The media learned about the EU’s plans to initiate proceedings over the “golden passports” :: Society :: RBC

However, following Al Jazeera’s investigations in the country a political scandal beganwhich led to the resignation of the Speaker of the Cypriot Parliament, Dimitris Silloris. The program has been suspended.

In August, Al Jazeera published an investigation into The Cyprus Papers. In it, she revealed the names of the Russians who received the so-called golden passports of Cyprus in 2017-2019 (obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment). Among the 2.5 thousand documents received by the publication, about 1 thousand concerned Russians.

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Later, the channel published materials filmed with a hidden camera, in which Silloris guaranteed a Chinese businessman accused of fraud, obtaining citizenship.

Cyprus to suspend citizenship in exchange for investment program

Pavel Rusetsky, Head of Practice of the Legal Division Rights Business Standard told RBC that after the closure of the Cypriot program, Russians can be attracted by Monaco or Malta, although they “cannot boast” such ease of obtaining citizenship and tax resident status as Cyprus. In addition, Malta officially discloses the details of all persons who have received passports.

CS Global Partners CEO Mika-Rose Emmett told RBC that the programs for obtaining citizenship of the Caribbean are gaining popularity among Russians due to their availability, reliability and visa-free regime. In particular, states such as Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Malta has announced the names of the new Russian holders of its “golden passports”

Views of Malta

Malta has been issuing so-called golden passports to foreigners since 2013.

In January, RBC studied the published on the official resource of the Maltese government list of personswho received the citizenship of this state in 2018. Among them are the full namesakes of the former member of the first hundred Forbes and ex-shareholder of AFK Sistema Alexander Gorbatovsky, the main owner of the Shokoladnitsa group of companies Alexander Kolobov, founder and chairman of the board of directors of the Guta group of companies Yuri Gushchin, founder and member of the board of directors of the chain Magnolia ”by Leonid Lunev (owns 31% of shares), ex-head of“ Transnefteproduct ”Mikhail Mezhentsev, former top manager of structures of Suleiman Kerimov, ex-general director of“ Nafta Moskva ”Alexander Mosionzhik.

In addition, the list included the full namesakes of the general director of Gamma Development, a member of the political council of the Kaliningrad regional branch of United Russia, Yuri Nakhodkin, and members of the board of directors of City Invest Bank Leonid Shorsher and Sergei Kamzin. Among those who received the citizenship of Malta were the chairman of the board of directors of the tea-packing company “May”, ex-deputy of the State Duma from “United Russia” Igor Lisinenko and his wife.

The list also includes the namesakes of Vasily Torkanovsky, partner of the Ivanyan & Partners law firm, and members of his family. In total, the “golden passports” of Malta, which has been a member of the EU since 2004, were acquired in 2018 by just over 3.5 thousand people.


Trans 7 Event Schedule Today Sunday 18 October 2020. MotoGP Aragon 2020 Live This Afternoon

PORTAL RIGHT – Weekends are always fun to spend with family and loved ones. Togetherness that can make life more colorful. There are many activities that we can miss on weekends.

Starting from cleaning houses, gardening and other refreshing activities. So to make it more exciting, fill your weekend by watching the series program television that you can choose from. One of which is Trans 7. Row program selected is ready to accompany your weekend.

For fans MotoGP certain today very much awaited. Live broadcast MotoGP Aragon 2020 You can watch it starting at 17.00 WIB this afternoon.

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Apart from that of course there is program others such as Daebak, Spotlite, Cemplang Cemplung, Trending, Kepopedia, Ojol Story and many others.

Following schedule program Trans 7 that you can enjoy with your beloved family today, Sunday 18 October 2020 :

00.30 Theater

02.00 Theater

03.30 The Jungle Bunch

04.00 Gogobus


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

With this photo, Anna Wendzikowska delighted the fans. People watching the journalist compliment her skills. It is indeed impressive.

Anna Wendzikowska is one of the most popular Polish journalists on Instagram. Her profile is watched by over 450,000. people. Reporter ” Good morning TVN “it has earned its success in social media by eagerly publishing bikini photos and shares privacy . There are many indications that she has found another way to attract the attention of Internet users.

Some time ago, Wendzikowska boasted that she attends pole dance classes. However, her fans did not expect that she would learn complicated extensions so quickly. The journalist boasted about the skills she acquired in just five pole dancing lessons.


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Rinke Rooyens posted a video with his wife. It is hard to find a more romantic shot.

Rinke Rooyens i Joanna Przetakiewicz they recently got married. Since then, they have continued to inundate their fans with romantic photos and videos. It was always evident that the couple are very happy with each other. Everything indicates that the wedding brought them even closer together. Their honeymoon is extremely romantic.

Now Rooyens has published a short video of kissing his wife while sitting on a red motorcycle. In the background you can see the sunset and the sea.

“You are my dream from which I never want to wake up. In fact, you are my only treasure. My world would be incomplete without you. I will be faithful, I will stand by you, respect you and always support you,” wrote Rooyens.

Przetakiewicz and Rooyens they secretly married in Poland and in Greece, they organized a party to which they invited their family and loved ones. As befits rich guests of the bride and groom, they did not have to worry about anything. They had a paid flight and a stay in a luxury hotel, where a day cost over PLN 4,000 per room.


God or global warming? Louisiana still hesitates

Daniel Schexnayder has ankle-deep water in his garden, damage from Hurricane Laura at the end of August still prevents him from living in his house and he has just experienced a second hurricane in six weeks. But he still doesn’t believe in global warming.

“I’m on the other side. I am with Trump ”. On Saturday, the day after Hurricane Delta, the message from the 58-year-old carpenter from the small town of Iowa, a few miles from Lake Charles, Louisiana, is clear.

However, global warming, it is proven, is caused by human activities and makes cyclones more powerful and their winds more violent.

And the coastal regions of the United States, such as Louisiana, are therefore more likely to be hit by Category 4 hurricanes – Laura was – with disastrous human, health, ecological and economic consequences.

“There are good scientists and bad scientists”, sweeps Daniel Schexnayder out of his pick-up with gasoline to feed the generator at his mother’s house.

“I accept these hurricanes because there is nothing we can do but take it all as it comes. We have no power over it, only God has it ”.

Throughout the streets of Lake Charles, messages begging for divine mercy flourished before Delta passed. In the mouths of the inhabitants, the same religious vocabulary.

Louisiana, a very religious and conservative state that voted for Donald Trump in 2016, is mostly part of the “Bible Belt” of the southern United States.

According to a study published in 2020 by a program at Yale University, of all the American states regularly affected by hurricanes, Louisiana is the one where this phenomenon is least believed (55%).

But most Louisianans interviewed by AFP are not as categorical as Daniel Schexnayder.

When asked about the responsibility of global warming in these natural disasters, many explain that they do not know, or that it is not really a subject we are talking about here.

“It could well be the case, but it could also just be the work of God”, summarizes Tracy Fontenot. In any case, whether divine or human, “I don’t know how we could escape it,” adds this 55-year-old teacher.

On Friday morning, the pouring rain that heralded the imminent arrival of Delta left no doubt in the mind of Kristy Olmster, 41, who works for an electricity supplier.

“Global warming is real,” she grumbled as she finished putting plywood on her windows and door.

A few blocks away, Arthur Durham, a 56-year-old restaurateur from Texas, agreed.

“I think those who deny the reality of climate change are pretty dumb. It’s pretty clear. I have lived near the Gulf of Mexico most of my life and this is all new. Without the human being, we wouldn’t have all of this ”.

As an elector of Joe Biden, he confides being a little alone in this very conservative parish (local equivalent of the county) of Calcasieu.

Perhaps, he admits, economic and cultural factors influence people’s interest in the environment.

For example, if his son evacuates before Delta, it is to be able to have a better internet connection for his internship at the electric car manufacturer Tesla, while many residents in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Lake Charles evacuate to save the little they have.

But above all, he points to the influence of the oil industry in the region.

These refineries located on the banks of the Calcasieu River and that we see or hear for miles, when the region is not swept by a hurricane. Louisiana alone represents 20% of the country’s refining capacity.

Here, “there are people who work for companies who do not necessarily subscribe to climate change, because it would have an impact on their operation”, he explains.

Oil companies that are increasingly worried about their turnover because of the rising waters or the devastation like that caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017.


How to Register for Productive UMKM BLTs for IDR 2.4 Million, Still Open Until Next Year, Check Here

MY SEMARANG – Program help BLT Banpres Productive UMKM launched by President Joko Widodo as one of the efforts to help small and micro business actors to do more productive at the time of this pandemic.

Help BLT Banpres Productive UMKM this is one of a series help social provided by government to improve national economic conditions which had stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first stage is realization of distribution BLT Banpres Productive UMKM Rp. 2.4 million for the Micro Business has reached almost 100 percent of its distribution with the total funds disbursed of Rp. 21.861 trillion or the equivalent of 99.41 percent until October 6, 2020.

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Social assistance Banpres This productivity adds to the incentive schemes for micro and small businesses that have previously been provided by government.

For micro business actors who meet the requirements to receive help the funds will be transferred through an account in the name of each recipient.

The distribution of the next stage is targeted for 3 million micro business actors by the end of 2020 program it reaches 12 million micro entrepreneurs.

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Epic Games cannot bring Fortnite back to the App Store. The court issued an order

Epic Games i Apple they have been in an open dispute with each other for some time, and the matter related to the expulsion Fortnite with App Store by breaking the rules of the platform, it was even brought to an American court. The developers responsible for battle royal wanted to force the judiciary to bring the game back to the store, although this will not happen, at least in the near future. Yesterday, Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers upheld its earlier decision by refusing Epic Games to acknowledge claims related to Apple being forced to return Fortnite to the App Store. This means that Epic is still banned from publishing productions for iOS and the aforementioned platform with applications. If the studio wants to return, it must change the rules of Fortnite.

Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers upheld its earlier decision, refusing Epic Games to acknowledge claims related to Apple being forced to return Fortnite to the App Store. This means that Epic is still banned from publishing productions for iOS and the aforementioned platform with applications.

So they have to remove the options to bypass Apple commissions and only then will it be possible to report battle royala again to the App Store. At the same time, Epic Games won the second battle regarding the proprietary Unreal Engine and, according to the order, the giant from Cupertino cannot block this engine. Importantly, it is a permanent version of the ruling, which was initially published a month ago. In a shared statement, an Epic representative admitted he was grateful for the second decision as Apple would not be able to retaliate against Unreal Engine and game developers. It was also admitted that the company still plans to develop dedicated iOS and Mac solutions under the protection of the court and wants to end the monopoly behavior of Apple.

An Apple spokesman also referred to the court’s verdict: “Our clients rely on a secure and trusted App Store, where all developers follow established rules. We are grateful that the court found that Epic Games’ actions were not in the best interests of customers and that any problems they encountered were caused by them at the time of breaching the terms of the contract, ”the statement said. It’s hard to judge how Epic Games will behave now and whether it will continue to fight in court or adapt to the requirements of the iPhone manufacturer. The creators of the popular battle royal decided to join forces with Spotify and the goal of this cooperation is lobbying to change the rules governing application stores.


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

It turns out that not everything went as it should with the production of “365 Days”. Some roles were to be cast differently, and some actresses refused Blanka Lipińska.

The movie “365 days” was echoed not only in Poland, but also abroad. People all over the world watched the production mainly because it appeared on Netflix. It turns out that although the film is ultimately a success, Blanka Lipińska had problems during production.

As we learn from the Jastrząb Post portal, one of the roles was supposed to be cast completely different. The actress, selected by Blanka Lipińska, refused, although she was initially very enthusiastic about playing in “365 days”.

The actress Lipińska wanted to cast was Michalina Sosna. Viewers already know it from the screens. She played, among others in “Kogel-mogel 3”, “M jak miłość”, or “Planeta Singli”. Sosna wanted to appear in “365 Days”.

– I watched the movie with curiosity. Because I had a proposal to play one of the roles in this project. Cool character, perky. The girl is also perky, with a claw. We have already been with Blanka after talking about this character. Sometimes it happens that the dates do not match, because it was a trip, the photos were in Sicily, and I was very excited about the fact that I can go abroad to shoot – she said in an interview with Jastrząb Post.


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

SpaceX has tested the new Raptor Vacuum engine. This is an exciting step forward in the most ambitious SpaceX project. Compared to the previous variant, the engine is a real giant.

The video posted on SpaceX’s Twitter makes a sensation on the web. Over 2 million people watched it during the day. It only lasts 15 seconds, but shows the amazing capabilities of the Raptor Vacuum motor. The test was successful and the company is one step closer to building the giant rocket and starship spaceship.

According to information previously provided by SpaceX, the Raptor Vacuum engine’s power may be 380 seconds of proper impulse. This is about 100 seconds more than the Merlin engine that powers Falcon 9 rockets, according to the company’s data in 2013. The Starship spacecraft will have six such engines, but the Super Heavy version will be equipped with as many as 28.

SpaceX, a company from Elon Musk, plans to make the first orbital test of the Starship rocket and spacecraft next year. If all goes to plan, the next goal will be to land on the Moon and Mars, using the final version of the spacecraft.


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

We are witnessing a real baby boom during the pandemic. Every now and then we learn about the pregnancy of another star. Everything indicates that Emma Stone will also become a mother. The actress also recently married.

The 31-year-old does not share her private life with the media. Only one of her relationships was loud – for several years she was the girlfriend of Andrew Garfield, a colleague. The couple showed feelings for each other in public, but their relationship came to an end at some point. They didn’t have much time for each other, both were busy working on film sets. Months after their breakup, Stone and Garfield were photographed walking, then he congratulated her on winning the Oscar.

Emma Stone – pregnancy

It was rumored that the actors got back together. It turned out not to be true. The 31-year-old began dating Dave McCary, the writer of Saturday Night Live. After a while the man proposed to her, and she accepted him. McCary shared a photo showing the engagement ring.

The wedding of lovers was scheduled for spring 2020, but it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. And it looks like it just happened and it has been kept a secret. Paparazzi have recently taken photos of a walking couple. The wedding rings on their hands attracted attention. And Emma’s belly. The actress is pregnant. Stone’s curves accentuated the loose brown dungarees with which she put on a white sweatshirt and a matching baseball cap.