The case of Giertych is very serious

Damian Cygan: The court did not agree to arrest Ryszard Krauze and other suspects arrested in the same case as Roman Giertych. How do you rate it?

Sebastian Kaleta: This is a very strange court decision. The prosecutor’s announcements show that the investigation was carried out in an extremely detailed and meticulous way for a long time, and the trial decisions made have very rich documentation and evidence. Usually, such white-collar crimes end, if not with arrest, then with the most far-reaching preventive measures. Thus, one can get the impression that we are dealing with a specific immunity for individual people who – enjoying the influence, surname, appropriate financial resources and political support – may be accountable to justice less radically than any other citizen.

How do you comment on the accusations made by Giertych’s associates and defenders that this is a political revenge aimed at eliminating him from public life?

The prosecutor’s office clearly indicates that, on the one hand, we are dealing with the transfer of money from a publicly traded company (Polnord – ed.), That is, harm to shareholders who did not know about these transactions because they were not reported. Moreover, it was the company itself that filed a notification of the possibility of committing a crime. On the other hand, we have a situation that people related to Roman Giertych, who provide services to Ryszard Krauze, purchase a property for PLN 6 million, which can be bought by Polnord, and after a few days they will sell it to the same Polnord company for an inflated price. This shows that the matter is very serious and there are grounds for investigation and extensive trial activities. Let the facts speak for themselves. Giertych and his supporters defend themselves emotionally, not referring to what the prosecutor’s office is conveying and what is actually in the charges.

The conference has ended “Cultural clash in the EU. Does Poland have a chance?”attended by, among others representatives of the Ministry of Justice headed by Zbigniew Ziobra. What are the most important lessons from this meeting?

This conference showed that the extreme left has been trying for many years in a consistent and decisive manner – under the guise of realizing human rights or equality ideas – to introduce a neo-Marxist model of society. Summing up this conference, it should be emphasized that in Poland we have strong intellectual circles that are able to counteract this type of threat. The value of this meeting is certainly the fact that we managed to gather a very large group of outstanding panellists who were able to comprehensively show the dangers related to the implementation of the extreme left-wing gender ideology, affecting many spheres of public life.


A sharp surge of coronavirus in Volgograd: plus 130 cases

The region’s covid hospitals are already overcrowded.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

By October 18, 2020, a sharp surge in coronavirus patients has been observed in Volgograd. Over the past day, a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 was immediately confirmed in 130 people. Such data “KP-Volgograd” reported in the regional operational headquarters. And this despite the fact that one of the laboratories where testing was carried out in the city, has suspended its work due to congestion.

The number of covid patients in Volgograd and the region is growing exponentially. The gain is daily and significant. The coronavirus is spreading and growing. Over the past day, new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded immediately in 18 districts of the Volgograd region. The situation is now the worst in Gorodishchensky district: per day there the increase was 16 patients. Six more new covid patients were identified in the Serafimovichsky district, three in Dubovsky. In another six districts – two cases each (in Nekhaevsky, Oktyabrsky, Kotelnikovsky, Kumylzhensky, Kotovsky and in the city of Mikhailovka).

Surprisingly, over the past day in Volzhsky, only one resident was added to the list of cases. Also, one case was recorded in Ilovlinsky, Staropoltavsky, Danilovsky, Kamyshinsky, Kalachevsky, Nikolaevsky and Surovikinsky districts.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.


By the way, after the schoolchildren were sent on forced holidays, the number of children with a new viral infection became much smaller. So, per day, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in one baby (up to a year), in three children of kindergarten age and in eight schoolchildren (4 children aged 7 to 14, and 4 teenagers). But there are more elderly covid patients – 52 people were added per day.


The Region financially supports the Institut Pasteur

Lhe elected officials of Hauts-de-France responded favorably to the appeal of the Institut Pasteur in Lille. Researchers in the virology lab have discovered a molecule that appears to be effective against the coronavirus. Before they can successfully create a drug that can contain the virus, scientists need money to continue their research and in particular to conduct clinical trials on animals. Studies on a potentially promising drug are being carried out by two teams from Pasteur and a start-up, Apteeus.

Promising molecule

The Pasteur Institute has launched an appeal for donations to finance this research: the luxury group LVMH, led by Nordiste Bernard Arnault, has decided to pay a sum of 5 million euros to allow the launch of the tests. If they are successful, the marketing could take place in June 2021.

Researchers are working on a molecule already used in an existing drug. Given the nature of the Therapide project (the repositioning of a drug), the valuation deadlines are closer than in the case of the development of a new health product (12 to 24 months).

The regional elected officials have decided to support the research; they voted for a subsidy amounting to nearly 800,000 euros. The sum will be paid in several phases: Nearly 85,000 for the end of 2020; 250,000 euros in 2021 and 2022; 200,000 euros for 2023 and the following years.


In Russia, for the first time, more than 14 thousand infected COVID-19 were detected per day :: Society :: RBC

This is a new daily record and for the first time, when more than 14 thousand infected people are detected in the country per day. More than 13 thousand infected people have been registered in Russia in the last three days

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC

Over the past day, 14,231 people have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in Russia. This is reported by the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection.


For the entire time of the pandemic, this is the first case when more than 14 thousand people fell ill with coronavirus in the country per day. Over the past three days, more than 13 thousand infected people have been identified in Russia. In total, 1.34 million cases of COVID-19 were registered in the country.

The Ministry of Health reports a 26% increase in the incidence of coronavirus in a week

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC

Over the past day, cases of COVID-19 infection have been identified in 84 regions of Russia. Not a single case was recorded only in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. 3585 (25.2%) people from the total number of detected cases per day did not have clinical manifestations of the disease. The daily increase in those infected was 1.1%.


THE VIEWER | Son of the owner of the Blackbird restaurant seriously injured after a fall

Fábio Piedade, 30, a footballer and son of the owner of Restaurante O Melro, in Santarém, suffered serious injuries when he fell from the roof of the establishment while cleaning the exhaust fan filters. The situation occurred on the afternoon of Monday, 12 October.

Upon the arrival of the rescue equipment at the restaurant, in Portela das Padeiras, Fábio Piedade was unconscious, and the fall from a height caused a traumatic brain injury. He was referred to the São José Hospital in Lisbon, where he still remains.

In addition to working with his father at the well-known Portela das Padeiras restaurant, Fábio Piedade, a native of Santarém, is a football player, having joined several clubs in the city and the region in the position of goalkeeper.

On the Facebook page, O Melro informs customers that it will be closed indefinitely and the messages of quick improvements from customers, family and friends accumulate.


Facebook resigns from “LGBT stickers” in Poland

“Express your pride or show solidarity with the LGBTQ + community” – convinces Facebook. As part of solidarity with LGBT communities, the portal introduces a series of animations that users can send to each other.

“We support the LGBTQ + community and anything that violates our community standards will not be tolerated. We remove harmful comments on an ongoing basis and encourage you to report anything that may conflict with our guidelines. Thank you for helping to keep Facebook a friendly place” – argues the portal.

“To protect those living where they may be at risk as LGBT + people, we have decided to hide stickers in some countries,” it was reported.

Apart from Poland, the list includes the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Brunei, Djibouti, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia , Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Western Sahara, Yemen.

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‘Latin America, the most expensive region to buy nutritious food’ | International

Against food poverty due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to transform food systems, something difficult in Latin America for being the most expensive region in the world to purchase nutritious food, said Lina Pohl, FAO representative in Mexico.

Lea: (Nobel Peace Prize for the World Food Program)

The latest FAO report on the state of food and nutrition security in the world, indicated that in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2030 67 million people will be affected and this forecast is made without considering covid-19, referred. “We are talking about a 10% increase in poverty and hunger by 2030 and this frankly in 2021 is simply not worth it,” Pohl said.

Lea: (Coronavirus will exacerbate global extreme poverty)

Faced with this scenario, Pohl considered it necessary to transform food systems “because in the region when we ask ourselves why do we not have access to nutritious food systems? Well, because the region of Latin America and the Caribbean is the most expensive region in the world to acquire healthy and nutritious food “.

He said that this contrasts with the fact that Latin America has the greatest diversity in the world, “with a greater number of fruits, legumes and others that could be accessible to people.”.

Pohl, along with other specialists, participated in the virtual conference ‘Food poverty, the true effect of the pandemic in Mexico?’, Convened by the foundation of the Mexican restaurant operator Alsea.

The representative of FAO said that it is important integrate nutrition into agricultural approaches and reduce cost-increasing factors in production such as food storage, transportation, distribution and marketing. In addition to reducing food losses and waste, since if this is reduced we can feed our population.

The executive secretary of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy, which measures poverty in Mexico, José Nabor Cruz, said that in Mexico food poverty is very marked. “In Mexico, only 56% of households can consume fruits and vegetables daily, but in states like Guerrero and Chiapas, in the south of the country, it is barely 30%, while the contrast with northern states, such as Nuevo León and Baja California, where the percentage is almost 75%, “he said.

He specified that prior to the covid-19 health contingency, some 25 million Mexicans reported lack of access to food and that between the 40% and 50% of the population “cannot count on a balanced diet, with consumption of fruits and vegetables”.

The president of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), Julio Santaella, pointed out that in Mexico the level of income is very important to distinguish the subjects that could be in danger of a situation of food poverty. He gave as an example that in Oaxaca the average income is 7,165 pesos (about $ 335) and 42% goes to food, beverages and tobacco, while in Nuevo León, with almost double the income, about 14,000 pesos ($ 655 ), 29% is allocated. He stressed that the foods that Mexicans spend the most during the pandemic are meats, cereals, legume vegetables and seeds.



THE VIEWER | She beat her mother-in-law for not wanting sex

A 59-year-old man was arrested by the GNR for beating his 46-year-old mother-in-law because she refused to have sex with him. The situation was taking place in Ferreira do Zêzere and the man is also accused of hitting his 20-year-old wife.

The territorial command of Santarém informs that, in the scope of an investigation, the military of the Guard found that in addition to physically and psychologically assaulting the companion, the suspect was chasing her and watching all her movements, using social networks. He even threatened to kill her with a bladed weapon and a syringe.

The man was present at the first interrogation in the Judicial Court of Santarém, where the coercive measure of prohibition of contact and approximation of the victims was applied, a situation that will be monitored through an electronic bracelet.


A decision was made regarding Minister Ardanowski

Fogiel, when asked what PiS expects from Zbigniew Ziobro’s Solidarity Poland, made a few demands. – We expect coalition loyalty from Solidarna Polska, weighing up the political reality, not surprising us, not forcing our own, undetermined program solutions – he said.

He assured that it was not the vote on “Animal Fridays” that was the only reason for breaking coalition talks.

– If the prime minister goes to Brussels for the EU summit, and minister Ziobro’s associates are rather blunt on Twitter or formulate their demands against him. Later we had this situation with the dismissal of the Łódź probation officer, where an attack was launched against PiS – these are only examples from the recent past – he reminded – This coalition problem was growing – he assessed.

When asked when the public was informed about the decisions taken by PiS, he said: – I hope that it will be known by the end of the week.

Radosław Fogiel was also asked about the future of the Agreement in the United Right coalition.

– Today it is not the Jarosław Gowin Agreement that is the main cause of the confusion. Of course, there were better and worse moments, but today Solidarity Poland is the problem here. The cooperation with the Agreement appears in much brighter colors when it comes to Solidarity Poland, the road is bumpy – he said.

He also noted that the politicians of Solidarity Poland cannot count on maintaining their positions in various entities related to the government.

– The situation at the moment is such that the coalition does not function, and if there is no coalition, there are no representatives of them in different bodies – he informed.

As he added, as regards the deputies suspended after the vote in the Sejm, the statutory procedure was initiated. It may take several weeks, he said. – As for Minister Ardanowski, the decisions were made yesterday – he added.

He also said he was “moderately optimistic” about the fate of the Animal Protection Act.

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