VFLA Presidium Approves Anti-Doping Committee Recommendations

The Presidium of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA) fully approved the recommendations of the organization’s anti-doping committee. The recommendations relate to measures to reduce the number of anti-doping rule violations, tighten control over the revocation of trainer licenses and prevent athletes from breaking accessibility rules.

“Today we had a very fruitful meeting, I will separately note the unanimity of the members of the presidium. All recommendations of the committee were approved, moreover, some of them are already being implemented. I am satisfied with how the work is moving. The work is complicated, painful, but so necessary for us now, ”said VFLA Vice President Eduard Bezuglov, head of the anti-doping committee.

In April, the VFLA increased its liability for anti-doping rule violations. According to them, now any violation will make it impossible to be a member of the national team for at least three years and lead the regional federation.


Trump publishes recommendations to reopen the US because “the peak” of infections has passed

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured this Wednesday that, according to “the data suggests”,the North American country “has passed the peak” of new coronavirus infectionsTherefore, the White House will publish this Thursday the recommendations on how to start the economic reopening. “The battle continues, but the data suggests that across the country we have passed the peak of new cases,” Trump said at the daily press conference for the coronavirus task force at the White House. “Hopefully this will continue, and we will continue to make great progress,” he added.

So, for the US president,the “encouraging” development of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the United States puts the nation “in a very strong positionto finalize the recommendations for the states on the reopening of the country, “as reported by CBS.

Trump isdetermined to reopen the United States as soon as possible, and the date handled by your Administration is theMay 1. Instead, the governors of several states, with that of New York, Andrew Cuomo, at the head, have expressed their unease at a hasty reopening and have claimed their power to decide on the revocation of confinement orders or the reactivation of the economy.

In this context, the US president, who went on to say that he has “total” authority to decide on the lifting of containment measures to stop the coronavirus to the detriment of the governors,recognized that it is these that will determine when to restarttheir respective states.

Diagnostic tests

Also, Trump has assured this Wednesday that he seeksconduct “generalized” diagnostic tests on Americans. “We have excellent tests and we want states to administer these tests for the most part, but we support them,” he said, while insisting that the United States has conducted “more tests than any country in the world.”

Regarding the implementation of these “generalized” tests, the president has asserted that his Administrationwill work “a lot” with the governorsAlthough he has suggested that they be controlled at the state level. “We want them to do it … there has to be a test center and it will be administered from Washington,” he explained.

“The states are much better equipped to do it. But we will work with them. We will work very closely with the governors,” he stressed, as reported by CNN television.

Asked when the tests will be most widespread among the population and not only among health professionals and other front-line workers, Trump explained thatto be decided between states, companies and the Government. In parallel, it has warned that, if the government is not satisfied with the actions of a governor, it could carry out “firm measures”.

“I think the companies will determine that, and the governors, too, and the government will, and if we are not happy, we will take very strong measures against a state or a governor,” he said.

The “key” to lifting restrictions

In the opinion of Washington Governor Jay Inslee,rapid diagnostic tests are “key” in determining when to lift restrictionss taken by the coronavirus crisis.

“We are not at a level where we can eliminate social distancing,” said Inslee, who has assured that he will make the decision about lifting the containment measures without waiting for Trump’s authorization. “We actually have authorization,” he said. “It comes from the United States Constitution,” he has settled.


Corona crisis: EU concept for coordinated use of tracking apps (aktiencheck.de) | Shares of the day

Brussels (www.aktiencheck.de) – With the support of the Commission, the EU member states have developed an EU set of tools for using mobile apps for contact tracking and warning in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent EU commission Press release. For more information, please refer to the wording of the following press release:

It is part of a common coordinated approach to support the gradual lifting of exit restrictions, as outlined in a Commission recommendation last week. Together with the tools, guidelines for data protection are also published for such mobile apps today.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Member States, with the support of the Commission, have been evaluating digital solutions to deal with the crisis in terms of effectiveness, security, privacy and data protection. Provided that they fully comply with EU regulations and are well coordinated, contact tracking mobile apps can play a key role in all phases of crisis management, especially when the time is ripe to gradually remove social distancing measures. They can complement existing analog contact tracking and help break the virus transmission chain. Together with the tools, guidelines for data protection are also published for such mobile apps today.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton welcomed the toolbox and said: “To limit the spread of the Corona virus, contact tracking apps can be useful, especially as part of Member States’ exit strategies. Strict data protection requirements are a prerequisite for the introduction of these apps and therefore for We should be innovative and make the best use of technology to fight the pandemic, but we will not jeopardize our privacy values ​​and requirements. “

Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, added: “Digital tools will be crucial for protecting our citizens as we gradually lift the exit restrictions. Mobile apps can warn us of infection risks and health authorities can track them Support contacts. This is essential to break the chain of transmission. We have to be careful, creative and flexible when we reopen our societies. We have to flatten the curve – and keep it down. Without secure digital technology that complies with the law our concept will not work. “

A common concept for the use of data protection-compatible apps for the voluntary tracking of contacts

Today’s announcement is the first edition of a common EU toolkit developed by the eHealth Network in collaboration with the European Commission in a hurry. It provides Member States with practical guidance on the introduction of mobile apps for contact tracking and warning. The set of tools contains the basic requirements for these apps:

– They should be fully in line with EU data protection and privacy rules as outlined in the guidelines presented today after consultation with the European Data Protection Board.
– They should be introduced and approved in close consultation with the health authorities.
– They should be installed and deactivated voluntarily as soon as they are no longer necessary.
– You should aim to use the latest technological solutions to protect privacy. Since they are likely to be based on Bluetooth-based approximation technology, they do not allow the location of the users to be determined.
– They should be based on anonymized data: You can warn people who have been close to an infected person for a certain period of time, so that they can be tested or isolated themselves without revealing the identity of the infected person.
– They should be interoperable across Europe so that citizens are protected even when they cross borders.
– They should be anchored in recognized epidemiological guidelines and reflect best practices in cybersecurity and accessibility.
– You should be safe and effective.

This will make tracking easier, faster, and more effective than traditional systems based on interviewing infected patients. However, this form of contact tracking will also continue to include citizens who may be more susceptible to infection but who are less likely to have a smartphone, e.g. B. elderly or disabled people.

A common concept for other functions, particularly with regard to information and the continuous control of symptoms, could be developed for future versions of the toolkit.

Next Steps

The toolkit reflects the latest best practices for using mobile apps to track contacts and warn you when coping with the crisis. It is part of an ongoing process in which Member States are working together to design and refine the use of these and other practical tools in the coming weeks and months. This first version will be supplemented in the light of Member States’ experience.

By April 30, 2020, health authorities will assess the effectiveness of the apps at national and cross-border levels. Member States should report on their measures by 31 May 2020 and make their reports available to other Member States and the Commission for peer review. The Commission will assess progress and will publish regular reports throughout the crisis starting in June 2020 recommending new measures or the gradual withdrawal of measures that no longer seem to be necessary. (04/16/2020 / ac / a / m)


Government, employers’ and unions agree on recommendations for companies and workers resuming activity today

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Chakir el Homrani. Photo: ACN

The Generalitat, the employers’ unions and the unions have agreed on a series of recommendations for companies and working people who are resuming their activities today as a result of the lifting of the total confinement decreed by the Spanish government.

Given the complex and unprecedented situation we are in, the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families has sought to seek the maximum consensus on social agreement. For this reason, the Labor Relations Council of Catalonia met last Sunday urgently to review the document of recommendations for companies and workers on the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, which was agreed and published on March 9. and updated on March 21.

In addition to the members born of the Labor Relations Council of Catalonia (CCOO of Catalonia, UGT of Catalonia, Foment del Treball and PIMEC), the Extraordinary Departments of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Finance participated in the extraordinary meeting; Health, Territory and Sustainability; Company and Knowledge, and Interior, as well as Work, Social Affairs and Families, who is the coordinator of the body.

Thus, a broad agreement was reached, which is governed by the Government, to give a series of recommendations to companies and workers in Catalonia in the new situation we face from today, taking into account that in this In the field, consensus and agreement are very important because the Generalitat does not have the powers to legislate.

Among other recommendations, the document (which you can consult here) indicates that all provisions and resolutions must be complied with and in accordance with the directions of the health and labor authorities established to restrict the mobility of people and to encourage home confinement, while fostering, where possible, teleworking. and distance work.

Measures prior to resuming the activity

The document states that it is necessary to foresee and plan how the current situation can affect the company and the production process, in order to identify the essential processes for the operation of the company and determine what the minimum face-to-face team of workers will be .

The preventive organization must evaluate the risk of SARS-CoV2 infection in the company and establish additional protocols and procedures to control the risk of contagion, planning the measures to be implemented and modifying, if necessary, the working procedures necessary, to carry out the resumption of the activity in safe conditions.

It is imperative that each company draw up a general health and safety contingency plan or protocol, which must be agreed between the company and the workers’ representatives.

The need for personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) and / or collective protection measures is mandatory for use in work centers for those activities where they are necessary. In the same way, the use of respiratory protection equipment and other types of surgical and / or hygienic masks will be obligatory incorporated in accordance with the risk assessment of the workplaces, indications of the prevention services or following the recommendations of the health authority.

In addition, while maintaining the social separation recommendations, some recommendations are included, such as: establishing and maintaining telecommuting and remote work systems where possible, simplifying schedules, and reducing the length of stay in the workplace to the minimum possible, and to establish special schedules and shifts to reduce the number of workers present at the same time.

Measures to be applied in common areas and other work areas

Measures to be taken in the common areas include, but are not limited to, differentiated entry and exit areas to prevent crowding and ensure safe distances, establishing turn-based inputs and flexible scheduling , encourage the use of stairs instead of the lift or limit the use of the dining room whenever possible and provide for stepwise use of common areas.

Other measures related to work areas are to ensure the proper ventilation of the premises and avoid meetings in person, favoring video conferencing or other non-attendance systems.

In premises with access to the public, measures will be taken to guarantee the security distance or to install separation elements both between the workers and the clientele.

Hygienic and disinfection measures

To prevent coronavirus spread and contagion, hygienic measures such as ensuring availability and easy access to soap and water and / or disinfectant hand-washing solutions, distributed by the company, will be required.

It is also recommended to clean and disinfect the work spaces on a regular basis, especially of the surfaces that touch the hands such as handles, push buttons, keyboards, tables, counters, tools, handrails on stairs, etc. as well as common areas.

Measures of business coordination

All measures taken to prevent coronavirus contagion should be extended to other workers accessing the work center (suppliers, subcontractors, service or service companies or freelancers), and in the same way, own employees are protected when they move to work in other work centers of other companies or clients.

Mobility measures

Among other measures, it is recommended to flex the check-in and check-out times to avoid rush hours on public transport and avoid crowds; reduce the number of journeys through organizational measures and flexibility to reduce the number of days that a physical presence is required at the work center, or value by the company facilitating collective private transport to workers, always limiting the occupancy to 1/3 and maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters.

Measures of business flexibility

Finally, the paper recommends the use of information and communication technologies, telecommuting (e-work) and distance learning (locational flexibility). Other measures of internal flexibility (in an agreed, temporary and balanced way), such as production adjustments, time stock exchanges or possible adaptations to the working calendar, are proposed.

The document also reminds that the closure of educational centers and day centers, among other public and private establishments, must be taken into account. Accordingly, measures should be put in place so that workers can absent themselves from the job when they need to take care of their careers, without being adversely affected in the workplace.

The document of Recommendations of the Labor Relations Council also includes specific measures for certain groups, such as healthcare, social and healthcare, social residences and home care.

For more information, you can consult on 012 or on the web work.gencat.cat.


Guide to return to work: Recommendations for workers and companies

The Government has reached one in agreement with the main unions and the employers’ associations in the writing of a guide with recommendations on cor act on returning to work activity during the coronavirus alarm state. The Labor Relations Council presented a report on Monday urging companies to ensure the minimum and essential presence of employees and social distance, avoid crowds at the entry and exit of workplaces, or use surgical and hygienic masks.

Download the document here with all the recommendations

From the beginning of the Labor Inspectorate pandemic, it has opened 166 files for non-compliance with labor matters. “Companies are acting responsibly to the common good,” said Labor Minister Chakir el Homrani.

The guidebook with recommendations has been agreed with CCOO, UGT, Pimec and Fomento del Trabajo at an emergency meeting this Sunday afternoon. “With the strength of this agreement, which has not been reached in other areas, we hope to have the situation is controlled, “says the counselor about the resumption of activity in many companies.

Some of the measures are theobligation to extreme cleansing and ventilation, encourage the use of stairs instead of lifts and pay particular attention to the symptoms that the workers present.

The Labor Holder requests that civic conscience be as “demanding as possible” in order to adhere to the agreed recommendation guide, available on the department’s website. Child Care and Care Concerning Family Conciliation During Confinement, El Homrani has claimed that the State take a measure it announced and that the Department assures it has not been implemented.

This is a leave that is paid by one of the parents who cannot telework. “It would ensure that no purchasing power was lost,” said the counselor, who says he continues to vindicate this proposal and work to provide tools for conciliation. In this regard, the Royal Decree approved by the Spanish Government provides for a reduction or flexibility of the working day in order to take care of the children.


Is this a breakthrough against the corona virus? ()

04/11/20 09:16
Motley Fool

Many pharmaceutical companies are currently developing a vaccine against the coronavirus, but in most cases it will probably be too late in this pandemic, because it must also be safe so that in the end it does no more harm than cure.

On the other hand, a product that would prevent the worst consequences of the virus and that is already on the market would be more readily available. There is currently a whole range of viral agents that curb virus replication in the body.

Australian researchers test ivermectin

For example, researchers at the Australian Monsah University (Melbourne) and the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity at the University of Melbourne have now found that ivermectin kills the DNA of the coronavirus within two days. “We found that a single dose can remove all of the viral RNA in 48 hours. And after just 24 hours, we noticed a significant reduction in the genome, ”says study director Kylie Wagstaff.

How exactly the remedy works has not yet been fully clarified. The researchers suspect that it protects the host cells of the organism and thus dampens the effects of the virus. A virus always needs a host cell to be able to reproduce. In the case of the corona virus, our body does not yet have any antibodies, so it can reproduce unhindered.

Ivermectin was originally developed against ectoparasites such as lice, mites or ticks and against roundworms. It is mainly used in veterinary medicine to prevent infectious diseases caused by parasites. The product has been approved under the Mectizan trade name since 1987 and is used by Merck & Co (WKN: A0YD8Q). So far it has been used in humans in the case of scabies and rosaceca. In studies, it continued to work against Zika viruses, influenza, HIV viruses and dengue fever.

So far, the effect has only been determined in the laboratory. Studies on humans now follow. A big advantage of ivermectin would be that it has already been researched and approved so that it can be safely dosed and used. A second and third advantage are the availability and the existing production capacities. The latter could be adapted very quickly to the needs.

The researchers will know in a month at least how the drug works against the virus in humans. But it can already be concluded with some certainty that ivermectin could work in humans. This would be very good news and shows how quickly mankind adapts to the circumstances and will ultimately overcome the virus.

Other means give hope

In initial tests, Bayers (WKN: BAY001) malaria drug resochin (active ingredient chloroquine phosphate) has shown that it inhibits the proliferation of coronaviruses in the body. This remedy has also been approved and researched for many decades, so that it could be used relatively quickly. However, high doses are necessary here, which in turn cause side effects.

In addition, Gilead Sciences (WKN: 885823), which specializes in rare diseases, is currently investigating the effects of its remdesivir. It was originally developed for use against Ebola and the Marburg virus and is currently being tested in studies on coronavirus patients.

According to the company, the first results are expected to be available in April this year. Remdesivir inhibits the multiplication of viruses within the body and since all viruses reproduce in a similar way, the agent could work. But the study may still fail.

The post Is this a breakthrough against the corona virus? appeared first on The Motley Fool Germany.

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Motley Fool Germany 2020

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Nothing for weak nerves! ()


Appearance is deceptive: See it at noon on the DAX
      with a minus of around 0.1 percent after a relative
      calm trading day, that shows when looking at the chart
      exactly the opposite: at the start of trading, the DAX was only 1.2
      Percent up, followed by price losses down to -1.9 percent
      at the top, only to get around 9,620 points around noon in the
      return neutral area. The volatile trade continues
      Further on, investors are still worried about the new week
      on the economic damage caused by the corona virus.

Course explosion at Cytodyn – drug against

State aid yes, nationalization no – that is the prompt one
      Lufthansa replies to a proposal from Frankfurt
      Lord Mayor to put the airline entirely in state hands,
      until the corona crisis is over. One is solidly positioned
      and have great liquidity, said Lufthansa CEO Spohr.
      The share today still loses around 2.8 percent to EUR 8.80.

Even if the medical technicians at Drägerwerk do it about four times
      many ventilators continue to produce as before the outbreak
      Corona virus – the demand will still exceed the supply,
      warned CEO Dräger today. Because of this high
      Demand, including through a large order from
      Federal government, the value of the Drägerwerk share has changed in the
      already doubled in the past few weeks. The share is still available today
      in the focus of Stuttgart investors and climbs by 2.8 percent
      98.80 euros.

With Cytodyn, a previously unknown one is sneaking in today
      Value in the top 10 most traded values ​​in Stuttgart. The
      Reason: In a small study in New York coronavirus patients
      the bio-tech company tested its drug called
      “Leronlimab”. Of the total of 7 people using the drug
      two should no longer need a ventilator,
      show two further clear advances. Not just cytodyne
      itself, investors also hope for the effectiveness of the
      Drug and catapult the share by around 40 percent
      1.80 euros upwards.


        This newsletter is for information only. For the
        Boerse Stuttgart takes on completeness and correctness
        GmbH no guarantee. In particular, no liability is assumed for the in
        information contained in this newsletter in connection with
        a security investment. This is excluded
        liability for intent and gross negligence.

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How to quickly and easily distinguish flu and colds from coronavirus?

Russian doctors talked about the features of COVID-19, which distinguish it from the classic flu and colds.

First of all, you need to pay attention to temperature changes and sensations in the nasopharynx. This will help distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. In the presence of pain and discomfort in the throat and lack of temperature, we can talk about bacterial infection. Virus infection is accompanied by fever and the absence of signs of localization of pain. Coronavirus infection is characterized by dry cough, general weakness and shortness of breath.

COVID-19 has a special way of getting into cells. Unlike other viruses, it penetrates the membrane not in arbitrary areas, but replaces the molecules of the “corona” protein, which are especially important for life. This mechanism makes it difficult to determine the immune system, allowing you to quickly begin destructive work. The maximum blow falls on the respiratory system.

Another feature of COVID-19 is its fast transfer between people. This explains the sharp spread of coronavirus. An increased risk of infection is for people aged. The probability of infection in them is almost the same as in the rest, but the course of the disease is more severe.


The race to develop a vaccine ()

London 27th March 2020:
                      At least 30 companies and
                      academic institutions, biotech startups and
                      large pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and
                      Sanofi on vaccines. Scientists have
                      already examined the entire genome of the virus and
                      found the proteins that made the infection

We believe that a number of
                      Biotech companies, including Gilead Sciences and
                      Moderna, in developing potential
                      Vaccines have made progress. Other
                      Biotech companies that use AI diagnostics
                      are also good in our opinion
                      positioned. These companies include
                      Insilico Medicine Inc., Vir Biotechnology Inc. and
                      Atomwise Inc.

While the stock prices of these companies continue
                      in our opinion, should rise
                      other healthcare innovators, including
                      Telemedicine companies like CareClix and Babylon
                      Health already with the UK NHS
                      cooperate, as well as long-distance conference companies
                      how ZOOM can benefit from it.

The US biotech company Moderna
                      has the first production quantity of one last week
                      Human clinical vaccine
                      delivered. This is a quick one
                      Processing time after the researchers
                      January the genetic sequence of the virus
                      have decrypted. Moderna’s vaccine is said to be one
                      undergo study faster than expected
                      with the help of volunteers from the Seattle area.
                      The study is funded by the National Institute of Allergy
                      and Infectious Diseases of the United States Government
                      Sponsored. The vaccine will not come from
                      actual virus produced but contains
                      the RNA of the coronavirus that the body cells
                      instructs to make a protein from the virus.
                      This protein does not cause infection, it is said
                      however, a reaction of the immune system to that
                      Trigger virus. Such medical innovations,
                      including Rapid Response Platforms
                      among the best ways to get a vaccine

The speed at which this experimental
                      Vaccine developed by Moderna is a
                      Breakthrough for medical science. The
                      Vaccine was developed in 42 days after
                      the company genetic information about that
                      Corona virus had received. Moderna sent the
                      The vaccine was immediately sent to scientists from the
                      U.S. government. So there is still the possibility
                      to develop a vaccine before Christmas,
                      but mass production is likely
                      take another 4-6 months.

An antiviral drug called “Remdesivir” from
                      Gilead Sciences already appears to be effective in animals
                      to be. It was used to be the first
                      American patients in Washington State too
                      to treat. Researchers are currently testing the drug
                      in clinical studies in the USA, China and
                      other countries.

The speed at which the world hits the
                      Virus outbreak responds in one
                      unprecedented time frame. After the SARS outbreak
                      in 2003 it took researchers almost 20 months to complete
                      a vaccine for human testing
                      prepare. At the time of the Zika outbreak in
                      In 2015, researchers had ensured that the
                      Schedule was only six months. Today could
                      first trials with the potential vaccine in
                      Start April, but the test and
                      Admission process would take at least a year
                      last. The first Covid-19 vaccine in China will be launched
                      expected for clinical trials in late April
                      be ready.

In China, the National Medical Products
                    Administration the use of favilavir, a
                    antiviral drug to treat the virus,
                    approved. The drug has the disease in one
                    clinical trial with 70 patients with minimal
                    Side effects treated effectively. The clinical
                    Study is being carried out in the city of Shenzhen.

When working on vaccines nowadays too
                    used a number of newer approaches called
                    “Plug and play” vaccines are known. Since we have the
                    genetic code of the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus
                    we now have the complete blueprint
                    for building this virus. scientist
                    separate small parts of the genetic code of the
                    Corona virus and put it in others, totally
                    harmless viruses. Other groups use parts
                    the raw genetic code (either DNA or RNA),
                    that start after injection into the body
                    should produce proteins that are
                    Can fight the immune system again.

In innovative
                      Invest health care

Anthony Ginsberg is co-creator of the HAN GINS
                          Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS (WELL) ETF

The ETF gives investors access to a basket of
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                      Robotics, genome sequencing as well
                      Tracker / Wearables and Neuroscience for that

The fund forms the Indxx Advanced LifeSciences
                      & Smart Healthcare Thematic Index. The
                      Index is made up of small, medium and
                      large-cap industrial and industrial companies
                      Emerging economies in advanced life sciences
                      & Smart Healthcare sector.

Investments in ETFs can both increase in value
                      fall as well.



I am starting to have symptoms and it could be coronavirus, how do I organize myself at home?




In recent days, cases of those affected by the new coronavirus are multiplying COVID-19 and therefore it is important to maintain the calm Y follow the directions from our authorities.

The first and most important measure is to stay at home and minimize physical contact with other people, since this way we reduce the risk of infecting (although we may not even know that we already have the virus) and being infected.

It is also key to follow the health recommendations from all official sources, to which Chiron health is added, and for example extreme measures personal hygiene, especially through the continuous hand washing, since these are a source of contagion of different microorganisms and, of course, the coronavirus was not going to be less.

Extreme personal hygiene measures, especially through continuous hand washing, since these are a source of contagion for different microorganisms

But what if it turns out that in one of those sporadic outings that we have made to buy, or before the isolation was so massive, we have entered unknowingly in contact with someone infected and now we also begin to feel symptoms?

In these cases, it is necessary to contact the health services of each autonomous community through the contact telephone numbers that have been set up for this situation: (https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov-China/telefonos.htm), where they will evaluate the casuistry of each patient and establish the guidelines to follow.

In case of requiring only home insulation, the Ministry of Health advises to establish a place of isolation inside the house, which may well be the room if you live with more people, keeping it ventilated and with the door closed.

It also adds the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, it is advisable to have phone in the room, hygiene products and a pedal trash can, if possible, use an exclusive bathroom (If you have to share it, Health advises to disinfect it before others will use it).

To prevent infection with other family members, the Ministry advises to avoid distances of less than 2 meters awaycover up when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with soap and water.

The caregiver must not have risk factors for complications and must self-monitor their own symptoms

It is also necessary not sharing personal utensils such as towels, glasses, plates, cutlery and a toothbrush. And when going out to common areas of the house, or if someone enters the room, better put on a mask and wash your hands before doing so.

Caregiver protection is key

Similarly, if you are not infected with the coronavirus but are in charge of a patient who already has symptoms that, luckily, are not serious, the Ministry of Health insists on the need to wear gloves for any contact with secretions, wear a mask when they share space and wash their hands when in contact with the infected person, even if they have worn gloves. Furthermore, the caregiver must not have risk factors for complications and must self-monitor their own symptoms.

Regarding the measures of cleaning at home, it is recommended to clean the surfaces that touch Petite, bathroom and toilet, with disposable cloths and bleach (1 part of 5% bleach for 99 of water), and wash your hands when finished.

Likewise, it is preferable to use a dishwasher or scrub the kitchen utensils with hot water, and not to shake the dirty clothes and put them in an airtight sealed bag for later machine washing in hot water (at 60-90 degrees) and with soap or detergent of habitual use, leaving it to dry well afterwards.

And, of course, in case you notice a worsening of symptoms or in case of doubt, contact the health services as soon as possible and follow their instructions. Only by being rigorous with the recommendations of our health authorities will we all succeed in overcoming this exceptional health crisis.