Forbes has compiled a rating of the largest private companies in Russia

Forbes has published a rating of the 200 largest private companies in Russia. The first place was taken by the company “Lukoil», Whose revenue in 2019 amounted to 7.841 trillion rubles. She previously topped this ranking in 2018.

The first top 10 also includes:

Evraz – 770.3 billion rubles.

Megapolis – 752.3 billion rubles.

In total, the ranking includes 200 private companies, their total revenue in 2019 amounted to 45.3 trillion rubles. At the same time, the five leaders in the list remained the same. The rating includes 17 oil and gas companies, their total revenue amounted to 13.3 trillion rubles, which is 3.3% less than a year earlier.

The list includes 51 trading companies. They earned a total of 10.6 trillion rubles. At the same time, the proceeds of the agro-industrial enterprises of the rating increased by 12.5%, the newspaper notes. According to him, the revenue of companies in the “real estate” sector grew by 27.7%, IT – 21.7%, “construction” – 12%, “non-ferrous metallurgy” – 11.7%, “finance” – 11.6% , “Telecommunications” – 9.93%, “mechanical engineering” – 9.4%, “chemical industry” – 1.8%. When compiling the rating, Forbes gave preference to data on the IFRS. The assessment was based on information provided by the companies themselves. In the absence of official data, an estimate was made.


Show Mode rating: Karen Schwarz couldn’t catch On everyone’s lips at the premiere of her show | Latin | Shows

He returned to Latina. Karen Black premiered a new space where the most media issues of local entertainment will be discussed. Last Wednesday, September 2, the driver reappeared in Show mode.

After being away from television for almost six months, the host She showed up on set in a pink dress and he had his first two guests: the singers Erick Elera and Josimar Fidel.

YOU CAN SEE Josimar remembers his father, who passed away 6 years ago: “I miss everything about him, he was my best friend” [VIDEO]

Despite this, it could not exceed in rating On everyone’s lips, America TV’s television space that airs at the same time and is its direct competition.

According to the Ibope Time agency, Show Mode it only reached 5.1 tuning points. In contrast, the other program achieved 8.3 points.

YOU CAN SEE Karen Schwarz: “Going to a party does not take away my sleep, it takes away the dream that something could happen to my family” [VIDEO]

The rating mandates reported by the national tune. Photo: Twitter capture

However, Karen Black He was happy with the return and Through social networks, he shared his joy with Internet users.

“After six months I went back to what I also love to do, driving. I just wanted to go home and hug you to thank you for getting as excited as I am in this new stage. Thank you for so many good energy messages before the show and after. I wait for you in Show Mode “, he wrote in Instagram.

Karen Schwarz Post. Photo: Instagram capture

As it is remembered, she was distanced from the small screen due to her late pregnancy. This distance coincided with the arrival of the pandemic and he had to take all precautions to be within the vulnerable population range.

Karen Schwarz: this was her return to TV

After spending several months away from the screens for her second pregnancy, the figure of Latina returned to driving with a new program.

Karen Black She was very excited about the premiere of Show Mode and thanked the channel for giving him a new opportunity: “After six months I return to my home, a home that I never left. They were with me by the hand, they accompanied me throughout my pregnancy stage ”.

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Karen Schwarz after her return to television: “I decide to live and laugh”

The driver Karen Black She is more than happy with her new television space in Latina, after half a year of staying away from the sets due to her pregnancy process and social confinement due to the pandemic. After brand new Show mode, the former Miss Peru decided to share an inspiring message on her Instagram profile, where she also wore her dress and makeup.

Karen Schwarz returns to television with the program Modo shows | PHOTO: Instagram

“’A woman should be 2 things: whoever she wants and what she wants’ – Coco Chanel. And I decide to live and laugh ”, wrote the also model in her social network

Ezio Oliva after Karen Schwarz’s return to TV

The prominent singer answered different questions from his fans and, when questioned about the premiere of Show modeHe assured that he is very happy with his wife’s new program in Latina.

“Happy. We are here at home happy for Karen, so proud. We admire her and she is the happiest to return to television, “said the couple from Karen Black and Instagram.

Ezio Oliva on Instagram

Karen Schwarz visited Women in Command

One day after the premiere of her program Modo shows, the television presenter visited the set of Women in command, space from which she withdrew due to her pregnancy and the pandemic.

Karen Black She was grateful to the production team and assured that she was happy to be back in the studio that she shared with Jasmine Pinedo and Cathy Sáenz.

Karen Schwarz, Jazmín Pinedo and Cathy Sáenz in Women in command. Photo: Instagram.

Karen Schwarz gave birth to her second daughter

The presenter became a mother for the second time after she gave birth to her daughter Cayetana, the result of her relationship with Ezio Oliva. Through your Instagram account, Karen Black announced the arrival of his little girl, whom he looked forward to during the quarantine.

“Breastfeeding again is the best experience. Not even the pain of the cesarean section prevents these magical moments, “said the entertainer in a publication on the social network, where she appears with the singer and the baby.

Karen Schwarz and her baby Cayetana. Photo: Instagram

What was Karen Schwarz doing while she was away from TV?

Then in march Karen Black To make known their withdrawal from TV screens due to their state of pregnancy, Ezio Oliva’s partner prepared for the sweet wait.

Through Instagram she shared reflections on motherhood, as well as snapshots of his day to day in quarantine.

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Karen Schwarz happy to return to Latina

Weeks before the premiere of Show Mode, Karen Black He shared his joy in returning to the small screen on social networks.

During an interview with Women in command, the former Miss Peru expressed her happiness to return to Latina. “A month is a long time, it is less than a month. I’m already in mom mode, in wife mode and now I’ll be in ‘Show mode’. I do what I like the most, returning to TV gives me great joy ”, he commented.

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Karen Schwarz remembers her work on The Last Passenger

The figure of Latina, Karen Black, shared a photograph with her former co-workers from the remembered contest program The Last Passenger, where she was one of the hostesses.

Karen Schwarz remembers her job as a flight attendant in The Last Passenger | PHOTO: Instagram

“Pictures of yesteryear! Accompanied by three wonderful women, I still remember how we had fun on set, “wrote the former Miss Peru in the image where she poses with Jimena and Sandra.

Although our paths separated, I hope they always continue with that same attitude and joy that they reflected in each program A kiss from a distance!

Karen Schwarz shares a tender photo with her little Cayetana

Via Instagram, Karen Black He touched his followers by publishing a photograph holding his second daughter. The former beauty queen accompanied the image with a reflection.

Photo captura: Karen Black Instagram

“Seek that everything you do shakes you to the soul,” he wrote on the social network. In a matter of minutes, the post already has more than five thousand ‘likes’ and hundreds of flattering comments for the wife of the singer Ezio Oliva.

Karen Schwarz and her positive message to mothers

A few weeks after giving birth, the host returned to the small screen with Show Mode and for this reason she left a message on her social networks. inspiring message for all those women who have just given birth.

“Moms who are going through a postpartum stage, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing ourselves as a whole and feeling beautiful as we are. My pounds are mine of my property “, expressed Karen Black in Instagram.

Karen Schwarz returns to television with the program Modo shows | PHOTO: Instagram

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Bitcoin has lost its won positions in the new Chinese cryptocurrency rating

The Center for the Development of the Information Technology Industry of China (CCID) has published the 19th global ranking of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin did not hold 12th place and returned to April indicators – on the 14th line, writes

EOS remains the leader in the ranking. Ethereum climbed from third to second place. It is followed by the corporate-oriented IOST protocol. Tron lost two positions, dropping to fourth position.

The most impetuous movement was demonstrated by Cosmos, which immediately climbed 15 lines – to sixth place.

The newcomer to the rating – the Cardano cryptocurrency – took the penultimate, 36th place. Ripple’s XRP coin returned to the 15th position of the list, having received quite high points for the underlying technology underlying it.

The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index ranks projects according to three main dimensions: underlying technology, practical value, and originality.

CCID is a structural unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

We will remind, earlier experts expressed doubts that the Chinese authorities will be able to to control bitcoin due to the presence in the country of most of the cryptocurrency mining capacities.

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Víctor Hugo Morales will compete for the rating against Baby Etchecopar

He cable will be the scene of a tremendous battle for the rating from next August 25th, as Victor Hugo Morales will disembark on the night of C5N to compete against the absolute leader of the last time slot: Baby Etchecopar.

He Uruguayan journalist which already has a block in The newspaper, the evening news by Pablo Duggan on the news signal from Christopher Lopez, it will also have its own program called Cultural Battle what will be issued Tuesdays at 11pm.

In A24, Etchecopar is in charge of Enough Baby at the same time and from Monday to Thursday, but on Tuesdays now he will have a rival who will undoubtedly generate a television morbid in regard to the battle for the audience, since both are pointed out as exponents of the crack, each representing a different side.

In the contention for the rating there is also Alfredo Leuco, although only for half an hour, since his cycle in TN, Word of Leuco, is broadcast between ten and eleven thirty at night.

The program of Baby Etchecopar, which has the participation of Gabriel Levinas, Carolina Losada, Javier Diaz and Mariano yezze, comfortably leads its time slot, even repeatedly surpassing broadcast television shipments such as Stray animals (América TV) or at the time to the repetition of Argentina, land of love and revenge in The thirteen.

As the journalist advanced Pablo Mountain, Victor Hugo Morales You will be accompanied by three colleagues: Sofia Caram, who specializes in political and judicial issues, Fernando Borromi, who already works with him soccer reporter on his radio show, The morning (AM 750), and Javier The teacher Romero, remembered former member of Hard to tame.

The large audience levels of Enough Baby have not only been celebrated for their conductor, especially after the statements that the head of the Public Defender’s Office, Miriam lewin, made about him, but also by the managers of the news signal of the America Group, since next to the peaks that mark The news, in charge of Eduardo Feinmann, have achieved on several occasions overcome in the prime time a C5N.

This is why the leading channel decided to move pieces and adjust, at least initially, one of the nights of the week. In this way, C5N’s Tuesday nights will be made up of Minute one, with Gustavo Sylvestre, Green shoots, of Alejandro Bercovich and Noelia Barral Grigera, and the brand new Cultural Battle, with Victor Hugo.


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Ratings of Two RI Property Giants Cut, What Is This Signal?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The global rating agency, Fitch Ratings, has downgraded the ratings of two Indonesian property companies known for having prestigious projects. Both are PT Agung Podomoro Tbk (APLN) and PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk (ASRI).

Responds to a decline rating According to data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), APLN shares were minus 0.91% at the level of Rp.109 / share on Friday last week (7/8), while ASRI shares fell 1.67% at the level of Rp.118 / share.

Based on official information, Fitch Ratings has lowered the rating Agung Podomoro company for issuance of long-term debt denominated in rupiah to C from CCC-.

At the same time, Fitch also placed US $ 300 million in bonds maturing in 2024 into Rating Watch Negative (RWN).

The rating downgrade occurred after the company announced an extension of the maturity of debt securities issued by PT Sinar Menara Deli (SMD), a subsidiary of the company, worth IDR 350 billion, which will mature 26 August 2020 to 22 August 2021.

According to Fitch, the restructuring step of SMD’s MTN (medium-term debt securities) as a distressed debt exchange (DDE) is in accordance with the criteria, because it is done to avoid default and there is a material reduction.

SMD is a subsidiary of APLN with 58% ownership of shares. The downgrade to C reflects the possibility of future defaults.

Fitch assessed that SMD has extended its MTN to avoid this default (default) payment in August 2020 when the MTN is due. Moreover, the current company’s liquidity is very tight.

SMD only had around Rp 50 billion in cash at the end of June, and had no other source of liquidity to repay the MTN. SMD’s operating profile has weakened significantly amidst challenging property conditions in Indonesia.

“Reduction in Terms. We believe MTN maturity extension represents a material reduction for note holders, as this is one of the key requirements under MTN. Fitch considers any changes to key terms a material reduction unless there is clear evidence that investors will not. cares between original and new terms, “wrote Fitch, in his official statement.

Liquidity prone

In Fitch’s note, APLN’s liquidity was weak due to the corona virus pandemic which made business in the property sector experiencing difficulties and delayed its plan to divest investment properties.

APLN reported that the consolidated cash balance was running low at Rp 492 billion at the end of June, from Rp 767 billion at the end of March.

Fitch estimates APLN’s liquidity in the holding company is very tight, so it may not be able to meet the coupon payment of US $ 12 million due in December 2020 on US dollar banknotes.

“We believe its ability to meet these coupon payments will depend on the completion of the investment property sale or other forthcoming external support,” wrote Fitch.

ASRI rating

On the other hand, Fitch Ratings lowered the Silk Nature rating ke CCC– from before B-. At the same time, Fitch also downgraded the bonds issued by its two subsidiaries, Alam Synergy Pte Ltd which is guaranteed by the company of the same rating.

The drop rating company due to the liquidity risk faced by the company to refinance (refinancing) debt securities of its subsidiary. The bonds in question are bonds worth US $ 115 million which will mature on April 22, 2021.

Another consideration is the increased risk of payment options, one of which is through bank loans or selling assets in the middle pandemic which had an impact on the economic downturn and disruption in the capital and credit markets.

Some time ago the company announced to issue bonds worth US $ 485 million to refinance bonds worth US $ 115 million and USU $ 370 million which will mature in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

“However, Fitch believes the transaction has a high risk of execution,” wrote Fitch in an official statement, quoted on Friday (7/8/2020).

Rating CCC– this reflects high liquidity and refinancing risks for payments the debt next year.

“The ability of companies to access credit and capital markets appears to have deteriorated given the greater risk of banks and investors due to reluctance amid the economic downturn triggered by pandemic currently.”

This rating can be raised again if the company can improve liquidity significantly so as to settle down debt falls tempo in a short time.

But a scenario worst of all, rating this can come down some notch again if the company fails to meet the payment the debt.

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Zelensky’s rating fell twice and reached a minimum | In the world | Politics

The rating of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky since September fell more than twice and reached a minimum, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Ukrainian media.

According to a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center, 25.3 percent of Ukrainians surveyed today would vote for Zelensky in the presidential election, and last September 56.1 percent of citizens would vote for him.

Former president Petro Poroshenko today in the election would have supported 11.1 percent of respondents, in September only 6.1 percent of Ukrainians cast their votes for him. Yuriy Boyko, co-chair of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party, is now supported by 14.6 percent of respondents – this is twice as much as in September. For the leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, 5.6 percent of citizens are now ready to vote, this is 1.3 percent more than in the fall.

It is noted that approximately 14 percent of respondents have not yet decided on the choice. The survey also updated the rating of political parties in Ukraine.

“Servant of the people” at the moment would be supported by 20.5 percent of the polled in the elections, which is 2.5 times less than the September rating of the Zelensky party. The ratings of the parties “Opposition Platform – For Life”, “European Solidarity” Poroshenko and “Fatherland” have grown. Now 14, ten and 5.7 percent of respondents would vote for them, respectively.


Ivan Telegin wants to deprive Pelagia of property in court

News. Society

21:40, June 28, 2020

photo: ©

Now Ivan Telegin and Pelagia are in a divorce stage.

Initially, the couple said that they were parting on a peaceful note, but now they can’t agree on the amount of alimony for their daughter. In addition, it became known that Telegin was going to deprive Pelagia of property through the court, writes “Know Everything.”

The lawyer who made the agreement of the spouses said that Ivan stopped taking part in the life of his daughter. In addition, he does not provide any financial assistance to the singer and the child. Over the past few months, Telegin saw Taisia ​​for 15-20 minutes. At the same time, it is difficult for the artist to explain to the girl why her father disappeared.

As for the property, Pelageya and Ivan first had an agreement: the singer should have a Moscow apartment, and the hockey player – a country house. The apartment was bought with the money of Pelagia’s mother, and the couple paid the mortgage for the mansion together. It turns out that Pelageya should not only keep the apartment for herself, but also get half of the country house. Ivan has other plans on this score. recalls that Pelagia talked about a divorce from Ivan at the end of last year. She did not specify the reason for the discord, but over time it became known that Telegin had a lover.


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What happened over night. RBC Main News :: Society :: RBC

500 thousand people died from the coronavirus, Russian banks reduced the overdraft, Trump cited intelligence information about the “conspiracy” of Russia with the Taliban, Duda could not be re-elected on the first attempt; the main news – in the review of RBC

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world exceeded 500 thousand people

Worldwide, more than 500 thousand people have died from the effects of coronavirus infection. According to Johns Hopkins University, the most fatalities were recorded in the United States – 125.7 thousand people died there.

  • Then come Brazil (57 thousand), Great Britain (43.6 thousand), Italy (34.7 thousand), France (29.7 thousand), Spain (28.3 thousand) and Mexico (26.3 thousand).
  • Russia takes 12th place in this rating (9073 deaths). At the same time, the country is one of the three leaders in terms of the number of infected (633.5 infected, according to the University of Hopkins, and 634.4 thousand, according to the operational headquarters).
  • In total, more than 10 million people have been infected with coronavirus infection in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized that after partial lifting of restrictions in 30 countries in Europe, the number of cases of COVID-19 began to increase again.

Banks have limited the ability to go negative on debit cards

Amid the pandemic and the decline in citizens’ incomes, Russian banks drastically reduced the average overdraft limit, which allows debit card users to spend more than is on the account.


Presents the TOP 5 chic tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

“Kruzak” put on a amazing skirts.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Toyota Land Cruiser — a sleek car, a real conqueror of off-road and the legend of the Japanese car industry. Sometimes you can “breathe” a little tuning “Kruzak” and make it more beautiful. We present a selection of the TOP 5 elegant modified Land Cruiser.

In the first place was the SUV with the airbrush on the side of the body. In addition to the image of a lion, the car received new wheels, a mesh grille, redesigned front bumper and bumper guard. Also emblazoned on the hood called “fly swatter” protection from headlight glare.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Instagram @cruzak_camry

The second place ranking is “Kruzak” with a stylish front part. The car was given a revised grille, new headlights, reworked bumper with larger air intakes and fog lamps.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Next in the TOP 5 tuned Land Cruiser is the SUV body kit Invader. This machine is remarkable for the abundance of led lights in the front of the body, modified bumpers and grille. Individual attention, exclusive wheels of the vehicle.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

In fourth place was tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which looks no worse than a luxurious Lexus. This car is available with two add-on packages — standard and extreme. The first involves aggressive bumpers with skirts, a rear spoiler and LED lights. The second package also includes extended wheel arches with integrated Parking lights.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Finally, the leader of the rating becomes “Kruzak” with “toy” kit. A feature of this car are alloy wheels of black color that contrast with the white body. The body kit of the SUV really gives it a “toy” look. Modified thresholds, bumper, white grille and plenty of LEDs — it looks stylish and attractive.