on the hoodthat extend all the way to the windshield.

On the wheel arches of an SUV are installed overlays, which add even more angularity to a multifaceted body and smoothly pass into the thresholds, clearly emphasizing the lower part of the car.

Behind the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 appeared a pair of spoilers and a unique diffuser with exhaust holes on the sides. In the center of the bumper, an LED reversing light was installed, which is not noticeable at first glance, because it harmonizes with the smooth lines of the rear of the car.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global
TOP 5 reasons to pay attention to a used Volkswagen Passat B6

On this topic

TOP 5 reasons to pay attention to a used Volkswagen Passat B6

2020-06-28 12:03:37

The “pumped” Land Cruiser 200 looks so “wild” that there is a desire to see the car on the road. It’s only a pity that improvements are expensive (minimum 500 thousand rubles) and happened only in the exterior of the car, but did nothing with the power unit and suspension. Under such a body kit, it’s not a sin to develop something sporty to delight motorists not only in appearance, but also in power.


Effective way of struggle against diabetes

Scientists have identified a reliable remedy for chronic diseases of metabolism

Effective way of struggle against diabetesPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV

To change the text size:

Prolonged physical exercises and playing sports is an effective way to avoid and even to some extent to overcome some chronic diseases associated with metabolism, e.g., diabetes or metabolic syndrome. To such conclusion scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University of San Diego in the United States as a result of their research, reported in the journal Cell Reports.

The experiment involved eighteen people engaged in Jogging, Cycling and other endurance exercises at least 15 years and seven men, who regularly perform strength exercises.

The researchers found that frequent physical activity changes the activity (expression) 1 711 metabolic genes in women and 1,097 genes in men. That is, the endurance training significantly improves processes associated with the tricarboxylic acid cycle (Krebs cycle), which plays a key role in metabolism.

Those who performed strength training had only 26 genes, which changed their activity. However, this does not mean, however, training does not have any effect. They can directly affect the activity of proteins and not on gene expression.

Experts also compared the obtained results with the data about the change of gene activity in people with metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

By the way, the subjects periodically performed exercises for about 6-12 months, after which the situation with the expression of the genes was similar to that observed in the new study, people performing endurance exercise for many years.



Presents the TOP 5 chic tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

“Kruzak” put on a amazing skirts.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Toyota Land Cruiser — a sleek car, a real conqueror of off-road and the legend of the Japanese car industry. Sometimes you can “breathe” a little tuning “Kruzak” and make it more beautiful. We present a selection of the TOP 5 elegant modified Land Cruiser.

In the first place was the SUV with the airbrush on the side of the body. In addition to the image of a lion, the car received new wheels, a mesh grille, redesigned front bumper and bumper guard. Also emblazoned on the hood called “fly swatter” protection from headlight glare.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Instagram @cruzak_camry

The second place ranking is “Kruzak” with a stylish front part. The car was given a revised grille, new headlights, reworked bumper with larger air intakes and fog lamps.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Next in the TOP 5 tuned Land Cruiser is the SUV body kit Invader. This machine is remarkable for the abundance of led lights in the front of the body, modified bumpers and grille. Individual attention, exclusive wheels of the vehicle.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

In fourth place was tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which looks no worse than a luxurious Lexus. This car is available with two add-on packages — standard and extreme. The first involves aggressive bumpers with skirts, a rear spoiler and LED lights. The second package also includes extended wheel arches with integrated Parking lights.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Finally, the leader of the rating becomes “Kruzak” with “toy” kit. A feature of this car are alloy wheels of black color that contrast with the white body. The body kit of the SUV really gives it a “toy” look. Modified thresholds, bumper, white grille and plenty of LEDs — it looks stylish and attractive.


Six employees of the electoral headquarters of the trump contracted the coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

They participated in the preparation of the first from the beginning of March a mass event with the participation of trump. Pre-election rally will be held to accommodate 19 thousand people stadium in Oklahoma

Photo: Evan Vucci / AP

Six members of the campaign headquarters of us President Donald trump had contracted the coronavirus COVID-19. It is reported by Axios with reference to the Director of staff communications Tim Murtagh.

According to him, according to safety protocols, all staff members of staff are tested for COVID-19 before the event. “Six members of the advance party was revealed positive results, there were hundreds of tests,” he said.

Murtha said that after the detection of infection in headquarters staff that prepared the first after a long break pre-election rally in Oklahoma, “was immediately taken to placing them in quarantine”.

Trump has called the possible cause of his defeat in the election of the President of the United States

Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters

As noted, none of the close contacts of the infected will not be present at the meeting, but before the event all employees will measure the temperature, and will give them antiseptic for hands and mask.


Features of Toyota Fortuner with mileage

For those who do not have enough money for a Land Cruiser, but I want the patency and functionality.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

Frame SUV Toyota Fortuner was originally released only in Thailand. Late production models was established in South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. Due to changeable climatic conditions the car received a “savvy” technical part and the equipment. The main features of the car shared by the owners of the thematic forum

Ttechnical part and throughput

Toyota Fortuner has received a frame structure, which provides stability and reliability in off-road driving. Under the hood, early versions of the SUV was located 2.7-liter petrol engine producing 163 HP, which later boosted to 166 HP. Diesel power unit has a capacity of 177 HP, and its working volume is 2.8 liters.

According to the owners, work in tandem wheel drive, 6-speed automatic transmission and downshift give the opportunity to the chassis to move easily on harsh terrain. But some motorists did not have enough power the power unit for overtaking at speeds over 100 km/h Also points to weak insulation and stiff suspension.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

The interior and equipment

Toyota Fortuner got a spacious 7-seater cabin, which is comfortable to travel both driver and passengers. The main options of the car of steel cruise control, climate control, 7-inch touch screen multimedia complex with extra USB connectors, two-piece box with cooling function, etc. In the base trim SUV has fabric seat upholstery, which is not known for quality but more expensive substitutes for leather.

The disadvantages of interior steel insertion of hard plastic, no heated rear seats and heated windscreen. The owners are travellers explain that the seat in the car is not laid out completely and not allow you to sleep comfortably.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

As for the cost, the Toyota Fortuner with mileage in the secondary market are available from 1 million rubles. for the first generation (2005-2016 year) and 2 million rubles. for cars 2016-2019 years.