Zelensky’s rating fell twice and reached a minimum | In the world | Politics

The rating of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky since September fell more than twice and reached a minimum, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Ukrainian media.

According to a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center, 25.3 percent of Ukrainians surveyed today would vote for Zelensky in the presidential election, and last September 56.1 percent of citizens would vote for him.

Former president Petro Poroshenko today in the election would have supported 11.1 percent of respondents, in September only 6.1 percent of Ukrainians cast their votes for him. Yuriy Boyko, co-chair of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party, is now supported by 14.6 percent of respondents – this is twice as much as in September. For the leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, 5.6 percent of citizens are now ready to vote, this is 1.3 percent more than in the fall.

It is noted that approximately 14 percent of respondents have not yet decided on the choice. The survey also updated the rating of political parties in Ukraine.

“Servant of the people” at the moment would be supported by 20.5 percent of the polled in the elections, which is 2.5 times less than the September rating of the Zelensky party. The ratings of the parties “Opposition Platform – For Life”, “European Solidarity” Poroshenko and “Fatherland” have grown. Now 14, ten and 5.7 percent of respondents would vote for them, respectively.


Ivan Telegin wants to deprive Pelagia of property in court

News. Society

21:40, June 28, 2020

photo: © instagram.com/pelageya_insta

Now Ivan Telegin and Pelagia are in a divorce stage.

Initially, the couple said that they were parting on a peaceful note, but now they can’t agree on the amount of alimony for their daughter. In addition, it became known that Telegin was going to deprive Pelagia of property through the court, writes “Know Everything.”

The lawyer who made the agreement of the spouses said that Ivan stopped taking part in the life of his daughter. In addition, he does not provide any financial assistance to the singer and the child. Over the past few months, Telegin saw Taisia ​​for 15-20 minutes. At the same time, it is difficult for the artist to explain to the girl why her father disappeared.

As for the property, Pelageya and Ivan first had an agreement: the singer should have a Moscow apartment, and the hockey player – a country house. The apartment was bought with the money of Pelagia’s mother, and the couple paid the mortgage for the mansion together. It turns out that Pelageya should not only keep the apartment for herself, but also get half of the country house. Ivan has other plans on this score.

Uznayvse.ru recalls that Pelagia talked about a divorce from Ivan at the end of last year. She did not specify the reason for the discord, but over time it became known that Telegin had a lover.


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What happened over night. RBC Main News :: Society :: RBC

500 thousand people died from the coronavirus, Russian banks reduced the overdraft, Trump cited intelligence information about the “conspiracy” of Russia with the Taliban, Duda could not be re-elected on the first attempt; the main news – in the review of RBC

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world exceeded 500 thousand people

Worldwide, more than 500 thousand people have died from the effects of coronavirus infection. According to Johns Hopkins University, the most fatalities were recorded in the United States – 125.7 thousand people died there.

  • Then come Brazil (57 thousand), Great Britain (43.6 thousand), Italy (34.7 thousand), France (29.7 thousand), Spain (28.3 thousand) and Mexico (26.3 thousand).
  • Russia takes 12th place in this rating (9073 deaths). At the same time, the country is one of the three leaders in terms of the number of infected (633.5 infected, according to the University of Hopkins, and 634.4 thousand, according to the operational headquarters).
  • In total, more than 10 million people have been infected with coronavirus infection in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized that after partial lifting of restrictions in 30 countries in Europe, the number of cases of COVID-19 began to increase again.

Banks have limited the ability to go negative on debit cards

Amid the pandemic and the decline in citizens’ incomes, Russian banks drastically reduced the average overdraft limit, which allows debit card users to spend more than is on the account.


Presents the TOP 5 chic tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

“Kruzak” put on a amazing skirts.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Toyota Land Cruiser — a sleek car, a real conqueror of off-road and the legend of the Japanese car industry. Sometimes you can “breathe” a little tuning “Kruzak” and make it more beautiful. We present a selection of the TOP 5 elegant modified Land Cruiser.

In the first place was the SUV with the airbrush on the side of the body. In addition to the image of a lion, the car received new wheels, a mesh grille, redesigned front bumper and bumper guard. Also emblazoned on the hood called “fly swatter” protection from headlight glare.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Instagram @cruzak_camry

The second place ranking is “Kruzak” with a stylish front part. The car was given a revised grille, new headlights, reworked bumper with larger air intakes and fog lamps.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Next in the TOP 5 tuned Land Cruiser is the SUV body kit Invader. This machine is remarkable for the abundance of led lights in the front of the body, modified bumpers and grille. Individual attention, exclusive wheels of the vehicle.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

In fourth place was tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which looks no worse than a luxurious Lexus. This car is available with two add-on packages — standard and extreme. The first involves aggressive bumpers with skirts, a rear spoiler and LED lights. The second package also includes extended wheel arches with integrated Parking lights.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Finally, the leader of the rating becomes “Kruzak” with “toy” kit. A feature of this car are alloy wheels of black color that contrast with the white body. The body kit of the SUV really gives it a “toy” look. Modified thresholds, bumper, white grille and plenty of LEDs — it looks stylish and attractive.


Anastasia Volochkova made the twine from the hatch of the car (PHOTO) – https://stolicaonego.ru/

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  2. Anastasia is dressed in a tutu is not the size and showed extra Komsomolskaya Pravda
  3. “Ballet hell”: Volochkova put Borisov Dana in a cage and forced to dance to the RADIO “KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA”
  4. Volochkova has performed the splits, while in Luke / IA IA Cupid.info
  5. Anastasia Volochkova barefoot in a sexy dress made of twine from the hatch of the car | Cosmopolitan Magazine Cosmo.ru
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The experts identified the regions with the highest level of well-being of families : Society :: RBC

In the upper part of the region’s proved oil and gas producing regions, and at the bottom of the republics of the North Caucasus and Central Russia

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Sakhalin oblast turned out to be regions in which in a family with one or two children after deducting minimal expenses is the most money. To such conclusion experts of the Agency “RIA Novosti”, which amounted to a rating based on the data of Rosstat.

So, in the region of the maximum possible balance is ₽88,5 thousand, and in the Sakhalin region ₽72.7 thousand According to this indicator, they are ahead of Moscow (₽65.8 thousand) and St. Petersburg (₽of 57.3 million). In the first five appeared as the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. There, after subtracting the minimum costs the average family of two working people with two children can save for you! 56,8 thousand

Analysts evaluated the effect of quarantine on the consumption of meat in Russia

Photo: Dmitry Feoktistov / TASS

At the end of the list were mainly the regions of the North Caucasus. So, in Karachay-Cherkessia can save ₽6.4 thousand, and in Dagestan ₽8.3 thousand Near Pskov oblast (₽5.7 thousand), and Ivanovo oblast (₽5.1 thousand). At the end of the list were Kabardino-Balkaria, where, as the experts found out, save a family of three or four people haven’t been successful.

Experts pointed out that the growth in macroeconomic indicators in recent years does not substantially affect the well-being of Russian families. It is not excluded that the crisis associated with the outbreak of coronavirus infection and the regime of self-isolation will only lead to decrease in performance.

In early April, analysts of the rating Agency ACRE found that most of the money on food (over 50%) spend residents of Ingushetia and Dagestan. For comparison, in Moscow this figure was 25%, in the Khanty 24%, in St. Petersburg 27%.


Assumption collects stars to the salvation of Ephraim

News. Society

19:40, 14 June 2020

photo: cosmo.ru/stars/news

66-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya stood up for the 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident in Central Moscow.

The singer said that the actor “does not need punishment and treatment”, writes “cosmopolitan”.

Queen of chanson admitted that he cried after the video message of repentance of Ephraim. The assumption stated that he after the death of its artistic Director of theatre of Galina Volchek was in depression, and recently was sick.

“I was recently in the “contemporary” on his show — he alone pulled the whole show – told Love Zalmanovna. When Vysotsky was a birthday, we had a concert, he was then already sick. He sat there, not smiling. He then said, “I Have depression, because I have died, Galina Volchek”. Mikhail Olegovich — the person who now wants to switch places with the deceased. He did it in the heat of passion. I have no doubt that he lost consciousness. Two days before death he told me that he had a sore heart.”

The artist was outraged by the behavior of close relatives of Michael. According to the assumption, the wife was supposed to treat him.

“We have to understand that Yefremov does not need punishment and treatment, – said the singer. – Where were the people who feed, live by him?”.

The pop star said that she was shocked by the public outrage that caused the fatal accident involving the actor. The singer of the hit “Convertible” decided to create a petition in support of it.

“Today I will only stand by him, noted the assumption in an interview 5-tv.ru. – Today I will gather all colleagues. Actors, musicians, folk artists: Vinokur, Leshchenko, Babkina. I gather all the people. We sign the papers with the request that we have lost such a great actor”.

Recall, 8 June, Mikhail Efremov sasatani intoxication caused a car accident in which killed people.


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The ranking of the highest paid CEOs of USA for the first time headed woman

The ranking of the highest paid CEOs of U.S. companies from Associated Press and Equilar for the first time headed woman. The head of AMD Lisa su earned $58.5 million Leaders also became the CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav Disney and Bob iger.

The rating is from 2011. It examines public US companies from the S&P 500 index.

Ms. su has increased its revenue of $13.4 last year. A large part of income is for a one-time award of shares. Among CEOs-women in the rating were also the heads of General Motors Company, Nasdaq and Lockheed Martin. The list of 329 top managers of 20 women.

The highest paid CEO of USA:

  1. Lisa su, AMD — $58.5 mln;
  2. David Zaslav, Discovery — $45.8 million;
  3. Bob iger, Disney — $45.6 million;
  4. Shantanu Narayen, Adobe — $39.1 million;
  5. Reed Hastings, Netflix $38.6 million;
  6. Larry Merlo, CVS Health — $36.5 million;
  7. Brian Roberts, Comcast — $36,4 million;
  8. James Gorman, Morgan Stanley — $31.6 million;
  9. James Dimon, JPMorgan Chase — $31.6 million;
  10. Hamid Moghadam, Prologis — $30.4 million


comparison with the Queen brought a young wife of Igor Nikolaev

Julia Proskuryakova more than ten years of happy marriage with Igor Nikolaev. The actress 22 years younger than the composer. She became his third wife. A big age difference does not bother them. Pair daughter Veronica. There is only one “but”. The young wife of the musician was exhausted from comparisons to Natasha Koroleva.

Igor Nikolaev has been married to Natasha Koroleva nine years. Children they have not got. In 2010, the composer married Julia Proskuryakova.

For many years, Julia hears the accusations in his addressrelated to the fact that it is supposedly not as good as Queen. To read such statements to any woman very offensive. No wonder the young wife Nikolaev such comparisons cause irritation and anger.

“Well, you wife is such a person.. so much shame why? No talent as a creative person… so Be on your place… We miss Igor – composer, with you he never wrote one hit. But he’s our Maestro, give dochu – this is cool. But half the country is capable of. But to be a Muse, as Natasha Koroleva… Not given to you, don’t, Yulia, to do what can not”, – wrote one of the fans.

If someone wants to dance

Proskuryakova these words struck a chord. She once again appealed to the public to stop the persecution. According to her, have it no more strength to read such – she feels enormous pressure.

“Can you give me a break, please! Leave me alone, Ah! I’m not Natasha, it will not and do not want to be. It has its own page to write. There are many nostalgic video, you can watch them as you want! I live my life. Live the way I want. Don’t need anybodies advice and estimates, true,” snapped pushed to the limit Proskuryakova.

It is worth noting that Natasha Koroleva has repeatedly admitted that he is very much loved by Igor Nikolaev. According to the artist, the break with him has been tough on her. The couple lived together for ten years. Igor after parting with his beloved went to an apartment in Miamiand Natasha – the house in Krekshino. Two years later after a breakup with her first husband she married a second time. The chosen star became a stripper Sergei Glushko. In this marriage the singer gave birth to her only child, a son Arkhip.


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