Hades is the best playing game of the year | Review

Hades has long been in early access, but the highly anticipated 1.0 release came out this week. This one roguelite resembles the acclaimed Dead Cells in design. A game consists of a run (attempt) and after each run you start again from the beginning, until you reach the end after many attempts. That will happen sometime, because little by little you get better at the game. After all, you hone your skills, but you also acquire permanent upgrades that will assist you in the next run.

You know. At least, you know the principle, because the effect is of an unheard-of level in Hades. It excels where almost all competitors are satisfied with ‘good enough’. Forget the heavy weight of a word like roguelike of –lite: Hades is a game for anyone who works well with controllers.


You play Zagreus, the son of Hades. The Guardian of Hell is not necessarily a great father figure and a healthy father-son relationship is low on his list of priorities. Zagreus therefore tries to escape from hell in haste. In every attempt, the charismatic prince of the gods climbs out of his bedroom window, hoping to reach the mortal realm. That means a long journey up, filled with obstacles such as cunning traps, bosses and a lot of difficult choices.

When you have defeated all enemies, multiple doors often appear, each leading to a certain upgrade. Do you choose the route of more health, extra money or do you go for a new skill (bean)? If you want such a bean, you still have the choice of certain gods. These gods, from both the upper and the underworld, each offer their own upgrades.

It’s been a long time since a game grabbed me like Hades. It’s been even longer since I played a game that seemed to get better and better.

Zeus is from the powerful electric attacks, while Hermes provides more speed. Beans of Dionysus, the Olympian god of wine and enthusiasm, give your enemies a deadly hangover. There are other ways to upgrade Zagreus besides the boons, of which the six different weapons are the most interesting. They each guarantee a very refreshing way of playing and pave the way for a multitude of playing styles.

It is wonderful to experiment with weapons and beans in Hades. The playing styles that you can adapt to yourself are still overwhelmingly diverse after tens of hours of play. For example, you can improve the standard attack of your spear in speed, power and prevent you from mowing down a whole group of enemies with each press of the button. Heaven, how wonderful that feels. In that respect too, you feel like a god in Hades.

That feeling is difficult to explain. The animations on the screen and your input on the controller degenerate in Hades into a symbiosis that you only understand when you experience it. It’s in the simplicity of your attacks, of which you know exactly when they hit which enemies where. Or in how during the animation of a shield charge already hold the button for the next one shield charge. And in the dash, knowing exactly where you will end up afterwards; you dash through lava without thinking about it.

Zagreus’ pixel-precise mobility draws from muscle memory you never knew you had.


A lust for the eye

The fast action guarantees a true visual spectacle. Poseidon’s beans cause literal waves of seawater to splash through the chambers of hell. Especially during bosses, many different types of attacks dance across the screen simultaneously.

But Hades is beautiful in another way too: the game drips style. Every screen is bursting with color and small details. At times the game looks like a kind of interactive coloring page. Despite the isometric perspective, there are even impressive vistas in the game world, and characters are accompanied by beautiful portraits during dialogue.

The setting of Hades, literally the Greek underworld, is substantively worked out to perfection. After each run, you return to the palace of Hades, which acts as your home base. Drenched in the red waters of the river Styx, Zagreus is greeted there by many well-known mythological figures, including Hades himself – often with a cynical remark about aimless escape attempt number so much. In this house of Hades, the setting really comes to life: there are many rooms to discover and opportunities to play freely.

It pays to talk to the Gods and other inhabitants of the house: you gradually unravel the mysteries of the underworld and the bonds between characters. They come out beautifully through sharp, often viciously spoken dialogue. It is also special to see how much narration there is in this game; the chance that you will hear a certain sentence twice is really very small.

Implementing so much good dialogue must have taken an awful lot of work. The soundtrack also deserves to be mentioned separately. The musical accompaniment varies from soft harp playing in the House of Hades to hard metal during boss fights.


Never stop playing again

Hades is currently only available on the Switch and on PC. I played on a 144 Hertz monitor, but the game reached a frame rate of over 500, even during fierce battles. Of course, the game runs less on the Switch. There is some image delay at very busy times, but that is not a big eyesore. In that sense, it doesn’t really matter on which platform you buy this game, although the use of a controller is recommended.

Are there no disadvantages? No. At least not really. Hades doesn’t have the emotional charge of Supergiant’s first game, Bastion. But the writing makes up for that with its humor and sharpness. The only thing I would have liked was a co-op mode. On the other hand, the arenas aren’t really made for that; such a co-op mode requires a completely different design philosophy.

It’s been a long time since a game grabbed me like Hades. It’s been even longer since I played a game that seemed to get better and better. With almost fifty hours on the counter, I know exactly what to expect from Hades. But nothing makes me want to stop playing, a sentiment that facilitates endgame excellently. Hades is a rare total package. Never before have I dared to recommend a game so easily. 2020 is a difficult year. Treat yourself.

Hades is now available for Switch and PC.

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‘Tenet’, by Christopher Nolan | Film review

It is certainly surprising how Christopher Nolan manages to catch the viewer. He has done it with war cinema like Dunkerque of 2017 and with the franchise of Batman. Has done it with the puzzle Memento and with the film opera Inception.

From the first minutes of Tenet, the body of the cinephile is exalted: a group of soldiers penetrates a packed theater to obtain an artifact. We soon found out that the operation is a mission in which The Protagonist (that is his name) is being tested to see if he can participate in one of those missions that consist of saving the world. Tenet is the name of this mission. The Protagonist enlists in it to prevent “something worse” than a world war.

Nolan follows the spy movie scheme here. Thus, he introduces Protagonist (played by John David Washington) in a government office where a scientist explains that there are objects whose entropy has been inverted. Hard? It is not necessary to go to the mathematical relative: it is enough to know that these objects, instead of exploding, implode. And they do not move in time towards the future but rather towards the past.

Arrived at the first act of the film, we discover that the narrative scheme of Tenet has been copied from the great spy movies, very particularly from the exciting franchises of James Bond. Like 007, our hero is handsome (son of Denzel Washington) elegant and seductive. Their first mission is to find out who has been flooding the terrorism market with inverted bullets that, we are told, will wreak havoc on a human body by penetrating it, following the arrow of time in reverse.

It is important to know from the beginning that the purpose of Tenet it does not lie, as one might think, in solving a quantum problem. Like all of Nolan’s works, Tenet it is art that is sustained in a sophisticated image that is seasoned with bare-knuckled fights, impossible car races, and only ultimately in a plot that will turn science fiction lovers around.

Is the future in the past? Does this imply that there is no free will? If entropy could be reversed, does it mean that everything has always existed and will always exist? That the world is an illusion is an idea that fits a lot in the Hindu cosmogony of Nolan, an extravagant, prolific and so interesting author that it is not an exaggeration to say that in the commercial field it is the most artistic and among film artists it is the most commercial.

All fans of spy movies have reasons to see this movie that takes it to the next level. In it, The Character meets British arrogance with American cynicism in a heads-up game that particularly shines Michael Caine. For more than part of the publicity of Tenet consists of making it seem difficult to interpret, the truth is that you do not need a doctorate in quantum physics to reveal the mystery of this film. Because the mystery is not in the plot but in the beauty of the image. It is that beauty that with Nolan reached its highest level in Inception: the rhythm of the special effects and the way the sequences follow one another, the way the action blows us away.

Nolan, there is no doubt, remains a master of the highest grossing cinema. We know since he directed Batman and that endearing movie that also made art with quantum equations: Interstellar.​



The “Russian Commandos” Partisans 1941 will arrive in a month

Who wouldn’t be happy that Commandos-style real-time strategies are coming back. Not just full-fledged new part (and appalling remaster) of this unforgettable brand, but also inspired by it Shadow Tactics, third Desperados, upcoming Stone of Madness and soon finally too Partisans 1941 from the Russian studio Alter Games.

As the name suggests, you will return to World War II, specifically to the Eastern Front, where as a Red Army soldier Alexey Zorin, you will flee the Nazi internment camp to eventually establish a resistance movement and eradicate the local occupiers.

With a handful of volunteers gradually recruited into your ranks, you will set out on small and large missions in order to sabotage German operations and deprive them of their supply. Inconspicuous sneaking, observing enemies and searching for opportunities for the most effective attack from the reserve awaits you.

Partisans 1941 will arrive on Steam on October 14 and a closed beta is underway until September 21, which you can sign up for here. If you are unlucky and do not try the game in advance, you can read ours impressions of June.


In the RPG Hogwarts Legacy you will look into the wizarding world in the 19th century

My heart almost stopped during the PlayStation 5 Showcase. Leaks speculating about a large RPG from the world of Harry Potter from the Avalanche workshop appeared two years ago, and since then there has been no indication that they should be a project that is really being worked on. Tonight, however, we received an official announcement Hogwarts Legacywhich is exactly the mythical game.

Dobby would be happy, because Harry Potter would not return to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Instead, the creators serve us a British school in a different era. As they write in blog on the PlayStation website, JK Rowling’s design gave developers a careful foundation, but also plenty of room for their own imagination.

What was the wizarding world like before Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, even the Newt Scamander from Fantastic Animals? How many years do domestic elves live? Who was the director of Hogwarts in those old days? And what would your voice sound like when you drink a multi-faceted potion?

Hogwarts Legacy warts should be familiar enough to make you feel at home, but at the same time you can discover a whole new world. The ghost of the Gryffindor dormitory, Almost Headless Nick, is already flying in the corridors. The Forbidden Forest was already forbidden and full of danger.

The goblins were recovering from their great wars and certainly did not boss the banks. On the other hand, Piglets already hosted Hogwarts students’ trips at that time, and Ollivander’s family made wands almost 400 years before the beginning of the era, so you will find plenty of that knowledge on your visit to the wizarding world.

Hogwarts Legacy it will really be an RPG in an open world, where the protagonist of the story will be you – an almost random student, who, however, hides the key to an ancient secret that could destroy magicians. You will not start in Hogwarts with the first year and only at school will you find out that you have a rare gift to perceive and master the ancient magical arts. It will be up to you whether you hide this terrible secret for the good of all or succumb to the temptations and lures of black magic.

You will discover what it would be like to live in Hogwarts. You will certainly find friends on your way, but you will also make many enemies and decide the fate of the wizarding world. In addition, you will have to attend classes where you will learn the art of potions, learn about magical creatures, including dragons, or learn curses and incantations. In your free time, you can freely roam the school grounds, discover the secrets of endless Hogwarts corridors and, of course, you will become just the magician you want.

Into the world of lines and spells is in Hogwarts Legacy lähde: Avalanche, Warner Bros. You will be able to release Games, Wizarding World and Portkey Games next year on PCs, PlayStations 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X and S.


It is confirmed. The new God of War will be released next year

During the day, enthusiastic gossip erupted that Sony could show some of the upcoming sequel to the PlayStation 5 Showcase God of War, though Cory Barlog changed his profile picture and banner on Twitter. And it really did, even though the show is a slight disappointment in the end, because Sony played a bit of the “Bethesda card” and hurried with a tiny teaser that showed only the logo, falling snow and the inscription that Ragnarok was coming. Even the runes that appear on the said log say nothing but… “Ragnarok“.

Unlike the relatively unfortunate announcement The Elder Scrolls VI so at least we know the game is scheduled for next year, which is actually quite early. Of course, sequels are usually easier to develop, but three years are still a relatively short time, especially when the first part was undoubtedly a very ambitious project. It would not surprise me at all if the game was finally postponed to the beginning of 2022. But for the good of investors, it is classically aimed at optimistic estimates.

The name Ragnarok is otherwise quite an interesting choice. After all, in Norse mythology this is the end of the world, and one would somehow automatically assume that the creators would aim at a trilogy. If the world really ends in the upcoming work, the question is where the story will take us further. That there would be some brand new planting?

But I’m ahead. And now I have to say that the game, although we haven’t seen it for a second, looks damn tempting. Just because of the fact that if we really witness Ragnarok, we can have absolutely epic scenes. Thor struggles with the serpent of the world, Odin fights the giant wolf Fenrir, Heimdall, the god who guards the bridge to Asgard, shares it with Loki. We’ll see what the creators get involved with.


The gripping movie Hunted tells the story of Star Wars: Squadrons

From dizzying fighter maneuvers to action space shooters Star Wars: Squadrons we are only a little over two weeks apart, and if you expect hearty gameplay footage at this point, you will be disappointed. But I don’t think that the disappointment will be the feeling that will remain in you after watching a new movie.

The seven-minute video does not come from the game at all, quite possibly it was not made even in the engine. This is a really short film that is supposed to reveal some of the events leading up to the story that awaits you in the singleplayer campaign Star Wars: Squadrons.

In the animated film, you watch the imperial pilot of the TIE Fighter and the squadron commander Varka Gray, who is compared to another lost battle, and is the only one left to the enemy – the New Republic. The explosive action is replaced by a thrilling game of hide and seek, followed by another chase in the canyons of the planet Var-Shaa.

The film is to show the human side of the minions of the Empire. The creators made sure that it was still clear that they were basically villains who, however, believe in something in such a way that they are willing to lay down their lives for it, for example when rescuing a partner.

Varko Gray is not some random character, in Star Wars: Squadrons you will really meet him. In the Empire campaign, he will fly by your side as part of the Titan Squadron. Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the first two of those with virtual reality support.

The film itself began making in March this year and is the responsibility of the renowned studio Industrial Light & Magic, specifically John Knoll, who is responsible for, among other things, visual effects in the latest Star Wars trilogy, the Rogue One branch and the Mandalorian series.


You will not like the landscape in the shade. And why should she? – ČT24 – Czech Television

Ivan Arsenjev’s screenplay is based on real events, when in May 1945, in Tušť, South Bohemia, locals together with would-be guerrillas murdered fourteen civilians, their neighbors. However, German nationality. Similar mass murders took place elsewhere in our territory, after all, to think that Europe was full of cheers and joy in the first days and weeks after the end of the war would be naive. On the contrary, it was full of hatred, all sorts of low motives and misery – otherwise the Tušta tragedy cannot be explained. Just read Keith Lowe’s book The Wild Continent, It’s All There…

Both screenwriter and director Bohdan Sláma must have kept all this in mind when they decided to shoot a sad story. And surely they also thought that revenge, empty and blind, would never solve anything, only that the wheel of injustice would turn another bit. And that is exactly what happened in the Black Forest film village during and after the war.

Neighbor neighbor wolf

The village, located on the very Austrian border, was – like Tušť annexed to Czechoslovakia only in 1920 – part of Austria and its inhabitants spoke German and Czech and declared both German and Czech nationality. And most importantly, they lived with the local Jews in perfect harmony, but they also had something to do in the barren fields to make a living.

With Hitler’s anschluss of Austria, however, the situation changed, and in the words of Bohdan Sláma, “ordinary people suddenly face a history that rolls over them and ideologies. It is ideology that destroys interpersonal relationships and destroys the values ​​on which the human community is built. “

Part of the village wanted to join Austria, the Empire. And problems began, quarrels, frictions. Painted gates, swearing, threats, fights. The coexistence that is still functioning is beginning to tear.

After the war broke out, the men left for the front (and returned as disabled), the Gestapo took away the local “revolutionary,” the old Jewish couple left with a transport. Together with the local “patriots”, who themselves have butter on their heads, they put on the tapes of the Revolutionary Guard and begin to clean the village with the help of a command of “guerrillas”.

Black and white message for the present

The filmmakers describe all this in an absolutely believable way, the actors do not play, Diviš Marek’s camera captures the action with long, slow shots, but it can still draw into the center of the dramatic story. The film is black and white and shot on a classic film strip and cinemascope, in an extremely wide-angle shot, which is only good, the viewer is right in the center of everything. Although due to the cruelty and emotional tension of some scenes, it is definitely not smooth. But why should that.

It is necessary – in the context of the whole film – to show, as the director himself says, “what happens at all in these moments, when the channels open, when the rules cease to apply, when the cruelty suddenly comes to the surface. Cruelty is trivial and ugly. “

A film like Landscape in the Shadow is not only great, but also necessary, because we do not have much of such deeds, unmasking the myths of the “good Czechs” and the others, the “bad” ones. Yes, Jasný All good natives capture a similar period, but for a number of reasons they could not cut as deep as the now Landscape in the Shadows. It is good to mention several productions Continuo Theater, also based on actual events.

After the screening, I heard that “Czechs will not like this…” God, and why should it “like” too? Let us quote director Bohdan Sláma once again: “Despite the fact that Landscape in the Shadows took place many years ago and is a historical film, there are a number of situations and facts in it that have something to say to today’s viewer. I was very interested in that in the film. The danger that one will stop respecting values ​​such as morality and ethics and start thinking about the world ideologically also applies to the time in which we live today. So I think the Landscape in the Shadow is actually quite current. “


Dead Cini Boeri, son Stefano: «Sweet and implacable. He challenged prejudices with the workforce “

Intellectual, feminist, designer, Compasso d’Oro, partisan relay, the most refined expression of a creative, committed and courageous Milan. Cini Boeri (died on 9 September at the age of 96 in Milan), with that beautiful and intense life, the unique personality, the political battles, the meetings, the friendships (Ferruccio Parri was his wedding witness). It wasn’t, says her second son Stefano, an architect like her, talented like her. Cini was a tiger and a hen, attentive and affectionate, relentless, ironic and very sweet, a hard worker and vestal of the family, three children, seven grandchildren, her beloved daughters-in-law. thus died Cini Boeri, in his Milanese home, without suffering, with his boys around. He knew how to keep us all together. And together we were up to the last.

Cini Boeri (1924-2020)

Ninety-six years. There are so many, says Stefano serene and melancholy, the hustle and bustle in his home-studio in the heart of Milan, the telephone calls of condolence, the words of affection. Until a year ago, he went to the studio in the morning, every day. Work was her life, it kept her standing, stimulated her. Even in recent months, despite the effort, she continued to design and draw, even with her hands, my mother has always been a designer of shapes.

Stefano Boeri
Stefano Boeri

Architecture as an engine, the profound meaning of an existence who never allowed herself moments of idleness, who preferred work – always – to a bourgeois existence as a Milanese lady. The commitment to carefree. Nights planning, smoking – he smoked until a few months ago, he never stopped – discussing with everyone. Tenacious and combative in a world, that of architecture, which in post-war Italy was not yet ready to deal with women designers, Cini and Gae (Aulenti), so friends and so different, but always loyal to one of the other, respectful of the work of others. Stefano continues: At the Politecnico Giuseppe de Finetti said to my mother: “You can’t be an architect! a profession for men “. He graduated in 1951. Despite the more or less obvious invitations to give up the construction site, to be a wife and mother. During a meeting at the Tempo delle Donne of Corriere della Sera in 2014, Cini told with his usual irony: Marco Zanuso more brutally apostrophized me: “Cini, you don’t have the balls to be an architect”. Prove everyone wrong.

Work and family, the two pillars that Cini never wanted to give up. Stefano still remembers: She was proud of her Compasso d’Oro (she received it in 1979 and career in 2011), proud of her successes, ready at any moment to develop new insights and collaborations. And yet, despite such an important and all-encompassing career, he was always there for us. Focused on our lives, she never lost sight of us. And the relationship with the architect son, indeed, with the star architect of the Vertical Forest Stefano Boeri?

We have never worked together. By choice. We often talked about architecture, in a sincere, sometimes fiery way. Each with his own ideas in the sign of mutual respect. Ours were very beautiful comparisons. And I knew his door was always open for me. She was my mother. No complex? Nobody. My son is also an architect. And there are no conflicts ….

Progressive, Milanese who dreamed of having a private plane like Norman Foster to escape to nature as soon as possible, secular. Cini Boeri’s funeral will be held tomorrow in Lambrate, ashes as she wanted, as she had always decided, autonomous and strong, independent, stubborn and sweet, as we children like to remember her. Those children for whom Zanuso teased her: Do you know that your children have big heads? It will be intelligence, sorry. And she: Provocations that did not hurt me also because my children were beautiful. And he again: Do you plan the chapel of the Nursery having a father-in-law eating a priest ?. Answer: My father-in-law was just a Republican.

The evening at the Boeri house a succession of tender memories. Memories of an extraordinary life, almost always lived in the Sant’Ambrogio district, near the basilica. Stories of an extraordinary woman (who died of old age, sweetly), and of a wonderful, unique mother. Even if he didn’t know how to cook at all.

September 10, 2020 (change September 10, 2020 | 08:26)



REVIEW: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Once upon a time, the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series was among the most popular sports games in the world. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is still ranked as the second best of all time on Metacritic, and must get a lot of credit for “everyone” skating in the early 2000s.

However, after Robomodo took over responsibility for the development of skate games with Tony Hawk’s name on the front in the late 2000s, the series has been driven completely into the ditch.

THPS1 + 2 feels like a Tony Hawk game should do.

The quality of the traditionally very strong game series declined as the developers moved further and further away from the original recipe that had worked so well for them for many years. In 2010, a Tony Hawk game was made with motion controls that only sold 3,000 copies.

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Robomodo probably realized themselves that they were on a whim with the brand, and has on two occasions tried to revive the series by taking it back to its roots. There was something woolly about the physics in the first attempt, Pro Skater HD (2012), and it seemed like they had forgotten about previous mistakes when they tried again with Pro Skater 5 three years later.

Robomodo stepped up in 2016, and responsibility for the brand has been transferred to Vicarious Visions. They have managed what Robomodo never achieved; namely making a Tony Hawk game that feels like a Tony Hawk game.

Finally done right

This is what fans of the Tony Hawk games have been waiting for and wanting all the time. The cornerstones that made the old games immediate classics are back. Responsive controls, high tempo, just right unrealistic and an unforgettable soundtrack. Vicarious Visions has figured out what made the original games so popular, and given us just that.

The intro video that introduces the skaters in the game with Rage Against the Machines Guerilla Radio thundering in the background – just like in the original – sets the mood immediately, and quickly reminds me why I even picked up a skateboard once upon a time.

Here are all the faces from the year 2000. Steve Caballero, Elisa Steamer, Bucky Lasek. In addition, some new playable characters have been added that have stood out in the skating world since last time; as Nyjah Huston, Lizzie Armanto and Tony Hawks son, Riley.

Lizzie Armanto has made a name for herself in the skating world since last time.

In the soundtrack we find most of the songs that formed the soundtrack to the youth of many in the 2000s. Millencollin, Rage Against the Machine and not least Goldfinger. Singer THPS fans are listening to to this day. What many consider to be the best soundtrack of all time in a game has also been expanded with another 37 songs.

The best decision made in the development of this game is to include mechanics from Tony Hawk games that came in later editions. The big innovation in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was “manuals”, which made it possible to continue to combine tricks even on flat ground. But THPS1 + 2 also has “reverts”, “acid drop”, “spine transfer”, “hip transfer” and “wallplant”, which have been added gradually as the game series has grown.

All of these mechanics make the game more fluid and varied, and make it easier to do great combinations of tricks, thus scoring more points.

You may not be blown off course by the graphics in this remaster, at least not on PlayStation 4. There are a lot of stiff faces, and both figures and cosmetics load just a little too slowly. But it’s not that bad either. Everything no longer looks like porridge, and besides, the Tony Hawk games are about the mechanics and the game feeling, and the has really made Vicarious Visions.

Fussy framework

The Apple does not fall far from the tree. Tony Hawk’s son, Riley, is one of the playable characters in THPS1 + 2.

Then there are some things that are completely new. Instead of having to round the game with all the different skaters, the progression is now saved to a profile. Thus, you can play a few courses like Tony Hawk, and continue the progression like Bob Burnquist. The only limitation is that you have to go through each track with each skater to pick up skill points, so all skills can be maximized.

“Everything” you do in the game gives experience points that make your profile level up. To complete missions in the boards, to create your own skater, to create a park. Reaching a new level unlocks cosmetic items in the form of clothes you can buy for your skater, or hinder and decorate the homemade skate parks. In addition, there are a number of challenges, most of which can be completed at any time. The challenges may be, for example, to land a combination consisting of at least one flip, a gate and a grab trick. When a challenge is completed, things like profile icons and new skateboards are unlocked.

Personally, I think the graphics that keep popping up because I manage a challenge at random are a bit fussy. I reckon that it is to keep the interest of a group of players who are probably significantly more impatient than they used to be 20 years ago. To avoid playing the same courses, and do the same missions X number of times is so far comfortable, because it can be monotonous.

In addition, an online mode has been created where you can meet other skaters to compete. Here you are placed in a playlist, where the game circulates through the different sets of rules. First person to a given score, highest score after two minutes, highest single combo, to name a few. It’s always fun to show that you’re the best at Tony Hawk, but it’s definitely the most fun to play with a friend on the couch. Which of course is also possible.

Kareem Campbell is an old ring fox that many will remember from the original games.

Those with an extra large competitive instinct can even try their hand at ranked gaming. It can quickly become more frustrating than fun, because the online experience is disrupted at frequent, irregular intervals. Suddenly the game freezes and you regain control of your player two seconds later. Two seconds is quite a long time in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, so usually your figure lies and bounces on the ground when you regain control.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a beautiful nostalgia package for those who grew up with and loved the earliest games in the series. Both the first two games have been refurbished with all the tracks, the same professional skaters and the same unforgettable soundtrack.

This remaster is unlikely to be a challenger in the award for this year’s graphics, but it does not have much to say. Vicarious Visions has taken the most important pillar, spiced it up with the best mechanics that have been added in later editions, and recreated the good feeling from the beginning of the 2000s.

Hopefully this is a basis for new Tony Hawk games. I like to see them try other things, such as storytelling and larger worlds, as the series has been experimented with in the past. The most important thing is that the pillars are not shaken too much.

If you are keen on a more realistic skating experience, you can check it out Skater XL. Are you more interested in arcade games, maybe Norwegian-developed, Skate City, Something for you.


What is the weather like on the other planets of the Solar System?

Every morning we get up and check how the weather will be in our city (or destination to which we go). But regardless of whether it rains or is sunny, the conditions on Earth are unique. What is the weather like on the other planets of the Solar System? Neither offers a chance for life, although there are futuristic terraforming projects in places like Mars.

With the help of NASA we reviewed what the weather is like on the other planets in our solar system.


A vacation on Mercury would turn into a real disaster because it is so close to the Sun that the temperatures are extremely high. During the day, the Sun would look three times larger and more than 10 times brighter than on Earth.

Those solar rays cause temperatures to rise to 427 ℃. And at night, as there is no atmosphere that can maintain the heat of the day, temperatures reach -149 ℃.


While one may think that, because Mercury is so close to the Sun, it would take the award for being the warmest planet in the entire Solar System, we will find that that title actually goes to Venus.

Venus is covered by a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide, and its clouds are made of sulfuric acid. Both form the so-called greenhouse effect: they trap heat and warm the planet. Venus can reach temperatures of up to 452 ℃. If Venus had oceans, they would have long since disappeared.


Daytime temperatures on Mars are close to winter temperatures on Earth and can go as low as 0 ℃. But the thin atmosphere of Mars cannot keep warm from the Sun and, at night, temperatures are around -93 degrees Celsius.

Orbiters and rovers that have been studying Mars have discovered that it is quite possible that at some point in the past there was a lot of water on the red planet. But the amount of water remaining is not enough to form a water cycle like the one we have on Earth, so we can say that Mars is practically a desert.

Furthermore, deserts on Mars experience impressive dust storms that can leave the planet completely covered for several weeks. Wind patterns also generate “dust devils,” a kind of desert tornado.


Jupiter is a gas giant, which means it does not have a solid surface to stand on. But, with that said, we can observe its weather anyway.

Jupiter is a stormy planet, most famous for its Great Red Spot. In reality, this stain is a violent storm that has lasted at least 300 years. But the Great Red Spot is not the only storm Jupiter has. The entire planet is covered by clumps of clouds that swirl high in the atmosphere and are most likely composed of ammonia.


When we get to Saturn, another gas giant, and see its precious rings, we are already very far from the Sun: about 1,448 million kilometers. That’s almost twice the distance from Jupiter. That distance also means experiencing average temperatures of about -140 ℃.

The closest climate to ours in the Solar System is found on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Scientists believe that Titan has seasons, clouds that bring rain, and an atmosphere made largely of nitrogen, like ours.

But the bad news is that more than a water cycle, Titan has cycles of a chemical component called methane. The rain that falls from clouds is methane and falls on lakes, rivers and seas.


Uranus is famous as an ice giant and lives up to its name: it reaches temperatures of -182 ℃. Also, its axis is lopsided about 98 ℉. Scientists believe that the impact of some object in the past caused it to tilt.

Because Uranus is so far away, it takes 84 Earth years to complete one orbit. And each season lasts 21 Earth years.

The twisted axis of Uranus is the cause of some strange changes in its seasons during its orbit around the Sun. In summer and winter, in many parts of the planet it is day or night throughout the season, that is, for 21 years . In spring, Uranus cycles through night and day every 17 hours. This planet also has some impressive storms. It is very likely that this cycle of seasons is one of the reasons why these storms occur.


Neptune is very, very far away: an average of 4,506 million kilometers from the Sun. That means that this icy giant has very cold temperatures. The average temperature on Neptune is -182 ℃.

If this temperature sounds familiar, it is because Uranus is almost at the same temperature. Why these two planets are at the same temperature, despite being at such different distances from the Sun, remains a mystery.

Neptune has a dense atmosphere and is covered by constantly changing clouds that revolve around the planet. The wind dominates Neptune: it can reach 1,931 kilometers per hour, the strongest in the Solar System.