quarantine leave will be possible on November 9 and 10

With the All Saints holidays being extended until November 11, many parents were wondering how they could combine their working day with childcare.

Good news: they will be able to have recourse to quarantine parental leave, tells us Clarisse Ramakers, director of the UCM’s Study Service.

It was a request from the League of Families. This quarantine parental leave makes it possible to suspend the employment contract of parents whose children can no longer attend their class, school, nursery or reception center for disabled children following a closure due to the coronavirus. Given that the decision to extend the Toussaint holidays is motivated by the health crisis, the situation of November 9 and 10 falls within this framework. “We have just had confirmation from ONEM,” said Clarisse Ramakers.

As a reminder, the employer is forced to accept the quarantine leave request of its employees, subject to a certificate from the school. “The ONEM allowance is the same as for temporary unemployment, ie 70% of the worker’s remuneration capped. In addition, until 12/31/2020, he still receives a supplement of 5.63 € / day in addition to his unemployment benefit, ”recalls the UCM.


Coronavirus. By injecting an attenuated version of the virus, it would be possible to vaccinate more

A new experimental vaccine against Covid-19 enters final phase of testing announced Thursday, September 24 the company which developed it, Novavax. This is the eleventh vaccine against coronavirus which is entering this final phase of clinical trials.

Other companies are trying to develop solutions they deem more effective against this virus. This is the case of the start-up Codagenix . The principle: injecting a live but attenuated virus into the body. Each virus, whether it is the flu, Zika or the common cold, uses the machinery of the host cell (ribosome) to translate its genome and synthesize its proteins, explains the start-up. Our computer algorithm recodes and attenuates the codons of viral genes, placing the genes in language that is read more slowly by the host cell’s ribosome., explains the creators of the start-up on their site.

This principle causes a reaction of the immune system

Usually, the coronavirus can replicate 100 million times inside a cell in 24 hours, explains the site Futura Health . This figure could be halved based on laboratory tests. In the body, this will give the immune system more time to react, describes Robert Coleman, president of Codagenix, in Technology Review .

Where the candidate vaccines currently developed by various laboratories will only protect part of the virus, the advantage of using a live attenuated strain would be to allow the body to produce, of course, antibodies, but also T lymphocytes, those particularly important in immunity against this new coronavirus.

“A risk that is not necessary”

This concept is well known since it is the version used for chickenpox, polio or even yellow fever. However, it is not without risk due to possible mutations in the virus, negative responses for a person with a weakened immune system. Some scientists therefore do not see the point of developing such a version of the vaccine, Covid-19 being a virus easy to vaccinate, says Michael Farzan, professor of immunology and microbiology at the Scripps Research Institute. According to him, you only need live attenuated viruses when you don’t have a safer one. Because it carries a risk that is not necessary.

Important to “imitate the course of the disease”

But Codagenix recalls that the other advantage of the attenuated version is the possibility of rapidly producing billions of doses and of vaccinating through the nose, without needing to use a syringe and, therefore, more widely.

According to Rajeev Dhere, director of Serum Institute of India, if you want to complete the immunological response, you have to mimic the course of the disease, and this can only be done with a live attenuated vaccine.


Dentix approaches bankruptcy after receiving ‘no’ from Advent | Companies

Dentix sees the bankruptcy in the rearview mirror. The chain of dental clinics, which invoked the creditors’ pre-bankruptcy in March, is rushing its last options. One of them leaves with the number of Advent, owner of Vitaldent, to take control of the company at this time, according to sources familiar with the company’s situation. Keeps the last conversations with potential investors and the creditor banks to avoid bankruptcy.

Dentix’s situation has become notably complicated in recent months. In January, everything seemed to indicate that KKR – Creditor of the company with a loan of 160 million euros – was going to convert its debt into shares and take control. He selected, in fact, a CEO, Enrique Francia. But just before closing the deal, both France and KKR backed down, noting various “accounting discrepancies.”

In March, with the supplier financing lines closed and a few days before the declaration of the state of alarm, the company invoked Article 5 bis of the Bankruptcy Law to start the creditors’ pre-bankruptcy, a period of three months for a quarter of extension in which they can negotiate with their creditors with shields on their assets. Covid-19, which greatly complicated the situation of Dentix during the spring, suspended the deadline to enter the mandatory tender until January. The company, and not the creditors, can request it at any time.

Since then the owner and founder of Dentix, Angel Lorenzo Muriel, negotiates on the one hand with KKR and the rest of the creditor banks – a union formed by BBVA, Bankia, Santander, CaixaBank, Abanca, Liberbank, Ibercaja and Aresbank– and, on the other hand, with possible investors who guarantee a capital injection. Among them have been Sherpa Capital y Advent.

The latter has been the one that has been the most times and closest to completing the operation. In the summer he presented the last offer and entered into negotiations with the banks from which he demanded the reopening of the credit lines. confirming and assume you take away. In return, he promised to recapitalize the company and settle outstanding accounts with KKR.

Finally the agreement has run aground. And the owner of Vitaldent decided this week to get up from the table and not perform the operation at this time. Even so, a letter is kept up its sleeve to return to the bid when Dentix has entered a possible bankruptcy. An Advent spokesperson has declined to comment.

Dentix, in any case, does not throw in the towel regarding closing a deal with Advent. A person in charge of the dental chain points out that, for her part, the negotiations with the Boston fund have not been broken and affirms that they are still in talks. Even so, it indicates that in parallel it is negotiating with two other funds interested in the company.

For this reason, the chain is optimistic that an agreement will be closed with some of the interested parties to transfer control of the Spanish business, even if the dental company falls into bankruptcy. The Madrid firm requested the pre-consurso in March, but due to the pandemic, the deadline to negotiate with creditors has been extended until the end of the year. Those responsible do not clarify whether the contest will be requested before the end of the year, but they do not rule it out.

Sale of Mexico business

The dental chain is negotiating the sale of its business in Mexico, which totals around 30 clinics, according to sources familiar with the process, who estimate that the deal could be closed in just over a month. The buyer would be a dental chain in that country.

Ángel Lorenzo’s company would get rid of that business as it did with that of Colombia and Chile, adventures that have not come to fruition and on which the agreements with the financial companies that advance the costs of the treatments weigh.

In Mexico, most of the clinics are currently closed, although they can operate, mainly due to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to company sources.


Farc: Timochenko made a controversial statement about the recruitment of children in the guerrilla – Peace Process – Politics

A whole controversy was generated in the country after knowing a part of the statement before the JEP of the number one of the Farc, Rodrigo Londoño, Timochenko, in which he did not recognize that the Farc had recruited minors forcibly.

In dialogue with EL TIEMPO, Londoño assured that “The Farc was reached consciously.”

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Much has been said about your statement at the JEP, what did you say?

The truth, our truth, what I know, what I knew and what I can attest to the struggle of the Farc. There is undoubtedly an old dirty propaganda campaign against us, fueled today to the extreme by our political opponents.

The FARC were a revolutionary organization, made up of men and women who consciously joined the armed struggle. Our adversaries are capable of hiring firms that are experts in defamation, as was presented with the barrage against the Supreme Court and justice. It is the same campaign that seeks not only to discredit the courts, but also the JEP.

Why did you deny the responsibility of the Farc in the recruitment of children?

Are you sure we deny that responsibility? Do you know the full five hours of my statement or those of the other former officers appearing? The presentations before the JEP are broad, contextualized, explanatory, it is very difficult to synthesize them in a few lines or a couple of sentences. Every time we try we are subjected to the subsequent onslaught based on hatred and prejudice.

If we think of the word recruitment in a country like ours, in which the Army forced countless generations of boys to pay military service, it is easy to think that the guerrillas acted in the same way. It’s not like that. That I have known, I cannot speak of a single case in which someone has been forced into our ranks. And much less a minor. The Farc was reached consciously.

Is it possible that some fronts of the Farc recruited children?

If we understand a child as anyone under the age of 18, it is definitely possible. In fact, the minimum age to enter the FARC was 15 years old. That way, all that income could be classified as children’s. In this regard there are two things to comment. The first is that according to the rules of international humanitarian law, the valid age to join an army was 15 years old, which can be certified by any expert in the field. The second is that you have to think about the rural world in which the war was fundamentally taking place. Girls and boys in the countryside, particularly in the areas furthest from the populated centers, grow up working alongside their parents.

The social, political and military environment of their regions easily leads them to the guerrillas. This does not mean that there have not been errors, behaviors that, although they were not policy of the organization, occurred beyond the will of it. We will not stop recognizing them. Today, speaking with many ex-guerrillas without the intermediation of the command, they tell you things that you never heard about.

If the recruitment of children was not a policy of the Farc, why were there minors in the guerrilla ranks?

I understand the question in the sense of children under 15 years. If it did occur, they were exceptional, very serious causes, typical of the conditions of the Colombian rural world. One of them, violence. Children of murdered parents, also threatened with death and who had nowhere to go. Or of homes in a sorry state of poverty. There were fathers or mothers who advised their children to go to the guerrillas, where they could have a future.

What to say to the defenders of the peace agreement who demand truth?

That they are absolutely right to claim it. During the dialogues in Havana, those of us who were commanders in the war made the commitment to assume responsibility for the errors and horrors committed within the organization. These acts were in violation of the norms and principles that governed us, but they did happen. As the last commander of the FARC I am obliged to admit that there were serious offenses, such as the entry into the ranks of minors or forced abortions. Another is the case of absolutely false allegations, we are not going to blame ourselves for facts that are not true.

What is your opinion of the entire episode of Salvatore Mancuso’s return to Colombia?

I spoke with Mancuso and listened to his intention to contribute truth. He sent a letter to Dr. Álvaro Leyva in which he presents the risks that weigh against him and his family, and in which he tells how he has been persecuted to collect his statements. I think the country should ask itself with all maturity: who can benefit from Mancuso not declaring the truth?

Do you still believe that former paramilitary commanders should go to the JEP?

What really matters is your contribution to the truth. The victims, the entire country, have the right to know their version, their explanations, their requests for forgiveness. All possibility must be materialized to that truth. If there was a way to go before the JEP, so be it. If it has to be before Justice and Peace, then let it be there, but with all the guarantees so that he can speak freely, without the risk of suffering irreparable consequences.

How are you analyzing the outlook for the 2022 presidential elections?

Some critics accuse the Duque government and his party of making a fatal mistake. They are governing in such a way, earning the animosity of the great Colombian majorities, doing everything they shouldn’t do if they were thinking about their future, that it is most likely that they are serving on a platter what they fear so much. There are clear signs that in 2022 Colombia will make a considerable political turn towards alternative, advanced, democratic options. Personally, I do not believe that Duque and his party are wrong, it is that they think and act like that, it is their nature, they cannot be otherwise. The country is fed up with that party, its corruption, its lies, its indolence in the face of the majority, its exclusive interest in favoring the most economically powerful sectors. They will pay for that at the polls, there is no doubt.

Do you see a possible rapprochement with Gustavo Petro?

Perhaps the word most used by the left and the revolutionary movement in general is the word unity. We are clear that a democratic and progressive unitary option will be victorious in 2022. Another thing if unity is not possible. That is why our interest is to contribute to the maximum in the construction of a great convergence of advanced forces, without prevention against anyone, opening all the possibilities of sums and alliances. Senator Gustavo Petro has many merits even though we have had differences.

Political Drafting


With “Facebook Watch Together”, it will soon be possible to watch a film with others, but from a distance

Users of “Facebook Watch”, the video service of the social network, will now be able to watch programs “together”, with the simultaneous display of a video and the faces of their friends on their smartphone screen.

Facebook announced Monday that the new feature, “Watch Together” will be rolled out wherever Messenger is available in the coming weeks. After months of pandemic and social distancing, the Californian group wants ” recreate the experience of watching a movie together », Explains Olivia Grace, product manager for Messenger.

During a video call, users will be able to choose to watch a comedy, fitness or other program available on Facebook Watch. The selected video will be displayed on the screen, next to the participants’ faces, allowing their reaction to be seen simultaneously. The option will be available for calls made via messaging (up to 8 people) as well as in “Messenger Rooms”, these “virtual rooms” where up to 50 people can meet.

Video uses exploded during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular videoconferencing calls, both for work and for social life. ” There are over 150 million video calls on Messenger and over 200 million videos sent through Messenger every day “, Facebook specifies in a press release.

The social media giant added many features in this area during lockdown, including Messenger Rooms. These virtual pieces are used in particular by artists and content creators to give lectures or give demonstrations, including paid. With this new option, they will be able to offer their fans to watch their videos and interact with them at the same time.



Minsalud denies the purchase of 16 million doses of possible vaccine against covid-19

August 19, 2020 – 11:00 am

Newsroom of El País

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection denied information released by various media, which indicates that the country had acquired 16 million doses of a possible vaccine against the coronavirus.

Through Twitter, the highest health authority indicated that “the information circulating in the media about the purchase, by the Colombian government, of 16 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 is not true. We continue to advance with multilateral strategies and bilateral for access to the vaccine “.

The alleged agreement, according to a national media outlet, would have been signed with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and would include, as a clause, that if the possible vaccine does not pass phase three of tests, there would be no negotiation.

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As indicated by the National Government, Colombia is part of the Covax mechanism of the World Health Organization, WHO, through which it is intended to achieve an equitable distribution of the vaccine against covid-19 when it is approved.


A new contest between Microsoft and Samsung .. who wins?

Samsung Collapsible, better display quality thanks to Ultra HD, thanks to "HDR10 +".


Wolfa expected "Gizmo China"A Samsung phone is more solid as a device, and it has a memory of 12 GB, while it does not exceed the area of ​​a phone. Microsoft 6 GB.

But when it comes to software, Microsoft’s phone is more "Boolean"According to the site, as it contains programs and applications optimized to take full advantage of the form factor, making it more effective than Samsung phone.

You can also open applications side by side, and many of them have been optimized for that. Moreover, Microsoft phone supports stylus "Service between"While the Samsung phone does not support the stylus feature.


Phone wins "Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2" Clearly in the camera comparison, according to the site, thanks to a 12 mega-pixel triple camera, compared to Microsoft’s 11 mega-pixel camera.

With Samsung you get an additional telephoto sensor, an ultrafast sensor, in addition to two 10 mega-pixel front cameras.

the battery

It will provide 4500 mAh battery contained in a phone "Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2"Longer battery life than a phone battery "Microsoft Surface Duo"Simply because a Samsung phone has more capacity.

The battery life will increase, especially if you only use the Samsung external display, which comes with a lower resolution and a standard refresh rate.


A phone will be brought up "Microsoft Surface Duo" At $ 1,399, while it is likely to cost a phone "Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2" Over $ 2,300.


Although both phones have the same idea, which is a foldable phone with a large screen, they differ greatly in features and method of work.

the design

Thanks to the thin bezels around the display screens, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 provides more impressive and innovative designs, but the Microsoft Surface Duo phone does not leave any space between two screens while it is folded, and can rotate at a 360-degree angle and is much thinner than a Samsung phone. .

On the other hand, the Microsoft phone has a very thick frame around the screens, due to the 4: 3 aspect ratio, this makes it look like an old phone.


The Microsoft Surface Doo phone comes with two displays close to each other that can be used together and rotated at an angle of 360 degrees, while the Samsung Galaxy Zfold 2 has a unique foldable screen, in addition to a secondary external screen for those who wish to use it as a regular phone.

It provides a screen Samsung Foldable, better display quality thanks to Ultra High Resolution, thanks to “HDR10 +” technology.


According to the “Gizmo China” website, the Samsung phone is more solid as a device, as it has a memory of 12 gigabytes, while the area of ​​a phone does not exceed Microsoft 6 GB.

But when it comes to software, the Microsoft phone is more “logical”, according to the site, as it contains programs and applications optimized to take full advantage of the form factor, making it more effective than a Samsung phone.

You can also open applications side by side, and many of them have been optimized for that. Moreover, the Microsoft phone supports the “Surface Pen”, while the Samsung phone does not support the stylus feature.


The Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2 clearly wins in the camera comparison, according to the site, thanks to a 12-mega-pixel triple camera, compared to Microsoft’s 11 mega-pixel camera.

With Samsung you get an additional telephoto sensor, an ultrafast sensor, in addition to two 10 mega-pixel front cameras.

the battery

The 4,500 mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy Zedfold 2 will provide longer battery life than the Microsoft Surface Duo phone, simply because the Samsung phone has more capacity.

The battery life will increase, especially if you only use the Samsung external display, which comes with a lower resolution and a standard refresh rate.


The “Microsoft Surface Du” phone will be offered at a price of $ 1,399, while the “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2” phone is likely to cost more than $ 2,300.


They closed a police station in Villa Gobernador Gálvez due to possible contagion

The Police station 29th of Villa Gobernador Galvez was closed due to possible contagion of coronavirus. Given the suspected suspicion of a detainee – he was swabbed to determine if he is infected – who was isolated due to a close contact with a positive, the authorities of the section ordered to close it and put ten people from the unit in isolation.

The determination was made after a person was arrested for resisting authority. But later it was learned that the prisoner was complying with mandatory and social isolation, since he had a relative who had tested positive for coronavirus. Undoubtedly, upon learning of this situation there was an alert and, for this reason, the police station was closed.

According to the information, in addition to making the decision to close the doors and direct attention to section 25, A dozen people were isolated until the result of the swab of the detainee is available and it is determined if he was infected with coronavirus.

Commissioner VGG-01.jpg


In total there are six uniformed men belonging to the 29th police station and another four from the CRE of the neighboring town that intervened in the arrest of the person.

The intendant spoke of insecurity

The situation occurs at a time when Villa Gobernador Gálvez is experiencing a time of complex insecurity and where merchants are suffering extortion. That is why the Mayor of the city, Alberto Ricci, declared this afternoon that “the governor called me on Saturday afternoon and is concerned not only about what is happening in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, but also in the region.”

“We have had eight shootings in our city and it is time to say enough,” said the mayor.

“It seems logical to me that merchants make a claim or demonstration. I need the Ministry of Security to understand the problem of Villa Gobernador Gálvez, it is not only the quantity but also the quality of the personnel they send, we want quality security ”, he concluded.


Always 8 positives covid bistrot – Chronicle

(ANSA) – FIUMICINO, JUNE 28 – More than 1,100 swabs performed to date by Casal Bernocchi’s drive-in on people connected to the case of the employee of the Fiumicino bistrot tested positive for coronavirus. The positives in all remain eight. This was announced by the mayor Esterino Montino.

“For a few hours, between this night and this morning, it was thought that the number could rise to 10 – explains the mayor – because on the first test performed on two people, the device that analyzes them had given the result of” possible positive “. that point, as per protocol, the two people, other members of Indispensa staff, underwent two additional verification swabs for each. Both of these new tests gave negative results. So, currently, out of 1100 swabs performed – he continues Montino – 8 positive people remain “.