Speed ​​wagon from VW Arteon: Independent renderings published

The shooting break body combines the versatility of a station wagon with the speed of a sports car.

Volkswagen Arteon in the body of shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Volkswagen Arteon, the flagship model of the brand, is sold in a five-door liftback format. Designers of the studio X-Tomi Design have published independent renderings of the speed wagon from VW Arteon.

The car is distinguished by a long body, as for a station wagon. At the beginning of the last century, models such as shooting break were intended for hunters and allowed accommodating guns and equipment, and therefore the trunk of such a car is still large.

Volkswagen Arteon in the body of shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Nowadays, models of such cars are distinguished by a sloping shape of the roof at the back, which hints at the sporting spirit and refers to the coupe bodies. A similar solution can be seen on this Volkswagen Arteon – a sloping roof improves aerodynamics, which is important for a car aimed at speed.

The author of the renderings also introduced the three-door version of the Volkswagen Arteon speed wagon, which has even more in common with the coupe body.

Three-door Volkswagen Arteon in the back of a shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Unfortunately, the German developers did not report plans to release “Arteon” in a similar body. Today in Russia you can buy a VW Arteon liftback, and the cost of the model starts from an impressive mark of 2.64 million rubles.

Station wagon The Beast. Photo: carakoom

By the way, the most famous car in the body of shooting break is the American “monster” The Beast – under the hood there is a 27-liter 800-horsepower aircraft engine that accelerates the car to 300 km / h.


The opening of the economy provoked an increase in the number of diseases COVID-19

Last week, Apple closed seven stores in Houston, Texas – just a few days after the stores closed in four more states. Texas and Florida, which introduced the quarantine regime among the last in the United States and one of the first to leave it, are becoming the new focus of the epidemic. They, as well as California and Arizona account for almost half of new infections in the United States.

The number of people infected has been decreasing since April 24 (36,291 cases), but since mid-June it has been growing rapidly, reaching a new record on Friday – 45,255, according to Johns Hopkins University. Therefore, in Texas, the authorities closed all the bars (and the mayor of Houston issued a decree on isolation again), in Florida – they restricted their work, and the opening of hairdressers and street verandas scheduled for Monday was postponed in San Francisco. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has postponed the opening of shopping centers, cinemas and fitness clubs, scheduled for Friday in several counties. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have quarantined visitors from several states, including Florida, Texas, and Arizona.


Health reveals details of the plan to get rid of Corona in 3 stages .. Know the details

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that the plan to coexist with the Corona epidemic launched by the Ministry of Health and Population will be implemented in 3 phases of the initial stage, which will be implemented immediately, while the second phase is implemented within 28 days of the start of the first phase, and it takes 28 days to implement. From the end of the third stage and its end until the issuance of other decisions by an organization or the World Health Organization’s declaration, the global risk assessment has decreased to a low level.

The second stage includes a series of general procedures, which are visual and oral sorting for all people before entering the facilities, metro and trains, while obliging everyone to wear the muzzle when he leaves his home and obliging the business owners and malls to put the means of hand-cleansing on their doors while maintaining an average density inside the establishments and commercial stores and the role does not open Cinema, theaters, cafes or any entertainment venues at that point.

As for the third stage, it includes important measures, namely, commitment to good ventilation. Preventing any kind of crowding in the case of WHO recommendations to adopt a safe and effective vaccine. The vaccine is started according to the priorities that will be issued by the Ministry of Health and Population, with hygiene methods and continued adherence to the health requirements of food handlers in restaurants. Hotels and the ongoing surveillance of disease routinely and activate surveillance if any new cases appear.


Possible further plot for the winner of the men’s Money in the Bank 2020 match (potential spoiler) – PWNews

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Musk announced plans to relocate Tesla headquarters from California

Tesla will immediately move its headquarters and future programs to Texas and Nevada, said its head, Elon Musk. Now the company’s head office is located in California.

“If we keep our production activities in Fremont at all, it will depend on how we relate to Tesla in the future,” Mr. Musk wrote in Twitter. Tesla is the last automaker left in California, he said.

Previously, Tesla was not allowed to resume the factory in Fremont. The company planned to open it on Friday, TechCrunch reports.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that he would sell almost all of his things. “I sell almost all of my property. I won’t have a home, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Read more in the publication “Kommersant FM” “Elon Musk sells at home”.


The Stock Market recovers optimism after plans to reopen in the US

The Stock Market has recovered optimism in this last session of the week by closing with a 1.6% rise in the 6,875 points. The day was marked by the announcement of the plans of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, about the reopening of the country and by the possible advances of a drug by the company Gilead Sciences against the coronavirus. In weekly computation, the Ibex-35 has closed with a decrease of 2.7%.

Trump has put on the table a three-phase plan to reopen the United States in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and will allow governors to make decisions in this regard based on their individual needs because “states are different.” “Based on the latest data, our team of experts agrees that we can start with the next front of our war, which we have called ‘Open America again’,” said Trump.

In this way, after closing yesterday with a drop of 1.1%, the Ibex 35 began the day in green with an eye on the psychological level of the 7,000 integers, in a day in which investors have known that the Product China’s Gross Interior (GDP) has fallen by 6.8% in the first quarter of this year, marking the first contraction in the Asian economy since 1976, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this reference has not been exceeded at any time during the session.

In the early stages of this Friday’s session, practically all stocks were trading higher led by Ence (7.5%), IAG (7.2%), Repsol (6.1%), ACS (5.6% ) and ArcelorMittal (5%). Among other large stocks, BBVA has risen 1.5%, CaixaBankun 1.1%, Iberdrola 1%, Telefónica 0.3% and Santander has fallen 0.5%.

Europe, also in green

In the rest of Europe, Paris has risen 3.42% today; Frankfurt, 3.15%; London, 2.82%; Milan, 1.71%; and Madrid, 1.66%.

Likewise, the price of a quality barrel Brent, a benchmark in Europe, began the day this Friday at $ 28, while the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), a benchmark for the United States, was trading at around $ 18.

For its part, the Spanish risk premium relaxes significantly to 128 basis points, with the interest demanded on the ten-year bond at 0.8%, while the price of the euro against the dollar stood at 1.0835 ‘ green bills’.


They must pay! Trump’s challenging message to the Dukes of Sussex – Telemundo Utah

President Donald Trump assured on Sunday that the United States would not pay for the safety of the Dukes of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, if they moved to the United States.

“I am a great admirer of the Queen and the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the (United Kingdom), would reside permanently in Canada. Now that they have left Canada to come to the US, however, the US will not pay their security protection. They must pay! “Trump said on his Twitter account.

The Dukes’ Office responded shortly thereafter: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to request security resources from the US government. Security preparations have been made with private funds. “

This week, several US and UK media revealed that the couple had changed their residence to settle in Los Angeles, the capital of the entertainment industry.

According to an exclusive published by People magazine and The Sun newspaper, they moved to southern California earlier than expected due to the coronavirus crisis, in order to prevent the closure of borders from affecting their working life in the US, since up to now they lived in Canada.

The news of the change of residence coincides with the announcement that the Disney factory made this week about its first collaboration with Markle, who will lend his voice to narrate a documentary about nature called “Elephant”.

This is the first audiovisual-related job for the American actress after she decided to leave Hollywood to marry Prince Harry in 2018.

The issue of their safety has already raised blisters in Canada, when they moved to this country and announced in January their effective “resignation” from the British Royal House.

British media claimed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had relayed to Queen Elizabeth that Canada would bear at least part of the cost of the Dukes of Sussex’s residence, but it was unclear whether he would ultimately bear those of security.

The cost of security for the Dukes of Sussex in Canada was estimated to be as high as C $ 1.7 million a year, about $ 1.3 million.


Mass. Child Care Centers Closing Monday for all workers, except those critical of Coronavirus – NBC Boston

Massachusetts child care centers will close on Monday amid the coronavirus epidemic, but some exempt centers will open to take care of the children of critical workers, Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday during a briefing.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, according to the latest numbers released on Wednesday by state health officials.

The new figures show that 2,054 residents have been quarantined, with 1,168 still in quarantine and 886 that are no longer in quarantine. This is almost double the 1,083 total of a week ago.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts rises steadily, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – who reported 45 cases in Boston on Wednesday afternoon – exposed his thought process about what would be needed to issue a shelter order. on site.

Baker said Tuesday that he had no intention of ordering residents to take refuge on the spot. However, more than a dozen state and local Democrats are urging the Republican to reconsider in an open letter.

Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts has no plans for its residents to take refuge on the spot, but said “difficult days are coming.”

In the letter, released Tuesday afternoon, the 17 Democrats asked Baker to seek shelter by Tuesday after other cities such as San Francisco.

“Doctors tell us that COVID-19 is about 10 times more contagious than the flu and that 1 in 5 infected people will contract severe pneumonia that will require hospitalization,” they said.

“Suppressing the spread of the virus is essential to protect the ability of healthcare professionals to manage the influx of new patients and to safeguard public health and safety. Epidemiologists have suggested that Massachusetts could see up to 10,000 cases by the end of this month.”

As of Tuesday, the total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts has risen to 218, according to public health officials.

The Motor Vehicle Registry was reopened on Wednesday, which attracted large crowds of people lined up, despite Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh’s call for social expulsion in Massachusetts.

Baker said Tuesday that while there were “difficult days ahead”, there were no plans to implement an ongoing refuge.

“We will probably have some very difficult days ahead of us, as we are still at the start of the battle against this virus,” said Baker. “Faith and trust. We will succeed by putting together, taking care of each other.”

Baker plans to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic at 15:00. at the State House with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, sect. of health and human services Marylou Sudders and DPH Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel.

In a Tuesday night television speech, Walsh called on the audience to distance social to flatten the coronavirus curve.

“We simply need everyone’s help, and that’s how we will get past this,” said Walsh. “This is not the time for home parties, dating or visiting friends. We need everyone to limit their contacts right now.”


NHL pushes back the chronology on the potential recovery of the season – NBC Los Angeles

Don’t count on hockey being played early.

NHL has significantly scaled back its timeline to when it can potentially resume playing for several weeks, if not a month or more, following the new coronavirus pandemic.

The league and the NHL Players’ Association told players on Monday that they can return home – even outside of North America – and must self-isolate until March 27 while the season is pending. But the NHL also warned that it will not be able to give indications of the potential reopening of team practices for another 45 days, which could push any potential return to play in May.

The new directives follow the CDC’s recommendation for gatherings of 50 or more people in the United States for the next eight weeks. NHL said that “depending on world developments”, consideration will be given to reopening facilities after the end of the self-quarantine period in late March, but practices for the 31 teams would not occur at the end of April – soon.

“I think in light of the CDC’s recommendations, it’s hard to predict that we’re looking at many events here in March or even April, in my opinion,” said NHL player agent Jay Grossman.

This is a big move from Friday, when the league gave players the opportunity to return to the team’s facilities and train and skate in small groups.

The latest decision leaves open questions about whether NHL can complete its regular season, which was suspended Thursday with 189 games left, and whether it might be necessary to change its playoff format to prevent the postseason from going into the summer months. .

Last week, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he remained optimistic about the resumption of the game and the concession of the Stanley Cup, which has been delivered every year since 1893 except for 1919 due to the Spanish flu epidemic and the 2005 when a blockade canceled the whole season.

Although NHL followed the NHB’s lead in suspending its season, Bettman declined to set a time frame on how long the “break” would last. Last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said his league break will likely last at least a month.

“The pause will be until it is appropriate, prudent and safe to start the backup,” said Bettman. “Nobody knows how long the break can be. Nobody, not even the medical community, can predict it with certainty.”

Bettman, the executive director of NHL and NHLPA, Don Fehr, each stated that they were not aware of positive results for the coronavirus.

Arizona defender Coyotes Aaron Ness became the first publicly known NHL player to be tested for COVID-19 on Monday. Ness’s agent, Neil Sheehy, said the results turned negative after his client followed NHL guidelines to look for tests for flu-like symptoms.

The NBA released a statement on Wednesday saying it would suspend the season until further notice after a Utah Jazz player has tested positive for coronavirus.

“He never thought he would have it initially, to be honest,” said Sheehy. “What happened was that the championship was saying if you have a sore throat, if you have a runny nose, if you have a cough, call the coach and don’t come on the track, and so he did.”

The new NHL directive to allow players to return home has led players and coaches to make plans to travel.

In Buffalo, New York, Sabers striker Marcus Johansson initially hoped to return home to Sweden on a flight from nearby Toronto. These plans changed when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the country was closing its borders except for Canadians and Americans, also imposing a 14-day self-quarantine on those entering the country.

Johansson was attempting to book a return flight to New York City.

The organization said Thursday that it is canceling tournaments due to the “evolution of the COVID-19 threat to public health”.

In an email to The AP, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said there was little that the league could do with travel restrictions.

“It’s a consequence of where we are. Nobody is to blame,” Daly wrote.

The U.S. government has imposed a travel ban on non-citizens from Europe that runs until mid-April. There are currently 233 European players on the NHL lists, including scorer Leon Draisaitl from Germany, and there are under contract for minors. How many could go home is unknown.

“I’ve talked to some players who are doing their best to climb obviously to return to the safest and most comfortable environment they can reach at this point,” said Grossman.

Map: look at Coronavirus cases around the world

Meanwhile, the American Hockey League has followed NHL in a decision taken on Monday by its executive committee. The 31-team league has announced that the indefinite suspension of its regular season will not be lifted before May and also recommended that its teams work to return the players to their main homes.

Abroad, the Russia-based Kontinental Hockey League paused for a week during its playoffs to determine a new format and schedule for the six remaining teams. The decision came after the Finnish Jokerit and Barys Nur-Sultan, based in Kazakhstan, withdrew from the playoffs amid the pandemic.