What happened over night. The main news of RBC :: Society :: RBC

Cafes, parks and churches will be closed in Moscow, market participants assessed the impact of the pandemic on the economy, Russian tourists are stuck in quarantined countries, the crash of the Su-27 over the Black Sea; the main news – in the review of RBC Moscow tightens restrictive measures due to coronavirus Next week in […]

“In Africa, containment poses a problem of survival”

La Croix: Why do you think Africa is on the brink of disaster? Augustin Augier: We have every reason to think that the Covid-19 will expand in Africa soon, with the same lightning as in Asia, Europe and America. But with two major differences. First, mortality among those infected. We know that 15% of infected […]

Are you panicking? Then the coronavirus comes to you!

I could take this interview by phone. Which, incidentally, was suggested by my interlocutor, one of the most respected virologists in the country, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical sciences Alexander Lukashev. But I, to his obvious surprise, asked for a meeting. EVERYTHING AT THE INSTITUTE IS QUIET … Five […]

Should you get travel insurance amid Coronavirus concerns? – NBC Chicago

Many travelers remain in doubt as to whether or not they should travel after fears of the hijacked coronavirus titles. On Tuesday, in the lively O’Hare International terminal, some travelers said they considered canceling their travels, while others said they didn’t think twice. Many of the travelers who went out of town on Tuesday booked […]

South Korean President declares war on coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

The head of state demanded that all officials be prepared for an emergency around the clock. In the last day alone, 600 new cases of the disease were recorded in South Korea. South Korean President Moon Jae Ying said during a government meeting that his country launched a war against the coronavirus, which killed 28 […]

The tooth hurts, deputy sheriff of insurance pains – NBC 7 San Diego

Gerry Bedard had nothing to fear but the fear of getting a root canal. Encinitas’ retired sheriff’s deputy had purchased dental insurance from a third-party insurance provider. But when it came time to schedule surgery in February last year through Delta Dental, Bedard experienced a new type of pain. The company claimed that its plan […]