With fencer Ysaora Thibus, preparation for containment

They dreamed of being in party at the Tokyo Games from July 24 to August 9, 2020. It will finally be for next year. Release had started to follow four sportsmen in full preparation: Quentin Bigot, madman hammer athlete, Michaël Guigou, adventurer of the hand courts, Marie Oteiza, discreet pentathlete, and Ysaora Thibus, thin blade. […]

Racism has “got bigger” in football (neues-deutschland.de)

The DFB integration officer Cacau criticizes the increase in racism in football and in society. Referees would need to take appropriate measures to protect spectators and players from racist attacks. Ultimately, the game is called abandonment. Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa Berlin. The DFB integration officer Cacau describes the recent racist incidents in the Bundesliga […]

British Labor Workers Tear Up on Islamophobia

An anti-racism activist, angry with his leader, was excluded for criticizing positions taken by Muslims. Trevor Phillipps was sacked after notably rebelling against the significant percentage of Muslims who understood the motivations of the Charlie Hebdo killers, comments dating back several years. Stuart Paul / Camera Press / ABACA By the very admission of a […]

Attack on your own life

Dhe actor Jussie Smollett now has to answer in court. A lawsuit is currently underway in Chicago against the thirty-seven-year-old who became known for the “Empire” series. Smollett had claimed that he was attacked by two men near his apartment in chic Chicago’s Streeterville district on the night of January 29, 2019. They would have […]

RTL asks Xavier Naidoo to explain

Dhe TV station RTL asks pop star Xavier Naidoo to declare himself a viral video. In the post that RTL published on Twitter on Wednesday, it says: “1. We distance ourselves from all forms of racism 2. We are also confused by the video 3. We expect clear answers from Xavier #Naidoo “. A video […]

Because of Corona Virus: “Racism against Seniors”?

An elderly care worker in France wears a breathing mask at work. Picture: AFP In Italy, being a grandparent is a full-time job – a matter of course for society, indispensable for the economy. How are seniors really at risk from the corona virus? About the new “racism against the elderly”. Dhe daily newspaper “Corriere […]

David Szalay, buckle up

The first chapter is entitled “LGW-MAD” and the other eleven have similar titles (“DSS-GRU”, “YYZ-SEA”, “DEL-COK” …). No mystery, however. It’s fair that this first chapter leads its two main characters from Gatwick Airport in London to Barajas Airport in Madrid and that the abbreviations used for air transport are used. The novel is not […]

Less space for racists (neue-deutschland.de)

Konstantin Konga was insulted because of his name. Photo: imago images / press photo Baumann Some fans are there much too early, the hall is still closed. Only in an hour and a half will Alba Berlin play in the Euroleague against FC Barcelona. In addition to the arena, Alba fans rolled out yellow and […]

Demolition of games required in racism (neues-deutschland.de)

In the crosshairs of the fans: Patron Dietmar Hopp. Photo: Roland Weihrauch / dpa The debate about how to deal with hostilities against Hoffenheim’s patron Dietmar Hopp mixes with the discussions about racism in German football that started earlier. Fans criticize that insults against Hopp in the Bundesliga lead to game interruptions and considerations about […]

Seehofer sets up expert group against Islamophobia

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer The group of experts should research for several years on Islamophobic trends and present a general overview. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to create an independent group of experts against Islamophobia. “Hate prevention and the promotion of democracy are now further strengthened in the Federal […]