Fritzbox update: new functions and improvements

AVM releases a major software update for its devices once a year. FritzOS 7.10 is the current major firmware version and was released in September 2019. Since then, AVM has updated numerous Fritz boxes with the software and even released further, smaller firmware adjustments that add new functions to the devices. Before they are officially […]

Caregivers: “I think Covid, I eat Covid, I sleep Covid”

They evoke a “enemy”. Sometimes see themselves as “Infantrymen”. They have much more “Fear for others” that they do not fear falling ill, without playing the heroes: “This is our job”, they say. Nurses, interns, emergency physicians, resuscitators, hematologists, psychiatrists… Their lives are now entirely dedicated to saving patients from the coronavirus. What is their […]

Greece: at Teleperformance, worry on the phone

“Every day, I have a lump in my stomach as soon as I wake up. I’m scared to go to work “, explains Anne (1). This 20-year-old Frenchwoman works at Teleperformance in Athens. She is one of those voices who, from a telephone platform, provide technical assistance or after-sales service for international brands. Apple, Hewlett […]

Containment: in Brittany, fishmongers in slow motion

In the family of Antoine Le Corre, 31, we have been a fishmonger for three generations. The 30-year-old has worked at Laurent Daniel in Guilvinec (Finistère) for four years. “There are still a few boats at sea, maybe 5 or 6 out of 37 in normal times, he reports, reached by phone. It just feeds […]

At war against boredom: a flight attendant, a suspended Tati and crimes in Orly

Airport-world Crazy about flight scenes, physical or magical (Catch me if you can, E.T.), Steven Spielberg was to end well in a film entirely located in an airport. He subverts the airport human condition there, which is that of waiting. Tourist disembarked from Eastern Europe at JFK airport in New York, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks, […]

“I have no contact except by phone”

“I arrived in South Korea on March 19 (51.8 million inhabitants) the day before the introduction of a compulsory test and quarantine for all those arriving from abroad. We did a week of reporting with Charlene, my wife. This allowed us to gauge how seriously the Koreans are taking the situation. All exposed healthcare workers […]

“Go back to work or starve”: sex workers put to the test

“Within a week I will be dry, unable to pay for my groceries and rent. I’m afraid of starving. “ On the other end of the phone, Julia’s voice is feverish. This 46-year-old sex worker (TDS) stopped her usual professional activity for several weeks, even before the confinement began. As the Covid-19 epidemic progressed, she […]

Opposite Covid-19, the Théâtre de la Colline in the telephone handset

“Stay in touch.” “Let’s not leave each other.” Comédie-Française, which will launch its online channel “la Comédie continue!” At 4 pm tomorrow. (shows but also unpublished pastilles, readings), to the online programming of the National Scene of Valenciennes, messages from all theater scenes have been flowing since the start of containment. Most often, the solution […]

Against Covid-19, MPs to reinforce caregivers

When the night service gives them some respite, the nurses at Besançon hospital confide in this colleague who has come for a few days. And to the member too. Emmanuelle Fontaine-Domeizel, elected LREM and former liberal nurse, was sent there, for a week, to the service of infectious diseases, to reinforce caregivers in tension because […]