Here are the 2021 BMW M3 and M4

The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are officially presented.

BMW finally introduced the M versions of its 3 Series and 4 Series models this week. As expected, they are decked out with a huge grid that has not finished talking.

In addition to their format, we note that these are now carrying horizontal slats rather than metal uprights. It is true that vertical structures would have accentuated their format, which is perhaps not desirable.

There are also enlarged bodies, a more massive diffuser at the rear and four prominent exhaust tips. The front fenders are fitted with vertically oriented air vents and the side skirts match the rear diffuser. The carbon fiber roof is also back, which is a long-standing signature of the models. This can be replaced with a painted steel roof if the customer wants a sunroof.

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BMW M4 2021, front

The mecanic
Behind the kidneys of the M3 and M4 hides one of the two versions of the 3-liter twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine introduced with the X3 M and X4 M SUVs. Serving the regular M3 and M4, it will develop 473 horsepower and 406 pounds – couple feet. For the Competition variants, we will talk about a delivery of 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. With the first, the 0-96 km / h time will be 4.1 seconds while it will be 3.8 with the second.

The base M3 and M4 are exclusively equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, making it the only manual offering in the segment. This gearbox is also 50 pounds lighter than the eight-speed automatic transmission that powers the Competition lineup. The manual transmission has a speed matching function, but it can be disabled.

All models are rear-wheel drive, but the Competition version will be able to receive all-wheel drive next summer. The system can be set to remain in propulsion mode with the aids disabled. Both powertrains are equipped with electronically controlled limited-slip differentials.

Naturally, BMW has improved the chassis of its cars in order to handle the extra power. The base models will benefit from 18-inch wheels at the front, 19 at the rear. With the Competition liveries, the order will be 19 and 20. Huge brakes will be standard, as carbon ceramic units (even more massive) will be available as an option.

BMW M3 2021, three-quarter rear

On board, unsurprisingly, it will look like what we find onboard Series 3 and 4. No woodwork, however; only aluminum or carbon fiber as trim. A 12.3-inch digital display instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch multimedia screen are standard, as are sportier seats. BMW is offering a new series of carbon fiber power seats as an option, which together take 21 pounds off the equation. They also have cutouts for racing harnesses.

Some bold interior colors are also offered, such as Kyalami Orange with the M3 and Yas Marina Blue with the M4.

BMW M4 2021, interior

The M3 and M4 are expected around March next year, with Competition all-wheel drive variants expected to follow in the summer. As for Canadian prices, BMW has just published them. We therefore know that the M3 receives a starting price of $ 84,300 in Canada, while the price of the M4 is established at $ 85,100.

BMW M4 2021, rear


The reunited group “Kino” postponed concerts due to the pandemic :: Society :: RBC

The band decided to reunite in 2019 for a new tour, which will be based on digitized recordings of Viktor Tsoi’s voice. Concerts had to be postponed due to ban on mass events in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

The rock group “Kino” has postponed the previously planned concerts for the next year. About this musicians reported fans in a video message on the YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately this fall it will not be possible to hold such big concerts as we have planned. And so we have to postpone them, ”the team said in a statement.

In the commentary under the video, the musicians noted that they postponed the decision to postpone the concerts as long as they could, but now it is already clear that this fall it will not be possible to hold events for ten thousand spectators anywhere.

According to the updated schedule, the performances of the band will be held from February to June 2021 in Minsk, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Riga.


Tesla in court demanded to abolish duties on spare parts from China

The electric vehicle manufacturer is demanding that the duties be declared illegal and that the tariffs already paid be refunded. In 2019, Tesla already asked to abolish 25 percent duties on parts from China, but was refused.

Photo: David Zalubowski / AP

Tesla has filed a lawsuit in the US court, in which it demanded to cancel the requirement of the administration of President Donald Trump to levy duties on parts that the company imports from China. About it reports Bloomberg citing materials from the Court of International Trade in New York.

The electric car maker is seeking to declare the duties illegal and reimburse the tariffs already paid. The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer is listed as the defendant in the case.

Lighthizer did not respond to the agency’s request for comment.

As reminds BloombergIn 2019, Tesla received a refusal from the US authorities in response to a request to abolish duties of 25% on Chinese-made monitors that the company uses in the production of Model 3 electric vehicles. At the same time, the manufacturer complained about damage from the imposed tariffs.

In January, the USA and China signed documents in the first phase of the trade deal, which oblige Beijing to buy $ 200 billion worth of agricultural products and other goods from Washington within two years. In exchange, the US side canceled the planned increase in duties on Chinese goods, including phones, toys and laptops. Already set by the United States, duties of 25% on goods from China totaling $ 250 billion remain in force until the countries agree on the terms of the second phase of the agreement. August parties reported on progress in the implementation of the agreement on the first phase of the transaction.


Injured Iva Janžurová: A threatening fall on her head! It freezes …

“I fell on my head, pounded my forehead and under my eye. I had big monocles, you can still see it under my glasses, “Janžurová described the ugly fall to the website. “My friend, who was still chasing me into the woods, felt a little guilty. But when I fell, I kept my glasses, and that saved me, because otherwise I would break my hands if I put them under myself. Fortunately, the bones are still holding, “the actress told

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

Although the actress celebrates her 80th birthday next year, she threw herself back to work. Her lifelong profession as an actress keeps her fit. “We have already played two performances of Audience with the Queen, Bouquet, Goodbye, I’m staying! and Easter, that’s my game. So I’m already busy. I was optimistic. I was afraid that I would forget all the lyrics over the summer, “Janžurová revealed.

In addition to acting, Janžurová also writes. “I worked to complete the book Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which is due out next year. Then I wrote my new game, which is still called Golden Boards, I’m halfway there. I found out that I would like to read an audiobook, so my friends gave me an offer – Andersonovu fairy tale, “confided

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


Sagvan Tofi and Satine (10): First business with a daughter

In the musical Soap Prince, where the hits of Václav Neckář (76) are heard, Satine was given a children’s role. This is not her first acting experience, she has already performed in the musical Cat in Boots. But now, for the first time, she had played with her famous dad and heard words of praise. “I have to say it’s actually funny to play with your child on one stage like this. I hesitated at first and then wondered why not. I asked Satine and she told me that she would try it … I played the show with an orthosis, everything turned out great and I am proud of her, “said Aha! Sagvan tofi.

Sagvan Tofi on broken ribs: He said when he had to sacrifice the most!

The daily rehearsals at the Broadway Theater have been challenging, and no one can imagine how much work there is. “I go to tutoring, I train choreography, disguises and I also try joint performances with my dad, I want to be good, so I hope I don’t mess anything up,” Satine said before the premiere.

Sagvan Tofi: Who advised him to botox in the ass because of his nicer buttocks?


Simona Stašová (65): In quarantine! And unexpected complications!

Due to health reasons, Wednesday’s performance of her monodrama Shirley Valentine at the ABC Theater in Prague was canceled. “Even if Simona is not in quarantine, she cannot perform,” described the owner of the Harlekýn theater agency Václav Hanzlíček.

Stašová about Bohdalová’s mother: She revealed something that is not said much …

fell off. At rehearsals for the game On the Golden Lake, it took her a while, because only she and Lada were talking all the time. I heard her whistling now, it’s not working, “explained Aha! Hanzlíček. Simona herself sent the newspaper Aha! SMS full of hope. “We’ll all be out of quarantine in ten days,” the actress wrote. She did not mention her voice indisposition. The Municipal Theaters of Prague, to which ABC belongs, refuse to disclose who in the ensemble actually became ill with coronavirus. She only revealed that the actor Aleš Bílík (30) broke his arm in a complicated way during the rehearsal at the Rococo Theater. Rococo thus had to cancel the premieres of the productions Obsession and Cannibals 2: Twilight of the Old Men. It’s a nice fact that the season is just starting.

White she fell into it too
Covid also ranked near Lucie White (54). He must interrupt the contracted work and remain in quarantine. “Man means and God changes,” the singer wrote on the social network. “I already thought that the covid was afraid of me and avoided me,” she stated. “This period is a stress test for everyone,” admitted the singer, who was one of the first to sew veils in the spring.

Stašová after losing in Lviv: I am a theater, my energy is not visible on the screen!


“Passenger train” driver: We plan to change the brand, not the name – in Latvia – News

“These are rumors that the name needs to be changed. We have neither decided nor judged on the board or internally that the name should be changed. Often the brand works completely separately,” said Grigulis, adding that, for example, the Estonian the rail passenger carrier operates under the Elron brand, while the company itself is called Eesti Liinirongid.

He also noted that news about the brand “Vivi” is premature leaked information. “It’s such an unborn child. We don’t want to talk about this, because it will have its own story, which will have to be told when it arrives. Until then, we still have a long way to go,” said the head of the Passenger Train.

Previously, TV3’s “Nekā personīga” reported that it had been decided to change the name of “Passenger Train” and will henceforth be called “Vivi Latvija”. Development and implementation of the new design will cost up to 100,000 euros.

At the same time, the LETA agency found out in the Patent Office that “Pasažieru vilciens” had registered the trademarks “Vivi Latvija” and “Vivi” in May this year. Applications for registration of both trademarks were submitted on February 4, 2020, but both trademarks were registered on May 20.

Information in the database of the Patent Office shows that the owner of both trademarks is “Passenger Train”, but the registration of trademarks is valid until February 4, 2030.

Agnese Līcīte, a representative of “Passenger Train”, told LETA that passengers will be able to start using new rolling stock in 2022, and with the receipt of these trains both the quality of service provided by “Passenger Train” and passenger demand will change significantly, as not only new trains were delivered, but also the traffic intensity was significantly increased by introducing an interval schedule.

“New trains must not only be technically appropriate and of high quality, their exterior color must be functional, expressive and sufficiently visible in traffic, at the same time they must be visually attractive both from the outside and inside. This spring we presented the new train design “The design of the new trains also follows the development of a new graphic identity and the development of a visual visibility guide or style book,” explained Līcīte.

The cost of all these works – development of interior and exterior design of electric trains, development of a new brand, development of visual recognition guidelines or style book – is 34,100 euros, which was the cheapest of the offered prices after the open procurement by “Passenger Train”. An agreement has been concluded with SIA “Printpigeons” for these services.

In turn, the cost of developing a communication strategy for the introduction of a visual identity is 7,850 euros, this was also the cheapest offer from the procurement process, Līcīte pointed out. An agreement has been concluded for this service with the partner of the international communication agency “Hill + Knowlton Strategies” in Latvia “MM&A I Hill + Knowlton Strategies” (SIA “Mežgaile, Māliņa and Austriņš”).

“As the company gradually changes and develops, introducing more and more new technologies, changes in the company’s own appearance – colors, logos and other elements that we will use – are a logical step. “Passenger train”, as well as the quality of the new services that we will offer to the population in the coming years. Changing the company’s graphic identity is only one of the steps in the process of change aimed at our long-term strategic changes, “said Līcīte.

She pointed out that the introduction of the new brand is closely linked to the delivery schedule of the new trains, as these changes will be implemented in the context of significant improvements in passenger services.

“We urge you not to analyze the suitability of a possible brand or its success too early, because it is impossible to draw full and objective conclusions from the overall concept and brand philosophy,” Līcīte added.

Last July, Passenger Train signed an agreement with Škoda Vagonka for the purchase of new electric trains. The amount of the contract is 241.889 million euros, but the total cost of the new electric train project, which also includes the construction of a train repair center, is planned to be 255.889 million euros. The agreement stipulates that the first trains will start running in 2022, but all trains are expected to be delivered by 2023.

“Passenger Train” was established in 2001, separating domestic passenger transportation from the functions performed by “Latvian Railway”. Previously, “Passenger Train” was 100% a subsidiary of “Latvijas dzelzceļš”, but in October 2008 it was transformed into a state-owned company.


Pence agreed to run for US vice president from Trump’s party :: Politics :: RBC

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

(Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

US Vice President Mike Pence at the US GOP convention held at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, has formally agreed to run for the upcoming US presidential elections in November as the Republican nominee for vice president. Pence’s speech broadcast KWTX News TV channel on its Facebook page.

“With gratitude for the trust placed in me by the President [Дональдом] Trump, with the backing of our Republican Party and the grace of God, I humbly accept your decision to nominate me to run for and serve as US Vice President, ”Pence said.

For the first time, US Republicans want to hold a pre-election convention without the press

August 24 Republican Party put forward Trump and Pence as their presidential and vice presidential candidates in the upcoming presidential elections.

On Thursday, August 27, Trump is scheduled to issue a statement on his decision to run for the presidency.

The presidential election will be held in the United States on November 3. Trump’s main rival is the former US Vice President, 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden. Previously, he put forward as a candidate for Vice President Kamala Harris, who became the first African American woman to apply for the position in the United States


Acura unveils Canadian pricing for its TXL model for 2021

Acura Canada today announced the price of its TLX 2021 model which should arrive in dealerships at the end of September.

The TLX’s starting price is set at $ 43,990 and in exchange, Acura promises improved performance and more features over the outgoing model. The entry price of the 2021 version is therefore $ 2,000 higher than it was in 2020 (when equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 engine, now defunct).

The TLX with the Technology package will cost $ 46,390, while the A-Spec package pushes the bill up to $ 49,290. Then we are entitled to the Platinum Elite package; buyers will have to shell out over $ 51,690 to get it.

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iPhone 12 would arrive boosted with a 50% increase in performance | Apple A14 Bionic chip | Processor | iOS | Technology

Every time there is less for the official debut of the next iPhone 12, whose launch would only take place in October, due to the fact that Apple recently confirmed that its flagship will go on sale “a few weeks later” than usual.

Expectations about what will make this new phone stand out are on the rise and leaks with its possible characteristics continue to be the order of the day. Its design has been constantly exposed on the Internet, but details have now been revealed about a key component for its performance.

YOU CAN SEE: iPhone 12: Apple phone will have an expensive titanium version of a SpaceX rocket [FOTOS]

Courtesy of renowned industry expert Komiya, it has been revealed that Apple’s next high-end processor, the A14, would suffer a significant increase in power over the A13 Bionic chip that was launched last year.

According to the leaker, the future Apple A14 would improve the performance of the CPU by 40% and the GPU by 50%, which would represent a transcendental increase in the smartphone sector, since the current processor of Apple it is considered the fastest on the market.

How is this gain in power possible? Thanks to the chip manufacturing process, which would go from 7 nanometers to 5 nanometers, a change that had already been cited in previous reports. This would allow to have more transistors in the same space and offer energy efficiency.

YOU CAN SEE: Apple would sell the cheapest iPhone 12 first and then the Pro versions [VIDEO]

He chip A14 would be manufactured by the leading supplier of Apple, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). In addition, it would allow the phone to make the leap to fifth-generation connectivity thanks to the modem 5G from Qualcomm.