Boldi “Disappointed by Avati, he replaced me without warning me” – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 11 – “I learned of Pupi Avati’s choice to replace me with my fraternal friend Renato Pozzetto, who took my role, told me on his birthday. A choice that finds me d okay, he’s my teacher, but I would have preferred Pupi to give me a phone call to tell me, and instead … “. Massimo Boldi entrusts in an exclusive interview published by the weekly “Chi” in the issue on newsstands from Wednesday 12 August his bitterness for what he considers an injustice on the part of an old friend of his, the director Pupi Avati.

Massimo Boldi was supposed to play Vittorio Sgarbi’s father in the film dedicated to the art critic’s parents. The film was inspired by the book She speaks to me again, which Giuseppe Sgarbi wrote thinking of his wife Rina Cavallini, who passed away after 65 years of love. A choice that everyone agreed, starting with Vittorio, whom he already called Boldi “dad”, given the extraordinary resemblance to his father. “In spring 2019, I was contacted by Pupi Avati and his brother Antonio, producer, to make a film on the story of Vittorio Sgarbi’s parents”, says Boldi “In June last year I received the screenplay, the shooting was scheduled for October-November 2019. I was available for almost a year (…) We met after the quarantine, which had blocked all productions for months. On July 6 I did the costume fitting. But I didn’t know anything more. “On July 14, Pozzetto’s birthday, Boldi calls him to wish him good wishes.” It was he who told me that as a birthday present he had agreed to act in a film that I was supposed to make. I was left like a jerk. For me, a handshake is worth more than a contract “. And Avati’s reaction?” I wrote him a message asking him how we were going to explain this change in progress to the newspapers and he replied: ‘Do as you wish’ ” (HANDLE).