20 minutes – swimming icon Phelps fears fatal consequences

The American Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympic athlete in the history of sports. The ex-swimmer won no less than 23 gold medals in his career. His World Cup also includes 26 World Cup titles. Thoughts of suicide? You can find help here Consultation: Offered hand, Tel. 143, (143.ch) Pro Juventute offer: Tel. 147, […]

20 minutes – Sarah Lombardi solves the dildo puzzle

Sarah Lombardi (27) shot an Instagram story in her bathroom on Sunday. The singer’s fans spotted a black object in the background on the window ledge that looks like a dildo. survey What does Sarah Lombardi’s window ledge say? If you subscribe to the People Push, you will no longer miss anything from the world […]

20 minutes – This is how hard the shutdown hits a shopping mall

The corona crisis is causing a steep drop in sales for Swiss shopping centers. Because the majority of the approximately 5,000 shops and restaurants in the country’s 191 shopping centers (excluding train stations and airports) are closed until April 17, the centers lose an estimated CHF 39 million in sales per day. The consulting firm […]

20 minutes – Canton no longer wants visitors to the Alpstein

«Excursions to the Alpstein during the corona crisis should be avoided. We want to act before it is too late, »said Albert Elmiger from the cantonal executive staff of the Justice, Police and Military Departments of the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. Since March 16, 2020, Switzerland has been in an exceptional situation under the Epidemic […]

20 minutes – abroad blocks containers for Switzerland

Deliveries with protective equipment to Switzerland in France and Germany are blocked again. This is despite the EU directive to exempt the export of protective material to the EFTA countries from the requirement of an export permit. Like the newspapers from CH-Media A French supplier told a Swiss purchasing association on Wednesday that the French […]

20 minutes – cows jump for joy

When Christian Tüscher’s cows were allowed to graze for the first time this year, they literally jumped into the air. “It is the same every year, but the cows are always looking forward to it anew,” says Tüscher. Of course, the cows are not in the barn all year round, Tüscher has a free-range barn. […]

20 minutes – Tom Hanks has weathered the worst

March 12th: US singer Gloria Gaynor (70) joins the Tiktok Challenge, where you wash your hands for 20 seconds to make her legendary hit “I Will Survive”. (Video: Instagram / gloriagaynor) survey Where are you now? If you subscribe to the People Push, you will no longer miss anything from the world of the rich, […]

20 minutes – police have to intervene too often

The majority of the population adheres to the Federal Council’s regulations on combating the corona virus. But there are also black sheep. The police have their hands full with them. This had to intervene too often in the past week, said Stefan Blättler, President of the Cantonal Police Commandants, in an interview with the “SonntagsBlick”. […]

20 minutes – The coronavirus is not from the laboratory

It is one of the most persistent conspiracy theories about the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. The thesis that sinister powers had artificially created the cause of the Covid 19 pandemic and then intentionally or not released it on humanity. Western conspiracy theorists suspect the Chinese are behind it, while in Iran and China the Americans are branded […]

20 minutes – “I can’t pay my rent because of Corona!”

The single parent Nergis * is very concerned: «I work hourly wages in the Dosenbach. The shop has since been closed and I am very concerned about my finances. My thirteen-year-old son and I are dependent on my small wages. » The hours she worked in March are still being paid. «But I don’t know […]