Trump signs executive orders to reduce drug prices

MIAMI.- The president of the U.S, Donald Trump signed on Friday, four orders that seek to reduce the cost of drugs for Americans.

The first order requires federally qualified health centers to roll over massive discounts on insulin and epinephrine received from the pharmaceutical some low-income Americans.

The second order “will allow state plans to import drugs and authorize the re-importation of insulin products manufactured in the United States.”

The third will prohibit secret agreements between pharmaceutical companies and intermediaries to offer more discounts directly at pharmacies.

The fourth executive order signed by the president is intended for the United States to pay the lowest price available “In economically comparable countries” for Medicare Part B drugs.

The president said the new provisions “will lead to a massive reduction in drug costs. I have been waiting for this day for a long time,” he said.

“We are going to hold the fourth order until August 24, in the hope that the pharmaceutical companies will come up with something that will substantially reduce the price of drugs,” Trump said during the ceremony.

“I am dismantling the system that is many decades old,” he declared, promising “massive” savings. However, consumers may have to wait a while to take advantage of the new benefits.



Škoda will never be a cheap car, it must match the competition, says Kulhánek. According to him, Superb and Kodiaq should stay

The newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors will replace Bernhard Maier, who ends up at the helm of the company after less than five years. Fifty-year-old Schäfer joined the top management of Volkswagen in 2012. Since 2015, he has been the CEO of the South African representation, covering the entire sub-Saharan African region.

“The question is whether he will dig for a Škoda. So far, according to him, that he will dig for the team of which he is the captain, then it would be very good. I would expect a positive rather than a negative development from this, “thinks Vratislav Kulhánek, who was the chairman of the carmaker’s board from 1997 to 2004.

The chairman of the KOVO Škoda Auto trade unions, Jaroslav Povšík, has previously said that Schäfer is a rabbit pulled out of his hat. According to him, it is not yet clear where he will direct the carmaker, but the key position is the entire group. “I have expectations from the group that the group must function as a whole. And if it works well, so will Škoda, “said Povšík.

Each brand has its own flagship, says Kulhánek

Volkswagen director Herbert Diess recently told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Skoda “is not aggressive enough” to compete with Koreans and French in terms of volume of cars sold. According to him, the carmaker must strengthen its position in the segment of cost-effective cars. Analysts therefore expect the new boss to change towards cheaper car classes.

“I really don’t like the wording ‘cheap cars.’ Skoda will never be a cheap car. Skoda will be a car that should match the prices of competing cars in its class. And if we talk about Korean cars, then it’s not bad quality, it’s not bad cars. When we talk about Renault or Peugeot, but we can also talk about Ford, these are all brands that Škoda has to compete with, “believes Kulhánek.

“Every brand should have its own flagship. And that flagship will be the Superb. Like flagships, they have the brands we’re talking about that Skoda should compete with. So Suberb and, in my opinion, Kodiaq should stay in Škoda in any case, “added Kulhánek.

Povšík warns against moving the production of important models outside the Czech Republic. It also threatens to stop production, even if, according to him, this is the last resort. “If it affected our employment, the margins we have from those cars, we would be hit by wages and bonuses, and we would deal with that,” he said.

He also rejects the claim that different models compete within the group. “I do not think we are in competition. We complement each other, “he says. “Those cars didn’t fall from the sky. Superb approved. And it was done here because we were relatively cheap, advantageous, highly flexible, “he added.

If the economy works, new cars will be bought

The events and comments also focused on the impact of the crisis caused by the new coronavirus pandemic on the automotive industry. The editor-in-chief of the website, Vladimír Rybecký, emphasized that the domestic automotive industry depends on what the entire economic situation will look like.

“The automotive industry is not in a vacuum. It all depends on how strong the customers will be, how willing and able they will be to shop. I would just like to remind you that at least two thirds of new car buyers are companies, those cars are bought as company cars. This means that if the economy works, new cars will also be bought, “Rybecký concluded.


PS5 Price Leaks Again, Cheapest Rp. 5.8 Million? – Related rumors price PlayStation 5 ( PS5) as if endless. Recently, details of the price of the complete console with accessories returned leaking through a shop online.

Blog PhonAndroid successfully captures imagescreenshot on the page of the French retailer before it was deleted. Here are the prices for the two versions of the PS5 console and its various accessories in Euros.

It appears that the PS5 is priced starting at 399 euros or around Rp. 6.9 million for the Digital Edition version. Meanwhile, the regular version has drive Blu-Ray is priced more expensive at 499 euros, or around Rp. 8.6 million.

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Even if true, the above prices may only apply to the European region and include tax (value added tax).

Outside Europe, the PS5 is estimated to be around US $ 500 or around Rp. 7.3 million for the regular version and US $ 400 or around Rp. 5.8 million for the Digital Edition version, not including tax.

In addition to the two PS5 consoles, the respective retail site page also lists the official price for a number of companion accessories, such as DualSense, media controller, and headset all of which are sold at a uniform price, which is 50 euros or around Rp. 860,000.

PhonAndroid Prices for the PS5 and accessories on the website of a French retailer

The uniformity of the price of this PS5 accessory is strange and unnatural. For example, it is unlikely headset specifically sold with a tag of the same as charging dock.

Because of that, the price tag of the accessories here may only act as placeholder alias the written writing is just to fill in the place, as dhimpun KompasTekno from Tom’s Guide, Thursday (6/8/2020).

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Sony itself will hold an event this August. The manufacturer is expected to announce the launch date and price of the PS5.

Previously, rumors about the PS5 price had been circulating many times. The UK Amazon site had posted the PS5 at a price of 600 pounds (Rp 10.7 million), but was immediately corrected because it was wrong.

The popular store from Hong Kong, PlayAsia, also had time to list the console next gen this is priced at 700 US dollars (Rp. 9.9 million).


The following is a row of Realme cellphones whose prices are under Rp. 2 million, the August 2020 update

PRFMNEWS – Mobile (HP) or smartphones are now one of the most needed items for residents. Various activities of residents now depend on smartphones.

One of the brands HP or the smartphone most people are looking for is Realme.

Many kinds HP Realme which is hunted by gadget enthusiasts ranging from Realme C15, Realme C11, Realme X3 SuperZoom, Realme Narzo, and others.

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Various types of HP Realme pegged starting from price IDR 1 million, to the most expensive IDR 7 million.

Because not a few people have a limited budget, we put together a row HP brand Realme which has price under IDR 2 million, update price early August 2020.

Quoted from the official page Realme, here are some of the types HP Realme circulating in Indonesia whose prices are below Rp. 2 million.

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Thus, foreign investors punished Turkey after withdrawing the lira from abroad

Source: Dubai –

Many international banks failed to close their positions in lira with Turkish banks on Tuesday, which is the result of policies trying to dry the foreign market from the local currency, according to Bloomberg, citing informed sources.

Foreign banks could not fulfill their liabilities in lira, as the cost of lending in the Turkish currency rose to 1050% for investors abroad, according to the sources, who requested anonymity.

The failure of banks to provide the lira is similar to previous turmoil in the lira market abroad, in which lawmakers designed a permanent liquidity crisis to prevent the currency from being devaluated in an unregulated manner. This led to a failure to settle many transactions in a situation similar to that experienced by foreign banks on Tuesday, as a result of which the Turkish authorities temporarily prevented banks from trading in the Turkish currency, including Citigroup, UPS Group AG, and BNP Paribas.

And the large decline in the supply of the lira, came after a major intervention in the currency market last week. The dollar sale operations carried out by the Turkish government banks to support the lira, began to settle transactions after the official holiday, which led to the market draining the supply of the local currency, which contributed to raising overnight lending rates to the highest level in 17 months.

To deter short sellers, foreign investors were prevented from borrowing from local banks, and they had no way to obtain financing from the Turkish Central Bank. As a result, those who do not own the lira must borrow the currency from the foreign market, which has a low supply, which has led to an increase in the interest rate.

But this restriction has its consequences, as foreign investors resorted to selling shares and bonds in the Turkish market to provide liquidity in pounds, according to two traders familiar with this matter, which led to the Istanbul Stock Exchange index falling by 3.5% on Tuesday, while the return on Turkish bonds increased For two years above 12%, the highest level since April.


The Covid-19 puts the price of milk under voltage

Lactalis fights a lower price

When he looks in the back of the first half, Lactalis do not see a drop in the price of milk paid to producers. But, on the contrary, a “slight increase “compared to the same period last year. “Increase in the first quarter, stability in April and may, and single decline in June. In the smoothed average, the price practiced by the group is higher than the price of the main companies with the same range of products, such as Sodiaal, Eurial and even Danone “, summarizes the group’s head office, in Laval. This is the stall, in June, of € 12 per tonne of milk in ulcer the Organization of milk producers Lactalis of the great West (1 300 producers, 700 million litres of milk). And that leads him to refer to the ombudsman of the business relationship for non-compliance of the law Power. “It is necessary to cool down the debate , defuses Michel Nallet, the spokesman for the dairy group. The global prices of ingredients go up. Our sales have picked up in China. There is no desire of the group to lower the price of the milk. We are working for a positive year. “

The dairy surplus

The milk collection was maintained during the health crisis. But “the surplus has weighed on prices of industrial products (butter and powder) that have registered , for eight weeks, a decrease of 100 € per ton of, recalls Alain The Boulanger, of the FNIL (dairy industry). However, the industrial products and the export market also decline, represents 50 % of the product mix in France” (which serves as the formula for the price of the milk). The products of great consumption (PGC), the other 50 % of the product mix, were fortunately cushioned the decline, because they take into account the costs of production of farmers. “

“A lack of transparency “

The organisations of producers (OP) milk challenge this presentation. According to France Milk Board (FMB), “the market for consumer products France (milk, cheese, yoghurts etc) has increased 50 % in volume and value. The products for export are maintained. Only, the ooh (RHF) has fallen in the first weeks of the containment, but it represents only 5 % of the sales mix of the dairy industry in France […] The producers would pay the additional cost of the transformation due to the Covid-19 ? ” Sophie Lenaerts, president of the organization of milk producers (OPL) of the Coordination rural, denounces a lack of transparency in the fixing of the price of milk “.

The pressure from the ombudsman

Seized by France OP Milk, which brings together 18 organisations of producers (6 200 producers, 2.7 billion litres of milk), the mediator of commercial relations recalled that the framework agreements are still outstanding “will have to be concluded before 1er December and the beginning of the next trade negotiations (with the distribution). Failing that, sanctions may be requested from the ministry of Economy. The price formula must take into account the indicators of cost of the milk. The Cniel has set to 384 €/t. “This consideration is not yet evident for all of the industrial “says Loïc Adam, vice-president of France OP milk.

Reduced production in 22 000 farms

Implemented by the Cniel (dairy) in April, the device of voluntary reduction of milk production was driven by 22 000 dairy farms with 40 % of them. In total, 48 million litres of milk have not been produced, which has cushioned the traditional spring peak of milk production (+64 million liters full containment health. The Cniel has put 15,28€ million to compensate these efforts (320 €/t). The envelope initially provided for was ten million. Brussels had also unblocked 30 million euros to finance private storage of dairy products to absorb any surpluses.


Iss gives the go-ahead for ‘do it yourself’ masks – Politics

Green disc from the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) to the ‘do it yourself’ masks that can be used by citizens and made on their own, while there is still some confusion about prices. The draft of the Raising Decree sets a maximum recommended price for masks and disinfectants which – as written in the working document – cannot however exceed € 1.50 for sale for surgical masks up to € 9.50 for FFP3 with valve. Then the clarification of the Ministry of Economic Development. “There is no intention to go back on the price of the masks. The part of the text relating to the roof for personal protective equipment from Covid – they emphasize – dates back to before the order of Commissioner Arcuri.” On the price of the masks and which typology citizens can or must use – the virologist of the University of Milan Fabrizio Pregliasco tells ANSA – there is still a great deal of confusion. The invitation to the institutions is to clarify. “Of course there is that, with phase 2, the use of masks has become mandatory for citizens when traveling on public transport or in any case indoors.
In the meantime, however, citizens will also be able to use handcrafted masks made from T-shirts or scarves, as also indicated by the Center for Disease Control (Cdc) in Atlanta: the important thing is that they are multifilter and multilayer. The more sophisticated Ffp2 and Ffp3 masks, or even the surgical ones, are instead intended for different uses and must be used mainly by healthcare personnel. The masks with more complex filtering levels, explained the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro during the weekly press conference to take stock of the epidemiological trend of the epidemic, “are qualified as Personal Protective Equipment and are constructed in such a way such, with or without valve, that it can also prevent the transmission of the virus by air, ie they have a higher complexity and are therefore recommended in the healthcare field, where there is a risk of being exposed to aerosols or patients at high risk. In other contexts, these masks are only recommended where there are very specific risks. “