Penalties for Albon and Ricciardo after fouls during GP Russia

Both Alexander Albon and Daniel Ricciardo ignored the Director’s instructions to take the alternate route when they went wide at the entrance of Turn Two.

This resulted in a five-second penalty for both drivers during the race and 1 penalty point on their racing license. Albon therefore comes to a total of five penalty points in the last twelve months, Ricciardo on three. At twelve points you get a match suspension.

Romain Grosjean, who broke two Styrofoam blocks, was not punished.


Red Bull wanted Alonso as a teammate of Verstappen

At Red Bull in 2019, people were at a loss. Max Verstappen performed very well, but the team saw Pierre Gasly struggle. For that reason, the team turned to the experienced Fernando Alonso.

“I left the sport at the end of 2018 and the first phone call I got, asking if I was bored already, came in June 2019. In August 2019 a certain team wanted to change drivers, but at that point I didn’t want to get in myself. for half a year or a year “, he says Motorsport-Total.

Red Bull replaced Gasly for the Belgian Grand Prix in August with Alexander Albon, who was not the team management’s first choice. Alonso will return to Formula 1 in 2021. The Spaniard has signed a contract for two seasons with Renault. Albon was unable to convince in the past calendar year and the Red Bull team management has not yet made a decision about who will be Verstappen’s teammate in 2021.


FIFA 21: these are the best 10 players in the Argentine league

For EA Sports, The best player in the Argentine Professional Soccer League is Eduardo Salvio, from Boca, which has 81 points. The same number of units has his teammate Esteban Andrada and the steering wheel of River Ignacio Fernandez.

In fourth place is Enzo Pérez de River, who accumulates 80 points. The goalkeeper of the Millionaire club, Franco Armani, appears in fifth position with the same number of units, while Student flyer Javier Mascherano appears in the sixth ranking with a total score of 80.

They complete the Top 10 Marcelo Díaz of Racing (79), Juan Fernando Quintero de River (79), Frank Fabra de Boca (79) and Milton Casco, also from Núñez’s team (79)

One thing to note is that the top 20 players in the local league do not include Independiente footballers. If they have representatives San Lorenzo, Lanús and Vélez, in addition to those already mentioned above.

Top 20 best players in the Argentine league in FIFA 21

  1. Eduardo Salvio (Boca): 81
  2. Esteban Andrada (Boca): 81
  3. Nacho Fernández (River): 81
  4. Enzo Pérez (River): 80
  5. Franco Armani (River): 80
  6. Javier Mascherano (Students): 79
  7. Marcelo Diaz (Racing): 79
  8. Juan Fernando Quintero (River): 79
  9. Frank Fabra (Boca): 79
  10. Milton Casco (River): 79
  11. Lisandro López (Racing): 78
  12. Carlos Tevez (Boca): 78
  13. Ignacio Piatti (San Lorenzo): 78
  14. Matías Suárez (River): 78
  15. Lautaro Acosta (Lanús): 78
  16. Carlos Izquierdoz (Boca): 78
  17. Iván Marcone (Boca): 78
  18. Rafael Santos Borré (River): 78
  19. Gonzalo Montiel (River): 78
  20. Matías Rojas (Racing): 78
  21. Ricardo Centurion (Velez): 77


Formula 1 lifts a corner of the veil on F1 engines 2026

In 2026, Formula 1 will continue with new engines. Until 2025 the teams will continue to drive with the current V6 hybrid engines, but from 2026 the engine suppliers will have to have a new power unit ready. It is still unclear exactly what the 2026 engines will look like, but technology leader of the FIA, Nicholas Tombazis, is already shedding light on this.

“There are many ideas coming in from the teams and engine suppliers about what the engines of the future should look like. In 2026 we will switch to a new power unit, which will have to be cheaper and even greener. At the same time, it is important that we can keep racing and so there are also discussions about the maximum oil / fuel consumption of the engine. For example, some teams have proposed to move away from the current rules where you can, for example, only use a maximum of oil per 100 kilometers, ” Tombazis opposite Auto Motor and Sport.

“The proposal from those parties is to work with maximum dimensions of certain parts, such as the batteries. The same would apply to the dimensions of the tank and oil content. It is then up to the teams themselves to determine how many per lap. That should also make the life of the FIA ​​stewards a lot easier. “

FIA president Jean Todt previously announced that the new engines should generate new savings of approximately 25 million euros for the teams. However, the engine manufacturers will initially have to make a new investment to develop the engines. Therefore, the budget limit does not apply to the engines and its manufacturers.

Is it a good or disappointing season for Max Verstappen? One thing is certain: the world title is out of the picture. Tom Coronel, Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen catch up with you in the latest episode of the RacingNews365 F1 podcast.


Video: Furious DTM driver kicks car door, Frijns wins chaotic race

Robin Frijns took his third DTM victory of his career on Saturday. In three weeks time, the Dutchman completely released in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. He has long been dreading his first victory, and now that he has tasted the medal, he is unstoppable.

In a chaotic race with three restarts at the Nürburgring (on the short Sprint layout) he took the victory. Several drivers found their Waterloo frustrated, including Fabio Scherer, who broke his car in frustration. Check the summary below.


Van der Zande: “Verstappen not let down by Red Bull-Honda”

It had to be the season of Red Bull and Max Verstappen. The preparation went better than ever and the Dutchman had to and would become the youngest world champion ever this season. For the time being, the Red Bull driver has been disappointed. He knows how to get the absolute maximum out of his Formula 1 car, but the RB16 is still inferior to the Mercedes car.

Frustrations ran up at Verstappen last week. After two consecutive withdrawals, he saw his chances in the world championship – if he still had them – disappear like snow in the sun. In total, he dropped out in three of nine races this year due to Honda-related problems.

RacingNews365 spoke exclusively with racing driver Renger van der Zande, who understands the frustrations of Verstappen very well. “I am very impressed with Max this season. His car is second best, though. He may be happy with that, but I understand his frustrations.”

“He wants more, he wants to be able to fight for that victory. All you want anyway, that is a reliable car. Then you can keep on scoring and maybe hook up when Mercedes makes a mistake. That is not working at the moment, that seems very frustrating to me. for Max and also for Red Bull “, Van der Zande concludes.

Asked whether that means that Verstappen is, as it were, being abandoned by Red Bull-Honda, Renger answers clearly. “No, you can’t say that. You are going into a season together. You do that with the partners that you have, which are Red Bull and Honda.”

“It can always happen that one of those components causes problems so that you will not finish. However, the three of you started the adventure together, so you win and lose together. You must not forget that”, Van der Zande clarifies. .

Can Max Verstappen ever become Red Bull champion? Is there a crisis? What will the future bring? Now listen to RacingNews365’s Formula 1 podcast with Tom Coronel, Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen.


Lammers: “Verstappen beats Hamilton in the same car”

The 2020 F1 season is very predictable. Lewis Hamilton has no child with teammate Valtteri Bottas and he has nothing to fear from the other teams. Only two of the first nine Grands Prix were not won by Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton won six of the seven races that the German racing stable won.

The dominant Hamilton breaks record after record, but Jan Lammers does not see him as the best F1 driver of all time. “If he later takes his seventh world title and equals Schumacher’s record, that gives a mixed feeling. Lewis has had so little opposition in recent years, his performance was to beat Bottas. I don’t think that is an achievement that should make him the best F1 driver. “, says Lammers in conversation with RacingNews365.

“Of course, Lewis is a top driver, no doubt about that. But Mercedes’ dominance does not automatically make him the best driver of all time. There has been no other driver in F1 history who has been with such a driver for such a long period of time. a dominant car has been driving. “

Since the Mercedes dominance, Hamilton only had to leave the title to his teammate in 2016, then Nico Rosberg. Since the German hung his helmet on the willows, the Briton declassified his ‘new’ teammate Bottas. “Hamilton has to do a lot of wrong to not win a race. Bottas is close to him in qualifying, but is no match for him in the races.”

“It is a shame for Hamilton that Mercedes is so dominant, because maybe he is much better than we think. But I don’t get excited about his races. I would rather see more battle. The year Schumacher and Fernando Alonso competed for the title. (2006, ed.), That was wonderful. It also resulted in immense title pressure for both drivers and teams. “

Interview continues below the image.

“A battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, in the same car, that would be wonderful. If Lewis still achieves the same results it would mean that he is actually superior. Then I will also be the first to congratulate him, but I think Max better than Lewis. “

Lammers does have an explanation for the endless dominance of Mercedes. “Because the engine regulations have not changed for years and you are hardly allowed to change anything about your engines, this dominant image has remained intact. The other engine suppliers cannot fundamentally improve anything. All these rules have even determined that Mercedes is dominant for so long.”

And that will remain, or at least that is what Lammers expects: “Mercedes will also be dominant next year. Lewis will then be statistically the best driver with eight titles. But statistics are different from pure performance. I have a lot of admiration for him as a driver, certainly. in varying weather conditions – he’s really great and dominant. He’s definitely one of the best ever, but even though he makes ten world titles, there’s still a lot to do before I call him the best of all time. “

Can Max Verstappen ever become Red Bull champion? Is there a crisis? What will the future bring? Now listen to RacingNews365’s Formula 1 podcast with Tom Coronel, Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen.


Here Mick Schumacher drives the legendary F2004 from dad Michael Schumacher

Before the eyes of Sebastian Vettel

It was one of those Schumi goose bumps moments before the 1000th Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 race at the Tuscan GP in Mugello: Mick Schumacher was allowed to do a few laps in F2004 – Papa Michael’s world champion car. Even Schumi fan Sebastian Vettel was amazed. See the special event for the son of the record world champion in the video above!

Mick Schumacher didn’t want to get out of the F2004 at all

“I wanted to see where the limit was and I found it,” reported Schumi Jr. after the fast laps in the world champion Ferrari. He actually didn’t want to get out afterwards. “I definitely wanted to do a few more laps. Many thanks to Ferrari and the owners of the car.”


Italian media fillet Ferrari: “Now even endanger the drivers”

“Ferrari is Monza’s joke”, headlines the Corriere dello Sport. “We can speak of a new low, because even the safety of the drivers is now at stake. Sebastian Vettel was without brakes and Charles Leclerc lost the uncontrollable SF1000 with 220 kilometers per hour on the clock.”

“The sky above Monza was a beautiful blue, but dark clouds hung over Ferrari. Every week there is something, this time it was the brakes. When Leclerc speaks about an unmanageable car, he does not look for excuses, but speaks the hard truth. According to the newspaper, who concludes that Ferrari did at most one thing right.

“It is good that they have withdrawn the appeal against Racing Point, because they really have something better to do in Maranello.”

The Gazzetta dello Sport is particularly jubilant about that other Italian team, AlphaTauri, which also has to stick with Ferrari: “Just when we thought that Ferrari could not go further down, they still prove us the contrary and that during the home race. Perhaps it is a good thing that there were no fans. , they shouldn’t have had to experience this nightmare. “

Of Corriere della Sera in Tuttosport both keep it short when it comes to Ferrari, because what is there to say? “Ferrari must call the red cross, because that is not how you can show yourself to the public during the 1000th race of Ferrari at Mugello,” said the former publication.

“The Ferrari nightmare goes on and on, now even the brakes don’t work anymore. It was the worst result of the Scuderia at Monza in 25 years.”

Red Bull slipped off with its tail between its legs after the Italian Grand Prix. Is there now the realization of what Max Verstappen has been saying for a long time? Namely that the world title is really out of reach? Tom Coronel knows for sure in the latest RacingNews365 podcast, which can be heard below.


Claire Williams waves George Russell and Nicholas Latifi out of the box in person before the Italian GP

Claire Williams sends drivers to the starting grid

What a goosebumps scene before the Italian Grand Prix in Monza: The family was the last to direct the traditional racing team – the outgoing co-team boss Claire Williams insisted on taking drivers George Russell and Nicholas Latifi out of the pits wave and send to the starting grid. Formula 1 rookie Latifi reacts emotionally after the special gesture. Williams’ last hint is in the video above.

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