Chinese stock markets in scattered order at the opening

By Le Figaro with AFP

Chinese stock markets opened on Wednesday undecided after two days of decline, investors worried about the rise in cases of coronavirus contamination and the tightening of measures in some countries.

In early trading, the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong lost 0.07% to 23,701.12 points. In mainland China, the composite index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange gained 0.14% to 3,278.84 points.

For its part, the place of Shenzhen was slightly up 0.19% to 2,188.35 points.


more than 60 rich countries adhere to the WHO vaccine access scheme

More than 60 rich countries, but not China or the United States, have joined the mechanism set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) to facilitate poor countries’ access to the vaccine against the coronavirus, according to the list published Monday.

While many countries do not have the resources to develop their own vaccines, WHO announced a few weeks ago the launch, in collaboration with the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), of a global access to the Covid-19 vaccine, known as COVAX (Covid-19 Vaccine Global Access; global access to the Covid-19 vaccine).

Subsequently, the organization asked at the end of August the countries that can finance themselves to make firm commitments by joining this mechanism before September 18, and to make initial payments by October 9 at the latest.

More than 90 low and middle income countries or entities will join the scheme as well as 64 high income countries, the WHO said in a statement. These include the commitments of the European Commission (…) on behalf of the 27 EU member states plus Norway and Iceland.

The United States, which officially confirmed its withdrawal from the WHO in early July, is not on the list. Just like China, where the first cases of coronavirus were detected at the end of December 2019.

Asked about the absence of China, the CEO of Gavi, Seth Berkley, simply indicated at a press conference that “the aim of Covax is to work with all countries of the world», And that the dialogue would continue with Beijing.


the social tariff for electricity and gas up sharply on October 1

We recently revealed to you that the number of customers protected in terms of energy (electricity and gas) continued to increase. And even to explode in Wallonia. They are nearly 185,000 for electricity and well over 90,000 for gas. These protected customers benefit from what is called the social tariff, which reduces the bill by up to 42% for electricity and 46% for gas.

►A bad surprise for these customers: prices will increase sharply on October 1st.

These rates are now reviewed every three months, instead of six months before.


Roche launches quantitative test for antibodies to Sars-CoV-2

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche announced on Friday the launch of a quantitative test that measures the level of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 among individuals who have been exposed to the virus in order to help laboratories in particular to develop their vaccines.

Called Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2, this serological test should help assess the immune response to a vaccine by measuring the level of antibodies secreted, the Swiss group said in a statement. Carried out from a blood sample, this test makes it possible in particular to measure the amount of antibodies against the spike protein (protein S), a protein point which surrounds the membrane of the capsid of the virus causing SARS, and which allows virus to enter human cells.

The majority of vaccines currently under study seek to trigger an antibody response against this protein, recalled the Swiss group, stressing that this test should help to measure their effectiveness during clinical trials. Before administering a vaccine, it is important to know the level of antibodies present in order to measure the effects that the vaccine causes, argued Roche, stressing that this test thus has a role to play in the development of the tests. vaccines.

The test will be launched in markets that accept the European CE conformity mark, Roche said, adding that an emergency clearance application has also been filed in the United States.

In a separate press release, the Swiss group, active in oncology but also in diagnostic products, unveiled the results of a phase III study concerning its drug tocilizumab. According to this study entitled Empacta, this treatment marketed under the name Actemra reduces the risk of using artificial ventilation in the case of individuals hospitalized for pneumonia linked to Covid-19.

In clinical trials with 389 people, the likelihood of using a ventilator or of death was 44% lower among subjects given this treatment in addition to standard care compared to those given a placebo. This reference treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is one of the avenues explored by the medical profession to take care of hospitalized patients. In July, however, this treatment suffered a setback in another phase III study, called Covacta, which involved subjects hospitalized with a severe form of pneumonia linked to Covid-19.

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CFTC quits discussions on “shared diagnosis”

The CFTC decided on Friday to no longer participate in meetings on the “shared diagnosis“, Calling for negotiations for a national inter-professional agreement (ANI) for new rights for employees, in a press release published after a meeting between unions and employers. A final meeting should be held on September 22 between unions and employers on the “shared diagnosis», Announced the Medef.

«Companies and, within them, the social partners, need a renewed, unified and simplified normative framework“, Indicates the CFTC in a press release.

«While diagnostics and other + good practice guides + have their interests, these documents on the table today will not provide additional protection or clarification. They will be added to the pile of existing texts, thus reinforcing the effect of vagueness felt and experienced during and after confinement.», Underlines the union.

The CFTC thereforedecided today to no longer take part in the next working sessions since they will not have the stated purpose of renegotiating a national inter-professional agreement».

«Who can believe today that the last ANI on telework dating from 2005 can be adapted to the new realities of the world of work? In 15 years, the latter has been deeply upset by technological revolutions (acceleration of the internet, artificial intelligence, etc.)».

In addition, “The superimposition of sometimes contrary injunctions is not likely to make their rights and obligations in terms of teleworking clear for both employees and employers: time and workload, ancillary costs (equipment, electricity), insurance and liability , the right to disconnect, risk of isolation are all gray areas that an agreement may in the future remove by defining a clear framework ”.


Tariff hammer: 10 GB LTE for only 9.99 euros + can be canceled at any time

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doing Charleroi-Brussels by train is more expensive than taking the plane through … Barcelona

Our colleagues from Nieuwsblad point out that making a train trip between Charleroi and Zaventem costs 17.10, via the SNCB, while taking the plane from Charleroi to Barcelona then from Barcelona to Zaventem costs … 10 euros.

For 48 hours, Ryanair has indeed slashed prices and offered trips across Europe for ridiculous amounts. In all, a million seats were available for 5 euros.

And with a little luck, you were able to buy a flight to Catalonia for 5 euros, then come back to Brussels for the same price. Not necessarily interesting, but more economical …


American briefly credited with $ 2.45 billion in bank account

His bank display error was quickly corrected.

By Le Figaro

The man is a client of the famous Bank of America.
The man is a client of the famous Bank of America. BRUCE BENNETT / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

He thought he was a billionaire … for fifteen short minutes. Blaise Aguirre, an American psychiatrist living in the state of Massachusetts, discovered when he opened his mobile banking app that he had been credited with $ 2.45 billion, or 2 billion euros, he told the American media Bloomberg.

In a tweet published at the time of the discovery, Blaise Aguirre films his bank account, which displays the long sum of ten digits, cents excluded. “Clearly there is a mistake», He affirmed. This was confirmed to him by his bank adviser, whom he contacted fifteen minutes later. “It was a simple display error, nothing more. This has been fixed“, Assured the spokesperson of the banking establishment, Bill Halldin.

Earlier this month, the famous Bank of America, in which Blaise Aguirre has his account, experienced further problems “display»Temporary: the accounts of the affected customers showed balances returned to 0 dollars.


EU reserves vaccines at Moderna laboratory

By Le Figaro with AFP

The Moderna Research Center in Hollywood, United States, August 13, 2020.
The Moderna Research Center in Hollywood, United States, August 13, 2020. CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP

The European Commission announced Monday that it had reached a preliminary agreement with the Moderna laboratory for the purchase of 80 million doses of its potential vaccine against Covid-19, the fifth agreement of this type concluded by the EU. The envisaged contract “would allow all EU member states to purchase the vaccine and also donate to low and middle income countries or transfer it back to European countries», Explains the European executive in a press release. The contractual framework provides for the initial purchase of 80 million doses, once the vaccine has been demonstrated to be effective, on behalf of all EU Member States, as well as an option to purchase up to 80 million additional doses.

The American company Moderna, young “biotech“, Has one of the most advanced projects with a vaccine candidate in”phase 3»Clinical trials in humans, the last before marketing. “After intense negotiations, the European Commission has just concluded discussions with a fifth pharmaceutical company to give Europeans rapid access to a vaccine against the coronavirus“, Welcomed the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, quoted in the press release.

Brussels has already reserved 300 million of the vaccine in preparation for the French Sanofi, 400 million for that of the American Johnson & Johnson, and 225 million doses from the German CureVac. On August 14, the Commission also signed an advance purchase contract with the Swedish-British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca for 300 million doses, with an option for 100 million additional doses. “We invest in companies using various technologies to increase our chances of having safe and effective vaccines», A explicit Ursula von der Leyen.

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A lower dollar, exchange, rate and Alberto’s secret

There are those who argue that it would also be counterproductive to add restrictions to the saving dollar because it would accelerate the blue (now at $ 138) and permeate prices sooner or later. On the one hand, it is known that blue is not a reference because it is a very small market, with little volume. On the other hand, it is a lie that the dollar, in the blue, is still behind. But the question will be given in the degree of confidence of the BCRA, and also of the government’s export plan (if, as it seems, there will be no inflow of dollars from the debt market).

To shore up the stocks would be to reinforce a mechanism that clearly has not worked for what is being sought now, that is, to increase reserves. The outright devaluation does not seem to be good either, now that the Government has exposed its concern about the rise in prices in August and how difficult it has been to agree on a marginal increase in fuels for that reason. It remains to be seen if with the peso interest rate and the rearming of the yield curve in local currency, this moment can be passed until it clears up. Footnote: raising taxes can also be, in the eyes of one sector of the government, a good way to “remove” excess liquidity. Minister Martín Guzmán will be involved in this in the coming days. In the background, the doubts continue. The issue continues its course and the result is that there are more pesos as the hours go by and that the dollars are less and less.

For the end, an interesting fact. As bonds in dollars are used to make cash settlement, and it is assumed that these securities enter the exchange (they will be exchanged for others that adjust for CER), there are those who warn that the volume of these instruments would logically fall, returning more complex the possibility of parking, especially the purchase of these titles and not their sale, for which you do not have to wait 5 days to operate again. As the exchange offer, the first stage, is valid until September 1, it is assumed that as of today there is an incentive to sign up. Sources told Ambito that there is even the intention that, starting today, the Government take advantage of the limited bond market to “get in” and generate a more pronounced decline. This would reinforce the expected effect.