more than a million patients worldwide, 50,000 dead

It is a symbolic threshold: the bar of a million confirmed cases of sick people from Covid-19 and that of the 50,000 dead were exceeded during the night of April 2 to 3. Barely four months after the epidemic began in the city of Wuhan in China. This number of cases is obviously much lower […]

Should we believe Professor Raoult?

EXCLUSIVE – The director of the Marseille University Hospital Institute (IHU) exclusively granted an interview to Figaro Magazine. He explains at length about the “Raoult method” and the use of chloroquine. Professor Didier Raoult in his offices at the IHU in Marseille. Christophe Lepetit for Figaro Magazine THE FIGARO MAGAZINE. – The French discovered you […]

what to know this Thursday, April 2

Good evening, Edouard Philippe was the guest of TF1 this evening. The Prime Minister notably mentioned a new extension of containment and a postponement of municipal elections in autumn. According to him, given the current conditions, the baccalaureate cannot be held in June. Finally, while funny Easter holidays are coming, he invited the French not […]

patient tracking applications under debate

Successfully tested in Asia, they alert contact cases of people infected with Covid-19. But they ask ethical questions. Use on smartphone of TraceTogether, an application installed on a voluntary basis by 685,000 people in Singapore to control the dissemination of the Covid-19. CATHERINE LAI / AFP This could be one of the keys to the […]

The respirator, relay of the lungs

Resembling a small robot, the respirator equips all resuscitation rooms. It is essential for critical cases of Covid-19 requiring resuscitation (approximately 5% of patients) and takes over from the lungs when, severely attacked by the virus, they no longer fulfill their role. It then supplies oxygen to the patient’s body. The principle of its operation […]

the crucial issue of certification of diagnostic tests

Unlike the United States, the European Union does not verify the quality of the tests, which can bear CE marking by simple self-declaration by the manufacturer. Preparation of coronavirus test kits, at SD Biosensor, in Cheongju (South Korea). ED JONES / AFP For several weeks, the debate on the importance of diagnostic tests has been […]

the main molecules used in the intensive care unit

Le Figaro reviews the characteristics of essential products for the management of patients on a ventilator. These molecules are essential for intubation and keeping patients on a ventilator. 206162674 / sudok1 – The management of many patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in the intensive care unit for long periods (sometimes several weeks) […]

what after-effects after going into intensive care?

Patients who are resuscitated suffer from acute respiratory syndrome. What are the consequences? Patients coming out of intensive care need support, especially psychological, after this traumatic experience. Vincent Isore / IP3 PRESS / MAXPPP In France, more than 5,000 people infected with Covid-19 are currently in intensive care. The most seriously affected are put on […]

Is the virus less aggressive when the climate is hot?

The lifespan of some viruses is reduced by heat and UV. Studies are being conducted to find out if this principle applies to the current coronavirus. In Kenya, the fight against the coronavirus is being prepared. YASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP Could the weather dampen the progress of the Covid-19? This issue has been ubiquitous since […]

what you need to know this Tuesday, March 31

Good evening, Today, as a third week of confinement begins, the situation begins to weigh on the morale of the French. We offer some advice not to sink into gloom. From the SME Kolmi-Hope, in Maine-et-Loire, Emmanuel Macron has set himself the goal “full independenceIn the production of masks. Ile-de-France hospitals are reaching saturation point, […]