Austria gives hope for Formula 1

Dhe Austrian government gave Formula 1 hope that the season would start without an audience. Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (The Greens), including Minister of Culture and Sports, said on Wednesday that there would be “at least not in the way” of a ghost race. “We will provide the relevant motorsport associations with all applicable guidelines as a service, and then they can have a look, whether it works or not.” According to Kogler, compliance with the entry and exit regulations of the ten teams from England, Italy and Switzerland is the core problem According to the Formula 1 calendar, the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for July 4th. All previously planned Grands Prix have been postponed or canceled (Monaco).

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Helmut Marko, the sports director of the Austrian Formula 1 racing team Red Bull, looks optimistically at the plan: “I estimate the chances, unless the corona situation worsens, to be very high”, he wrote to this newspaper on Thursday: “Right now the Austrian federal government will draw up a catalog of measures under which conditions a race can take place without a spectator. At the same time, the FOM (Formula 1 management / d. Red.) Checks to how many people you can reduce the F1 team to, “says Marko’s answer:” It is the will of the Federal Government, FOM and Red Bull Ring that the race is taking place. “

The Austrian race track in Styria, like the team of the same name, belongs to the Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz. According to Mercedes, around 100 employees are needed to drive a Grand Prix with both cars. Even if this number could be reduced, around ten teams with around 1000 people in the paddock per race can be expected, since among other things employees such as the tire supplier Pirelli are still needed. In addition, there would be the marshals, the rescue teams and files for securing the race track from the outside.


The Austrian GP in camera? – Info thread – Formula 1

If the holding of the GP of France is in question today, that of Austria, scheduled for July 5, could well take place but behind closed doors, according to the Minister of Sports and Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler. “It’s a completely different situation from stadium matches. The rules of social distancing should be respected, of course, but that seems achievable, he said. Ultimately, sports federations must decide for themselves. I was also in contact with Helmut Marko, who for his part plays the role of correspondent for Red Bull and acted as mediator “, clarifying that the government did not want to” block “.


Belgian Grand Prix will not take place on August 30 – Fil Info – Formula 1

The Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix will not take place on the scheduled date, August 30, its promoter confirmed Thursday, the day after the Belgian government’s decision to ban mass events until August 31. “All the scenarios: postponement, in camera or cancellation will be studied. No one today can say what the situation will be in four and a half months, “explained Vanessa Maes, general manager of Spa Grand Prix at the Belga agency. This announcement raises a little more doubt about the holding of the Grand Prix de France of Formula 1, scheduled for June 28 in France while the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that no mass gathering would be allowed until July 15th. Organizers said Monday they will communicate “in the coming days.” Three scenarios are also envisaged there: a postponement, a closed-door race and an outright cancellation.


Formula 1 legend British driver Stirling Moss dies – Formula 1

Nicknamed the “crownless champion,” the Queen’s ennobled driver had finished on the podium in the general classification seven times between 1955 and 1961. He died at the age of 90.

A legend. Still popular in the UK. It must be said that Strirling Moss was the “Poulidor” of motorsport. The driver indeed raced in Formula 1 between 1951 and 1961 without ever being crowned world champion, finishing four times in second place (between 1955 and 1958, third between 1959 and 1961). In 1958, he failed for a point behind Mike Hawthorn…

Nicknamed “the champion without crown”, he won sixteen Grand Prix in his career and remains the driver with the most GP victories without having been crowned world champion. A status of which the interested party was ultimately proud. “When Nigel Mansell was crowned in 1992, I was relieved. I kept my prerogative, ”he often said. He also had 16 pole positions in 66 starts. His career came to an abrupt halt in early 1962 – he was barely 32 years old – following an accident at Goodwood which forced him to a long and painful rehabilitation. He came out of it having lost his automatisms.

Stirling did not always know how to choose his cars, which he first liked English

Jackie stewart

Aware that he could never find his best level, he ended his career in Formula 1 in 1963. But the British driver continued to race for pleasure, mainly in historic races, until 2011. He won 200 races on almost 600 disputed. And has always considered that his greatest victory took place in 1955 in the legendary Mille Miglia race, an open road race in Italy which was won after more than ten hours and seven minutes behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR.

He piloted for ten different manufacturers, including some of the most prominent structures of the years 1950-1960, like Cooper, Maserati, Mercedes, Vanwall, BRM or Lotus. “Stirling didn’t always know how to choose his cars well, which he liked first of all in England,” said one of his admirers, Jackie Stewart, three-time world law champion. But the two men, knight of the order of the British Empire, were ennobled by the queen like Jackie Stewart.

Since the end of 2016, his health had become fragile

Sir Stirling Moss died early this Sunday morning at the age of 90, his wife said. “He died peacefully and looked great when he left us,” said Lady Moss. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. ” Since the end of 2016, his health had become fragile. A serious lung infection forced him to spend 134 days in hospital in 2017. He then retired from public life in early 2018.


Coronavirus: Renault in partial unemployment – Fil Info – Formula 1

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, the Renault F1 team has decided to lay off a large part of its staff on partial unemployment. And this should last at least until the end of May. Renault will also extend the closure of its Viry-Châtillon and Enstone sites until May 3, as requested by the FIA ​​and the F1 organizers. The French team then joined Racing Point, McLaren and Williams in this situation.


Ferrari plans to test its employees at COVID-19 before the takeover – Fil Info – Formula 1

Ferrari released a communicated Wednesday by evoking a project to protect the health of its employees during the next restart of production of the company. “Result of a partnership with a pool of virologists and experts, supported with the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna region”, this program aims to provide a safe working environment as soon as activities resume, in the compliance with measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Volunteer employees will then be offered to be screened using blood tests, which would make it possible to assess the state of health of the company’s population. Ferrari is also planning medical and psychological follow-up for its employees, according to this press release: “Any employee who tests positive for Covid-19 will receive free special insurance and accommodation suitable for confinement, with medical support and home nurse, as well as medical equipment (such as medication, an oximeter and, in an emergency, an artificial respirator. ”


Ferrari boss ready to consider all possibilities for maximum races – Fil Info – Formula 1

As the Canadian Grand Prix came on Tuesday evening to add to the long list of GPs already postponed this season, the future of the 2020 Formula 1 season seems to be getting darker by the day. In an interview at Sky Sports, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto, however, wanted to be optimistic, explaining that he was open to all alternatives to allow as many races as possible to compete. “For our part, we will adapt to whatever is necessary, whether it be shorter race weekends, two races per weekend, the date of the end of the season or a tighter calendar. It is important that we show solidarity and we will do what is necessary, “said the Italian. Unless further postponed, the season should now start on June 28, during the French Grand Prix.


Canada’s GP also postponed and the start of the season still postponed – Fil Info – Formula 1

Formula 1 announced in a statement that the Canadian Grand Prix, scheduled for June 12-14, has been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. A decision that further delays the start of the Formula 1 season. “We would have been honored to present the very first round of the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship, but we regret to announce in turn the postponement of Formula 1 2020 Canadian Grand Prix scheduled for June 12, 13 and 14. As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are complying with the recommendations of the experts in authority, ”explained the Canadian GP in another press release. This is the ninth Grand Prix already postponed this season. Unless there are further changes, the season should now start on June 28 during the French GP.


Coronavirus: Mercedes puts the plans of its ventilation devices in the public domain – Fil Info – Formula 1

Involved in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the Mercedes team has launched with other Formula 1 teams, such as Red Bull and Renault, in the “Project Pitlane” in order to manufacture breathing apparatus. This Tuesday, Mercedes went even further, announcing that the plans for its ventilation devices were going to be put in public space, and therefore available to everyone. “Since the announcement of the project, we have received an incredible number of requests for the CPAP device from all over the world. Governments, industrial manufacturers of the sector, academics and health experts will have access to the plans but also to the specific materials, tools and instruments used during the rapid development of the prototypes, as well as the manufacturing times for each part “explained Andy Cowell, director of the Mercedes technical center in Brixworth. The British government has already ordered 10,000 of these devices, which are produced at a rate of 1,000 per day.


Formula 1: should the 2020 season be maintained at all costs? – Formula 1

One season at just eight grand prix, two races per weekend … As the Covid-19 epidemic continues, the queen of motor racing is wondering how to save her year.

D-70. In exactly ten weeks, the Formula 1 season should start in Canada. June 14. But will this be the case? For the moment, the organizers of the Canadian event, as well as Liberty Media, the promoter of the discipline, have not made a decision as to a possible postponement, even though the first eight grand prizes have all been postponed, or even purely and simply canceled with regard to Australia or Monaco. But as the days go by and the Coronavirus pandemic does not falter globally, the question arises more and more – like tennis for example – whether or not to maintain the 2020 season. For Bernie Ecclestone, the former F1 boss, the answer is clear: “I think they had better cancel the championship this year and start again next season, when the situation gets better. “

From a regulatory point of view, the data is clear: for a championship to be validated, it must have at least eight races. In other words, on this point, there is not yet cause for concern since even the start of the season in late September or early October would offer sufficient time to organize these eight essential events. Especially since the teams have already given their agreement to eventually run until January 2021 and that the major upheaval in the regulation of single-seaters, planned for 2021, has been postponed to 2022. F1 has therefore given itself time to save 2020, but at what cost? And under what conditions ? “Let’s imagine that they (Liberty Media) manage to sign a contract with the promoters, with for example closed-door races and financial arrangements to allow it, then we will have to worry about whether it suits all the teams” , asks Ecclestone, who does not hide the fact that he would have liked to have had to manage such a crisis situation.

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Another regulatory fact to take into account, for a world championship to deserve such a designation, races must have taken place on three different continents. Again, the last three months of the year should make it possible since the calendar still features great prizes in Europe (Italy, Russia), Asia (Singapore, Japan) and on the two American continents (United States United, Mexico, Brazil). Without counting the possible postponements of certain events. So strictly from the point of view of the regulations, F1 still has a lot of calendar room to maneuver to stay in the nails, even if the season could not start in June in Canada or in France (the 28), which seems the most likely case today. But what sporting interest would have a season of only eight events, when twenty-two were initially scheduled?

“I think Verstappen and Red Bull will be in the game this year, able to rock Hamilton and Mercedes off their pedestals.”

Nico Rosberg

On the subject, Nico Rosberg, the 2016 world champion, wants to be a good communicator by affirming on “It would increase the chances of seeing an outsider emerge if there are fewer races, because the luck factor will play more. I think Verstappen and Red Bull will be on the ball this year, able to rock Hamilton and Mercedes off their pedestals. ” As the former German driver believes that “the prospect of organizing two heats per weekend (currently under study) to compensate for the imbalance in the calendar should also disturb the teams. It would be very complicated to manage the engines… Everything would be different and it would tend to reshuffle the cards. ”

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Now, sporting interest or not, it is obvious that maintaining a season would above all have an economic importance, knowing that some teams may not survive a dry and white year. It remains to be seen now if Liberty Media does not have an interest in drawing a definitive line over the summer and on the floor on a new calendar starting in September. Or on August 30 at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), one of the legendary circuits of F1. It would be a magnificent theater to turn this dark page…