A powerful thunderstorm with hail hit one of the villages of the Tver region | SOCIETY: Events | SOCIETY

A powerful thunderstorm with hail hit June 28 on the Rameshkovsky district of the Tver region. Local residents reported this to AiF Tver and shared photos from the scene.

June 28 morning in the village of Rameshki, which is 60 kilometers from Tver, a real winter storm fell. Residents took to the street and found paths covered with snow.

“The wind was strong, roofs were torn off in some places. Somewhere trees fell, including near the road. That’s how they went to bed in June, and woke up in November, ”local residents comment on the situation.

Photo: AiF in Tver
Photo: AiF in Tver
Photo: AiF in Tver
Photo: AiF in Tver


KTM presents the new range of enduro EXC 2021

The offer among the models in the KTM EXC 2-stroke with the technology of injection ports TPI and models EXC-F 4 stroke ensures a wide choice when it comes to choosing an enduro made in Mattighofen. The experience that KTM has gained competing in the mere violation of the Enduro World Championship and in other world level competitions have contributed to the development of the range KTM EXC 2021, of which the major updates focus on changes to suspension components, interventions with the engine and original graphics.

The KTM 300 EXC TPI is the flagship model of the range 2 times. 2021 marks the fourth year of the life of the injection system and electronic control technology, TPI has brought new life to the engine mixture, has extended the possibilities in terms of performance, smoothness in power delivery and driving feel, while adhering to the latest standards in terms of emissions. The practical advantages relate to the not having to fine-tune the carburetor, or worry about weather or altitude during a race or simply out with friends.

For the 2021 model KTM 150 EXC TPI it has been fitted with a new cast piston (in place of the forged), which offers higher performance and more homogeneous.

For the range 4-stroke KTM confirms models EXC-F. The technical features for 2021 affecting the KTM 450 EXC-F and the KTM 500 EXC-F, which are equipped with a new actuator desmodromic change, while the tip of the diamond of the family to confirm the KTM 350 EXC-F 2021conceived to combine the performance and pace of a “quattroemmezzo” the speed and agility of a “duemmezzo”.

On the front of the chassis, the front fork WP XPLOR that equips the whole range of EXC 2021 has been further refined. The fork is now fitted with a log-in for preload adjustment that allows you to operate with maximum simplicity on the settings depending on the conditions of the fund.

The range KTM EXC of 2021 is further enhanced by the models in the limited series, EXC Six Days, and from the KTM 300 EXC TPI Erzbergrodeo. Both have a long list of special components, among which the fork WP XPLOR last generation, the plates machined from solid, the button for the selection of the maps and the unique graphic.

The new bikes will arrive in showrooms from KTM starting in July 2020. For more information you can visit the official website.


Anastasia Volochkova made the twine from the hatch of the car (PHOTO) – https://stolicaonego.ru/

  1. Anastasia Volochkova made the twine from the hatch of the car (PHOTO) https://stolicaonego.ru/
  2. Anastasia is dressed in a tutu is not the size and showed extra Komsomolskaya Pravda
  3. “Ballet hell”: Volochkova put Borisov Dana in a cage and forced to dance to the RADIO “KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA”
  4. Volochkova has performed the splits, while in Luke / IA IA Cupid.info
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Assumption collects stars to the salvation of Ephraim

News. Society

19:40, 14 June 2020

photo: cosmo.ru/stars/news

66-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya stood up for the 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident in Central Moscow.

The singer said that the actor “does not need punishment and treatment”, writes “cosmopolitan”.

Queen of chanson admitted that he cried after the video message of repentance of Ephraim. The assumption stated that he after the death of its artistic Director of theatre of Galina Volchek was in depression, and recently was sick.

“I was recently in the “contemporary” on his show — he alone pulled the whole show – told Love Zalmanovna. When Vysotsky was a birthday, we had a concert, he was then already sick. He sat there, not smiling. He then said, “I Have depression, because I have died, Galina Volchek”. Mikhail Olegovich — the person who now wants to switch places with the deceased. He did it in the heat of passion. I have no doubt that he lost consciousness. Two days before death he told me that he had a sore heart.”

The artist was outraged by the behavior of close relatives of Michael. According to the assumption, the wife was supposed to treat him.

“We have to understand that Yefremov does not need punishment and treatment, – said the singer. – Where were the people who feed, live by him?”.

The pop star said that she was shocked by the public outrage that caused the fatal accident involving the actor. The singer of the hit “Convertible” decided to create a petition in support of it.

“Today I will only stand by him, noted the assumption in an interview 5-tv.ru. – Today I will gather all colleagues. Actors, musicians, folk artists: Vinokur, Leshchenko, Babkina. I gather all the people. We sign the papers with the request that we have lost such a great actor”.

Recall, 8 June, Mikhail Efremov sasatani intoxication caused a car accident in which killed people.


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Prado overturned at the entrance to the miner. 12.06.2020. News SOCOM. Uglegorsk. Sakhalin.Info

16:03 12 June 2020

Edition of IA Sakh.com received photographs of an accident in Uglegorsky district. According to witnesses, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado turned over and lay on the roof near the outskirts of Shakhtersk. What exactly was the cause of the accident is unknown, because the road to this place is almost perfect.

Also witnesses said that the driver is alive. About the injuries not reported. It is only known that it had been taken away from the scene.


The singers showed grown-up son: Elisha grows copy moms Photo

Dmitry Pevtsov has shared a fresh photo of 12-year-old son, who brings in marriage with the actress Olga Drozdova. The pair met on the set in 1991 and in 2007 became parents. “SUMMER! It’s time to undress…” – signed photo of Singers. Subscribers left a lot of compliments for the boy, and noted that Elisha is very similar to her famous mother.


Actress Daria Moroz nip slip (PHOTO) – https://stolicaonego.ru/

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Brescia, discovered molecule that slows the growth of myeloma

The discovery of a molecule, NSC12, able to slow down the growth and activity in metastatic cells, multiple myeloma cancer. The results of the study, coordinated by the University of Brescia with the funding ofThe Italian association for Cancer Research (Airc) and the Cariplo Foundation, have been published in the journal Cancer Research that the study has dedicated the cover of June.

The research saw the involvement of several Italian research groups. The group of researchers of the University of Brescia, coordinated by Arianna Giacomini and Roberto Ronca, therefore, has discovered the fundamental role of the molecule NSC12 in inhibiting an important factor involved in the growth and metastatic of tumor cells of multiple myeloma. After leukemias, multiple myeloma is the second cancer of the blood more frequently and is often resistant to current drug therapies.

“The research demonstrates the ability of the molecule NSC12 of inhibit the activity of the growth factor FGFresponsible for the growth and activity progression of the multiple myeloma cells, and, consequently, to induce suicide (apoptosis) of the same tumor cells, resulting in the slowing of tumor growth and inhibition of its ability to give rise to metastases in preclinical models – explain Giacomini and Ronca, the principal authors of the study. The results demonstrate that the molecule NSC12 is capable of inducing apoptosis in tumor cells isolated from the bone marrow of patients with multiple myeloma who are not able to respond to the drug bortezomib, which is commonly used in the therapy of gastric cancer”.

NSC12 could then afford, conclude the researchers, theidentification of new drugs able to block the growth of multiple myeloma even in those patients who do not respond or have developed resistance to the drug treatments currently in use in clinical practice.