Škoda Karoq begins production in Slovakia. Capacity reasons

The German carmaker Volkswagen has started production of the Škoda Karoq sport utility vehicle (SUV) in its plant in Slovakia. The production of the new model will provide work for 500 employees, the Bratislava plant said. It helps with the installation of the Karoq model for capacity reasons.

For the Bratislava plant, this is the ninth model that is produced there, of which the second model of the Czech carmaker Škoda. Another is the Citigo electric care iV. The volume of production should be in the order of tens of thousands per year. The production was decided last autumn.

“I am pleased that despite the difficult period associated with the coronavirus epidemic, we were able to start production of the new model as planned,” said Oliver Grünberg, Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board for Technical Affairs at Volkswagen Slovakia.

Bodies for the Karoq model are manufactured in the Czech Republic, from where they are transported for assembly to the Bratislava plant. The chassis is manufactured in Bratislava.

In the Czech Republic, Karoq is manufactured partly in Mladá Boleslav and in Kvasiny in the Rychnov region. Last year, Škoda Auto delivered 1.24 million cars worldwide. It operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India, mostly through group partnerships, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan in cooperation with local partners. It operates in more than 100 markets and employs almost 39,000 people, of which almost 34,000 in the Czech Republic.

Volkswagen is one of the largest employers in Slovakia. It assembles sport-utility vehicles in the country, as well as small city cars, including Škoda Citigo electric cars.

In addition to Škoda, the Volkswagen Group also includes a number of other brands. In addition to the Volkswagen flagship, there are, for example, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini.


On video | Vives joins the tribute to Billo’s with ‘Three pearls’

If there is a classic of tropical music that fraternally links Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena, that’s the Three Pearl joint, immortalized by the Billo’s Caracas Boys, an orchestra founded by the Dominican Luis María Frómeta Pereira in 1940 and which he conducted until the last of his days (May 5, 1988).

This song, released in 1971, now it has a new version interpreted by the samarium Carlos Vives, who is heard singing: “Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena / are three pearls that sprouted in the sand.”

Vives, who confesses himself a great fan of maestro Billo Frómeta, was pleased to participate in the album Legendarios, a tribute to this disappeared figure of our Latin music.

This production consists of 12 songs with 11 guest artists, 10 hit songs from Billo’s and two unreleased songs, including one with a Christmas theme.

“Participating in this album is as if I had won an award, I don’t know what, but I feel like an award,” Vives commented in a promotional video for the song.

Added that Bringing his music and legacy to these times will be vital for many to dance to.. “I know that some are going to cry, and the youth will be able to discover a great figure in music, who is no longer only from Dominicans, Venezuelans, or Colombians, but from all of America, long live Billo Frómeta, a great musical legend ”.

With this song from Billo’s, Vives relives that time of yesteryear and good dance music.

The popularity of this orchestra in the December festivities in Colombia and Venezuela has made it your New Years success has become an anthem every time the whistles are sounded to welcome you to a new calendar.

More about the project. Adrián Frómeta, grandson of maestro Billo, the goal has been set to put this great Orchestra back on the music scene who has just turned 80 and has more than 100 productions.

To achieve this great project, Remil Renna and Víctor Pabon were appointed as producers, who are working hard for the album’s release next month.

Tito Rojas, Álex Bueno and Óscar D ‘León are some artists who said yes to Legendarios. The rest of the payroll participating in this tribute will be known soon.

La Billo’s had a great influence from the music of Caracas, the Colombian coast and Cuba, and put together a repertoire in which the porro, guaracha, boleros and merengue predominated.


South Korean prime minister named three strategies to combat coronavirus :: Politics :: RBC

South Korea paid special attention to infection prevention, took a course towards digitalization and launched socio-economic support for vulnerable groups of the population

Photo: Ahn Young-joon / AP

South Korean Prime Minister Jong Se Kyung named three key strategies to combat the virus and economic recovery that are being implemented in his country. The Prime Minister said this during his speech at the Open Innovations Forum, broadcast runs the RBK channel.

The first strategy is the successful implementation of sanitary and epidemiological measures. According to Jung Se Kyun, it is a direct path to economic recovery. “Both the fight against coronavirus and the economy are two imperative goals, and a wise approach is needed in order to maintain a balance between them,” the Prime Minister said.

“The so-called three-T strategy has shown its effectiveness, which includes: mass testing (test), tracing of contacts of infected (trace) and treatment of cases at an early stage (treatment),” added the Prime Minister. He noted that the Koreans actively participated in all anti-epidemic measures, which made it possible to prevent the further spread of the infection without introducing large-scale restrictions in society.

Seoul announced plans of Putin to be vaccinated with Russian vaccine against COVID-19

Moon Jae-in and Vladimir Putin

The second strategy is to prepare for large-scale changes in the structure of the economy and society, according to Jung Se Kyun. “Due to the global pandemic, we are entering an era of new normalcy, when global production chains are being rebuilt and a new world order is required. Our government has announced a new national development strategy, the so-called Korean New Deal. The essence of the strategy is digitalization in all areas based on a reliable employment protection system, ”the Prime Minister explained. When implementing the new course, the authorities intend to create 900 thousand jobs, and the volume of investments will amount to 58 trillion Korean won (3.96 trillion rubles) by 2025.


The Covid-19 vaccine in production in Belgium: this is what it looks like

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Prosecutor’s Office occupies six Alex Saab properties valued at $ 38,000 million

The Specialized Directorate for Extinction of Domain Rights of the Prosecutor’s Office with support from the CTI This Saturday imposed precautionary measures on six properties of businessman Alex Naim Saab Morán, appointed figurehead of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The investigating body indicated that these assets are valued at $ 38,000 million and the proceedings were carried out in Barranquilla and Cartagena, where these properties are located.

The decision for the process of extinction of the property right – affirms the Prosecutor’s Office – is related to the investigation carried out by the accusing body to Saab Morán, for the crimes of money laundering, illicit enrichment, fictitious export or import and conspiracy to commit a crime.


once it is there, “we could have an almost normal summer 2021”, says Yves Van Laethem

While the promising trials are still ongoing, the Pfizer plant in Puurs (Antwerp) has already started production. If the vaccine doesn’t work, it will all be destroyed.

“We are currently in phase 2/3 of clinical trials, which is being carried out in 4 countries (USA, Brazil, Germany, Argentina)”, explains Marie-Lise Verschelden, communication manager of Pfizer Belgium. “37,000 people are already participating in the trials, 31,000 of whom have already received a second dose of the potential vaccine (or a placebo). “

Mrs Verschelden is extremely cautious but the first results are rather encouraging: “The first results of phase 1 clinical trials do indeed seem to be heading in the right direction. But clinical trials are still ongoing and we must remain cautious until the end of the procedure and the submission of the file to the authorities. “

This vaccine produced in Belgium could be one of the first on the market.

Selon Yves Van Laethem, we could live an almost normal summer thanks to the vaccine!


Pfizer’s Covid vaccines on the production chain in Belgium (video)

It’s a video of hope. Images that millions of people have been waiting for several months. This Sunday, Pfizer gives a glimmer of optimism in the fight against the coronavirus, at a time when the majority of the countries of Europe are strengthening its measures.

Images of the production line for the Covid-19 vaccine have been released by the pharmaceutical giant. “Several hundred thousand doses” of Pfizer’s vaccine are said to have been produced and would be ready for distribution, once clinical trials have been completed (and subject to success).

This is a production “at risk” since the tests are not finished. But the first results of their tests are encouraging and the company is taking the risk of starting production while waiting to see what happens next. Because among the volunteers, some have already received the second dose of the vaccine and it seems to be working since they would be protected, according to the information we were able to collect.

These vaccines could still be thrown away if the results are not good. The firm hopes to be able to begin distribution in December and produce 100 million doses this year, says the Nieuwsblad. Figures that are expected to exceed one billion vaccines in 2021.


Cupra Formentor begins production. He wants to fill a vacancy in the market

Cupra begins production of its first model, developed exclusively for this sports brand. The company believes that it will fill the vacancy on the market so far.

Cupra is a very young brand that has only existed for two years. As a separate sports division, Seatu first offered cars based on the existing Seat, Cupru Ateca and Cupru Leon models. But now it comes with the first car developed just for her, a pre-announced crossover Cupra Formentor, first introduced last year in the form of a concept, production is already beginning.

Named after a beautiful peninsula on the island of Mallorca, the crossover is extremely important for the brand, and the management believes that it will double Cupry’s sales. That’s why production at Satt’s home plant in Martorell begins in style, with 160 pieces of this crossover a day leaving the factory this week. Production takes place on the same assembly line as in the case of Leon, both models share the modular platform MQB Evo.

At the same time, the car is entering the market at a very difficult time, when car manufacturers are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemics, which, for example, hit Spain hard. But as a new brand, Cupra can attract customers, this July was the best month in its history in terms of sales. In addition, Cupry CEO and new Seat President Wayne Griffiths expects the fourth quarter of this year to be good for the Spanish carmaker. Its sales are already returning to normal, just ending September was already at the same level of sales for the company as last year.

In addition, Cupra is proving to be a successful project so far. Griffiths admits that there have been doubts from many quarters as to whether the new brand has a chance of success at a time when many brands are disappearing. But the first months of operation prove that it was a suitable step. Cupra has sold 55,000 cars since sales began, more than management had predicted.

“We have found a vacancy in the market that fills the gap between mainstream and luxury brands,” explains Cupry’s position to CEO. He now speaks of Satt as a car manufacturer with two brands. While Seat is to continue to attract customers to the world of the VW Group, especially young clients (the average age of Satt’s customer is 10 years lower than in the case of Volkswagen), Cupra is intended to attract those interested in sporty cars with a distinctive style. This is also intended to bring in new customers, and the brand’s position also means that Cupry models should make a significant profit.

Cupra Formentor should be an important tool in this regard. Even to attract a wide clientele, it will be available with seven engines, depending on the market. The first to arrive is the top-of-the-range version with the 2.0 TSI (228 kW) supercharged petrol four-cylinder, which will be complemented at the beginning of 2021 by a plug-in hybrid with a combined output of 180 kW provided by the 1.4 TSI combination with electric motor. Other units will arrive later, including turbodiesel. On the contrary, let’s not count on an electric car.

The wide range suggests that Formentor will eventually be sold exclusively as Cupra and will not be complemented by a version with Seat logos, as originally speculated.

We will see soon whether Cupra Formentor meets the expectations of its authors. Sales in the main European markets will start during October.


Tesla in court demanded to abolish duties on spare parts from China

The electric vehicle manufacturer is demanding that the duties be declared illegal and that the tariffs already paid be refunded. In 2019, Tesla already asked to abolish 25 percent duties on parts from China, but was refused.

Photo: David Zalubowski / AP

Tesla has filed a lawsuit in the US court, in which it demanded to cancel the requirement of the administration of President Donald Trump to levy duties on parts that the company imports from China. About it reports Bloomberg citing materials from the Court of International Trade in New York.

The electric car maker is seeking to declare the duties illegal and reimburse the tariffs already paid. The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer is listed as the defendant in the case.

Lighthizer did not respond to the agency’s request for comment.

As reminds BloombergIn 2019, Tesla received a refusal from the US authorities in response to a request to abolish duties of 25% on Chinese-made monitors that the company uses in the production of Model 3 electric vehicles. At the same time, the manufacturer complained about damage from the imposed tariffs.

In January, the USA and China signed documents in the first phase of the trade deal, which oblige Beijing to buy $ 200 billion worth of agricultural products and other goods from Washington within two years. In exchange, the US side canceled the planned increase in duties on Chinese goods, including phones, toys and laptops. Already set by the United States, duties of 25% on goods from China totaling $ 250 billion remain in force until the countries agree on the terms of the second phase of the agreement. August parties reported on progress in the implementation of the agreement on the first phase of the transaction.


The cheapest Chinese-Kazakh electric crossover JAC iEV7S arrived in Russia – Cars

The electric premiere at the Russian auto skyline was held by the guys from JAC, who tore the cover off their novelty – either a crossover or a hatchback – iEV7S. The appearance of the car in places is similar to the well-known Lifan X50, but the filling is completely new and modern. The main design feature is a giant battery, and it belongs to Koreans from Samsung… True, it is also made in China.

Design is subjective, deeply personal. But technical characteristics are a constant concept and do not recognize gustatory interference. Let’s reject the lyrics and go over strictly on the facts of static presentation.

JAC iEV7S, whose production established in Kazakhstan, equipped with an 85 kW motor, which accelerates the car to a hundred in 12 seconds. But you can accelerate to the mid-city “fifty kopeck piece” in just 4 seconds. The maximum speed is 130 km / h. A “full tank” will last for 280 km, but with a certain skill and dexterity (read – switched off air conditioner, ideal temperature conditions and a tailwind), the Chinese will fly as much as 360 km. In a word, to the dacha and back – back to back. And only in the summer.