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Indonesia vs Qatar U-19 national team at the Velika Gorica Stadium, Zagreb, Sunday (20/9/2020).

SportFEAT.COM – Coach manager Shin Tae-yong, claiming to have found one problem of Indonesian U-19 national team after winning a counter draw Qatar.

Indonesian U-19 national team failed to continue the positive trend when against Qatar for the second time.

Had won in the match testing first Thursday (17/9/2020), the Garuda Nusantara squad was only able to draw in the second match.

Compete at Velika Gorica Stadium, Zagreb, Sunday (20/9/2020), Indonesian U-19 national team held to a 1-1 draw by Qatar.

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The team made by Shin Tae-yong actually took the lead through Saddam Emiruddin in the 62nd minute.

But before the match ended, Qatar managed to equalize through Altairi’s penalty.

Even though it was a draw, the coach manager Shin Tae-yong said he was satisfied with the progress shown by the Indonesian U-19 national team.

However, the South Korean tactician found a new problem in the Indonesian U-19 national team.

According to him, the Garuda Nusantara squad must increase their power.

“It’s a shame we had to concede at the last minute. But overall our game is improving, the players’ stamina is also getting better,” said Shin Tae-yong.

“But we will polish and fix the player’s power again,” he said, as quoted by SportFEAT.com from the PSSI website.

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Shin Tae-yong also explained that the players had worked hard throughout the match.

Moreover, Indonesia’s U-19 national team squad also has a number of opportunities in front of Qatar’s goal.

Indonesia's U-19 national team striker, Saddam Gaffar (right), dueled Qatar defender Faisal Mohammad Azadi in a trial match on Sunday (20/9/2020).


Indonesia’s U-19 national team striker, Saddam Gaffar (right), dueled Qatar defender Faisal Mohammad Azadi in a trial match on Sunday (20/9/2020).

After two times against Qatar, David Maulana et al. will still undergo two more test matches in Croatia.

Furthermore, the Indonesian U-19 national team will face Bosnia and Bulgaria on Friday (25/09/2020).

Then three days later, the Garuda Nusantara squad had the opportunity to try out Dinamo Zagreb.

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New dentist in town! Hundreds of people stood in line to register all night

The new doctor started prescribing in the city district only recently. Due to registration, people were willing to stand in a hundreds of meters long queue this morning. The spacing between many was far from two meters. Almost no one had the veil on. “We prefer to go to the dentist with the whole family in Poland. In the Czech Republic, the superhuman performance of a dentist was available, “said one of the waiting reporters for TV Nova. “This should be addressed, not to mention prices. That one should take out a loan,” another complained.

“If citizens cannot find their doctor, they should always contact their health insurance company, which is obliged to provide them with medical care. However, people often do not know this fact and turn to various often blind spots,” said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES ).

The Ministry of Health has placed a form on its website where people can fill in which doctor they are looking for, their health insurance company and their data. Subsequently, a request is generated for the client, which is automatically sent to the given health insurance company, which then starts to solve it. “We offer our clients a personal consultation, where we will refer them to the dentist at their place of residence or within reach,” says Ivo Čelechovský, spokesman for the RBP of the health insurance company.


Bloomberg learned about the participation of a US firm in blocking sites in Belarus :: Politics :: RBC

According to the interlocutors of the agency, representatives of the Sandvine company met with officials of Belarus, after which technologies were transferred to the authorities to block sites.

Photo: Viktor Tolochko / Sputnik / RIA Novosti

The American company Sandvine provided the Belarusian authorities with technologies to block websites in the country during protests. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to sources familiar with the situation. The company advertises its products as capable of blocking more than 150 million websites, the agency said.

According to interlocutors Bloomberg, Sandvine representatives held personal meetings with republican officials, after which the Belarusian authorities received the necessary equipment.

During a video conference of Sandvine employees, the recording of which is available Bloomberg, the company’s management said that they have been interacting with a government organization in Belarus for more than one year and have provided the country with technologies that filter about 40% of Internet traffic.

Sandvine CTO Alexander Khavang noted during the conference that Belarus “can use the company’s equipment to block websites and instant messengers”, but did not see this as a violation of human rights, reports Bloomberg.

Sandvine did not comment on the situation. Bloomberg, the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs did not respond to the agency’s request.


9 Breakfast Rules that Diabetics Must Follow

9 Breakfast Rules that Diabetics Must Follow
Illustration of eating healthy food. © 2018 Merdeka.com/P Pixabay

Merdeka.com – Breakfast is one of the most important meal times for us. This mealtime can also determine how much energy we can have over the next day.

You can also get a number of healthy benefits when you eat breakfast properly. This includes helping to maintain your weight.

Various health benefits that can arise make breakfast very important to do. This is especially so for those with diabetes.

Although important, diabetics still have to pay attention to various things at breakfast. This is useful to prevent further health problems for them.

With a proper breakfast diet, diabetics will not experience a sudden worsening of the condition. Reporting from The Healthy, here are a number of breakfast rules that must be applied by diabetics.

1 of 9 pages

Don’t miss it

“A person with diabetes experiences blood sugar fluctuations which can become more stable when they eat evenly throughout the day,” explains Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, a diabetes-related dietitian.

“Skipping meals such as breakfast can lead to further overeating due to hunger and low blood sugar levels,” he continued.

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Eat Protein

Research reveals that eating high-protein foods at breakfast can help diabetics prevent blood sugar spikes.

“Many people do not realize that the partner of protein is fat. This can keep blood sugar normal and keep you full until the next meal,” said Melinda Maryniuk, RDN, diabetes care and education specialist.

It is recommended to consume at least 5 grams of protein at breakfast. This is the equivalent of an egg, two-thirds of a glass of milk, or 1.5 tablespoons of peanut butter.

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Avoid Refined Carbohydrates


To maintain health and weight, carbohydrates are things that must be considered. But not all carbohydrates have the same effect.

It is recommended to avoid refined carbohydrates found in bread in general. It is recommended to replace these processed foods with more natural fruits and whole grains.

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Choose Foods That Are Friendly For Diabetes Patients

which is friendly for diabetics

For diabetics, choosing the right food is key in maintaining their condition. It is recommended for diabetics to have breakfast with foods that contain carbohydrates and paired with protein and healthy fats.

“There are a variety of food choices when having breakfast at a restaurant, certain menus can be healthier than others,” said Dobbins.

“For diabetics, consuming a balanced diet in the form of a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat can be easily applied,” he continued.

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Consume Lots of Fiber


Research in 2019 revealed that a diet rich in fiber can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, stroke and colorectal cancer by about 16 to 24 percent. Consumption of this fiber can be obtained from vegetables and fruit that are eaten every day.

This choice of fruits and vegetables cannot be separated from our daily consumption. Not only for diabetics, this diet can also be beneficial for anyone.

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Take oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most diabetes-friendly breakfast choices. Each cup of oatmeal has a fiber content of 4 percent which is very good at maintaining blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes.

Avoid types of oatmeal with a variety of flavors because they usually have a high sugar and salt content. You can make large quantities of direct oatmeal then store it in the refrigerator and warm it in the microwave.

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Consumption of Non-Fat Milk and Yogurt

without fat and yogurt

Research shows that adults aged 40-69 years who consume a lot of milk are less likely to experience metabolic syndrome. These health problems include a variety of symptoms that increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Vitamin D found in milk also helps the body use insulin. Yogurt can also be an option to get this benefit, just make sure not to eat those that have flavor and choose plain yogurt.

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Make Your Own Breakfast


If you have trouble estimating the sugar content of food and the types of food that are there aren’t attracting attention, you can cook your own food. This method can help you balance the nutritional content you need.

Just make sure the food you make contains the carbohydrates, protein and fiber needed by diabetics. This method can make you avoid boredom with the same food.

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Avoid fruit juices


Fruit juice is indeed a source of drinks that we often consider healthy. In fact, this drink only consists of concentrated carbohydrates and is less fiber than fruit.

It is recommended to avoid fruit juices and consume them in fruit form only.

“Fruit eaten in the morning is digested more slowly than juice, thus contributing to less increase in blood sugar,” explained Maryniuk.

For diabetics, a proper diet is important to maintain their health condition. Therefore, paying attention to food and eating patterns at breakfast is an important thing to do. [RWP]

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Among Us: Server and Private Game Issues and How to Fix It

All video game developers have a dream, that their game becomes a trend. The problem is that this happens very rarely and most of the time it is not when you expect it. For this reason, many are surprised with the avalanche of people and they have to face problems with the servers.

This is precisely what has happened to Among Us. The game is available from November 16, 2018, but it is now when it is reaching its highest peak of popularity thanks to content creators who have started uploading content related to this title, something that always has a lot of influence.

This is a 4-10 player online game that you have to prepare the spaceship for departure, but one or more random players among the Crew are imposters hell-bent on killing everyone. The goal of the game It is to fix the ship before the assassins finish them all or discover the enemies.

This game is currently available for computer and mobile. In case you want it descargar on a computer you will have to do it through steam. In the Play Store it can be downloaded completely free by simply putting Among Us in the search engine and downloading the first game that comes out.

Obviously, with these prices, the popularity and the simplicity of the game, the mass of players has increased exponentially in a few hours. This has led to a much bigger problem; it is impossible to get into the game, especially in private matches.

The saturation of players causes the title to fail constantly to everyone who tries to enter. The messages that appear go from the version is previous, even connection problems or directly that you find yourself disconnected at all.

There are few good solutions to fix these errors right now, although there are some very rudimentary ones that work. The option to log out and log in multiple times is something that can make you end up logging in with your friends to play. Another possibility that should be tried is to disconnect the computer from the network and reconnect it. Although the method that really works is to try many times until you get it.


Asked for a divorce from Jerinx because she often causes trouble, Nora Alexandra silences the mouths of netizens with striking sentences – all pages

Instagram @ncdpapl

Nora Alexandra’s Answer When Urged to Divorce Jerinx SID Makes Netizens Kicep

GridHype.ID – Drummer SID, Jerinx stumbled on a case due to his statement accusing the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) of being a WHO lackey.

Of course it stumbled Jerinx in this case make the wife, Nora Alexandra must accompany.

Especially the wife of I Gede Ari Astina or Jerinx SID drummer, Nora Alexandria had to receive a lot of scorn on social media.

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It is known, Nora was a very patient figure in accompanying her husband when he was detained.

In fact, many people supported her because of Nora’s sincerity in accompanying her husband.

However, because of the many scorns towards him, this ex-wife of Alff Ali finally got over his annoyance on Instagram, Thursday (20/8).

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Nora said that she was laughed at a lot to the point of insulting her about the case that happened to her husband.

“Lately, since my husband was arrested, I have read a lot of comments against my husband.

Hmm here from my point of view, they laugh, berate, insult. Don’t they think that one day they will be positioned like my husband? ” wrote Nora.

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However, Nora’s name isn’t confused with what netizens say.

Nora always remembers her parents’ advice related to the problems that now befell her and her husband.

Her husband was accused of harassment by netizens, Nora Alexandra angrily.

Capture IG / @ ncdpapl screen

Her husband was accused of harassment by netizens, Nora Alexandra angrily.

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My parents once told me not to laugh at other people too much, fear that it will turn to us / him who laughs at other people’s problems.

In the upload, Nora feels sad because she is being cornered in choosing to be loyal to Jerinx, which some people consider troublesome.

This Swiss-blooded Jember woman feels that it is not true that marriage only accepts sweet things.

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Sad, the number of types of words just divorce her husband, miss, her husband is bothering his wife ‘.

Hmmm like this in every marriage we do not only accept happy conditions, we have to face difficulties together, “wrote Nora.

After all, I know that my husband is currently being held not for murder, stealing, corruptors are not basically criminals.Nora continued.

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Seeing Nora’s patience who is even grateful to haters, even many citizens provide support.

“Nora’s spirit, God doesn’t sleep … Those who humble one day will be humbled,” write @njassari.

“No need to push it, just block it, sis,” write @jundesersi.

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“Semangat sist.. Welcome to era gladiators. Keep strong,” write @dikibaik.

“The spirit continues Nora,” write @oktadigalang.

This article has been published on GridFame.ID with the title Many people laughed at because they wanted to be Jerinx’s wife, Aliff Alli’s ex-wife was furious at being told to divorce her husband: ‘My husband is not a criminal!’

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Volkswagen Golf front door “disease” discussed by owners on the Web

Due to the accumulation of moisture, door corners in the lower part of the Golf are sometimes subjected to paint chips and bending of metal.

Photo: Volkswagen Golf VI, source: Wikipedia

Owning this front door disease Volkswagen Golf car owners complained before, but the problem is still relevant. The driver of the 6th Golf reminded of her, who thought in advance about the not-so-far onset of cold weather and shared experiences on the Pikabu portal.

According to the owner, in the stampings of the threshold of the front door, water accumulateswhich at temperatures below zero on the street freezes. This adversely affects the paintwork on the corner of the door – if you open it unsuccessfully, and the paint is chipped off. The owner notes that with his past fourth-generation Golf, this disaster did not happen. But the doors of the VW Golf 6 have to be tinted for the second time – and hardly the last.

However, not all VW Golf owners would agree with a motorist. So, drivers from the thematic forum Volkswagen Technical Site previously said that due to ice sticking when opening the lower doors, the corner of the door bends at the 5th Golf. Users claim that in the 4th generation of the “German” the same problem remained, except that there were solid doors, and on the “Fifth” – removable linings, so they don’t just chip and the painted corners rust but also bend.

Judging by the comments on the web, many owners are sure that this constructive miscalculation of a car, since with most models of cars, when the doors are opened, the corner goes outside, but at the Golf – inside the opening. “There were not enough complaints,” commented on the VW-Golfclub forum that troubles with door corners migrated from the 4th generation Volkswagen Golf right up to the 6th.

But it is worth noting that not every owner of a VW Golf of 4-6 generations still faces a similar problem. And most importantly, the manufacturer’s dealers offer a solution – perform free warranty repairs.

“They changed the entire door panel + painted the threshold,” says one of the owners of such a Golf on the same resource, who managed to take advantage of the right to warranty repairs.

Feedback from the portal and a photo of the “disease” of the front doors of the VW Golf 6, source: Pikabu
VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

On this topic

VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

2020-06-29 09:35:55

A popular method on the Web for ridding the Golf of this “disease” with your own hands – installation of special polyurethane inserts on the lower part of the doorsprotecting the car from moisture accumulation – on average, one such “corner” costs 500 rubles, according to Drom. Another option is remaking door hinges.

The owner of the original VW Golf 6 with Pikabu himself writes that he is thinking after painting tighten the corners of the doors with foil. However, motorists in the comments are sure: this will save the body elements from paint chips, but will not protect the metal from bending. And in order to avoid problems, it is advised to carefully and accurately use the doors of the “German”, as well as regularly clean the niches where rain and dirt accumulate.


Gref commented on the “divorce” of Sberbank and Yandex :: Economy :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press

Sberbank is not “getting a divorce” from Yandex, but there is a need to restructure their joint business. This was stated by the head of the bank German Gref in an interview with TASS.

“We have no divorce. It’s about restructuring our joint business. We didn’t share anything, ”Gref explained.

He praised the development of joint projects with Yandex, noting the growth of the Yandex.Market service during the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, Gref confirmed that there is competition between the ecosystems of Sberbank and Yandex, which creates problems.

“Ecosystems are highly competitive. This creates complexity. There was an objective need to think about how to get out of the situation, ”said the head of Sberbank. He specified that a mutually beneficial solution was found over the past year.


The Ministry of Communications decided to create a window for complaints on the state services portal :: Society :: RBC

The ministry believes that the new system will improve the efficiency of processing appeals. Complaints will know how it goes.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

The Ministry of Communications has prepared a bill in accordance with which the government services portal will become a single electronic window for appealing to authorities, Kommersant reports. According to the document, citizens registered in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (ESIA) will be able to file a complaint.

The draft law provides that appeals sent through the portal will be automatically forwarded to the authorized body. Their authors will be able to receive notifications of the progress of the review. Artificial intelligence will be used to study typical queries.

In addition to the public services portal, a complaint can be submitted through multifunctional centers or by mail.

Oleg Pak, the First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Communications, explained the need to create a window of appeals on the public services portal by the fact that now complaints are sent through forms on various official websites or by e-mail, and applicants often do not even know if their messages have been received. “To find out the fate of the appeal, you need to call the information phones, which are often busy or do not answer. All this works extremely inefficiently, ”he admitted.

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Media has proposed connecting Avito, TsIAN and Avto.ru to public services

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Boris Edidin, a member of the digital economy legal support committee for the Moscow branch of the Bar Association, sees another advantage in the new system. In his opinion, localization on a single platform and reliable identification of applications will solve the problem of “planned provocations” in relation to mass and repeated appeals. At the same time, he noted that the bill does not solve the problem of assessing the effectiveness of considering citizens ’appeals, that is, how much the applicant is satisfied with the results of interaction with the state agency, and the official is interested in resolving the issue on the merits.

Another weakness of the system, Nikolai Legkodimov, head of technological practice at KPMG in Russia and the CIS, considers reassignment routes. “They should not violate the basic principle when a complaint cannot be directed to the agency that they are complaining about,” he said.

According to Kommersant, a total of 119 million people are registered in ESIA. At the same time, 69.5 million accounts were confirmed.


Foreigners canceling a visit to Russia will be reissued for free visa :: Society :: RBC

Foreign citizens who in March this year issued a visa to visit Russia, but canceled the visit due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to reissue it for free. This was stated in an interview to Kommersant by the Deputy Foreign Minister, State Secretary Yevgeny Ivanov.

According to him, Russian laws do not allow to extend a visa if it is issued. but not used because the visa is a document with a limited validity period. But ignoring the issue of canceling visits and expiring visas would be wrong.

“The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it possible to offer foreign citizens who have canceled their trips to Russia, despite previously issued single or double entry visas, the validity of which began in mid-March, to apply for new visas of the same multiplicity for free,” Ivanov said.

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas

The deputy minister noted that it would be possible to draw up documents for entry into Russia free of charge within six months from the date of lifting restrictions on entry in the country. To do this, foreigners will need to provide documents confirming their right to obtain a visa for a new term.