Detentions began in Belarus at protest actions :: Society :: RBC

During the protest action, the participants in a column moved along the central streets of the Belarusian capital towards the stele “Minsk – Hero City”. According to, there are several thousand people in the convoy. The portal reports that unknown persons in helmets and balaclavas are blocking the central Independence Avenue.

Also, protest actions began in Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Grodno.

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Radio Liberty – Belarus reports that people are being detained in Lida, and solitary arrests are also taking place in Grodno.

Military equipment and security forces pulled into the center of Minsk

October 25 is the last day of the ultimatum that Tikhanovskaya presented to President Alexander Lukashenko. October 13 she demanded for the head of state to resign, stop street violence against protesters and release political prisoners. She threatened that if the demands are not met, “the whole country” will peacefully issue a popular ultimatum, and on October 26 a strike of enterprises will begin and “a collapse in sales in state stores. Roads will also be blocked, Tikhanovskaya said.

Before Sunday’s protest in the center of Minsk pulled off special and military equipment, as well as law enforcement officers. Barriers were set up in Victory Park in the city center.

Protests in Belarus on the last day of the ultimatum to the authorities. Photo report

Before the protest, the authorities again demanded to reduce the bandwidth of the mobile Internet, reported companies.

Protests in Belarus began on August 9, after the completion of voting in the presidential elections. According to official data, Lukashenka won them.
The country’s CEC reported that he received 80% of the vote. His opposition rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, according to official figures, was supported by 10%. Her headquarters believe that she won the victory. Many European countries did not recognize Lukashenko as president, and the past elections were legitimate. Russia recognizes the legality of Lukashenka as head of state.


Beware, The Number One Killer Mosquito in the World – Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB University, Prof. Dr. drh Upik Kesumawati Hadi, said that people must be aware of mosquitoes, because they are the number one killer in the world.

“Mosquitoes cause more suffering to humans when compared to other organisms and attack not only humans, but also animals,” he said in a written statement received at Jakarta, reported by Antara, Friday (23/10).

Upik said the world health agency or WHO in the 2019 World Malaria Report estimated that there were 228 million cases of malaria occurring in 2018. Slightly different from cases in 2017 with 210 million worldwide.

“The number of malaria deaths was 405,000 in 2018 and 416,000 during 2017. Most of them are children in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia,” he said.

This, he said, was a report of losses due to one disease, namely malaria, not including deaths from other mosquito-borne diseases.

Apart from malaria, according to him, there are various types of arbovirus transmitted by mosquitoes, namely the dengue virus, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis and others that are endemic to Indonesia.

Regarding the transmission of the disease, said dis, it can occur due to many factors, but what is clear is that it occurs when humans have high mobility which allows close contact with mosquitoes. For example, when conducting travel, trade and tourism activities, both at home and abroad or from non-endemic areas to endemic areas.

“Mosquitoes are small insects, starting from their bodies, wings, legs and slender mouths and their presence around settlements is a disturbance to comfort,” he said.

Apart from sucking blood and causing itching, he said, mosquitoes can also transmit various diseases, including malaria, dengue hemorrhagic fever, inflammation of the brain, filariasis, dirofilariasis, chikungunya and zika.

Upik explained that mosquito control efforts can be carried out by the community themselves, such as 3M activities, namely draining, closing and burying, plus the movement of one house one jumantik to clean the sewers from standing water, eliminate mosquito breeding places, using repellants, mosquito nets and mosquito repellents. other.

In general, World Mosquito Day is commemorated every year to be precise on 20 August. It was started in 1897 by Dr Ronald Ross of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Ronald Ross is a British military doctor who conducts research on the transmission of malaria which causes many deaths in humans. While on duty in Secunderabad India, Ross encountered many malaria patients.

On August 20, 1897, Ross found a plasmodium falciparum oocyst on the stomach wall of the Anopheles mosquito. From this research Ross declared that only the Anopheles Genus mosquito transmits the malaria parasite. [eko]


Rosprirodnadzor estimated the size of the oil spill near Nakhodka :: Society :: RBC

The spot spread to almost 35 thousand square meters. m. Now work is underway to localize the leak

Photo: Amur Basin Environmental Prosecutor’s Office

The oil slick in the water area of ​​the city of Nakhodka in Primorye has spread over an area of ​​almost 35 thousand square meters. m, reports Rosprirodnadzor on Instagram.

“The information was confirmed: the unmanned aerial vehicle recorded a spot with an area of ​​34,775 square meters. m. Water samples were taken for analysis, ”the message says. Work is underway to localize pollution.


The ministry noted that, presumably, the pollution spread from the pier of LLC “Transbunker Primorye”, but the exact source of the leak is still being established. An unscheduled inspection will be conducted against the company, Rosprirodnadzor said.

To prevent further spread of the slick at the site of the alleged oil spill, booms were installed, reports Interfax with reference to the regional press service.


Elizabeth II pardoned the killer who stopped the terrorist attack with a tusk :: Society :: RBC

In November 2019, Stephen Gallant helped stop Usman Khan from stabbing two people on London Bridge with a narwhal tusk. Gallant himself was convicted in 2005 of murder

Photo: David Davies / PA / AP

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has pardoned 42-year-old Stephen Gallant, who helped stop a terrorist on London Bridge in November 2019. About it reports Daily Mail.

Gallant was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the murder of a firefighter in 2005. On November 29, 2019, a man received permission to leave prison to participate in a rehabilitation event for prisoners. He ended up near London Bridge, where 28-year-old Usman Khan stabbed to death two graduates of the University of Cambridge.

Gallant had a narwhal tusk with him (a marine mammal from the cetacean order), which was presented to him by a government official. With his help, he helped stop Khan, armed with knives and a dummy vest, before the arrival of the police, who eventually eliminated the terrorist.

The suspect in the London Bridge attack turned out to be convicted of terrorism

Photo: Dominic Lipinski / AP

On October 17, the British Justice Department announced that Elizabeth II had exercised the rarely used royal prerogative of pardon on government advice. The publication reports that the authorities recognized Gallant’s “extremely bold actions.”


“This increases the risk of transmission by contact compared to the flu”

The new coronavirus survives on human skin five times longer than an influenza virus, 9 hours versus 1.8 hours, according to the study published in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal. “The 9 hour lifespan of SARS-CoV-2 on human skin increases the risk of transmission by contact with respect to the influenza virus, accelerating the pandemic”, state the Japanese researchers.

They studied the resistance of the virus on the skin of recently deceased people.

Both the coronavirus and the flu virus are “deactivated” within 15 seconds when using ethanol, contained in hand gels. The longer the new coronavirus stays on the skin, the greater the risk of spreading, the researchers point out. “Hand hygiene can reduce this risk,” they add.


MINSA opens inquiry to ascertain liability in the case of infected passengers traveling to São Tomé and Príncipe

October 12, 2020 at 4:16 pm

The reaction of the Angolan Ministry of Health comes after the government of São Tomé and Príncipe has announced seven “cases imported from Angola”.

“The patients have already come with positive tests done abroad”, said on Thursday, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health of Sao Tome.

In a press note, the Angolan MINSA states that, “in the face of non-compliance with the prohibition on the exit of the seven infected, there is a process of investigation with the authorities involved”, clarifying that “in the light of the restriction measures, within the scope of and the prevention of Covid-19, nobody leaves or enters Angola without a negative SARS-CoV-2 test on the basis of RT-PCR “.

This is a mandatory guideline at the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, in Luanda, recalls MINSA, who states that “through the National Institute for Health Research, it carried out the molecular biology testing of passengers, having concluded with seven positives “.

The information regarding the negative and positive results was, according to the Angolan Ministry of Health, “passed to the Embassy of São Tomé and Príncipe in Angola, with the ban on the departure of the seven infected people who would wait for the specific guidance of the Rapid Response Team”.

Angola has 6,366 positive cases, with 218 deaths, 2,743 recovered and 3,405 active.


Apple’s $ 599 premium headset postponed to 2021

Tomorrow, Apple will finally hold its event which should be the occasion to unveil its new iPhone 12. We were also expecting the all new Airpods Studio headphones at the event, but it seems that Apple has postponed its announcement to 2021.

According to Jon Prosser, there will be no question for Apple to present its high-end headphones at the conference tomorrow. The leaker explains that the brand would have chosen to delay the marketing of its device to 2021.

The production of the very high-end headphones would thus not have reached cruising speed and Apple would currently find itself with too limited a stock to launch a sale.

Still according to rumors, Apple would provide two helmets with a first “Sport” model at 350 dollars and a luxury version in metal and vegetable leather charged at 599 dollars.

Apple should present its headsets during the month of November with its new Macs, but the marketing will not take place before 2021. It remains to be seen whether the headset in question will have the necessary strengths to justify its price.


President of the Republic estimates that US $ 24 billion was diverted from the State

New Journal

11 October 2020 at 15:29

According to the President of the Republic, the Angolan State was harmed by, with a precise number, USD 23.79 billion, through fraudulent contracts with Sonangol, in the order of USD 13.52 billion, plus USD 5.09 billion. via the diamond sector, with the embezzlement to be produced in the companies Sodiam and Endiama, the remaining embezzlement belonging to public companies in other public sectors without defining in detail.

This sum of embezzlement, which the Wall Street Journal emphasizes is double the current value of the country’s International Net Reserves, and slightly less than the total debt of Angola to China, the country’s main creditor, made by João Lourenço, served to detail the assessment of its strategic fight against corruption.

This, at a time when Angola, facing a huge financial crisis due to the pandemic and the low price of oil, is struggling on several fronts to renegotiate its debt, attract foreign investment and manage to improve the relationship with the so-called correspondent banks. may facilitate access to foreign exchange.

Thus, the Angolan Head of State said that, so far, in three years of governance under his responsibility, more than US $ 4 billion in real estate and other assets have been recovered, through arrests or seizures.

Still in this context, according to Lourenço, another 5.4 billion USD are in the process of being recovered through requests for seizure and seizure made by the Attorney General’s Office in several countries, naming Switzerland, the Netherlands and, among others, Portugal and United Kingdom.

In this interview, the President also said that he will proceed with the privatization of at least 30% of Sonangol.

This sale will be made through an international public offering until the end of 2022 and the national oil company will be listed on the stock exchange, and this will happen in one of the most important financial markets in the world.

João Lourenço also said in this interview that the Covid-19 pandemic was responsible for the delay in the national economy’s diversification plans.

He also explained that the US Administration, through the Treasury, had a role in creating mechanisms to combat money laundering and money laundering, as well as in the training of Angolan personnel in this matter.


BOLA – Government asks for European support to fight terrorism (Mozambique)

The Mozambican government has requested support from the European Union, in logistics and specialized training, to reinforce the military response to terrorism in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

A letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to Brussels indicates that the conflict has already caused 800 deaths, 300,000 displaced people, including 52 young people savagely murdered for refusing to move to the side of the terrorists.

It is through this letter, dated 16 September and signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, that Mozambique requests the support of the European community to strengthen the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

The request comes after the continental organization has expressed a willingness to assist in responding to the conflict.

«Bearing in mind the need to reinforce the military and security response measures, as well as counter the advance of terrorists and restore public law, order and tranquility in the affected districts, the Government of Mozambique considers support in the area of ​​specialized training important to combat terrorism and insurgency, through multiform support: training; logistics for counter-terrorism forces; medical assistance equipment in combat zones and technical training of personnel. »

The Government also asks for help to implement development programs in areas in conflict, as a way of reducing the vulnerability of the population, mainly young people, to collaborate with terrorists.

«The Mozambican Government considers it important to reinforce the support of international cooperation partners to the programs and projects that are being implemented in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, under the coordination of the Integrated Development Agency of the North (ADIN). This support could also extend to the Implementation of the SADC regional project, through the establishment of the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Center in Nacala, in the province of Nampula. »

Mozambique assumes that “in recent times, there has been a concern with the tendency of intensifying and spreading terrorist actions to more districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, totaling 9 districts” and details that “so far, the action of this group has resulted in the the death of about 800 people and the displacement of around 300,000 citizens, including about 52 young people who were savagely murdered for refusing to move to the terrorists. The terrorists kidnapped people, including religious, as happened on August 11, 2020, with Brazilian nuns in Mocímboa da Praia. »

Finally, Mozambique reveals that during attacks on the positions of the Defense and Security Forces, terrorists use children and women as human shields.


Pediatricians, 5 days for tampons, risk of country block – Health

An average of 5 days. It is the time that families today must wait in order to have the results of the tampon prescribed to their child by the pediatrician on the basis of symptoms similar to Covid-19. A very long time that risks blocking the country, because together with the child awaiting the outcome of the exam, the parents are also blocked, who in many cases have no one to entrust to their children who cannot go to school ” . This is a “serious criticality” which, denounces the president of the Italian Federation of pediatric doctors (Fimp) Paolo Biasci, highlights how the organizational system of tampons to detect any positivity to SarsCov2 of children and young people attending schools “is not working “.

“The time between the request for the tampon by the pediatrician and the arrival of the results are too long. This denotes a serious organizational deficit and the risk is that the country will stop, because the parents cannot work and are stuck with their children. , maybe a whole week to then have a negative swab result “, explains Biasci, defining this situation as” unacceptable “. Sometimes, he explains, “the parents, or one of them, are forced to stay even for a whole week because during the weekend the work of the analysis clinics is interrupted. An unacceptable lengthening of time, with the risk of important consequences also on the economic system, even more so if we consider that the time to obtain the report of a swab done in hospital is a few hours “. The situation, he warns, “is already very difficult now and the prospect can only get worse with the arrival of seasonal flu”. In short, the president of pediatricians clarifies, “the problem is not so much a health problem because, fortunately, Covid occurs in milder forms in children and complex cases are limited, but rather of an organizational nature”. This game, he insisted, “was to be played on the territory but, in reality, the Regions did not invest the necessary resources”. In other words, it is “fundamental – he adds – to guarantee rapid swabs, with results within 24 hours”. To this end, a proposal by the Fimp is for example to encourage ‘Drive through’ points for quick swabs made by car, “in all ASLs and 7 days a week”.

The problem of waiting arises essentially for the initial tampons, those that the pediatrician is called to prescribe in the face of a wide range of possible suspicious symptoms. The situation for carrying out the two swabs required to certify the recovery from Covid appears less complicated, as already foreseen by the ministry of health and reiterated in the circular of the dicastery for the return of children to school. In this case, notes Biasci, “the local health authorities can organize themselves and plan the tests in advance, and moreover the positive children at the moment are a limited number”. Similar problems also for family doctors: “The waits for the results of the swabs – says the secretary of the Italian Federation of general practitioners Fimmg, Silvestro Scotti – even reach 10 days. The fact is that the prevention departments of Asl are not up to the task of coping with the growing demand for tests “. Another race against time is that for the flu vaccines: “This year it is good that as many children as possible be vaccinated to avoid the concomitance with flu symptoms. Vaccines, however – underlines Biasci – in the majority of situations still do not we have been distributed “. The president of Federfarma Marco Cossolo also returns to denounce the shortage: “In Italy there are 1.25 million doses of flu vaccine missing. All the quantity produced was absorbed by the Regions for the categories at risk and – he concludes – the doses for the active categories “.