▷ Diabetes and COVID-19: Self-test now helps optimize oral immune defense

04/10/2020 – 11:33

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Diabetes and COVID-19: Self-test now helps optimize oral immune defense

Solingen (ots)

An effective barrier through the oral mucosa and an intact oral immune system are extremely important to protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2, according to a current statement by Chinese scientists. The WHO also warns of higher complication rates in diabetes patients with COVID-19 infection. At least this applies to older patients and those with other comorbidities, according to the Robert Koch Institute. With a simple saliva test, everyone can determine at home how fit their oral immune system is. People with diabetes in particular suffer from periodontitis, often unnoticed. This weakens the immune system, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate the body. Against the background of the corona pandemic, measures to optimize oral hygiene are therefore more important than ever, and knowledge of the oral immune system is paramount.

The oral cavity as a source of bacterial infections

Infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus poses a major challenge to the immune system. An additional bacterial infection puts an enormous strain on the body and contributes to a more severe course of COVID-19. Because these bacteria can lead to pneumonia and sepsis (1).

The oral cavity in particular is a focus for pathogenic germs that can get into the body from there and lead to serious complications. If an illness-causing germ gets from the mouth into the lower respiratory tract, it can cause serious infections there, as an Italian study shows. (2)

The good news: Effective dental hygiene measures reduce the risk of pneumonia by up to 66 percent, as shown by a large-scale population study with 100,000 people over a period of 11 years. (3)

Periodontitis and diabetes are mutually beneficial

Periodontitis and diabetes are common, complex and chronic diseases that are closely related. Not only are people with diabetes more likely to have periodontitis, but they are also more likely to have more severe periodontitis. The worse the blood sugar is set, the more pronounced the severity. (5)

A recent Greek study found that over a quarter of all dental patients have high blood sugar levels without knowing it. A simple saliva test for aMMP-8 (activated matrix metallo-proteinase-8), which determines the oral immune system and collagen breakdown in the mouth, uncovered this. The aMMP-8 test is therefore suitable as a screening test for previously undiagnosed diabetes and poorly adjusted blood sugar levels. (6)

The oral cavity is the entry point for SARS-CoV-2

Researchers found in February that the oral cavity is the main entry point for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Because most of the receptors that the virus needs to get into the body are in the mouth. There the virus multiplies and gets into the lungs. That is why a healthy oral immune system is the first hurdle for the virus. This is why the authors of the study are calling for new prevention concepts for oral health. (7)

A healthy oral immune system and oral hygiene measures can be an important building block for a mild course of a COVID-19 infection. Experts recommend regularly checking the condition of the oral immune system using an appropriate test.

Why are bacterial infections with COVID-19 so dangerous and affect every second person?

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 places a heavy burden on the body and its immune system. An existing bacterial infection in the mouth puts additional strain on the immune system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 20 percent to 50 percent of the world’s population suffers from an unknown bacterial infection in the mouth. Adolescents are already affected. This may be related to severe courses of COVID-19 disease in young patients. (8th)

Since almost half of the world’s population is affected by an infection in the mouth, it makes sense to check the condition of the oral immune system with a suitable test.

The aMMP-8 saliva test detects bacterial infections of the oral cavity

The aMMP-8 saliva test (PerioSafe Home) developed by researchers from the University of Helsinki and German biotech experts has proven in more than 400 studies worldwide that it reliably detects the condition of the oral immune system and related diseases such as diabetes and chronic heart diseases. (5) (6) (9)

The enzyme aMMP-8 (active matrix metalloproteinase-8) is responsible for tissue breakdown in the mouth. Inflammation in the mouth and periodontitis lead to permanently increased aMMP-8 concentrations. The collagen breakdown caused by this makes the oral mucosa permeable and pathogens can penetrate the body more easily.

In the wake of the corona epidemic, the aMMP-8 self-test provides an important component in prevention. A healthy oral immune system and oral hygiene measures can therefore contribute significantly to a milder course of a COVID-19 infection.

Experts recommend testing the oral immune system

Experts recommend that especially patients with diabetes or chronic heart diseases should regularly determine their aMMP-8 values ​​in order to take preventive measures in good time. With the aMMP-8 self-test, this can be done quickly and easily at home.

“Only deficits that you know can be optimized. In my opinion, knowledge of the oral immune status is of similar importance to regular blood sugar monitoring,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Pfützner from the Diabetes Center in Mainz. In a new publication, he confirmed the importance of oral prevention in connection with COVID-19 in diabetes patients. Prevention measures should therefore include the mouth and throat area. The established diagnostic aMMP-8 test is well suited for the identification of particularly vulnerable patients. Current recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 disease should be expanded to include aspects of measuring and rehabilitation of the mouth and throat area and regular daily disinfection of this area. (10)

The German Society for Periodontology (DG PARO) and the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine (DGZMK) have been recommending the aMMP-8 test since 2015 for people with obesity, diabetes and suppressed immune systems, especially outside of dental practice. (11) The a-MMP-8 self-test is therefore particularly important in times of the corona pandemic, as many dental practices are only open to emergencies.

What can I do as a patient – suitable preventive measures

Washing hands is important – good oral hygiene is essential.

If the aMMP-8 value is increased, there are suitable measures to support the oral immune system. This includes thorough and regular oral hygiene – ideally professional dental hygiene. Given the current situation, this is often impossible.

However, everyone can take prophylactic measures:

– aMMP8 measurement of the oral immune system (twice a year)

– regular brushing of teeth (two to three times a day)

– daily cleaning of the interdental spaces (interdental brushes, dental floss)

– Regular use of suitable antimicrobial mouthwash solutions

The same measures basically apply to people who have already been diagnosed with a viral infection with SARS-CoV-2. It is important to take all measures to prevent the spread of a bacterial infection in the already weakened immune system.

About DMS – The Oral Health Foundation

DMS – The Oral Health Foundation provides educational and public relations work, both for doctors from various areas and for patients in the corresponding risk groups. The foundation has committed itself to maintaining health and preventing periodontitis and peri-implantitis as well as associated general diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart diseases, rheumatism and infertility.

The foundation promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between medicine and dentistry for the purpose of early diagnosis and timely therapy of periodontal inflammation and destruction processes. For this purpose, the foundation carries out intensive educational and public relations work, both with colleagues from various areas of the medical and dental field (e.g. internists, diabetologists, general practitioners, cardiologists, rheumatologists, gynecologists, periodontists and dentists), as well as with patients in the corresponding risk groups.

Interdisciplinary cooperation and inflammation prevention can make a significant contribution to improving oral health – for the benefit of the patient.


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Dr. Jan Kunde (jan.kunde@mundgesundheitsstiftung.de)
Tel .: 0212-64 57 479 36

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▷ Italian researchers identify new SARS-CoV-2 gene variants that provide clues …

25.03.2020 – 11:06

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Carlsbad, California, June 11 / PRNewswire / –

Early data obtained from Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new NGS Research Panel suggests that the coronavirus is genetically stable, which could increase the effectiveness of vaccines in development, according to scientists

Two research teams working in the field of infectious diseases in Italy have further analyzed the SARS-CoV-2 genome using local samples and can use the first data to show a level of genetic variability that suggests that the genome of the rapidly spreading virus is stable . The results obtained using a new Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) research assay from Thermo Fisher Scientific have increased the likelihood that future coronavirus vaccines will be more effective and could help the global scientific community to better understand the epidemiology and spread of COVID-19.

The two independent research teams from the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani (IRCCS) in Rome and the Forensic Department of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health (DSBSP) at Ancona University Hospital sequenced several samples and identified the presence of gene variants when compared to the reference genome of the original Wuhan corona virus. Viruses that mutate rapidly over short periods of time make it difficult to develop vaccines that effectively protect people from infection. The small number of variants found in the samples two months after the virus was first sequenced in China suggests that it is SARS-CoV-2, which is estimated to infect more than 64,000 people in Italy and 380,000 people worldwide has a relatively slowly mutating pathogen. Both teams in Italy have new sequencing work with Thermo Fishers Ion AmpliSeq SARS-COV-2 Research Panel that provides a 24-hour end-to-end workflow.

“The ability to rapidly examine multiple samples and accurately decipher key changes in the virus’ genetic code will prove critical to the global scientific community to be one step ahead of SARS-CoV-2 and to develop strategies that can ultimately be used to contain the pandemic, “says Dr. Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, head of the virology department at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, was the first research center in Europe to generate sequencing data for the entire genome of the coronavirus on the Thermo Fishers Ion Torrent NGS platform. “Viral genomes are dynamic, and this preliminary data needs to be further analyzed to determine the biological importance of the gene variants and to examine the evolutionary pathway of the coronavirus.”

Professor Stefano Menzo, Head of Virology at Ancona University Hospital, explains: “With other viruses, we would have expected dozens of new mutations after so many patient infection cycles. Our first data show that it is a very stable virus with only five new variants A virus with a stable genome is more promising for vaccine development because it shows that the effectiveness of the vaccine could be more consistent, possibly over many years “.

Scientists are now planning to further analyze the data with Thermo Fisher’s new Ion SARS-CoV-2 analysis solution * for annotating variants and assembling consensus sequences to better understand the effects on disease severity, mode of transmission, and phylogenetic studies . The Ion AmpliSeq SARS-COV-2 Research Panel is a targeted NGS solution that analyzes the entire SARS-CoV-2 genome. It provides an efficient, high-throughput end-to-end workflow for monitoring genomic evolution, which is critical in a rapidly developing pandemic. The panel is for the Ion GeneStudio S5 systeme optimized. *

Panel optimization for Genexus System is already underway

To further accelerate SARS-CoV-2’s NGS analysis and meet growing customer demand, Thermo Fisher has started its Ion AmpliSeq SARS-COV-2 Research Panel for the Ion Torrent Genexus System * The company’s latest sequencing platform, launched in November 2019, automates the entire targeted NGS workflow and can deliver sample evaluations economically in just 14 hours. The optimization and validation of the research panel on the Genexus system is currently taking place in collaboration with Thermo Fisher customers.

“Thermo Fisher’s immediate response, first to develop a diagnostic PCR SARS-CoV-2 test and now to develop a next generation sequencing research solution that helps researchers examine the corona virus, is the core of our mission,” said Peter Silvester, senior Vice President and President of Life Sciences Solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We share the increased concern of the world community during this unprecedented public health crisis and continue to maximize our efforts to provide our laboratory partners, infectious disease researchers and vaccine developers with the most modern tools to support their extremely important work.”

Information about Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world’s leading science partner with sales of over $ 25 billion. We enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We support our customers in accelerating life science research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving diagnostics and therapies for patients, and increasing productivity in their laboratories. Our global team of more than 75,000 colleagues offers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, convenience shopping and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services and Patheon. Further information can be found at www.thermofisher.com.

* For research purposes only. Not suitable as a diagnostic procedure.

** Identification as IVD or IVD for use in emergencies / special access differs from region to region.

Mauricio Minotta
Thermo Fisher Scientific
+1 760 929 2456
+1 760 805-5266 (mobil)
Jen Heady
Greenough Communications
+1 617 275 6547

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▷ With medicinal plants against viruses: Dr. Dr. Erwin Häringer, family doctor, Munich: “At …

03/12/2020 – 10:00

CGC Cramer-Gesundheits-Consulting GmbH

Eschborn (ots)

Both the acute respiratory infections that occur frequently in the cold season and the current spread of the new coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 make it clear: The need for active ingredients that can help against viruses and, at best, do not lead to resistance, is very high. It is known that antibiotics do not work against viruses, but only against bacteria. One of the reasons why viruses are so difficult to fight is because they can change their genetic information in a very short time. Therefore, for example, the flu vaccination must be repeated every year. In the case of the novel lung disease COVID-19, a vaccine is not expected until the summer of 2021 at the earliest[1]. “When looking for effective alternative treatment approaches, it is worth taking a look at nature,” says Dr. Dr. Erwin Häringer, doctor for naturopathy and general medicine, Munich. Because various plant substances, such as tannins, essential oils or mustard oils, showed a pronounced antiviral effect in laboratory tests. Mustard oils in particular are among the very well investigated medicinally active plant substances. Studies on lung cells at the University of Gießen show that vegetable mustard oils from nasturtium and horseradish, for example, can almost completely inhibit the multiplication of the H1N1 flu virus in human lung cell cultures[2]. In addition, the plant substances also fight the most common cold viruses. “Therefore, treatment with mustard oils is always worth trying for seasonal viral infections of the respiratory tract,” says Häringer.

The current spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the associated uncertainty among the population has prompted the WHO to dispel myths about the new lung disease COVID-19. For example, the rumor is rebutted that a flu shot also protects against the new corona virus[3]. Due to their great versatility, viruses can adapt to new environmental conditions in a very short time and, for example, develop resistance to possible new therapies very quickly. The German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) also points out that the development of new antivirals is difficult to plan anyway, since it cannot be predicted which virus will appear next and which will pose a risk to humans[4].

Mustard oils have a triple effect – against viruses, bacteria and anti-inflammatory

Different plants produce substances with which they defend themselves effectively against viruses, bacteria and fungi. These substances include mustard oils from nasturtium and horseradish. Mustard oils have been used in natural medicine for centuries to treat respiratory and urinary tract infections. With regard to their activity against viruses, scientific studies in the 1950s already showed that mustard oils from nasturtium and horseradish can effectively inhibit the multiplication of influenza viruses[5,6].

In addition to the flu virus (H1N1) as the cause of the real virus flu, about 200 different types of virus are known that can cause colds. These include corona viruses or rhinoviruses. In the case of rhinoviruses, the Giessen scientists were also able to show in laboratory tests that the mustard oil combination can inhibit the multiplication of the pathogens tested[2]. The mustard oils not only fight viruses, they are also antibacterial[7-13] and anti-inflammatory[14-22]. This triple effect of the plant substances – antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – quickly relieves unpleasant cold symptoms and counteracts possible bacterial super-infections.

“Due to the extensive mechanism of action of mustard oils, the development of possible resistance mechanisms against these plant substances is made significantly more difficult for viruses and bacteria. Further investigations are therefore of great interest and have already been started,” explains Häringer.

“Don’t get infected” – what else can you do?

Many people are currently concerned about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. How do I behave in everyday life to avoid virus transmission? The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) gives on the page www.infektionsschutz.de appropriate advice. In general, we recommend the measures that are generally advisable for all infectious diseases, such as influenza and other respiratory diseases. These include adhering to the cough and sneeze etiquette (coughing and sneezing in a handkerchief or crook), good hand hygiene (soap your hands thoroughly several times a day and wash them off, each for about 20-30 seconds) and keep your distance from the sick ( about 1 to 2 meters). When greeting people, shaking hands should also be avoided. Acute sufferers should stay at home to recover if possible so that the virus is not spread further.

You can request literature sources 1-22 at etzel@cgc-pr.com

Press contact:

Press contact:
CGC Cramer Gesundheits-Consulting GmbH
Frank Etzel
T: 06196/77 66-113

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▷ New: spermidineLife® – healthy aging thanks to natural cell cleaning

06.03.2020 – 09:00

InfectoPharm GmbH

New: spermidineLife® - healthy aging thanks to natural cell cleaning

Heppenheim (ots)

We also want to be active and enjoy life as we get older. But how do we stay fit and healthy? Scientists at the University of Graz have been looking for natural ways to prevent age-related diseases such as dementia. The result of their research is spermidineLIFE®. The world’s first and natural dietary supplement made from wheat germ extract with a high spermidine content is now available without a prescription in the pharmacy. But what makes spermidine so special? As the only known substance in the body to date, spermidine can trigger autophagy.[9].[10].[11] Autophagy is a mechanism in which our body cells regenerate themselves. This is achieved by the cells breaking down old and harmful components.[12].[13] However, the recycling program begins to weaken with age. Anyone with an increased spermidine intake can counteract this with spermidineLIFE® and benefit from the positive effects of autophagy.[4].[14].[15].[16] The results of the pilot study “preSmartAge” by Charité Berlin reveal the protective potential against dementia. After taking the original preparation spermidineLIFE® for three months, the study participants with dementia risk showed an improved memory performance.[7]

A functioning autophagy plays an important role in protecting against age-related diseases.[4].[5] Fasting is a particularly effective way to boost the process. Because as soon as the calorie intake is reduced for a long time, the cells for energy generation start the body’s own recycling program. However, fasting is not suitable for everyone. Many people also find it difficult to permanently integrate fasting methods such as interval fasting into their everyday lives. For all those who support healthy aging and want to benefit from autophagy without fasting themselves, spermidineLIFE® is now a practical alternative.

Activate autophagy even without fasting

Spermidine is able to mimic the positive effects of fasting and thus also activate the self-cleaning process of the cells. For the first time, spermidine was detected in the male semen, which coined his name. However, it is now known that it occurs in almost all body cells. By the way, spermidine can also be ingested through food.[3].[17].[18] However, the spermidine content fluctuates strongly in food. In addition, the body produces less and less spermidine with age.[1].[19] spermidineLIFE® can therefore be a useful addition to counteract the decreasing spermidine content and to benefit from the positive effects of autophagy even in old age. The first promising study results are particularly in view of mental performance and dementia prevention.[7].[20]

Natural cell regeneration from the capsule

The original preparation spermidineLIFE® is based on more than 10 years of scientific research at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. It is now available without a prescription in the pharmacy. As the only spermidine-containing dietary supplement to date, spermidineLIFE® was used as the study medication and was thus able to demonstrate its effectiveness and tolerability under clinical conditions.[7].[12].[21] The recommended daily dose of 800 mg wheat germ extract (2 capsules) contains 1 mg spermidine and should be taken with liquid at a fixed meal. There is no limit to the duration of intake. The capsules are sugar and lactose free and, thanks to the “Veggie Cap Shell”, also suitable for vegetarians. The wheat germ for spermidineLIFE® is obtained exclusively from certified suppliers from Central Europe. The natural spermidine from the wheat germ is extracted using a specially developed extraction process. This complex manufacturing process guarantees the high spermidine content of spermidineLIFE®. Due to its novelty, spermidineLIFE® has been approved by EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) as Novel Food.

For more information, see consumers www.spermidin.health

Produktinformationen zu spermidineLIFE®* (PZN 16313623): 
- Hoher Spermidingehalt aus Weizenkeimen 
- Über 10 Jahre wissenschaftliche Forschung 
- Ohne Farb- und Zusatzstoffe 
- Für Vegetarier geeignet 
- Zucker- und laktosefrei 
- Eine Packung spermidineLIFE® enthält 60 Kapseln; 66,00 EUR 
- Verzehrempfehlung: 2 Kapseln pro Tag (1 mg Spermidin aus 800 mg Weizenkeimextrakt) 
- Nach Novel Food Verordnung von der EFSA zugelassenes Nahrungsergänzungsmittel 

* The specified daily intake of two capsules should not be exceeded. Store dry, protected from heat and light and out of the reach of small children.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children (compliant Novel Food regulation).

[1] Eisenberg T. et al. (2009). Induction of autophagy by spermidine promotes longevity. Nat Cell Biol., 11(11):1305-14. 
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[21] Schwarz C. et al. (2018). Safety and tolerability of spermidine supplementation in mice and older adults with subjective cognitive decline. Aging (Albany NY), 10(1):19-33. 

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Perspective of the mortgage loan market 2026: the best companies, trends

Mortgage market

Mortgage market

2020 Research Report on the Global Mortgage Market is a professional and comprehensive report on the mortgage industry.

#Download free PDF Sample brochure of the Global Mortgage Market 2020 report with 159 pages and in-depth TOC analysis @ https://www.reportsnreports.com/contacts/requestsample.aspx?name=2891832

Key players: Wells Fargo Bank, Quicken Loans, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Freedom Mortgage Corp, LoanDepot, US Bank, Caliber Home Loans, Flagstar Bank, United Wholesale Mortgage, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp, Guaranteed Rate, Steam Loans, Gilda Mortgage Co., Finance of America Mortgage, PrimeLending, HomeBridge Financial Services, Movement Mortgage, Pacific Union Financial, Plaza Home Mortgage Inc., New American Funding, Academy Mortgage, The Money Source, CMG Financial, Home Point Financial Corp., Eagle Home Mortgage LLC, Homestreet Bank, American Pacific Mortgage, Supreme Lending, New Penn Financial.

The report identifies the main competitors of the market with the explanation of the profile of the mortgage company depends on the SWOT analysis to illustrate the competitive nature of the mortgage market on a global level. Even more, the report includes the recent evolution of the mortgage loan market, market shares, associations and the level of investments with other leading mortgage companies, the monetary settlements that affect the mortgage loan market in last years.

Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as production processes and cost structures. This report also indicates consumption / import / export demand. Gross data, costs, prices, revenue and margins. The report focuses on the major global players in the mortgage loan industry by providing information such as company profiles, photos and product specifications, capacity, production, price, cost, revenue and contact information. Upstream raw materials and equipment and downstream demand analysis are also carried out. The development trends of the mortgage sector and marketing channels are analyzed. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed and general research conclusions are offered.

Geographically, this ratio is categorized into various major regions, including sales, income, market share and expansion rate (percentage) of the mortgage lender in the following areas, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Main points from the summary
Chapter 1 – Market Overview of Mortgage Lenders
Chapter 2 – Global competition of mortgage lenders for players / suppliers, type and application
Chapter 3 – United States Mortgage Lender (Volume, Value and Sale Price)
Chapter 4 – Chinese mortgage lender (volume, value and sale price)
Chapter 5- European mortgage lender (volume, value and sale price)
Chapter 6 – Japanese mortgage lender (volume, value and sale price)
Chapter 7 – Southeast Asian mortgage lender (volume, value and sales price)
Chapter 8 – India Mortgage Lender (Volume, Value and Sale Price)
Chapter 9 – Players / Global Mortgage Loan Providers Profiles and Sales Data
Chapter 10 – Analysis of the production costs of mortgage lenders
Chapter 11 – Industrial chain, supply strategy and downstream buyers
Chapter 12 – Marketing strategy analysis, distributors / merchants
Chapter 13 – Analysis of market effect factors
Chapter 14 – Global Mortgage Market Outlook (2020-2026)
Chapter 15 – Research results and conclusions
Chapter 16 – Appendix

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In the end, the final part of the report on the global mortgage market notes the estimate of the industry veterans.

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▷ Antimicrobial effects of US pistachio extracts prevent the growth of …

02.03.2020 – 15:26

American Pistachio Growers

Fresno, California (ots)

Pistachios are actually just a snack, but they have extracts that have been shown to stop the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Listeria, and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) – important results as antibiotic resistance grows and needs increase new medical treatments. In a study published in Plants this month, researchers from the University of Messina in Italy discovered that polyphenols, health-protecting compounds in plant foods, from pistachios grown in the United States have antiviral effects on HSV-1 and, at their highest concentration, they could lead to a complete reduction of the virus in laboratory tests. Given these results, the researchers concluded that pistachio extracts could be excellent candidates for the development of novel topical or oral medicines to treat HSV-1 infections, either alone or in combination with standard antiviral therapies.

Previously, researchers from the University of Messina and researchers from the Institute for Food Research in Norwich, UK, found that pistachio extracts rich in polyphenols have potent bactericidal activity against gram-positive bacteria, including many clinical strains of the disease-causing Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA strains, and Listeria monocytogenes, 2 , 3 that may prove useful in food safety applications or as a topical treatment for S. aureus (MRSA).

Both Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) are responsible for a number of skin, respiratory and bone joint infections, endocarditis, bacteremia and toxic shock syndrome. HSV-1 causes oral herpes and is generally responsible for cold sores and cold sores in the mouth and face area.

The plant study highlighted that cultures were infected with the HSV-1 virus and treated with various concentrations of pistachio extract. The highest concentration of the extract led to the complete reduction of the virus. In previous studies, researchers made polyphenol-rich extracts from roasted and raw pistachios. These extracts were tested on a number of bacterial cultures to determine their bactericidal strength. Staphylococcus aureus and L. monocytogenes were the most susceptible strains.

“Pistachio extracts could offer a novel topical or oral treatment for HSV-1 (herpes simplex) infections, as well as a novel strategy for overcoming problems related to drug-resistant strains,” said Dr. Giuseppina Mandalari from the University of Messina. “The researchers are optimistic that the bactericidal effects of pistachio extracts could help control the growth of some microorganisms in food, possibly leading to improved food safety, and as an application for the topical treatment of Staphylococcus aureus.”

Further studies are needed to confirm that the results of recent studies can also be translated into a clinical setting with humans. While research continues to explore the potential for concentrated pistachio extracts in pharmaceutical applications, eating whole pistachios can make a positive contribution to health. Pistachios are rich in copper and manganese and contain selenium, zinc, riboflavin and vitamin E, which help protect the cells from oxidative stress. Pistachio nuts are also rich in vitamin B6 and a source of folic acid and iron, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Traditional medicines based primarily on medicinal plants have been used by mankind to treat various diseases for centuries, but plants can also be rich in biologically active compounds. The antibacterial properties of herbal compounds continue to be investigated, primarily with a view to increasing antibiotic resistance in both community-acquired infections and those acquired in hospitals and healthcare. As more and more disease-causing bacteria become resistant to common treatments, researchers will continue to look for new sources of medication.

The American Pistachio Growers

The American Pistachio Growers is an agricultural association that represents more than 865 members, including pistachio growers, processors, and industrial partners in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Further information can be found at AmericanPistachios.de.


1 Musarra-Pizzo M, Pennisi R, Ben-Amor I, Smeriglio A, Madalari G, Sciortino MT. In Vitro Anti-HSV-1 Activity of Polyphenol-Rich Extracts and Pure Polyphenol Compounds Derived from Pistachios Kernels (Pistacia vera L.). Plans 2020; 9; 267. doi: 10.3390 / plants9020267 https://www.mdpi.com/2223-7747/9/2/267

2 La Camera E, Bisignano C, Crisafi G, et al. Biochemical Characterization of Clinical Strains of Staphylococcus spp. and Their Sensitivity to Polyphenols-Rich Extracts from Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.). Pathogen. 2018; 7 (4): 82nd Published 2018 Oct 22nd doi: 10.3390 / pathogens7040082

3 Bisignano C, Filocamo A, Faulks RM, Mandalari G. In vitro antimicrobial activity of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) polyphenols. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2013; 341 (1): 62-67. doi: 10.1111 / 1574-6968.12091

Press contact:

Press contact:
Wiebke Reimers
ten ° east communications GmbH
Lokstedter Damm 39a
22453 Hamburg
Tel. 040-413066-20
Mail: wiebke.reimers@teneast.de

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The flu vaccine market (flu vaccine) is expected

Flu vaccine market (flu vaccine)

Flu vaccine market (flu vaccine)

This report provides an in-depth study of the “flu vaccine market (flu shot)” using SWOT analysis, which is strength, weakness, opportunity and threat to the organization. The report on the Smart Home as a Service market also provides an in-depth investigation of the main players in the organization of the market.

Global flu vaccine (flu vaccine) Market overview:

BusinessIndustryReports has a new report distributed on 96 pages: an overview of the Global Market Vaccine (Influenza Vaccine) Market Report 2020. According to new research, the Global Flu Vaccine (Influenza Vaccine) market will grow at a rate of healthy growth from 2020 to 2024. The study focuses on market trends, key players, supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments and future strategies.

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Flu vaccines, also known as flu shots or flu shots, are vaccines that protect against flu virus infections. New versions of the vaccines are developed twice a year, as the flu virus changes rapidly. While their effectiveness varies from year to year, most offer moderate to high protection against the flu. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that flu vaccination reduces disease, medical visits, hospitalizations and deaths. Immunized workers who catch the flu return to work half a day earlier on average. The efficacy of the vaccine in subjects under the age of two years and in subjects older than 65 years remains uncertain due to the lack of high quality research. Vaccinated children can protect those around them.

The global flu vaccine market (flu vaccine) is segmented by product type, application, end industry and region. Based on the product type segment, the influenza vaccine market (influenza vaccine) is divided into subgroups of whole virus vaccines, divided virus vaccines, subunit vaccines, live attenuated virus vaccines. Based on the end-use industry segment, the flu vaccine market (influenza vaccine) is sub-segmented into For children (6 months to 3 years), For adults and children over 3 years.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to experience the highest market growth between 2020 and 2024. The growing end user industry is the key driver of the market in the region. Europe is expected to witness slow growth during the forecast period due to stringent environmental standards in the region. North America is the largest market for the flu shot (flu shot) followed by Asia-Pacific. Growing demand from the water treatment segment coupled with growing demand from the revitalization of the technology industry is driving the flu vaccine market in North America.

Some of the producers of the flu vaccine market (influenza vaccine) involved in the market are CSL, GSK, anofi Pasteur, Mylan, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, effective acquisitions and mergers are some of the strategies adopted by the vaccine. against the flu (flu vaccine) Market producers. The launch of new products and continuous technological innovations are the market strategies of the flu vaccine (flu vaccine) adopted by the main players.

Latest industry updates:


Pfizer Inc: – today announced the launch of its network of centers of excellence in the Vaccine Division, a global program of collaborations with academic institutions to conduct epidemiological research in the real world to identify and precisely measure the load of specific diseases preventable with the vaccine and potentially assessing the effectiveness of the vaccine affects adults. Pfizer Vaccines has designated the University of Louisville as the first center of excellence with a second global center expected in the first half of 2020.

“Centers of Excellence will complete comprehensive studies on disease surveillance and vaccine efficacy in the real world, which are distinctly different from clinical safety and efficacy research,” said Luis Jodar, Pfizer Vaccines, Chief Medical and Scientific Affairs. Officer. “With strategically located research centers around the world, we expect to be able to better define and understand the global burden of disease in adults and the effectiveness of vaccines, which will help provide robust evidence to national policy makers and officials. Healthcare Developing Recommendations for the Use of Vaccines in Immunization Programs Worldwide. “

“It is very difficult to find a city where all healthcare institutions collaborate on research and Pfizer acknowledged that something different was happening in Louisville, Kentucky. Because of our unique collaborations across the city, when we measure the incidence of disease in Louisville, you can extrapolate and tell if this disease often occurs in Louisville, so we can say that this is the incidence in the United States. This becomes very important while we are trying to study the disease and develop new interventions, “said Julio Ramirez , head of UofL Infectious Diseases and director of the center. “To develop a vaccine, it is important to understand the overall burden of disease for the population that the vaccine prevents: how common is this disease? Who are the highest risk patients? These are the questions to which we will address the types of studies we’re going to do in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Key questions answered in this report:

1 The study provides an in-depth analysis of the global flu vaccine market (flu vaccine) and current and future trends to clarify upcoming investment pockets.

2 Information is provided on key drivers, restrictions and opportunities and their impact analysis on the market size.

3 Porters’ Five Forters analysis illustrates the power of buyers and suppliers operating in the sector.

4 Quantitative analysis of the global market from 2016 to 2024 is provided to determine market potential.

The report is a collection of first-hand information, qualitative and quantitative evaluation by industry analysts, contributions from industry experts and industry participants across the value chain. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the mother’s market trend, macroeconomic indicators and governance factors together with market attractiveness by segments. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographic areas.

Region segment: this ratio is segmented into several key regions, with HD Map sales, revenue, market share (%) and growth rate (%) in these regions, from 2013 to 2024 (forecast), covering: North America , Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and South America

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1 Definition of flu shot (flu shot)

2 Global flu vaccine market (flu vaccine)

3 Introduction to the main player’s flu vaccine (flu vaccine) business

4 Market segmentation of the global influenza vaccine (influenza vaccine) (regional level)

5 Segmentation of the global flu vaccine market (flu vaccine) (product type level)

6 Market segmentation of the global influenza vaccine (influenza vaccine) (industrial level)

7 Segmentation of the global influenza vaccine market (influenza vaccine) (channel level)

8 Market outlook for the flu vaccine (flu shot) 2020-2024

9 Type of segmentation of the flu shot (flu shot)

10 Industry of the flu vaccine segmentation (flu vaccine)

11 Analysis of the costs of the flu shot (flu shot)

12 Conclusion

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