Tesla in court demanded to abolish duties on spare parts from China

The electric vehicle manufacturer is demanding that the duties be declared illegal and that the tariffs already paid be refunded. In 2019, Tesla already asked to abolish 25 percent duties on parts from China, but was refused.

Photo: David Zalubowski / AP

Tesla has filed a lawsuit in the US court, in which it demanded to cancel the requirement of the administration of President Donald Trump to levy duties on parts that the company imports from China. About it reports Bloomberg citing materials from the Court of International Trade in New York.

The electric car maker is seeking to declare the duties illegal and reimburse the tariffs already paid. The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer is listed as the defendant in the case.

Lighthizer did not respond to the agency’s request for comment.

As reminds BloombergIn 2019, Tesla received a refusal from the US authorities in response to a request to abolish duties of 25% on Chinese-made monitors that the company uses in the production of Model 3 electric vehicles. At the same time, the manufacturer complained about damage from the imposed tariffs.

In January, the USA and China signed documents in the first phase of the trade deal, which oblige Beijing to buy $ 200 billion worth of agricultural products and other goods from Washington within two years. In exchange, the US side canceled the planned increase in duties on Chinese goods, including phones, toys and laptops. Already set by the United States, duties of 25% on goods from China totaling $ 250 billion remain in force until the countries agree on the terms of the second phase of the agreement. August parties reported on progress in the implementation of the agreement on the first phase of the transaction.


Oncologist Smirnova named foods that improve bowel function

Oncologist, surgeon Elena Smirnova revealed a list of foods that improve digestion, normalize microflora and improve the digestive tract. They are also able to prevent the development of colorectal cancer. This is reported by “Medical Note”.

First of all, according to the doctor, probiotics and prebiotics should be present in the food.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can improve motility and help burn fat. Additives are found in kefir, cheeses, yoghurts and fermented baked milk. People, whose body assimilates these foods without any problems, is recommended to consume them up to 200 ml per day.

Prebiotics are the dietary fiber that probiotics feed on. They are found in bran, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Whole grains have a positive effect on the intestines. These are buckwheat, corn, brown rice, bulgur, wheat. These foods contain significant amounts of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. These components affect the growth of bacteria beneficial to the body.

The doctor also recommended using kombucha. When processed, polyunsaturated fatty acids are formed in it, which have a positive effect on digestion.

However, it is advisable to consume broccoli. The vegetable prevents the development of gastritis and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

Finally, Elena advised to turn to the use of turmeric. This spice helps to improve the condition of the mucous membrane and normalizes the digestive tract.


Apple arrives at its end-of-year event … without an iPhone

New iPad and iPad Air, Check; New Apple Watch series 6 and SE, check; the new service Apple One, check; And the iPhone? What happened? Did we run out of phone this year? Do we blame the pandemic? Could 2020 be worse? We will know that in the next few days.

According to the AP agency, Big analysts take it for granted that Apple will launch a phone this year. “The crucial part for Apple is maintaining the iPhone user base and selling them a ton of accessories like AirPods and getting services,” said Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. However, waiting for that debut next month due to the interruption in production caused by the coronavirus pandemic can be a long wait for the most fans, in the meantime we can take a look at what Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, next to all his team from Apple Park in California, presented during the most important annual event of the firm.

The iPad 8 and iPad Air

The most used tablet on the market now in its eighth edition maintains the same design as the previous one, but with an A12 Bionic chip that gives it much more power and performance to perform daily tasks; it is basic and very easy to use. In addition, it is compatible with various accessories of the brand such as the Apple Pencil 1 and makes it a good option if it is used for entertainment.

Definitely, the one that steals the show is the iPad Air. Cupertino bets strongly on this new tablet and did not skimp on adding several interesting elements; in fact, if you look closely, it may make you wonder if you are going to buy an iPad Pro. Its square-edged design evokes those with which iPhone 4, which Steve Jobs himself introduced in 2010, enchanted the world and returned to the fore with the Pro models. Air now comes with 5 new colors that make it extremely attractive, many would say very sexy.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


This new example can record in 4K and perform multiple functions in a much easier way, all this thanks to its A14 Bionic chip … Curiously, this iPad is very close to the qualities of the first generation 11-inch Pro that Apple no longer uses. commercializes, but that can be purchased in other specialized stores. The difference is that it comes with the A12Z Bionic Chip, and the 4 speakers with much more memory … which can work against the Air.

The storage capacity of the new version starts at 64GB and 250GB. It has a single 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel front camera for video calls. Another function is that it integrates the touch ID system in one of the upper buttons, thus saving space on the front screen and it is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2, which makes it practically a desktop computer .

A watch that does everything

Each new version of the Apple Watch that has been released brings with it a myriad of functions that will leave anyone speechless. This time the changes come in the hardware, although the device maintains the shapes of the Series 5, its sensors and internal mechanism are what make it faster and smarter. Its main function, which is added to that of recording the heartbeat and heart rate, is to measure the levels of oxygen in the blood. This property can be very useful for those who suffer from some type of respiratory condition, it can even be a good ally if the user is convalescing from COVID-19 and has some type of sequel.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.

The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


Apple also unveiled the SE (cheaper) version of this device that includes all the functions of the regular watch except the ECG (electrocardiogram) that comes in series 5 and 6. Both models, including series 4 and 5 contain the new Family Support system, which allows all members of the family to be connected under the same service plan. This function is useful because it can make it easier, for example, for the main user to know where the children are during their day or if an elderly adult needs help or to be attended in an emergency, since all these notifications will appear on their phone.

Fitness and other services

Since last year, Apple has announced several monthly subscription services that can be via streaming Apple + or the Arcade video game platform. Added to this proposal is now “Fitness”, where the subscriber will receive weekly trainings that can be viewed from their Apple devices. The experience improves when these exercises are monitored from the Apple Watch. The disciplines include yoga, cycling, jogging, and others.


Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.

Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.


All in one

However, Cupertino hinted at one of the new functions available at the end of the year in iOS 14 and that have been in testing for months. It is Apple One, where the subscriber will have access to all these Apple service platforms that comprise Music, Apple +, Arcade, iCloud, News and the new Fitness.

The Basic, Family and Premier plans come with several access configurations that integrate and range from $ 15 to $ 30 per package, not bad if you take into account how much the subscription cost is, if you have one or more of these services active.

For now, loyal consumers of Apple products are still waiting for the new iPhone



Foods provoking the appearance of malignant tumors


12 Sep 2020.

Cancer is now the second leading cause of premature death. But contrary to popular belief, cancer is preventable. Moreover, lifestyle and nutrition play an important role in this, Foodnews reports.

Some of the most popular products today contain harmful substances associated with an increased risk of developing malignant tumors. First of all, doctors refer to them as processed meat products.

According to the WHO, this type of meat includes foods that have been processed to improve flavor or extend shelf life, such as canning, salting or smoking. As a result, carcinogenic compounds appear in meat, increasing the risk of developing bowel, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Experts call refined sugar another enemy of health. According to doctors, it can increase blood glucose levels, while reducing insulin sensitivity and stimulating the growth of cancer cells. Specifically, a type of refined sugar known as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been linked to obesity, colon cancer, and heart disease.

In addition, it is worth excluding the so-called “dietary” foods from your diet. Doctors advise people not to succumb to advertising gimmicks and carefully read the composition of such “healthy” food on the label. Some of them say that there are no calories in the product and there is no sugar. And diet drinks, for example, are no different from regular carbonated or fruit juices, which contain a lot of refined sugar. They also contain an artificial sweetener that can increase the risk of cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Doctors also advise to stop consuming popcorn often, as it causes tumors of the liver, lungs and pancreas, salmon grown on a farm due to the high content of pesticides and antibiotics. In addition, hydrogenated oil will not benefit the body due to trans fats, which seriously increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Canned vegetables and mushrooms are also not useful.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat thick blood increases the risk of blood clots forming in blood vessels. However, not many people know that it is possible to thin the blood in the body without the help of medicines.

Experts believe that blood thinning can be achieved with the use of special medications, but their intake is associated with certain consequences for the body. Therefore, experts recommend using other methods – for example, starting to consume ginger. This plant contains gingerol, which, when combined with acids, helps prevent platelet fusion.


Named products that help cleanse the liver of toxins and toxins


10 Sep 2020.

The liver is one of the main human organs. It neutralizes a huge amount of harmful and toxic substances in the body. However, this organ also needs constant attention. radio Sputnik.

Essentially, the liver is a “natural filter”. This vital organ helps the body get rid of waste and toxins. It can be cleansed with the help of various medications, but few people know that a good result can be achieved naturally, as there are foods, the regular use of which leads to the cleansing and restoration of the liver.

If we talk about the benefits of some fruits, then highlight the cost avocado… This fruit is one of the leaders in cleansing the liver from toxins and toxins. Avocados are able to stimulate the production of glutathione, a compound that plays an important role in the cleansing process of a vital organ.

Also, this can include honey… Experts are sure that it should be consumed 2-3 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals. Honey contains a huge amount of glucose, fructose and other components that activate the processes of bile production and the restoration of damaged liver cells.

In addition, excellent sources of vitamin C and other antioxidants are lemons and grapefruits… Research has shown that grapefruit can destroy carcinogens and neutralize many toxins.

Of vegetables, high levels of flavonoids and beta-carotene contain carrots and beets… They perfectly stimulate the liver and accelerate the detoxification process in the body. Garlic cleanses the liver of toxins, and is also a source of allicin and selenium – substances that help cleanse the “natural filter”.

Experts advise having a cup every morning green tea, as it is very beneficial for health, and its special compounds have a positive effect on liver function. Also, olive oil has beneficial properties. oil cold pressed, corn, linseed and sunflower seeds. This product supplies the body with beneficial lipids that eliminate toxins. However, oil should be consumed in small quantities.

Apples are a source of pectin, and it, in turn, affects the liver and improves its functioning. In addition, whole grains are good for the gut. They improve metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the liver. The best foods in this category are brown rice, oats, and bran.

Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and all green leafy vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll and compounds that remove heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides from the body. In addition, they stimulate the work of the gallbladder, and he, in turn, removes decay products from organs and blood.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat proctologist and oncologist Elena Smirnova called a way to cleanse the intestines and liver from toxins and toxins. The physician noted that the independent appointment of such procedures can cause even more harm to the body.

She told about cases in her practice when patients on their own initiative began to resort to enemas, hydrocolonotherapy and the use of laxatives. This is not necessary without the appointment of a specialist. In particular, due to such manipulations, useful substances, for example, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, can be washed out of the body. First of all, the nervous system suffers.


Seven Natural Products to Help Whiten Teeth – I’m a Lover

We need to carefully choose the foods we eat, as they can protect against many diseases of the oral cavity. The owner and chief physician of the dental clinic, Luiza Avtandilyan, has recommended seven natural products for a radiant smile.

The natural color of teeth is influenced by the genetic code and age of a person. Food products containing natural or synthetic dyes change their color for a short time. Thorough cleaning of the surface layer of the enamel returns it to its natural color.

Resins of cigarette smoke impart a persistent yellowish-gray tint, and aggressive colorants of carbonated drinks thin the enamel, making it transparent. Over time, the second layer of the tooth appears through – dentin, which is darker and more matte, which creates an aging effect on the teeth. Therefore it is important not to weaken the enamel. The loss of minerals makes it less dense. Natural whitening products are the most gentle to maintain shine and healthy teeth.

1. Dairy products

They saturate the teeth with calcium and phosphorus in the correct ratio so that dentin and enamel do not lose their density and are well mineralized. They prevent its destruction, keeping the natural whiteness of the teeth.

If you are intolerant to milk sugar, it is better to choose lactose-free dairy products.

2. Beans, spinach

Increases salivation. All hazardous substances are removed from the tooth surface. Acts as a scrub.

Promotes the destruction of dental deposits and colorants contained in coffee, strong tea, red wine, berries (blueberries, blackberries, cherries) and other highly pigmented products. The same properties, mineral and vitamin composition are endowed with cilantro.

Contains sodium, zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium salts. Blocks caries formation. For sensitive enamel, a decoction is used.

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Increases salivation. Prevents enamel cracks. They clean teeth well from plaque, which makes them dull, and food debris. And, importantly, the tartar is partially removed.

Source of vitamin C, D. Contains calcium. Orange juice cleanses the oral cavity of bacteria that destroy enamel. While the orange peel (namely its inner part) removes plaque well from the tooth surface.

When combined with bay leaf powder, it will discolor any dark spots. It is enough to hold it on the tooth surface for 5 minutes, and then rinse your mouth with water.

Contains ascorbic, salicylic and malic acids, due to which the berry has whitening properties. The effect of strawberry acid is much milder compared to citric acid. However, do not keep the berry puree or strawberry scrub with fine sea salt for more than 5 minutes. Then you need to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.

Do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming foods containing acids. The acid-softened enamel begins to harden after 30 minutes, which makes the use of the brush safe.


several products contaminated by salmonella!

Eurokip asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale. The products were distributed through various points of sale including the Spar, Delhaize and Carrefour stores.

The products concerned are: Chipolata sausage / Chicken merguez / BBQ hamburger / Seasoned chicken mince / Cheeseburger / Italian burger steak, paprika chicken burger, chicken sausage.

Product description

– Brand: Kokorell – Small farmhouse

Use by date (DLC): 08/26/2020

– Batch number (s): 132834, / 132829, / 132833, / 132864, / 132870, / 132894, / 132878, / 132845, / 132830, / 132832, 132880, / 132881, 132893, 132869 & 132857

– Sales period: from 19/08/2020 to 256/08/2020

– Type of packaging: black or transparent plastic dish

– Weight: 200-500 gr.


Incredible offers in your Ikea stores right now, products on sale up to -90%!

After the very advantageous promotions at Carrefour, come the offers of up to -90% at Ikea!

You only have a few days left to take advantage of the sales at the Swedish giant. Until the end of August, nice promotions are displayed in the store. This obviously did not go by the wayside for the Facebook group “Promojagers Belgium”, always on the lookout for good deals with us!

Gunther Devisch, administrator of the group in question, explained to our colleagues at HLN that one of the members had taken advantage of a -90% offer! “Our members are very excited about this. The summer discounts are quite substantial and with your Ikea Family card you get an extra 10%, ”said Gunther Devisch.

Olga, a member of the group “Promojagers Belgium”, has also made a deal of madness. She bought a large bath mat for 90 cents instead of € 9.99! And she’s not the only one to have taken advantage of the sales, as other members have posted posts to the group proudly showing their groceries to other members. We see beach towels bought for two euros instead of € 17.99, leds bought € 3 instead of € 14.99… on which you still benefit from an additional 10% with the Ikea Family card! In short, you will find all kinds of products there for almost nothing! Even scented candles are on sale, ranging from € 1.50 to 25 cents!

An overview of the advertised products is available here. Hurry, there certainly won’t be something for everyone!


Edomex. P&G to expand plant in Naucalpan

Naucalpan /

P & G’s Health division, P&G Health, announced the expansion of the Naucalpan Plant in Mexico in order to expand its production capacity within the Personal Health Care category, therefore will build a new state-of-the-art tablet manufacturing plant in Naucalpan.

In a statement, the company said that the new facility will produce brands acquired from the Merck KGaA company such as Sedalmerck and Dolo-Neurobion, as well as other Vick-brand products. This project is expected to create a strategic supply chain for the Mexican market, as well as for export to other countries in the region.

“At P&G we are committed to Mexico, after more than 70 years in the market, in addition to continuing to offer superior quality products to families, we are strengthening our operation, now with the expansion in our production of Health Care articles,” he said. the president and CEO of P&G México, Marcio Andreazzi.


31 Dutch mink farms infected with coronavirus – Landbouwleven – The weekly magazine for the Flemish country

Corona has been diagnosed at a mink farm in Altforst, not far from Nijmegen. A total of 31 mink farms in the Netherlands have now been declared infected. In Altforst there is a company with about twelve thousand mother animals. The contamination was reported by the ‘early warning’ monitoring system in which cadavers are tested weekly for the corona virus. The company will be cleared as soon as possible.