Corruption: 6 stops, one is an employee of the Municipality of Rome – Chronicle

The Carabinieri of the Compagnia Roma Eur have executed an order for house arrest in respect of 6 people accountable, in various ways, of corruption, fraud, and false statement and certification.
From the investigation of be irregularities in the handling of the practices of building regulations committed by the four employees of the Company “risorse per Roma spa” – contracted by the municipality of Rome for the management of the Office Cancellation, an official of the municipality of Rome, and a surveyor, as a freelancer, that would have facilitated the private applicants in the approval of practices to the detriment of the Public Administration.
In particular, the public employees, would have required payments of money from individuals who had pending the investigation of instances of remission of property to work around the bureaucracy, by adapting to their liking, requests to rectify violations of the building and to regularise the buildings to be abusive.