The remains of the governor’s council are transferred to the Sierra Nevada

A helicopter from the Aviation and Air Assault Division of the First Division of the National Army transferred the remains of the governor’s council José de los Santos Sauna Limaco to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who died from the coronavirus.

“The humanitarian support of the National Army consisted of mobilizing from Santa Marta to the Kogui community, in Pueblo Nuevo, the mortal remains of the indigenous governor, to be buried according to the cultural traditions of his community,” the authorities explained in a statement.

The coffin of the Kogui governor council and Legal Representative of the Gonawindua Tayrona organization was transported through the external load mode, or by external basket, a technique used by pilots who are experts in this type of transfer.

“It is important to specify that this transfer was carried out in compliance with the final disposal of corpses of deceased persons associated with COVID-19 of the health authorities, as well as the guaranteed biosafety and safe packaging conditions of the funeral service,” said the First Division.

In the document, the Army the death of the governor council Santos Sauna, and clarified that they are willing to provide humanitarian support to those who need it.

The death of the indigenous leader occurred on Thursday, August 6 at the El Prado Clinic in Santa Marta, where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit since Saturday, August 1 because of the coronavirus.

The District Health Secretariat explained the relatives of the governor’s council indicated that they did not have a positive person for COVID-19, however, in the month of July, when he already presented symptoms such as chills and fever, José de los Santos Sauna Limaco participated in several meetings with Mamos de la Sierra in the community of Pueblo Viejo and La Loma, municipality of Dibulla, La Guajira.

Faced with this situation, officials of the District Health Secretariat delivered 20 kits of personal protection elements, which contain latex gloves, gowns, overalls, N95 face masks, mono glasses, masks and a guide with instructions for their use, in order to protect the relatives of the deceased.

“The indigenous authorities were given self-care recommendations that they should implement during the process of final disposition of the body of José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, such as social distancing,” the authorities said.

Through his Twitter account, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, lamented the departure of the indigenous leader.

“I deeply regret the death of the Governing Council Kogui José de los Santos Sauna, who was a great friend for many years. My solidarity for the peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on this sad day ”.

For its part, the Territorial Council of Indigenous Cabildos stressed that “his legacy for the protection of the heart of the world, unity and peace will remain forever.”


The network has evaluated the elegant tuning Toyota LC Prado

The SUV gave a spectacular kit.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Who but the Japanese are better at tuning their own cars? The proof was image “pumped” Toyota Land Cruiser Pradorecently appeared on the Internet. Photos posted on Instagram, where they gathered a lot of user ratings from all over the world.

“Pradik” put on exclusive rim large diameter, making it not only more stylish, but passable. Elegant body kit attracted no less attention – the car was equipped with modified bumpers, a new grille in the style of Lexus and revised headlights with led lights.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Body Toyota LC Prado covers the abundance of chrome-plated elementsthat adds to the car’s premium. With the radiator grille has missing label “Toyota”, instead of plates there is a plate tuning shop who had done the revision.

The side of the SUV decorated airbrush patterns. Unfortunately, the photos do not allow us to look at “Prado” in the back, but we can assume that the modifications affected this part of the body. What happened in the car – we can only guess.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Netizens appreciated elegant tuning Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. “Uhhh”, “Let the will of the Japanese – they will unwind any Lord of the rings. The Japanese have reliable friends who would not give offense, and to develop the technology. We’d come up 50/50”, – commented on the SUV car lovers.


The pros and cons of models with mileage

“Pradik” inferior “Chinese” in efficiency and dynamics, but has advantages in the form of prices and options.

Haval H9. Photo: Haval

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado needs no detailed presentation. In Russia, the SUV known and loved, and competitors expect “bite” a little glory at the legendary “Japanese”. While the best copes with this task frame SUV Haval H9.

But what of the “rogues” is to choose in the secondary market? A definite answer to this question is no, and so we have to consider the pros and cons of both models with mileage.

Motor line

Range of engines of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 are quite common. Over the lifetime of the generation were presented and restyled version that differed, and updates the motors. That is why Russia’s “secondary” today you can buy

“Pratik” with petrol and diesel engines, and power — 173, 177, 190 and 282 horsepower.

Haval H9. Photo: Haval

Haval H9, in turn, cannot brag of such variety. In Russia you can buy a SUV with either 2.0-liter 245-horsepower gasoline turbo engine or a 190-strong “diesel engine” of a similar volume. While the diesel variant appeared in Russia only in 2019.

Heroes “traffic light racing”

As for the speakers, then wins Haval H9. Owners in reviews praise the speed of even the diesel version of “Chinese”. The first 100 km/h appears on the speedo already in 12.4 seconds, which is a great result for SUV frame. The petrol version shows a similar result for 9 seconds.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. Photo: Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is an outsider. To develop the first “hundred” even the most powerful motor in the lineup will succeed in 9.3 seconds, while the diesel variants and is accelerated for 13.8 seconds in its most powerful version.


Require frame SUV low fuel consumption — at least silly. But in this case there is favorite. Motor from Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 quite a lot, but in either case the flow will not be below the level of 15-16 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. Although the developers promised indicators about 8-9 liters.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. Photo: Toyota

The fuel consumption of both versions of Haval H9 is on average 10 liters of fuel.


Here the leader is almost impossible to identify. Haval H9 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 equally confidently handle offroad, but “Chinese” is somewhat better due to more modern electronic assistants for the off-road.

What at the prices?

Today a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 on the secondary market to buy an average of 1 500 000 rubles. Cheaper this level often come across broken instances and models with the “stranded car”. The “Predic” in good equipment will have to pay about 2 000 000 rubles.

On the subject

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2020-06-14 09:06:34

Haval H9 in turn is at least 2 000 000 rubles, but most often sellers ask for the order of 2 500 000 rubles.


Three reason to abandon the purchase

“Tired” beauty and the abundance of tuning should alert the buyer.

Modern TLC 150 Prado, 2020 model year. Photo: press service of the Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser for the Russians since the 90-ies remains an indicator of status and wealth of the owner, not just a reliable SUV. Land Cruiser Prado, in turn, is the cheap “Kruzak” and therefore — the most popular on the secondary market of the Russian Federation.

There are three factors, noting that in used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is better to abandon the purchase.

“Tired” interior with small mileage

“Predic” — a fairly reliable and durable car, and therefore, in the early runs resell its owners reluctantly. Low mileage Land Cruiser Prado at a low price of approximately 1 500 000 rubles says that the SUV still has some problems. They lie most likely in the suspension and running gear — so selling “Kruzak”, which raced “in the tail and mane” on the offroad.

A typical “suspicious” Prado with a mileage. Photo: Avito

Cheerleaders should and the condition of the cabin — often the interior of “Pratika” is clearly battered, but the odometer is the mark of a small run of about 100-150 thousand kilometers. In this case, the mileage most likely “twisted” unscrupulous seller, and deception with a run is the most popular type of “divorce” when we are talking about “Kruzak”.

Garage facelift

This kind of “divorce” is not primarily buyers who do not are experienced, and to boast of the purchase of “Pratika” all you want.

Some sellers equip the old Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 restyled tuning the exhaust, causing the inexperienced motorist may not distinguish the model from the 150.

Most often such “Predici” sold with problem documents, or even without them for the price of less than a million rubles.

TLC 150 Prado, released in 2016 — bestseller “secondary.” Photo: press service of Toyota

Fortunately, such manipulations occur in the secondary market is less, because today to check the car by using special services, such as the Autocode. But garage facelift is often installed in the case, if Land Cruiser Prado 150 was in an accident and damaged the original body. The seller about this, of course, prefer to remain silent.

“Pradik” durable, but not eternal

On the “secondary market” often you can find SUVs with mileage of more than 500 000 km and the seller insists that in this “experience” his Land Cruiser Prado seamlessly.

It is worth considering that the engine of any “Kruzak” according to the developers is not beyond 300 000 mileage, which also hints at possible problems with the engine and its individual parts.

Often in these cars, when checking on the “Autocode” in the title, is about five previous owners, and how they serviced the SUV — no one knows.

So what then to buy?

The unequivocal answer to this question, of course not. However, it is advisable not to buy “Pradik” less than 1 500 000 rubles and not to take a word to sellers, referring to the above-mentioned services. Also not superfluous will be to enlist the support of atopognosia, but it will cost more expensive.


Shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”

Such a “Ulyanovets” will squeeze out other players in the cross-coupe segment on the Russian market.

In 2019, the Russian media excited the motorists with the news that UAZ was engaged in the development of a new SUV, which is considered as a domestic analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Due to the fact that the car was positioned as a competitor to Kruzak, it was nicknamed UAZ Russian Prado.

Technical details regularly appear, as well as patent images, partly declassifying the appearance and interior of the SUV, thanks to which we already know that the Russian Prado power line will include a 2.5 petrol unit and a turbodiesel engine like Ford Transit.

UAZ “Russian Prado” will remain the “frame”, and recent patent images hinted that the car will receive a new four-wheel drive, different from what was installed on the “Patriot”. This is indicated by the controls shown by Rospatent.

The Ulyanovsk SUV is due to appear in 2021, and it is worth recognizing that it will not be easy on the Russian market because of Chinese competitors. Haval H9 has already squeezed Kruzak, and its brothers in the person of Haval F7x, F7 and H6 raise the brand’s rating. In such conditions, UAZ should have trumps in the sleeve.

Therefore, the portal shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”. It’s high time for the Ulyanovsk machine builders to diversify their lineup, and for this we need boring cars that would attract the attention of young drivers. Therefore, our editors chose the cross-coupe format, and its appearance was created on the basis of the already declassified headlights of the Russian Prado, as well as the radiator grille.

The design of the machine is intentionally unrestrained, which emphasizes its intention to plug in the belt of competitors. At the same time, we made sure that the rear of the roof was sufficiently raised. This almost eliminates the minus of all cross-coupes – low ceiling in the back row. Enter such a car on our market, the Haval F7x will not stand it, the BMW X6 will certainly feel the appearance of an opponent, and Renault Arkana risks completely being left without buyers. But, only on condition that UAZ takes seriously the quality of its products.

Ivan Golovin

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Presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”

The evil appearance and youth body format will distinguish the car from the crowd.

A year ago it became known that the Ulyanovsk machine builders took up the development of the Patriot receiver, and announced that Russia would have an analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Initially, we took it as an April Fools’ joke, but the Ulyanovsk people were not joking – UAZ “Russian Prado” is really being developed.

This is indicated by constantly appearing technical details of the SUV, and the regularly declassified patent visualizations that show how the exterior and interior elements of the car look do not let us forget about the Russian Prado, and recently information has appeared about four-wheel drive.

Judging by the new patent images of the keyboard unit with a four-wheel drive mode selector, there is an icon on the selector to indicate the center differential lock. This suggests that the UAZ “Russian Prado” can get a permanent four-wheel drive. It’s also no secret that the successor to the Patriot will receive an aspirated 2.5 and a Ford Transit diesel turbo engine, and they will build a car on a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado class platform.

It is noteworthy that Russian motorists and journalists doubt the competitiveness of the new Ulyanovsk SUV, as its appearance looks outdated against other players in the SUV market. And such models as Renault Arkana and other cars, atypical for the Russian Federation, set a new bar of requirements for the appearance of cars, and UAZ never shone with bright cars. But is everything so bad?

On the eve of the portal was presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”. The virtual prototype demonstrates how you can beat the declassified headlights and grille of the future SUV in a more youthful and modern format. The authors also made the rear of the roof taller, so the passengers in the back row will not rest their heads on the ceiling, which is the eternal problem of coupe-shaped crossovers. The concept looks brutal and confident, and if the Ulyanovsk people work on the quality of the car, then Land Cruiser will move, and Renault Arkana will bend on the Russian market.


Featured Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with AMG tuning to “kill” Haval

Japanese SUV as if born in a German body kit, which hitherto never received.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is an example of how you can conquer the world with the good ideas that came to life in 1987. Then the first generation of the car started, and it made a splash.

Prior to Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, motorists believed that SUVs were clumsy, uncomfortable, and motion sick gasoline eaters. However, “Pradik” brought “all-terrain vehicles” to a new level, showing that you can be both large and off-road, but as comfortable as a passenger car.

In 2020, the fourth generation of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is sold, the car is also famous for the positive qualities of its predecessors, but the Chinese are on its heels, and most of all the Japanese SUV is bothered by the Haval models. The main competitor of Kruzakov in Russia was H9, and Haval F7 is adding fuel to the fire. Both cars lure buyers to themselves due to price and design, and it is worth recognizing that the Chinese have tried over the appearance of these cars. Against this background, the appearance of Pradika seems outdated, and it can be assumed that restyling can stabilize its market position.

On this basis, the portal shows Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with AMG tuning. Designers believe that in this form, the SUV will “kill” Haval. It is noteworthy that the German body kit was not randomly selected.

This tuning “Kruzak” has not yet received, but because it looks unusual and attractive. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and body kit from AMG are harmoniously combined, the car looks fresh and aggressive, and, according to designers, if the Japanese and Germans agree to cooperate, then, Khawale, you have a suitcase – a station – China.


Owners of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 “hacked” on the “absolute” off-road

Japanese “power” works wonders outside the city.

With the advent of spring, lovers of suburban “pokatushek” began to get out of the road to test their cars for durability. In order to resolve the dispute in cross-country ability and reliability, the owners of the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 “hacked” on “absolute” off-road. Other SUVs, including Jeep Cherokee, LADA 4×4, Renault Duster, etc. also took part in the competition for a greater “drive”.

As a landscape, motorists chose a classic sand pit with multi-level ascents and descents. In total, more than fifteen SUVs and crossovers took part in the races, among which the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 were considered favorites and the standard of cross-country ability.

To “warm up” was taken a low slide with a smooth ride. This obstacle was dealt with by all cars, including the most “planted ones”. But turning to a more serious test, SUVs and even Niva did not have enough clearance to “saddle” the top of the lift. As for the owners of the “Japanese”, their tactics during the rise were different. The driver of the “hundred” took the height thanks to acceleration and the “pedal to the floor”, while the owner of the “Pradika” slowly climbed in low gear.

But dispute between two SUVs resolved on a swampy off-road, where the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 often got stuck and had to be pulled. The weak side of the SUV was the weight with which it exceeds Prado 120. In addition to everything, the “hundred” was found HBO, which added an extra 200 kg. Despite this both SUVs proved to be from the side of patency and kept at the level adapted for off-road cars.

Japanese flagships have once again proved their cross-country ability and practicality not only in urban environments, but also on “severe” off-road terrain.

Dobrov Roman

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Muscular Boar – Unusual Toyota Land Cruiser Prado shocked motorists with luxury

Who would refuse Pradik in such a body kit?

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – A true Japanese legend, and tuning packages for it are widespread throughout the world. On the eve of the social network Instagram showed unusual kit for “Pradika”, which hit users on the spot.

The SUV is painted in a silver pearl shade and looks simply luxurious in this color. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado received another grille, recycled bumpers, door sills, as well as LED optics.

Moreover, the car got modified hood and large-diameter 10-spoke rims. In general, the tuned “Pradik” became more like a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – the characteristic grille with vertical bars was replaced with a different one.

Such an SUV shocked motorists luxury. “Muscular boar”, “Bomb in general!”, “Krasava Pradik, especially the wheels”, “Zadachny Prados”, netizens write in the comments under the photo.

In fairness, we note that not everyone liked the tuned Land Cruiser Prado. “Only the color is good, the rest is the lack of taste,” some say.

Julia Romanova

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Scorpio sting Prado: Mahindra Scorpio prepares for debut

The new model will bring the Indian brand to the world market, experts are sure.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV has long gained enormous popularity in the world, since the model is in fact the most inexpensive Kruzak. At the same time, other world brands also strive to make their Pradik, but even better and cheaper.
There are no exceptions even in the automotive market of India, where local motorists also do not lag behind the global trend and most often opt for SUV segment models. Even here there is a desire to “kill” Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.
Mahindra plans to launch a new generation of Mahindra Scorpio in 2021. The model is based on a frame construction borrowed from Mahindra Thar.
It is expected that the model will inherit the Tara engine range – a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, as well as a 2.0-liter diesel unit.

As for the equipment, but here Mahindra Scorpio is unlikely to be able to oppose Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – in India most often they buy low-cost cars, and therefore you should not expect a wide selection of options.
Mahindra believes that such equipment is enough to defeat the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, and sales of the model are expected to break all records.
It is possible that in the event of a successful debut in the Indian market, Mahindra will be able to afford to enter the global market, and maybe even the Russian one.