Jennifer Aniston sweeps Instagram in her Emmy pajamas, designed by another Hollywood star

Regardless of whether it is in the Red carpet or from the comfort of your home, Jennifer Aniston always manages to conquer us in the Awards Emmy. This year it has not been possible for the event to be of a massive nature as in past years for what we all already know, but they have managed to make it an evening worthy of remembering.

In fact, having to participate telematically it was not a problem for the American actress. At least, that is what she has implied through her last. Instagram post.

The ‘Friends’ star keeps pulling the maximum profit of his Instagram profile since an account was created last year, and the image he shared hours before having to face the cameras makes it clear how he shows himself to his army of more than 36 million followers.

Natural, comfortable, safe and fun could be just some of the qualifiers that come to mind when we see her sitting in a velvety armchair wearing a pajama set. A snapshot in which we have not been able to ignore the cloth mask and the glass of champagne with which she pampered her skin and relaxed before going through makeup, hairdressing and wardrobe.

Look de Jennifer Aniston. (Instagram @jenniferaniston)
Look de Jennifer Aniston. (Instagram @jenniferaniston)

The hours of disconnection suited her wonderfully, since afterwards we saw her splendid with a look infallible that ended up sneaking into our ranking of best dressed of the Emmys.

However, as we detailed his outfit we couldn’t stop thinking about him. sky blue pajamas With whom he decided to pose on Instagram hours before the event. Fortunately, the interpreter of ‘The Morning Show’ left us all the details labeled in her publication: the pajamas set is signed by For women.

Pijama from For Women.  (Cortesía)
Pijama from For Women. (Cortesía)

Far from being just any design, it is a proposal from the brand of Robin Wright. The Hollywood star decided to found a home and sleepwear firm that would shape the perfect pajamas for keep sacred from bedtime, with designer Karen Fowler.

Since then, they have conquered their clients with luxurious designs made of noble fabrics. Jennifer Aniston thus joins the fan list with a set of pants and shirt made with japanese organic cotton (288 euros) and a robe of the same fabric (283 euros).

When an actress like Aniston decides to pose in pajamas for the whole world, we can assume that will do it big, and with this relaxed but ultra-sophisticated look she has shown it.

Robin will surely be delighted with the shoppers stampede who have gone to sign their proposals. We, without a doubt, have signed up for our wish list.


Lars Ulrich ditches everything and decides who is the best drummer of all time

Although you assumed you have been asked the same question for decades, Lars Ulrich de Metallica chose between John Bonham de Led Zeppelin y Neil Peart de Rush who is in his opinion the best drummer in history.

“I would put two more names on that list. Ian Paice de Deep Purple He’s an incredibly gifted drummer with technique, and Phil Rudd is what gives AC / DC that incredible jump and swing, “said the Metallica drummer in conversation with Howard Stern.

Along with praising Peart and Bonham, both deceased, Ulrich finally claimed that “Between Neil and John, without disrespecting him, but I’ll have to go with John Bonham”.


You Don’t Have to Be Technical to Be Good at Guitar

Everyone has different opinions on what makes a guitar player good. Are their riffs heavy? Can they solo at the speed of light? Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t think being able to shred necessarily makes a guitarist good — he thinks it’s more about the feelings the playing invoke.

Explaining his stance to Kerrang!, MGK cited Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain as a major influence on him when he was growing up. “Some of us are just fuck-ups who look normal and wear shitty clothes because we can’t afford good ones, and we’re angry and we just wanna take out our angst and shit with a guitar,” he said. “I’m not inspired by how good you are, it’s almost like the opposite. I wanna feel you.”

“Kurt didn’t give a fuck how he sounded, he gave a fuck how he felt,” Kelly continued. “He was like, ‘Dude, my stomach hurts today. I feel like shit. I hate this song that you all love so much. I’m gonna play it terribly. I’m not even gonna sing the right lyrics to this shit. Fuck you!’”

The musician, who’s about to release his first pop-punk album Tickets to My Downfall, reflected on his own experiences growing up, and how he felt like an outcast. “Where the fuck was I going to learn how to play like Steve Vai? I couldn’t! I was broke. No-one gave a fuck about me. Give me three chords, though, and tell me to show you how I feel, and I bet you I will.”

“Fuck the people who think that your technicalities are what defines you,” he affirmed, comparing technical guitarists to robots. “You know robots can do things really fucking good, right? But a robot can’t make you feel.”

Tickets to My Downfall will be out Friday, Sept. 25 on Bad Boy and Interscope Records.

The 66 Best Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time


They open a process to give the Metropolitan stadium a commercial name

The Barranquilla mayor’s office opened an application process to participate in the auction that will give the stadium a commercial name Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez, as is the style in many parts of the world with sports venues. For example, the BBVA Bancomer stadium (Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico), Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta, USA) and Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany), Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, USA), Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid) or Movistar Arena (Bogotá), among others.

The idea of ​​getting a sponsor for the ‘Metro’ was announced by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, in a visit to EL HERALDO on March 4, 2020, but it will begin to become a reality this Thursday, from 9 am, in a hearing to socialize the details of the application process. Interested companies must register at the following link:

“The trade name rights It is a model under which a brand / company associates or puts its name to an event or place for a specified time in exchange for the payment of those rights. Under the protection of the advertising technique, the guardian of the sports venue allows a company to be associated with it by including its brand in the name of the venue ”, explained the mayor’s office through a statement.

“This public search marks the beginning of a major modernization project for the stadium, supported, now, with resources from a private investor”Added the official announcement.

The commercial naming rights of the Colombian soccer temple may have a national or international sponsor. The brands preselected in the application phase will be able to bid in the auction.

The District Secretary for Recreation and Sports appointed Puerta de Oro, Caribbean Development Company, to take charge of the process.

“The stadium, in this case, gains the possibility of obtaining additional income that allows its reinvestment, development and modernization, as well as expanding its recognition from the hand of a brand. The investing company, for its part, gains exposure in a place with wide media coverage, ”the statement said.

Interested companies and legal entities will find the application process here and They will have until Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 am. to subscribe with the respective requirements.


Rolling Stones open their shop on Carnaby Street – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LONDON, AUGUST 20 – The legendary Rolling Stones return to Carnaby Street, the famous street in Soho in the heart of London, where rock and pop were at home in the Sixties, at the time of ‘Swinging London’. It was in those streets that the band began its dazzling career and is now about to open an official shop, entirely dedicated to the promotion of the group and its history: starting from 9 September you can buy T-shirts, pins, memorabilia, vinyls and other items. with the inevitable language, icon and symbol of the Stones. The ‘flagship store’ is called ‘RS No. 9 Carnaby’, was launched complete with a video on YouTube, and is located at number 9 of the famous street. The products on sale were made in collaboration with some well-known international brands, such as Stutterheim (overcoats) and Baccarat (glassware). Furniture and architecture have always been designed according to the spirit and tastes of the band: red and black dominate, on the glass floor there are the lyrics of their songs, while in the dressing rooms you can find the works of art related to the most famous albums . “Soho has always represented rock music and so Carnaby Street is ideal for our store,” said the Stones. It is also a question of relaunching the area in the name of music after it had been transformed into a normal shopping area in recent years, losing much of its originality.