Softbank waives billions deal with WeWork

Soft bench The Japanese investor originally wanted to increase its stake in WeWork. (Photo: Reuters) Bangalore Japan’s technology investor Softbank will not meet its $ 3 billion offer of additional WeWork shares that was agreed with its shareholders last year. “The WeWork Board of Directors Special Committee was created by Soft bench, the majority shareholder […]

Corona crisis: The real estate market is at a standstill

Dhe British real estate market has almost come to a standstill in the wake of the corona pandemic. It is expected that there will be hardly any transactions in the coming weeks. The background is that the British government has prohibited the inspection of real estate due to the risk of corona infection. Brokers may […]

Scout24 sees no impact on the real estate boom

Scout24 The mediation portal believes that the corona virus has no long-term effects on the real estate market. (Photo: dpa) Munich The real estate boom in Germany is not permanently affected by the corona crisis, according to the nationwide largest placement portal Scout24. “We basically see no question mark on the real estate market,” said […]

What tenants and apartment owners have to consider

Dusseldorf In order to protect against the spread of the corona virus, a ban on contact for more than two people in public places is now in force throughout Germany. In Bavaria and Saxony, people are only allowed to leave their homes if they have valid reasons: for example to go to the doctor, to […]

Airbnbs IPO due to slump in sales on the brink

San Francisco, Dusseldorf Tom’s email inbox in the second week of March popped up as many cancellations as before in ten years. The Berliner rents out two of his apartments in the Mitte district via the Airbnb platform. And tourists usually love his apartments: in 2019, the apartments were 95 percent fully booked. But now […]

Corona meets the real estate world

Erfurt Shops have to close, trade fairs are canceled, rows of office workers are ordered to their home offices, industrial production sites are shut down, thousands of people are sent in short-time work – it is becoming increasingly clear that the economic consequences will also affect the real estate world as a result of the […]

Does the corona virus burst a bubble on the property market?

Newly built houses with condominiums stand next to old buildings in Cologne’s southern city. Picture: dpa Does the corona virus burst a bubble on the property market? At any rate, apartments in this country have continued to become more expensive. The leader is Munich, but the most expensive district is not in Bavaria. AShares have […]

Vonovia wants to help tenants with financial problems through Corona

Vonovia The real estate group wants to help its tenants during the ongoing Corona pandemic. (Photo: dpa) Bochum Germany’s largest real estate group Vonovia wants to accommodate tenants who run into financial difficulties due to the corona virus. Vonovia boss Rolf Buch said on Monday that the aim was to take away those concerned about […]