In the United States decided to deprive Bolton of the proceeds from sales of the book for secrets :: Policy :: RBC

This was stated press Secretary of the White house in the background of the court’s decision to allow the release of the book. It is scheduled for June 23, copies of Bolton have already been distributed to the shops

Donald trump (left) and John Bolton

(Photo: Lynne Grey / AP)

The U.S. government intends to achieve what the former adviser to President Donald trump on national security John Bolton will not be able to profit from the sale of the book, which contains information constituting a state secret. This was stated press Secretary of the White house kaylie Makineni.

“The government intends to ensure that Bolton in the future, comply with the requirements of its agreement (nondisclosure of state secrets), and to make sure that he had not received income from their shameful decision to put his thirst for money and attention above their obligations to protect national security,” she said.

In the United States court contrary to the position of the Ministry of justice decided to publish a memoir of Bolton

John Bolton

Commenting on the decision of the court, which did not block the publication of books, Makinen noted that this happened only for the reason that its instances have already extended such a move would look late.

Thus a press-the Secretary has reminded that the court, in ruling for the publication of a memoir of Bolton, said that the former adviser of the President has jeopardized the national security of the country.


Challenge yourself (III): find the differences

Who has never playedfind the differences in an image. So we have chosen this game for the third challenge in quarantine days.

These photographs have been taken by journalists during the coronavirus crisis.Find out where the differences are: the image below is the original and in the upper one you have to doclickin the cut where you think the difference is.

First picture

Two wild boars cross a street during confinement

In this Reuters photo, two wild boars cross a street in Haifa (northern Israel). The image was taken after the government decreed confinement.

Look for the differences between these other two images

A young man with a mask by Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This photograph taken byAndrés Gutiérrez for the newspaperThe day shows a young man with a surgical mask on a street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the state of alarm.


Challenge yourself (II): imitate a painting

Surely during this quarantine more than one has made virtual visits to exhibitions and museums. To discover new works or contemplate your favorite paintings.

In our second challenge, we test your artistic knowledge. In the memorization game below there are fourfamous pictorial works.You have tomatch in less than a minute the two images that complete each of the four boxes. To play!

Imitate famous paintings: a viral challenge

It is clear that the imagination has no limits. We are checking it during confinement, both in Spain and in other countries of the world.

One of the most original initiatives and that is having a great impact on social networks is that ofimitate famous paintings, that is, do the pose anddress likeThe girl of the pearl, by Johannes Vermeer, for example, and posting the photo to Instagram. The initiative was born in the Netherlands when the quarantine began. They openedthis profile on instagram, which has 531 publications and 231,000 followers, and has gone viral throughout the internet universe.

Below, we select three imitations that have caught our attention:

The kiss (Gustav Klimt)

The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci)

Guernica (Pablo Ruiz Picasso)


Corona crisis: EU concept for coordinated use of tracking apps ( | Shares of the day

Brussels ( – With the support of the Commission, the EU member states have developed an EU set of tools for using mobile apps for contact tracking and warning in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent EU commission Press release. For more information, please refer to the wording of the following press release:

It is part of a common coordinated approach to support the gradual lifting of exit restrictions, as outlined in a Commission recommendation last week. Together with the tools, guidelines for data protection are also published for such mobile apps today.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Member States, with the support of the Commission, have been evaluating digital solutions to deal with the crisis in terms of effectiveness, security, privacy and data protection. Provided that they fully comply with EU regulations and are well coordinated, contact tracking mobile apps can play a key role in all phases of crisis management, especially when the time is ripe to gradually remove social distancing measures. They can complement existing analog contact tracking and help break the virus transmission chain. Together with the tools, guidelines for data protection are also published for such mobile apps today.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton welcomed the toolbox and said: “To limit the spread of the Corona virus, contact tracking apps can be useful, especially as part of Member States’ exit strategies. Strict data protection requirements are a prerequisite for the introduction of these apps and therefore for We should be innovative and make the best use of technology to fight the pandemic, but we will not jeopardize our privacy values ​​and requirements. “

Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, added: “Digital tools will be crucial for protecting our citizens as we gradually lift the exit restrictions. Mobile apps can warn us of infection risks and health authorities can track them Support contacts. This is essential to break the chain of transmission. We have to be careful, creative and flexible when we reopen our societies. We have to flatten the curve – and keep it down. Without secure digital technology that complies with the law our concept will not work. “

A common concept for the use of data protection-compatible apps for the voluntary tracking of contacts

Today’s announcement is the first edition of a common EU toolkit developed by the eHealth Network in collaboration with the European Commission in a hurry. It provides Member States with practical guidance on the introduction of mobile apps for contact tracking and warning. The set of tools contains the basic requirements for these apps:

– They should be fully in line with EU data protection and privacy rules as outlined in the guidelines presented today after consultation with the European Data Protection Board.
– They should be introduced and approved in close consultation with the health authorities.
– They should be installed and deactivated voluntarily as soon as they are no longer necessary.
– You should aim to use the latest technological solutions to protect privacy. Since they are likely to be based on Bluetooth-based approximation technology, they do not allow the location of the users to be determined.
– They should be based on anonymized data: You can warn people who have been close to an infected person for a certain period of time, so that they can be tested or isolated themselves without revealing the identity of the infected person.
– They should be interoperable across Europe so that citizens are protected even when they cross borders.
– They should be anchored in recognized epidemiological guidelines and reflect best practices in cybersecurity and accessibility.
– You should be safe and effective.

This will make tracking easier, faster, and more effective than traditional systems based on interviewing infected patients. However, this form of contact tracking will also continue to include citizens who may be more susceptible to infection but who are less likely to have a smartphone, e.g. B. elderly or disabled people.

A common concept for other functions, particularly with regard to information and the continuous control of symptoms, could be developed for future versions of the toolkit.

Next Steps

The toolkit reflects the latest best practices for using mobile apps to track contacts and warn you when coping with the crisis. It is part of an ongoing process in which Member States are working together to design and refine the use of these and other practical tools in the coming weeks and months. This first version will be supplemented in the light of Member States’ experience.

By April 30, 2020, health authorities will assess the effectiveness of the apps at national and cross-border levels. Member States should report on their measures by 31 May 2020 and make their reports available to other Member States and the Commission for peer review. The Commission will assess progress and will publish regular reports throughout the crisis starting in June 2020 recommending new measures or the gradual withdrawal of measures that no longer seem to be necessary. (04/16/2020 / ac / a / m)


Is this a breakthrough against the corona virus? ()

04/11/20 09:16
Motley Fool

Many pharmaceutical companies are currently developing a vaccine against the coronavirus, but in most cases it will probably be too late in this pandemic, because it must also be safe so that in the end it does no more harm than cure.

On the other hand, a product that would prevent the worst consequences of the virus and that is already on the market would be more readily available. There is currently a whole range of viral agents that curb virus replication in the body.

Australian researchers test ivermectin

For example, researchers at the Australian Monsah University (Melbourne) and the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity at the University of Melbourne have now found that ivermectin kills the DNA of the coronavirus within two days. “We found that a single dose can remove all of the viral RNA in 48 hours. And after just 24 hours, we noticed a significant reduction in the genome, ”says study director Kylie Wagstaff.

How exactly the remedy works has not yet been fully clarified. The researchers suspect that it protects the host cells of the organism and thus dampens the effects of the virus. A virus always needs a host cell to be able to reproduce. In the case of the corona virus, our body does not yet have any antibodies, so it can reproduce unhindered.

Ivermectin was originally developed against ectoparasites such as lice, mites or ticks and against roundworms. It is mainly used in veterinary medicine to prevent infectious diseases caused by parasites. The product has been approved under the Mectizan trade name since 1987 and is used by Merck & Co (WKN: A0YD8Q). So far it has been used in humans in the case of scabies and rosaceca. In studies, it continued to work against Zika viruses, influenza, HIV viruses and dengue fever.

So far, the effect has only been determined in the laboratory. Studies on humans now follow. A big advantage of ivermectin would be that it has already been researched and approved so that it can be safely dosed and used. A second and third advantage are the availability and the existing production capacities. The latter could be adapted very quickly to the needs.

The researchers will know in a month at least how the drug works against the virus in humans. But it can already be concluded with some certainty that ivermectin could work in humans. This would be very good news and shows how quickly mankind adapts to the circumstances and will ultimately overcome the virus.

Other means give hope

In initial tests, Bayers (WKN: BAY001) malaria drug resochin (active ingredient chloroquine phosphate) has shown that it inhibits the proliferation of coronaviruses in the body. This remedy has also been approved and researched for many decades, so that it could be used relatively quickly. However, high doses are necessary here, which in turn cause side effects.

In addition, Gilead Sciences (WKN: 885823), which specializes in rare diseases, is currently investigating the effects of its remdesivir. It was originally developed for use against Ebola and the Marburg virus and is currently being tested in studies on coronavirus patients.

According to the company, the first results are expected to be available in April this year. Remdesivir inhibits the multiplication of viruses within the body and since all viruses reproduce in a similar way, the agent could work. But the study may still fail.

The post Is this a breakthrough against the corona virus? appeared first on The Motley Fool Germany.

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Christof Welzel does not own any of the shares mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Gilead Sciences shares.

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Music stars give voice to a new solidarity version of ‘I will resist’

‘Resistiré’ by the Dynamic Duo consolidates day after day of confinement as an unofficial hymn of the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic and, as their reproductions increase exponentially, the number of versions that flood the networks also grows, the last one by a handful of figures. David Bisbal, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín and Álvaro Soler are some of the more than fifty talents committed between performers and musicians with this Cadena 100 initiative to benefit Cáritas and produced by Pablo Cebrián.

India Martínez, Andrés Suárez, José Mercé, Álex Ubago, Andrés (Dvicio), Blas Cantó, Mikel Erentxun, Pastora Soler, Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos, Diana Navarro, Ele have also joined the cause , Georgina, Iván (Hall Effect), Josemi Carmona, Nil Moliner, Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rulo, Sofía Ellar and Susana (Butterfly Effect).

Its release coincides with the news that the original recording by the Dynamic Duo has increased its listening on Spotify by more than 435% since March 15, when videos that used it for example during the sanitary applause as a song began to go viral. of collective spirit. Manolo de la Calva and Ramón Arcusa also had the solidarity gesture of granting the Community of Madrid the rights to advertise the song, which became the anthem of the resistance and struggle of the Spanish against the coronavirus, who have come out to sing it to your windows, terraces or balconies during confinement.

“His lyrics are, word after word, what it feels like to fight for life,” confirmed De la Calva, who had the idea of ​​its creation after listening to an interview with the writer Camilo José Cela in which the Nobel Prize winner gave the phrase “he who resists … wins”. Since then, there are multiple, increasingly, versions that come to light in these days of confinement and boredom. In fact, that of Cadena 100 is the third reinterpretation that a media outlet puts into circulation with famous musicians, some of whom are full.

This is the case of Rozalén, also present in the video that launched the ‘Late Motiv’ program, presented by Andreu Buenafuente in # 0. As a novelty, the lyrics were modified to adapt it even more to these times and introduce a touch of humor. “I will resist this confinement / and I will not go out so as not to infect and not fuck / and even if the door looks at me and tempts me / I will endure this confinement with my roll of paper”, sing artists such as Edurne, Vega, Coque Malla, Muchachito and Ismael Serrano.

The singer-songwriter also helped this week to give life to the umpteenth version that the program ‘El Intermedio’ of La Sexta made of Resistiré, this time along with other first swords such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel or Greater Wyoming himself. Along with them, José Mercé, Carlos Tarque (M-Clan), Sole Giménez, Niña Pastori, Eva Amaral and Jesús Cifuentes (Celtas Cortos), all in a version “a cappella” in which, of course, Rozalén was again .

The veteran punk band like Boikot has not escaped the influence of the song co-written by Carlos Toro, who brought a touch of ‘swing’ and ‘ska’ to their performance, much less the public limited company that helped put it back into circulation. and that it has viralized curious versions of this ‘I will resist’ among hypermarkets, clinics and nursing homes.

The Dynamic Duo gives Madrid the rights to 'Resistiré'


Nothing for weak nerves! ()


Appearance is deceptive: See it at noon on the DAX
      with a minus of around 0.1 percent after a relative
      calm trading day, that shows when looking at the chart
      exactly the opposite: at the start of trading, the DAX was only 1.2
      Percent up, followed by price losses down to -1.9 percent
      at the top, only to get around 9,620 points around noon in the
      return neutral area. The volatile trade continues
      Further on, investors are still worried about the new week
      on the economic damage caused by the corona virus.

Course explosion at Cytodyn – drug against

State aid yes, nationalization no – that is the prompt one
      Lufthansa replies to a proposal from Frankfurt
      Lord Mayor to put the airline entirely in state hands,
      until the corona crisis is over. One is solidly positioned
      and have great liquidity, said Lufthansa CEO Spohr.
      The share today still loses around 2.8 percent to EUR 8.80.

Even if the medical technicians at Drägerwerk do it about four times
      many ventilators continue to produce as before the outbreak
      Corona virus – the demand will still exceed the supply,
      warned CEO Dräger today. Because of this high
      Demand, including through a large order from
      Federal government, the value of the Drägerwerk share has changed in the
      already doubled in the past few weeks. The share is still available today
      in the focus of Stuttgart investors and climbs by 2.8 percent
      98.80 euros.

With Cytodyn, a previously unknown one is sneaking in today
      Value in the top 10 most traded values ​​in Stuttgart. The
      Reason: In a small study in New York coronavirus patients
      the bio-tech company tested its drug called
      “Leronlimab”. Of the total of 7 people using the drug
      two should no longer need a ventilator,
      show two further clear advances. Not just cytodyne
      itself, investors also hope for the effectiveness of the
      Drug and catapult the share by around 40 percent
      1.80 euros upwards.


        This newsletter is for information only. For the
        Boerse Stuttgart takes on completeness and correctness
        GmbH no guarantee. In particular, no liability is assumed for the in
        information contained in this newsletter in connection with
        a security investment. This is excluded
        liability for intent and gross negligence.

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The race to develop a vaccine ()

London 27th March 2020:
                      At least 30 companies and
                      academic institutions, biotech startups and
                      large pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and
                      Sanofi on vaccines. Scientists have
                      already examined the entire genome of the virus and
                      found the proteins that made the infection

We believe that a number of
                      Biotech companies, including Gilead Sciences and
                      Moderna, in developing potential
                      Vaccines have made progress. Other
                      Biotech companies that use AI diagnostics
                      are also good in our opinion
                      positioned. These companies include
                      Insilico Medicine Inc., Vir Biotechnology Inc. and
                      Atomwise Inc.

While the stock prices of these companies continue
                      in our opinion, should rise
                      other healthcare innovators, including
                      Telemedicine companies like CareClix and Babylon
                      Health already with the UK NHS
                      cooperate, as well as long-distance conference companies
                      how ZOOM can benefit from it.

The US biotech company Moderna
                      has the first production quantity of one last week
                      Human clinical vaccine
                      delivered. This is a quick one
                      Processing time after the researchers
                      January the genetic sequence of the virus
                      have decrypted. Moderna’s vaccine is said to be one
                      undergo study faster than expected
                      with the help of volunteers from the Seattle area.
                      The study is funded by the National Institute of Allergy
                      and Infectious Diseases of the United States Government
                      Sponsored. The vaccine will not come from
                      actual virus produced but contains
                      the RNA of the coronavirus that the body cells
                      instructs to make a protein from the virus.
                      This protein does not cause infection, it is said
                      however, a reaction of the immune system to that
                      Trigger virus. Such medical innovations,
                      including Rapid Response Platforms
                      among the best ways to get a vaccine

The speed at which this experimental
                      Vaccine developed by Moderna is a
                      Breakthrough for medical science. The
                      Vaccine was developed in 42 days after
                      the company genetic information about that
                      Corona virus had received. Moderna sent the
                      The vaccine was immediately sent to scientists from the
                      U.S. government. So there is still the possibility
                      to develop a vaccine before Christmas,
                      but mass production is likely
                      take another 4-6 months.

An antiviral drug called “Remdesivir” from
                      Gilead Sciences already appears to be effective in animals
                      to be. It was used to be the first
                      American patients in Washington State too
                      to treat. Researchers are currently testing the drug
                      in clinical studies in the USA, China and
                      other countries.

The speed at which the world hits the
                      Virus outbreak responds in one
                      unprecedented time frame. After the SARS outbreak
                      in 2003 it took researchers almost 20 months to complete
                      a vaccine for human testing
                      prepare. At the time of the Zika outbreak in
                      In 2015, researchers had ensured that the
                      Schedule was only six months. Today could
                      first trials with the potential vaccine in
                      Start April, but the test and
                      Admission process would take at least a year
                      last. The first Covid-19 vaccine in China will be launched
                      expected for clinical trials in late April
                      be ready.

In China, the National Medical Products
                    Administration the use of favilavir, a
                    antiviral drug to treat the virus,
                    approved. The drug has the disease in one
                    clinical trial with 70 patients with minimal
                    Side effects treated effectively. The clinical
                    Study is being carried out in the city of Shenzhen.

When working on vaccines nowadays too
                    used a number of newer approaches called
                    “Plug and play” vaccines are known. Since we have the
                    genetic code of the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus
                    we now have the complete blueprint
                    for building this virus. scientist
                    separate small parts of the genetic code of the
                    Corona virus and put it in others, totally
                    harmless viruses. Other groups use parts
                    the raw genetic code (either DNA or RNA),
                    that start after injection into the body
                    should produce proteins that are
                    Can fight the immune system again.

In innovative
                      Invest health care

Anthony Ginsberg is co-creator of the HAN GINS
                          Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS (WELL) ETF

The ETF gives investors access to a basket of
                      over 100 companies from innovative areas of the
                      Healthcare, including medical devices,
                      Robotics, genome sequencing as well
                      Tracker / Wearables and Neuroscience for that

The fund forms the Indxx Advanced LifeSciences
                      & Smart Healthcare Thematic Index. The
                      Index is made up of small, medium and
                      large-cap industrial and industrial companies
                      Emerging economies in advanced life sciences
                      & Smart Healthcare sector.

Investments in ETFs can both increase in value
                      fall as well.



“ethical cells” are being set up all over France

Here again, we had to act quickly. No sooner had the proposal, Friday March 13, been formulated by the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) to set up “ethical cells” than their implementation was launched, under the responsibility of “regional ethical spaces “, Which have existed for several years. At the start of the week, Professor Grégoire Moutel set up, for Normandy, a team of 9 people, constituting one of the first of its kind in France.

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: France enters its 3rd day of total containment

“We have four functions, he explains: help professionals in difficulty of decision; ensure the dissemination of recommendations; mediate between caregivers and families; and after the crisis, learn from everything we are going through.

The situation of older people

Questions already go back to this team, made up in particular of several doctors but also of a philosopher, a sociologist and a representative of a patient association. During these first hours, they mainly focus on the situation of the elderly.

“At the beginning of the week, some doctors from Samu asked us if it was possible that they would no longer be referred to certain patients coming from nursing homes, when they are in a serious geriatric state Explains Grégoire Moutel. Tuesday March 17 and Wednesday March 18, it was the staff of these establishments themselves who contacted the ethics unit in Normandy, concerning three people. All very old, in a very degraded physical state and affected by the coronavirus.

→ READ. Coronavirus: the difficult priority rules in hospital

“The staff at these retirement homes do not know how to cope. Families also obviously find it difficult to accept that they are considering not transferring their loved one to the hospital and to consider the end of their lives. ”, specifies Grégoire Moutel. Faced with this, he tries, with his team, to keep a crest line: listen, advise, remind existing managers, without ever making a decision in place of the others.

“In the field, many ignore, for example, the framework of the Claeys-Leonetti law on end of life, which prohibits relentless therapy, explains the Norman practitioner again. I also encourage establishments to see if their residents have established advance directives where their wishes are set for their end of life..

Vital emergencies and disabilities

These cells, in Normandy and elsewhere, are also preparing for a saturation of resuscitation services. And the choices that doctors will be forced to make between several patients due to lack of resources. It is already starting in some resuscitation services in eastern France: in Alsace, the ethics unit should also be set up by Friday March 20.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, it has already emerged. “ We agreed that for difficult decisions, we would never talk about triage, explains, in Marseille, the philosopher Pierre Le Coz. It’s a military term that is too violent for civilian populations. Our objective, during these difficult times, will be to provide support, including psychological, to caregivers. We know that every decision will necessarily involve a little arbitrariness but between an absolute arbitrariness and a relative arbitrariness, it is better a relative arbitrariness

→ EXPLANATION. Faced with the coronavirus, the State establishes “the state of health emergency”

The Marseille ethics unit plans to meet at least once a week, every Tuesday. “For later, we will see,” continues the philosopher. The requests will probably multiply, and we will have to adapt our responses to each. We cannot just say that we must respect the dignity of the person. Everyone is different. Thus, we may be overwhelmed with requests, but we must take this risk. “

Four working groups in Paris

But the questions that the “regional ethical spaces”, particularly mobilized for this crisis, are trying to answer, sometimes also go beyond the dilemmas of caregivers confronted with a vital emergency. This is the case in Paris, where the Ile-de-France ethical area has launched four working groups linked to the coronavirus, including one on disability and old age.

“We identify the questions and share our thoughts widely with the 12,000 people in our network”, explains Sébastien Claeys, in charge of this working group. ” We have specific questions that arise in people with disabilities, such as the role of their caregiver. Should these auxiliaries, for example, only take care of one person to limit contamination, but at the risk of neglecting the others? In an institution, how to manage a disabled person who is very dependent and infected? How do you deal with the loneliness of older people? “, Details this researcher.

He adds : “Basically, we are at the moment of ethical reflection in action, whether these are vital questions or not. Yes, we are in an emergency. But in an emergency, we must act. And for that, we must never give up asking questions. “


A text to guide doctors

To inform their decisions, doctors can rely on a text, delivered Tuesday 17 to the Directorate General of Health and sent to hospitals. Entitled “Prioritizing Access to Critical Care in the Context of a Pandemic,” it sets out principles for “screening” patients requiring resuscitation care.

This document is based in particular on a “clinical frailty score”. Familiar with hospital staff, it allows patients to be classified according to their state of health, from the “very fit” person to the “terminally ill” person.

If, in a context of crisis, age can constitute a criterion – a very young person could be considered as a priority compared to a very old person -, it is not decisive on its own.


Allergies: Why Pollen, Nuts and Co. Trigger an Alarm (PHOTO) ()

05.03.20 09:45
news current

Baierbrunn (ots) – neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma, contact eczema or
Food allergies: More than 20 percent of children and more than 30 percent
of adults develop at least one at some point, according to the Robert Koch Institute
allergic disease. An allergy is basically a fatal error of the
Immune system that “sensitizes” after the first contact with an allergen
has been. From then on, it reacts to harmless substances. “Usually they are
certain proteins. For example, from pollen, nuts or the feces
Dust mites “, explains in the pharmacy magazine” Baby and Family “Dr. Michael
Gerstlauer, Chairman of the Pediatric Allergology and
Pneumology south. “The body then interprets this foreign protein as a danger
and try to fight it. “

The amount of the allergen doesn’t matter

The consequences range from slight reddening of the skin to collapse. The
The amount of the allergen is irrelevant. Already put a few protein molecules ”
the switch around “, as Professor Erika von Mutius explains, the head of the
Asthma and allergy clinic at the children’s clinic in Dr. from Haunerschen
Children’s hospital in Munich. “It’s just that the immune system is the allergen
noticed, and zack, it starts. “

There is a reason why allergy sufferers go crazy at all
just guesswork. “At the moment we assume that the body is new, strange
Just got to know proteins at the wrong time, “says Gerstlauer.

The new “Baby and Family” cover story clearly explains how one
Allergy arises, what parents of affected children have to consider and how
allergies can be diagnosed.

This report is only free for publication if the source is mentioned. The
Pharmacy magazine “Baby and Family” 3/2020 is currently in most
Pharmacies. There are many more interesting health news at

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Katharina Neff-Neudert
Tel. 089/744 33 360
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