What is Google stages and how do you use it? | Article

From today you can not only use Google Stadia for free, but the Pro service is also available for two months. Not only do you play games in 4K, but there are also 9 games to play for free, including GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection and Thumper. It’s been a bit quiet around the service, […]

Saudi Arabia sharply criticizes Russia for the drop in oil prices

Faisal Bin Farhan al-Saud The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister has sharply rejected Russian allegations. (Photo: REUTERS) Dubai Saudi Arabia has sharply rejected Russian allegations that the kingdom is responsible for the drop in oil prices and that it wants to harm the US oil shale industry. The state news agency SPA published a statement by […]

Putin proposes a significant reduction in oil production

Wladimir Putin Russian President wants to work with the United States on the oil price issue. (Photo: dpa) Moscow, Washington Before the planned meeting of the so-called Opec + countries, Russia had declared its willingness to cooperate in oil production. “We are ready to negotiate with our partners as part of Opec + and to […]

How to get cheaper insurance by analyzing your driving

YE. MADRID Updated:04/03/2020 01: 36h save Related news The risk of each person when driving is unique, and yet insurance quotes are usually very general, taking into account issues such as the age of the driver, or the type of car. To get out of these standards one of the possibilities is to get a […]

Reveal the possible price of the PlayStation 5

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 03/31/2020 12:56 pm The alleged price of Playstation 5 It has been revealed, and if true, Sony’s next console would be much cheaper than anticipated. According to the Canadian distributor Play N Trade, the PS5 It will debut at a cost of $ 600 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to […]

Michael Schumacher: Sad day! Fans mourn Schumis …

It’s a bad day for fans of Michael sSchumacher. For years they have been worried about their great racing hero, who is still shielded from the public by his family after the bad skiing accident in December 2013. On March 21st the followers of Michael sSchumacher but with her thoughts on another Formula 1 legend. […]

the Chinese firm bets on good specifications but less “bargain” than ever

José Manuel NievesFOLLOW MADRID Updated:03/27/2020 15: 24h save In mid-February, Xiaomi presented in China the terminals that will be its flagships this year. It was the Redmi Mi 10 and Redmi Mi 10 Pro, two high-end phones to compete face to face with the “top” of the rest of the brands. The presentation to the […]