Coronavirus: the Who, up to dexamethasone for mild symptoms Covid – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 23 – The corticosteroid drug
dexamethasone “should not be taken to prevent Covid-19 or
to deal with the mild symptoms”. To be mentioned is the Organization
The world Health organization (Who) in a section of the portal dedicated
Questions and Answers on the new coronavirus.

To the question “should I take dexamethasone to prevent
Covid-19 or treat my mild symptoms of the disease?”, the Who
replies to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom “has
showed very promising results only for patients who
were seriously ill and in critical condition”, reducing the
mortality for patients undergoing ventilation of a third and
a fifth of the patients who are in need of support
oxygen. The same study, however, “found no
the benefit in patients with mild illness, i.e. those that
do not require the support of oxygen”. Dexamethasone,
in fact, says the Who, was used from the ’60s to
reduce inflammation in a number of conditions, including
inflammatory disorders and certain cancers in combination with other
drugs. This powerful anti-inflammatory medication but suppresses
“the immune system and may increase the risk of other

The Who, he concludes, “is waiting for full report before
to make a change to the recommendations, but the doctors
may consider the use of dexamethasone for the
patients with serious illness and critical, as has been done in the
I study English”. (ANSA).