Peek at the coronavirus from the wire

It is undeniable that the biological impact of great plagues It does not distinguish between rich and poor, but it is no less true that there were always classes and that this was not going to stop happening in times of coronavirus. According to oenegés, more than 168 million people were already in a extreme […]

Turkey evacuates migrants huddled at Greek border

For the past month, thousands of asylum seekers have flocked to the Greek border after Turkey, in an arms deal with the European Union, declared the border open at the end of February, while it remained closed. Greek side. Faced with the progression of the coronavirus epidemic – 108 deaths and 7,400 cases on Saturday […]

The Corona time bomb is ticking in the Greek migrant camps

Athens The northeast wind drove dark clouds on Friday from the Turkish coast over the island of Lesbos. Showers fell. As always, when it rains, the trails in the Moria refugee camp turned into mud deserts. The water flushes the garbage down into the valley, seeps into the tents, soaks blankets and mattresses. “We have […]

Traiskirchen to: Leoben receives 150 refugees – Lower Austria

Excitement among parts of the Upper Styrian population: Leoben is to accept 150 refugees, and asylum seekers are also to move into a hotel on Semmering again. The initial reception center in Traiskirchen (Baden) is currently unable to accept refugees due to positive Corona cases (“Today” reported). Therefore, around 150 refugees are expected to come […]

Asser and Bashir fled the bombs and discover another enemy in France

TESTIMONIALS – The offbeat looks of these “regularsOf the war on the French reactions to the Covid-19 epidemic are instructive. “My movements were already one of my concerns in Lebanon, because I did not have a residence permit. In France, I am in a regular situation, but I cannot leave my home ”, entrusts Asser […]

Anger about Riexinger: The left is its own worst enemy

Eespecially Kappl is angry. “We tear our asses open and each of you is so shit,” said the Bavarian local politician on Twitter. Kappl is a member of the Left Party, and her anger is directed at party ideologist Sahra Wagenknecht, Bodo Ramelow, Prime Minister of Thuringia, who was just celebrated as a figure of […]

“The border will remain open until the EU complies”

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, keep pressing the European Union to be able to remove as many measures of aid as possible. After meeting last Monday in Brussels with the EU senior staff —And to assure, this Tuesday, that next week he will meet with Merkel, Macron and probably Johnson—, Erdogan has put on […]

showdown around the Greek-Turkish border

How many are there, gathered on the Greek-Turkish border? Thousands ? Or some ” tens of thousands “, as suggested by the Greek daily Kathimerini March 10? One thing is certain: these migrants remain trapped along this border, repulsed by the Greek soldiers and border guards. Security forces again prevented 1,646 attempts to cross the […]