Disney + also challenges Netflix in Germany

San Francisco Kevin Mayer is one of the few managers in the world whose business has probably been going better since the corona crisis than before. “Of course we are not happy about this situation,” says the Disney-Top manager the Handelsblatt. “But I hope that many people with Disney + can distract themselves from the […]

Deutsche Telekom cooperates with Walt Disney on streaming

Telekom logo The company works with Walt Disney. (Photo: dpa) Bonn For your own streaming offers, Deutsche Telekom entered into a cooperation with Walt Disney. “With the announcement of DisneyTo get into the streaming business, it was clear to us that we had to make this attractive offer available to our customers, ”said Dirk Wössner, […]

Banned in the Middle East because of an LGBT figure

The latest Pixar film, censored in Russia, will not be released in several countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and due to the sexual orientation of agent Spector, a cyclops. Due to Agent Spector’s sexual orientation (far right), “En Avant” will not be broadcast in several countries in the Middle East. Pixar Backward. The […]

Vin Diesel, Pixar and stories of brave women on the weekend of 8-M

‘Bloodshot’ with Vin Diesel and ‘Onward’, the new from Píxar, are the great productions that arrive on the billboard on a weekend marked by Women’s Day and numerous premieres with female labels as ‘Invisibles’ by Gracia Querejeta ‘,’ The green wave ‘or the’ biopic ‘about Harriet Tubman. ‘Bloodshot’ Vin Diesel, from the comic to the […]

Pixar’s “modern fairy tale” delights critics

Two elven brothers set off with lost hearts and souls in an extraordinary quest with a twofold objective: to try to revive a father they never knew for twenty-four hours, while looking for the remains of the magic of yesteryear in their world numbed by progress. It is in this strange universe, populated by elves, […]

“Forward”, from elves

For those to whom the title of the new film from the Pixar studios would remind a little too quickly the name of a detestable party in power, note thatForward Dan Scanlon sounds more like a critic of progress than anything else. The title is also a joke, a spirit of contradiction of the house […]

Downhill on Wall Street continues

new York The fear of the economic consequences of the corona virus epidemic will not let go of the stock marketers. After the U.S. health authorities warned of an outbreak in the United States, Wall Street slid significantly on Tuesday, posting losses for the fourth consecutive day. Already the previous day there had been violent […]