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Former Prime Minister of Ukraine suffered from coronavirus infection, but the latest test showed that she recovered, although some symptoms persist

Yulia Timoshenko

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The leader of the Ukrainian Batkivshchyna party Yulia Tymoshenko passed a negative test for coronavirus. About this on your Facebook reported press secretary of the politician Marina Soroka.

“The coronavirus has been overcome. She felt much better. So far, the pneumonia remains, but the treatment is successful, and soon she will return to normal life and work, ”she wrote.

That Tymoshenko got infected coronavirus, it became known earlier on August 23. RBC Ukraine, citing sources, reported that the daughter of the Batkivshchyna leader Yevgeny and her husband Artur Chechetkin were also infected. The doctors assessed her condition as serious, the temperature rose to 39 degrees.

September 2 Tymoshenko for the first time after the break published an entry on his Facebook, writing that “almost two weeks of fighting a serious illness change the feeling of reality.” She thanked everyone who supported her during her illness.

Facebook post of user YuliaTymoshenko

Ukraine because of the pandemic has banned the entry of transit passengers into the country

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According to Johns Hopkins University, 152.2 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Ukraine, of which more than 16 thousand were in Kiev. 3132 people died. The number of newly diagnosed cases in the country began to rise again after the decline in July. If on August 10, a little more than 1,000 new cases per day were detected in the country, then on September 10 there were already 2,600. Hopkins University also includes statistics on the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR in statistics for Ukraine.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World data i

Georgy Tadtaev


Coronavirus, as a single asymptomatic has infected 23 people on board a bus

One person aboard a poorly ventilated bus with internal air recirculation alone infected nearly two dozen other passengers even if they weren’t seated nearby. what a research just published on Jama International Medicine and represents further evidence that the disease is spread by air.

Transmission by air

The health authorities at first rejected the hypothesis that simple breath can transmit infectious micro particles and only recently, after pressure from many experts and the numerous evidence that has accumulated over time, there has been a turnaround by the still skeptical scientific community and the World Health Organization.

The two buses

In the study, the researchers looked at what happened to a group of passengers who remained aboard two buses for 100 minutes round trip to attend an outdoor Buddhist event in Ningbo, a city in eastern China, which lasted two and a half hours. The trip took place on January 19, when the coronavirus had just emerged and there was no habit of wearing masks. Scholars have identified patient zero, according to a Chinese newspaper it was a 64-year-old woman who had been in contact with other people in Wuhan, the city from where the infection started at the end of last December. The scientists mapped where the other passengers were seated and were subsequently swabbed: 23 out of 68 on board the same bus tested positive. None of the 60 passengers on board the other bus tested positive. The researchers found that the air conditioning simply recirculated the air inside the bus, which probably contributed. About 300 people attended the ceremony but only 128 traveled by bus. Among the participants, 7 others became infected, despite not having traveled by bus.

Contagion far from patient zero

What is noteworthy is that people in the front and back of the bus were infected, even seven rows away from patient zero, therefore well outside the two meters considered by the health authorities to be the safe distance to avoid contagion. Furthermore, according to Jama, the sick passenger did not yet show symptoms of the disease such as cough or fever when the group has traveled. A Chinese version of the study, however, claims that the woman exhibited the first symptoms the evening before departure, the evening the day before departure, after having dined with Hubei guests. This study adds new epidemiological evidence that the virus is transmitted through the air since people far away from patient zero have also been infected. New York Times Linsey Marr, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, one of the world’s leading aerosol experts. The researchers concluded that Sars-Cov-2 is a highly transmissible pathogen indoors with internal air recirculation alone. The infection was likely caused by a combination of factors: a long journey, a cramped environment, a crowded bus, and an individual who was likely extremely contagious because he was in the early stages of the infection.

September 3, 2020 (change September 3, 2020 | 15:30)



Covid-19: infected passenger removed from Ryanair plane minutes before take-off

The UK health authorities, equipped with a full protective suit, removed an infected passenger from a Ryanair plane that was about to take off for Italy.

It all happened on Wednesday night at London’s Stansted airport. Moments before departure for Pisa, the passenger received, via text message, the result of the covid-19 test he had done days before.

According to The Guardian, the passenger and his companion were immediately transferred to the airport’s isolation area, where they were received by health authorities. The plane’s seats and the cabin’s upper compartments were disinfected and the plane left an hour late.

In a statement, Ryanair said that “Once the passenger and his companion fully complied with Ryanair’s security procedures – both wore masks at the airport and while they were seated on the plane – there was little or no risk of transmission of covid-19 to other passengers or members of the crew, since everyone wore a mask ”.


Efremov read a speech at the trial

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, but met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule his expert

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

During a court hearing in the case of a fatal traffic accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov, the actor explained why he appeared without a lawyer. This was reported by the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alyona Martynova from the courtroom.

– Dear court, I still remember almost nothing from that day. I know that I took a taxi.

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, and met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule of his expert.

– I went to court for the truth, so that they explained to me where I really was. What did I see? Witnesses who hearsay said that I was driving, who changed their testimony, like Don Juan women. Medical examiner with toys – Barbie dolls and cars. She said that the car with the victim was turned clockwise, so Zakharov could not get worse. Although the video shows that the car was turned against. In addition, every 10 minutes from my phone there was a call to a certain number (read out the number), – said Efremov.

He also stated that the examination of the electronics in his car had not been carried out, and that Efremov himself could have been in the passenger seat, since an airbag had fired on him upon impact.

– The testimony of expert Fialko was ridiculed. Although not checking the electronics in an American car is at least strange. The passenger’s airbag went off, perhaps I was there, – noted Efremov.

The actor also said that he continues to search for a new lawyer.

– Over the weekend, my wife received a lot of calls and messages from lawyers, 2/3 of them were useless. Tomorrow we will decide who will represent my interests. Why not spend this day and a half on a biological examination?

The court sessions were postponed until August 31, so that Efremov could find a new lawyer.


Acura unveils Canadian pricing for its TXL model for 2021

Acura Canada today announced the price of its TLX 2021 model which should arrive in dealerships at the end of September.

The TLX’s starting price is set at $ 43,990 and in exchange, Acura promises improved performance and more features over the outgoing model. The entry price of the 2021 version is therefore $ 2,000 higher than it was in 2020 (when equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 engine, now defunct).

The TLX with the Technology package will cost $ 46,390, while the A-Spec package pushes the bill up to $ 49,290. Then we are entitled to the Platinum Elite package; buyers will have to shell out over $ 51,690 to get it.

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At Perugia airport arrivals test Malta – Umbria

Coronavirus swabs on passengers who have just arrived from Malta on a Ryanair flight were performed in a specially equipped room at Perugia airport. The screening was decided by the Region and the staff of the Umbria Local Health Authority 1 operated.
Outside, the same passengers explained that if the swab is positive they will be informed within four hours. And until then they will have to remain in fiduciary isolation.
The flight arrived in Perugia a few minutes earlier than expected. On board about a hundred passengers (mostly young people) who once got off lined up, spaced and wearing masks, outside the room where the swabs were then performed. After the test they left the airport for their homes where they will have to remain in solitary confinement until the result is communicated to them by phone or email.
Speaking with ANSA outside the airport, several of them explained that they were in favor of carrying out the test. In fact, they said they saw “scarce” use of masks in Malta. (HANDLE).


Coronavirus: you arrive from Greece, Spain, Croatia and Malta, here’s what to do – Chronicle

Those who enter Italy from Croatia, Greece, Malta or Spain and who have been there within the previous 14 days (not only for a stay but also for a simple transit), must take the swab test to ascertain whether or not the infection from SARS-CoV-2. This is what is contained in the Ordinance signed by the Roberto Speranza Ministry of Health for the containment measures of Covid-19. Passengers are obliged to present to the carrier (or in any case to anyone appointed to check the certificates), 72 hours before entering Italy, the results of a test (molecular or antigenic), carried out through a swab and which must be negative. Furthermore, in case there is the possibility, there is an obligation to carry out the test upon arrival at the airport, in the port or in the border area, or, within 48 hours of arrival in Italy, at the local health company of reference. Pending the test, it is necessary to undergo fiduciary isolation. “Nobody has precise numbers and data, in Italy there is no precise monitoring either with respect to arrivals or departures, not even Enit has updated numbers until the end of the year. We can make a very rough estimate and say that in this time about ten thousand Italians sono abroad for tourism. They are mainly divided between Spain and Greece and then in Croatia and Malta (smaller and reachable by plane) “, said Ivana Jelinic, president of Fiavet, Italian Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations, asked by ANSA.

All those who arrive from Croatia, Greece, Malta or Spain are obliged to communicate, once in Italy, their arrival to the Prevention Department of the competent health authority for the area. In the event that symptoms attributable to Covid-19 arise, there is an obligation to report it to the health companies through the dedicated telephone numbers and to undergo isolation, according to the determinations.

The Regions therefore get ready and the ordinances of the governors arrive. Mandatory pads for those returning from the goals identified by Speranza for the Calabrians from today until 7 September. The order of Iole Santelli also provides “the obligation to use masks or other suitable protections, in all closed and open places accessible to the public, in the circumstances in which the interpersonal distance cannot be respected, without prejudice in any case to the prohibition of gathering “.

Buffers are also mandatory in Sardinia, Liguria, Campania, Piedmont and Veneto where the governor Zaia announced: ‘We are preparing to activate at points of arrival such as ports and airports with rapid swabs’.

In Lazio “From today all the drive-ins are active to perform tests on those returning from Greece, Croatia, Spain and Malta. Those returning to Lazio must do two things: notify the toll-free number 800.118.800 or through the ‘Lazio Doctor Covid app ‘and go to the drive-in with a health card and travel document. If it goes with a doctor’s prescription, it speeds up tracking operations. The drive-ins are open every day from 9 to 18 except on Sundays (Il drive del San Giovanni it is also open on Sundays). For any information contact the toll-free number 800.118.800 or report your return through the ‘lazio doctor covid’ app “. This was announced by the COVID-19 Crisis Unit of the Region.

For those who fall into Emilia Romagna from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain there will be no quarantine in the waiting time for the swab e not even for waiting for the outcome. Confirmed the obligation to inform the health authorities of the arrival from those countries to undergo the test. This is clarified by Raffaele Donini, regional councilor for Health, regarding the ordinance of the Minister of Health issued yesterday which regulates entry into Italy by those who have stayed in countries where the index of infections from Covid-19 is rising. “On the subject of returns from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain, this morning we took stock with the Ministry of Health on some aspects of the ordinance issued yesterday – explains Donini in a note – Naturally we share the system of the provision, which we had discussed, and in some respects anticipated, together yesterday. We agreed with the Ministry that, as far as we are concerned, the tests that will be carried out upon arrival from the countries mentioned in the minister’s ordinance are to be considered as an epidemiological investigation. , the person’s fiduciary isolation is not foreseen, neither as regards the waiting period to be subjected to a swab, nor as regards the waiting to receive the test result. The obligation to inform the health authorities of the I arrive from those countries, to be then subjected to the test. I still appeal to the observance of all the prevention rules – underlines the commissioner – from distancing to the use of mas kerine, frequent hand washing “.

The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, signs a new ordinance valid until 6 September to “secure the territory” and which, compared to the Government Dpcm, “implies behaviors which must necessarily be observed – he points out – who comes from some countries considered to be ‘at risk or belonging to specific categories’ “. Among the individuals identified, who are asked for the Covid test, there are workers in retirement homes and facilities for the non self-sufficient. Upon returning to Veneto from abroad, they will have to call their general practitioner or health facilities and will have to undergo a swab, which will be free: those who evade will face a fine of one thousand euros. Equal obligation for health workers in hospitals and hospices, for carers or for those who provide home care for the elderly and disabled. The other categories directly involved in the ordinance also include seasonal workers in the agricultural sector and those who make a business trip abroad. Particular attention is paid to those returning from quarantine countries. The ordinance makes explicit reference, Zaia says, to those coming from Romania and Bulgaria and returning to Veneto by coach or tourist bus. For those arriving in the Region from countries where there is no quarantine, such as Croatia, Malta, Greece and Malta, it is mandatory to carry out the Covid test. “Target groups, which are of particular epidemiological interest” such as Pakistanis were also taken into consideration. Finally, for cinemas, sports activities or live shows, the safety distance and the obligation to wear a mask continue to apply.


Organda Agrees DKI Implementing Odd Even 24 Hours

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Provincial government ( Provincial Government) DKI Jakarta plans to review implementation even odd During 24 jam. This condition will be seen from the results of the evaluation of the implementation which is currently underway with enforcement.

If the results show no change, in the sense that traffic conditions are still heavy and there are still many violations, then it is not impossible that other policies will be taken to regulate mobility in the Capital City.

Responding to the plan, the Chairman of the DPD Land Transportation Organization ( Organda) DKI Jakarta Shafruhan Sinungan said, his party agreed when odd even applied 24 hours.

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“It should be like that, I agree. The point is not just an effect on the growth of public transport passengers, but this method is the most effective way to break down congestion,” said Shafruhan to Kompas.com, Monday (10/8/2020).

KOMPAS.com/GARRY LOTULUNG The atmosphere of the vehicle stuck in traffic on Jl. Gatot Subroto and Cawang-Grogol Toll Road in South Jakarta, Monday (8/6/2020). On the first day people entered the office and the implementation of the Transitional Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB), traffic on a number of roads in DKI Jakarta was observed to be congested, causing congestion.

Furthermore, Shafruhan explained, if odd-even is applied by current methods, the congestion level will not change much or decrease significantly.

This is because many car owners are clever to outsmart the odd even. Examples such as before the pandemic, ranging from forging number plates, waiting on the shoulder of the toll road that was affected by odd-even, to others.

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“We see a lot of cat-and-mouse actions outsmarting the odd even ones, so it is not significant if it is applied to the morning and evening models only, if possible from morning to 12 at night, it will only be effective,” said Shafruhan.

Drivers wait for the odd-even ending on the shoulder of the toll road.Special Drivers wait for the odd-even ending on the shoulder of the toll road.

When asked whether the odd-even number of 24 hours can increase the number of passengers on city transportation (angkot), Shafruhan explained that this is also not necessarily because the current condition itself is still a lot with restrictions on activities and public places.


12 flights to Moscow canceled in Pulkovo on June 29

On Monday, June 29, 2020, flights between St.Petersburg and Moscow It turned out to be practically impossible. In the airport Pulkovo almost all flights between the Russian and Northern capitals were canceled. Moreover, completely different airlines. This is stated in the data of the board of the air harbor.

“On Monday, 12 flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow were canceled at Pulkovo Airport,” the airport’s message board says.

Also canceled 12 flights from the capital to the city on Neve. In addition, today planes will not fly from St. Petersburg to Yerevan, and also there will be no flight in the opposite direction. The flight from the Northern capital to Baku.

So, of the canceled flights to Moscow, one is Aeroflot Airlines, one is Pegas Fly and 10 planned flights of the company “Russia“. In the opposite direction, the exact same story.

For tomorrow, June 30, there are practically no canceled flights. However, two flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow and in the opposite direction were also canceled. The Pegas Fly airline will not carry out the planned flight. Therefore, before traveling to the airport, passengers should check the schedule of the scoreboard and also contact the airline to clarify the information.


In Moscow, two people died in an accident on the Moscow Ring Road :: Society :: RBC

In Moscow, a car and a truck collided on the 7th km of the Moscow Ring Road, two people died as a result, RBC was told in the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow.

“The driver of the VAZ-2115 car, according to preliminary data, lost control and crashed into a truck,” the report said.

In an accident, a driver of a passenger car and a passenger were killed.

Three people injured in an accident with three trucks on the Moscow Ring Road

At the end of May, three trucks collided in Moscow on the 102nd km of the Moscow Ring Road. As a result, three people were injured, one of them refused medical care. A helicopter was used to evacuate the victims.