After more than a century, Elisabeth and Jacob hang together again

Happy family news from the Mauritshuis: more than a century after they were roughly separated at auction, Elisabeth Bellinghausen was reunited with her fiancé Jakob Omphalius. With the purchase of the portrait of Jakob, the Hague museum completes a diptych dating from circa 1538 by the German Renaissance painter Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder.

This fulfills an old wish of Ariane van Suchtelen. The curator of the Mauritshuis had been looking halfway at the portrait of Jacob for about twenty years.

The portrait of Elisabeth, owned by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, has been on long-term loan to the Mauritshuis since 1951. Elisabeth hung there alone, and for a long time no one knew who her fiancé was and where his portrait was.

Back of the portrait of Elisabeth, with her family crest. Photo Mauritshuis

After archival research, in which the coat of arms on the back of the portrait of Elisabeth played a role, Van Suchtelen discovered in 2004 that the prominent Cologne lawyer and scholar Jakob Omphalius was Elisabeth’s fiancée. Moreover, Van Suchtelen found an old black and white photo of his portrait.

Without the Mauritshuis noticing it, the portrait of Jacob was offered in May 2019 as a ‘portrait of an unknown man’ at the small Parisian auction house Baron Ribeyre. Galerie De Jonckheere from Geneva bought it, without knowing who the man was. A curator from a German museum pointed out a portrait to a curator in the Rijksmuseum, who in turn informed the Mauritshuis. With the support of various funds, the Hague museum then managed to reunite the engaged couple.

Sprig of bittersweet

That they are engagement portraits is evident from the bittersweet branch that Elisabeth holds – in Cologne portraits the attribute of unmarried couples. Elisabeth’s braids also point to the time of engagement: married women wore their braids under their caps. Elisabeth and the presumably considerably older Jacob married in 1539 and had 13 children. After his death, Elisabeth married again.

Bartholomäus Bruyn (1493-1555) portrayed an entire generation of Cologne notables. Characteristic for his portraits, says Van Suchtelen, are the lifelike detailing of faces and hands, the clear use of color and the attention to the meticulous representation of costumes and props.

The reunited diptych will be on display in the Mauritshuis for three months from Wednesday. Then the portrait of Jacob will undergo a restoration.


Volkswagen is negotiating the purchase of the service of car rental Europcar

Carmaker Volkswagen is negotiating the purchase of a company car rental Europcar Mobility Group, reports Reuters, citing sources. In 2006, Volkswagen sold Europcar for €3,32 billion ($3.7 billion) in the framework of the program to reduce costs. Sources said that the interest is preliminary in nature, the German concern plans to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the asset.

Europcar is one of the largest companies in the car rental market in Europe was founded in Paris in 1949. Has its own offices, franchisees and partners in more than 145 countries around the world. The owner of the brand Europcar is an investment company Eurazeo.

Europcar because of the pandemic coronavirus loses. The market capitalization is €390 million Euros ($441 million) and net debt at the end of March amounted to more than €1 billion About the problems in rental vehicles was reported in the fall of 2019. As reported by Bloomberg, November 14, Eurazeo held a “strategic review” for the sale of all his shares or part thereof. Then the company’s market value was estimated at €660 million ($734 million).

Note that may of the other major service car rental Hertz has filed for bankruptcy because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. As explained in the company, a reduction in bookings led to a sharp decline in revenue.


The Ministry has decided to resume production “aircraft taxi” Il-103 :: Business :: RBC

According to Cherenkov radiation, the company was ready to offer to the market an updated Il-103 at a price of $150 thousand to $200 thousand “This is the bomb price”, — he noted, adding that “the prospects for the Il-103 is good.”

Il-103 — four (pilot and three passengers) single-engine piston passenger “aircraft-air taxi”. The dimensions of the Il-103 is small even for its class. Its length is 8 m and a height of 3,135 m. Without load the plane weighs 765 kg, and maximum takeoff weight is limited to 1460 kg. the Total weight of passengers or cargo must not exceed 395 pounds.

Modernization of the Il-114 will be engaged in United aircraft Corporation

The Il-103 was putting in the engines of American manufacturing IO-36ES, with a capacity of 210 HP, the Aircraft can accelerate to 250 km/h, but cruising speed is limited at around 225 km/h During takeoff the necessary run not less than 405 m, for planting you will need about 575 m to full braking. The service ceiling for the Il-103 is 4000 m and the flight distance can reach 1070 km.

The production of Il-103 was conducted in Russia from 1997 to 2007. During this decade, it produced 66 aircraft. The main operator of the machine was Russia. Just purchased 30 aircraft of different variations. They are used for work in forestry and intelligence activities in the border areas. From foreign countries of interest to the aircraft showed Belarus, Laos, Peru and South Korea. If the first three States in total bought a total of 13 cars, South Korea has acquired 23 aircraft for the air force.


President of Egypt called legitimate direct intervention in Libya :: Policy :: RBC

Any possible direct intervention in Libya by Egypt will have a legitimate status. This was stated by the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a visit to military base in Sidi Barrani, near the Libyan border, reports Sky News Arabia.

“Any direct intervention by the Egyptian state now has gained international legitimacy,” said al-Sisi. According to him, this right is based on the need to protect Egypt’s borders from terrorist groups to end bloodshed in Libya and to support efforts to launch a political process under the auspices of the UN.

The government of netsolace have been rejected by the Egyptian initiative for Libya

Al-Sisi added that Cairo will not allow the forces of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya to take the city of Sirte and the municipality of El Dzhufra, under the control of the Libyan national army (LNA). According to the President, it will be a “red line” crossed Egypt will not allow.

The confrontation between field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, the commander of the Libyan national army (LNA), and the UN recognized the Government of national consent headed by the Prime Minister Faiz by Sarraj continues in 2011. The capital Tripoli is controlled by forces of the NTC, but from 2019, the army of the Haftarah is trying to take control of the city. In this conflict, Egypt along with the UAE supports the Haftarot.


The pros and cons b/a Toyota RAV4 From suspension to engine

The owners of the crossover warned about the features of the car with a “secondary.”

Photo: Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

The popular Toyota RAV4 crossover in different generations was recognized as sales leader and a leader among classmates. In the first half of 2018 the sales of “Japanese” reached a record 408 703 instance. Despite its popularity and zarekomendovala reliability, “Rapchik” used car has both advantages and disadvantages reported by members of the public thematic

So, most owners Toyota RAV4 complain hard suspension “soft” suspension and unusual “taxiing”. It is noted that to the mileage of 100 thousand km can crumble the gum stabilizer of the suspension. But it all depends on driving style and operating conditions.

The engine range is represented by the 2.0 – and 2.5-liter gasoline units with a capacity of 146 and 180 HP respectively. As the proposed transmission 6-speed manual transmission and CVT. Also Toyota’s fourth generation RAV4 received a 150-strong diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liters, which is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. According to the owners, power units reliable and are able to serve more than 300 thousand kilometers without interference.

On the subject

New Toyota Fortuner 2020 will get tuning already “from the factory”

2020-06-15 10:33:11

The problem in the crossovers later model years it is considered a soft metal body and a weak finish. But this problem is found in many modern models. The cabin in the Toyota RAV4 ergonomic and spacious, but among the finishing materials can be seen “oak” plastic and glossy velour. Insulation also does not deserve praise from the drivers.

Photo: Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

In the rest of the “Japanese” meets the needs of motorists. By smooth operation of the power units, the crossover remains a liquid on the secondary market. The value of b/a of “Ruchika” starts with a mark in 1 million 100 thousand rubles.


In Minsk announced the seizure of the paintings for $20 million in the case of Belgazprombank :: Society :: RBC

State television reported that 150 paintings intended to bring abroad

Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

In the course of the investigation in the case of Belgazprombank was seized about 150 paintings for a total amount of $20 million As reported TASS, this was stated in the story in the program on state TV channel “Belarus 1”.

It is argued that the paintings, which the Bank purchased at auction at Sotheby’s in 2013, it was planned to export at a lower cost. Among the pictures was mentioned

“Green landscape” by Marc Chagall and “eve” by Chaim Soutine.

Earlier, the Belarusian television reported about the criminal case against the head of Mogilev regional Directorate of Belgazprombank Sergei Karmazov. He was accused of embezzlement in especially large size.

June 11 at the head office of the BGB were searched. Employees of the state control Committee (SCC) of Belarus withdrew more than $4 million, and securities worth more than $500 thousand were detained 15 people — top managers, including Deputy head of Belgazprombank, as well as representatives of commercial structures (mostly former employees of the Bank).

The former head of the BGB is Victor Babariko, who had previously announced his intention to run for President of Belarus.

He Babariko in an interview with RBC has called the detention of top managers of BGB raids by the state. However, he indicated that he did not intend to refuse participation in the presidential campaign.

In turn, the press Secretary of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Natalia Eismont said RBC that the case against current and former employees “Belgazprombank excited “serious articles”: the legalization of funds obtained in a criminal way in especially large size and tax evasion in especially large size.

In this eysmont pointed out that “Lukashenka’s absolutely no need for the intimidation and pressure on political opponents.” According to her, the current President, this may even hurt.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

How to change labor relations in the conditions of a pandemic, how much of Ephraim will spend under house arrest, which the US will start to buy icebreakers that virologists think the abolition of isolation in Moscow; main news — a review of RBC

The authorities refused the special rules of the layoffs and idle during a pandemic

The Ministry of labor has radically rewritten the draft government resolution on regulation of labor relations during a pandemic.

  • Disappeared from the document, the prohibition of employers to dismiss employees or send them in a simple and new procedure for relocation of employees to shifts and changes of their duties without consent. Many of these initiatives had previously criticized both the trade unions and employers.
  • The Ministry of changes was explained by the fact that the previous version of the draft is no longer current, since “a significant part of the restrictive measures have been removed”. In the document left “rules, which require rapid adoption.”
  • Among them vacation benefits for residents of the far North, as well as the norm regulating the procedure of transition to digital service book.

The court sent Mikhail Efremov under house arrest

Tagansky court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the investigation and sent the actor Mikhail Efremov, who became the participant of road accident in the center of Moscow, under house arrest until August 9.


Coronavirus: Arcuri, on masks sentences by liberal setters – Politics

“I would have a great desire to speak from the trench in which I have been with Dr. Borrelli and our collaborators for 40 days, to talk about the liberals who issue daily sentences from a sofa with a cocktail in hand. But I won’t do it, my duty is to work “. The commissioner said so Domenico Arcuri in a press conference at the Civil Defense, arguing with those who “say that the price of the masks is made by the market, sipping their centrifuges”.

The data coming from Germany – adds the Commissioner, commenting on the news that the R with zero, the index of contagiousness of the virus, has returned to rise in Germany from 0.7 to 1.1 – shows how high the risk of go back to a total lockdown if the containment measures are relieved too quickly.

“The government is considering whether to define red areas again to avoid the extension of new outbreaks of infection, which start to appear again – he added – This is why getting out of the lockdown is not easy and that’s why being forced to return to the lockdown would not be difficult”

Returning to the question of masks, Arcuri reiterated that “the state must buy all the masks it finds. I set the maximum price in the interest of the citizens, I did not set the maximum purchase price. The state must encourage Italian production, as with ‘Cura Italia’: we reassured the producers that we will buy everything they produce. 105 thanked us, only one had any doubts. ” “The state must produce all the masks it can and encourage production, the idea that setting a maximum price reduces the Italian company’s ability to produce is superficial or very poorly informed – he adds -. Is it a war economy? No, It is civic sense. Is it forever? No, until the market is free. It is damage to the shameful speculators, I claim it. There will no longer be masks in pharmacies and supermarkets? Of course, none that cost more than 0 ,50 euros”.

“From Monday we could distribute 12 million masks per day, three times the current supply. From June we will reach 18 million, from July 25 million and when schools begin in September we could distribute 30 million masks per day, eleven times what we distributed at the beginning of the emergency. ” Extraordinary Commissioner Domenico Arcuri said this during a press conference on civil protection.

“The Premier Conte gave a multiplicity of information to the citizens as the moment required, he did not mention the contact tracing app, but it does not mean that the work does not proceed: tonight we have a coordination meeting. The app will use bluetooth technology and there is no contraindication. In May with the first functionalities, that is the contact tracing, it will be working, in the near future the functions closest to the clinical diary will also be active “, that is the connection with the National Health System. So did Commissioner Domenico Arcuri. It has not yet been decided whether the data collected by the App for contact tracing will be stored on citizens’ devices or on a public server added Arcuri stressing that obviously the choice will be made before ‘Immuni’ is activated.

“At the moment of development it will be possible to decide whether to leave them on the mobile phone and / or on a public and Italian server – he said – In any case nothing changes on the full and absolute guarantee of privacy” as the “data is encrypted”.

As for the issue of tampons, the Commissioner clarified that Italy “is the first country in the world for tampons made in relation to the number of inhabitants”. “There are still a few and more will have to be done, but let’s make peace with ourselves – he warned – and put citizens in the condition to have all the information and answers they deserve”.

According to the data, in Italy 2,960 swabs were made yesterday per one hundred thousand inhabitants, in 2,474 Germany, “20% less”, in Great Britain 1,061, one third of Italy, and in France 560, one sixth of our country.


BeIN and Amnesty International ask to investigate the purchase of Newcastle

The possible purchase of Newcastle with Saudi funds it would allow that country to have a significant presence in the Premier League at a lower cost in football in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, but the operation raises reluctance, both among human rights defenders and among regional rivals in Saudi Arabia.

The sum that a consortium led by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (FIP), piloted by the crown prince Mohammed Ben Salman, has put on the table to get the historic Newcastle amounts to £ 300 million (345 million euros). The operation has yet to receive the green light from the English Premier League (EPL), which manages the English championship, which, like all national leagues, is in a time of financial difficulties due to the suspension of competitions as a result of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

A multi-million dollar investment would also do Newcastle a good deal, which was thirteenth in place when the championship was interrupted in March, far from the level it was in when fighting for top positions in the late 1990s or early 1990s, with Alan Shearer as a flag.

The price to pay for the club may seem high at a time when the pandemic threatens the clubs’ sources of income: television rights, sponsorships or ticket sales. But for the powerful FIP, which is estimated to have some reserves of 320,000 million dollars (295,000 million euros), the coronavirus era may be an auspicious time to jumpstart your football project in England.

Image problem

Saudi Arabia has invested in sports for years, organizing major competitions and trying to improve its image and also to diversify its ultra-oil dependent economy.

However, several non-governmental organizations, including International Amnesty, concerned about the situation of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, have asked the Premier League to study this operation, at the risk that the image of the championship will be affected.

“If the crown prince (Mohammed Ben Salman), by virtue of the authority he has in the public Investment Fund, takes control of Newcastle United, we wonder how that could be positive for the reputation of the Premier League”, Felix Jakens, one of the heads of Amnesty International for the United Kingdom, told AFP.

The offer for Newcastle comes after a particularly diplomatic difficult time for Saudi leaders and especially for the Crown Prince, who was internationally criticized after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the premises of his country’s consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.

From Qatar, rival of Riyadh, the audiovisual group BeIN He has written to Premier League officials to demand an investigation to determine whether the Saudi representatives are “the right people” to lead Newcastle.

BeIN claims that Saudi Arabia has launched since 2017 a pirated broadcast system that takes images of the ten sports chains of the Qatari group to broadcast them in the countries of the Arab world via satellite.

Manchester City as a mirror

In England, the emergence of another financially powerful club could alter the current hierarchy of an already very competitive championship.

For the Saudis, the goal seems clear and is to follow the example of Manchester City, purchased in 2008 by Cheikh Mansour, a member of the Emirati royal family, 32 years after his last major national title. The effect was clear and in the last nine seasons the club conquered eleven trophies, including four from the Premier League.

Manchester City thus ceased to be a secondary actor, although it had 584 million pounds (670 million euros) of losses in the first six years of the new stage.

With the foreseeable drop in the cost of transfers to overcome the current crisis, the ‘entry ticket’ that Newcastle should pay to take the big leap should be much less expensive. “Vultures and predators are going to get the best at bargain prices,” Kieran Maguire, an expert in sports accounting, told AFP.

In a world without a coronavirus, Newcastle could have run into the rules of financial fair play. But to mitigate the economic impact of the current pandemic, UEFA launched a task force to explore concessions on that financial fair play, something that could favor the Saudi project with Newcastle.


Laboratory equipment suppliers in the corona crisis: Sartorius open for acquisitions

EThese are troubled times, also for the Göttingen laboratory supplier Sartorius, who manufactures everything from scales to membranes to fermenters for the biopharmaceutical production of medicines and vaccines. “We assume that we will have to face considerable uncertainties and risks for some time to come,” said M-Dax Group’s CEO Joachim Kreuzburg on the occasion of the figures for the first quarter. He also announced that he would now hold the Annual General Meeting, which was actually scheduled for March 26, online.

Ilka Kopplin

The statement that Kreuzburg made regarding the dividend for the past financial year was interesting: “There are three aspects that will influence the decision to possibly adjust the dividend,” the manager said in an interview with F.A.Z. So far, the company had announced a dividend of EUR 0.71 per preferred share and EUR 0.70 per ordinary share.

Although the first quarter got through well and also dared a positive outlook for the current financial year, it was “incredibly uncertain times that are difficult to predict,” said Kreuzburg. But there are also more offensive arguments that went into the decision. “There are also opportunities to invest in innovations at times like these,” he said. In the previous years, the market was “very overheated” with regard to acquisitions and acquisitions, since private equity companies were also on the market with a lot of money and “very high prices” were generally paid. “We could already imagine that there are currently one or two opportunities to strengthen themselves”, even if there is still no concrete takeover object.

Sartorius boss Joachim Kreuzburg

A third direction is Sartorius’ social responsibility. One is only at the beginning of the crisis. “In this country, we don’t see the economic consequences so strongly thanks to short-time work and other instruments,” said Kreuzburg. In the United States, for example, that was “a completely different impact”. “We see our corporate responsibility as very practical, especially at our locations,” he said. Corona had worked closely with hospitals and local authorities even before the Corona era. Consider how you can meet the social obligation even more. In the coming weeks, Sartorius plans to announce a new date for the virtual general meeting and any dividend adjustments.

“Within the next few weeks,” the manager also anticipates the $ 750 million acquisition of several business units from the American company Danaher. Actually, that should have happened at the end of the first quarter. Kreuzburg is now expecting the last release from China “shortly”. For the integration of the locations – among others in America, Great Britain and China – Sartorius has specially prepared, trained employees, and adapted IT systems. “We had to find other formats” that did not require personal contact.

Pipette tips, membrane and air sampler

Sartorius has now also adjusted the forecast for the year as a whole and has already included the Danaher businesses. Accordingly, sales should now grow by up to 19 percent instead of the previous maximum of 13 percent. The operating return (Ebitda) is expected to remain at 27.5 percent. Kreuzburg also feeds its confidence from the start of the year. “Overall, we are very satisfied with our results for the first quarter and confident for the rest of the year,” he said. So far, the company’s own production and supply chain have not been negatively affected by the Corona crisis.

In the first quarter, sales rose by 16.5 percent to around 510 million euros, and incoming orders even increased by around a third to around 630 million euros. The operating margin (Ebitda) was 27 percent after 26.2 percent in the previous year. The laboratory division in China suffered losses in January and February, which was made up for in March when production ramped up. This effect will appear in other markets with a time lag, according to Kreuzburg.

In the laboratory process division, the company benefited from the crisis in that many customers replenished stocks and they saw pull-forward effects. “However, we also have additional demand, for example, for pipette tips or membranes that are used in test kits,” he said. They also offer devices such as an air sampler that detects infectious particles in the air. In addition, “hardly a vaccine” is generally manufactured without Sartorius products, so Kreuzburg sees opportunities in the future in terms of vaccine and drug developments.