Roger Federer and the intrahistory of his rooftop spot

When Victory (13 years old) and Carola (11 years old) went up to the roof of their respective buildings to play tennis during the quarantine, surely there was a moment when one of the two thought: What if we record it? In that instant everything changed. Weeks passed and the nine million views that the video had pushed them onto the public scene, to the point that a brand as prestigious as Barilla and a sportsman of the stature of Roger Federer they were interested in being part of history.

The commercial (which in case you have not seen it yet, we leave it in this link) brings the two girls together on the roof to explain how the idea of ​​playing on the roof came about and, incidentally, giving them the biggest surprise of their lives. A flesh and blood Roger Federer appears behind the recording curtain and, how could it be otherwise, they are speechless. The rest of the story is completed with a meal of the whole team together and an invitation to the Rafa Nadal Academy so that both Vittoria and Carola enjoy another unforgettable experience in Mallorca. Thanks to a report from Corriere della Sera We have been able to discover more information about this beautiful story.

The question is no longer only in how the entire fabric of the ad was forged, but in what happened next? Vittoria explains it with the greatest of emotions. “We were having lunch at La Gioiosa and we teach him a few words in Italian. Words like gnocchi, bruschetta, ciao, good morning, good evening and of course, tiramisu. He told us that as a child he was not enthusiastic about it, but when he grew up he became passionate about it until it became his favorite dessert. He told us that he has asked for it in all the tournaments he has traveled through, that he tried it in all the restaurants he has been to, ”explains the 13-year-old girl.

On the day of recording the spot, already with Barilla in between, the protagonists never imagined the miracle they were going to experience that morning. And we say miracle because even when they saw the genius from Basel they could not believe that it was real. “We did not suspect anything. In fact, once it appeared behind me and I saw it, I was convinced it was a mannequin, It seemed impossible to me that it was real Roger, the one in the flesh. That’s when I leaned out and yelled at my grandmother: Grandma, Federer is on our roof! Federer, the real one!”, He confesses with the utmost innocence.

Later, with the situation assimilated, it was time to enjoy the champion of 20 Grand Slams without the pressure of the cameras filming every movement. A little while with the human Federer, a privilege that few fans will be able to count on. “He showed us a video on his mobile in which he was playing with his sister, she was about 4-5 years old,” says Vittoria. “He was very generous with us, giving us advice, recommending that at our age the most important thing was that we play with joy and have fun, without stress. He also gave us gifts: the racket with which he faced Novak Djokovic in the last semifinal of the Australian Open, an autographed shirt, some bandanas and several balls ”.

A day that they will never forget and for which they have become famous locally. In Finale Ligure, a town where everything happened, there are not a few neighbors who day after day ask the girls a visit to the famous rooftop. The place where it all started with a simple video and ended with a worldwide publicity spot and the opportunity to meet Roger Federer himself. And if that were not enough, the icing is still missing, a visit to the Rafa Nadal Academy where they will surely also be able to share a day with the Balearic tennis player. Put a roof in your life, it can bring you many joys.


OPINION | What is happening to tennis?

Moment of crisis that tennis is going through at the moment. The inability to bring together the best players on the circuit in one big tournament is taking a toll. This week should have marked a before and after in this sport, since we had the first international tournament after almost four long months without official competition. Its about WTA International of Palermo, which although with more than notable absences, has been involved in controversies about the organization of the tournament that will surely help other tournaments to know what they have and do not have to do. But in spite of everything, the Italian tournament continues to be played with total normality and waiting for no news, on Sunday we will know the name of the first post-lockdown champion. But … what happens in the men’s circuit?

It all started in the afternoon two days ago when the cancellation of the Mutua Madrid Open was made official for the second time this year. The Madrid tournament was on the calendar very well strategically placed, since it served as a springboard for those tennis players who came from New York did not have to quarantine on European soil. So to speak, players who came from playing at the US Open could play the Mutua without any problems. But this does not happen in Rome. The Italian country has as a rule that every tourist who comes from a country that is not within the European Union will have to spend 14 days in isolation at home. Hence the doubts of many tennis players who are not sure whether or not they want to travel to the United States, since they could jeopardize their participation in the Masters 1000 in Rome and at Roland Garros.

Hours after the cancellation of the Mutua Madrid Open, we heard the news that Rafael Nadal I would not contest the US Open. To be honest, Rafa should not be criticized for expressing his concern about the idea of ​​having to travel to the United States, the country most affected by this damn pandemic that has paralyzed the whole world. In his place, I would also have done the same, since health is above all and there is nothing better than staying home and waiting for the right moment. In addition, the great goal of the Balearic Islands is still Roland Garros. Hence, her training sessions are being on clay, in order to arrive as prepared as possible for the big event in Paris.

Novak Djokovic for his part has not yet confirmed his participation in the US Open, although everything indicates that he will. He needs to close the gap with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in numbers of Grand Slam titles, but if he manages to win the title it will not have the same repercussion as years ago. Without detracting from what it means to win a Grand Slam, doing it this way would lose all the magic and even the winner himself would notice it. Players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Fabio Fognini, Stan Wawrinka, Gael Monfils or Nick Kyrgios, have confirmed their withdrawal from the tournament that will start at the end of August. Not to mention the importance of playing a Grand Slam with a packed center court cheering on their idols.

We all appreciate the need for tennis to come back as soon as possible, but there are doubts, many doubts. Today there is even uncertainty about the 2021 Australian Open, which will almost certainly be played without an audience or with limited capacity. And it is that international travel continues to be a headache for all tennis players, and it is that tennis is one of the most international sports in the world, with tournaments every week in every corner of this planet. Rafa himself said it yesterday. The schedule is outrageous and it is practically impossible for anyone to play it all.

Imagine a scenario like that during these days people continue to get off for the US Open and of the twenty best players in the world only seven or eight travel. Imagine the seeded list of what should be one of the best moments of the year in tennis. Is that really what we want to see in such an iconic event as the US Open? Possibly many of you will be against my thoughts, others will think the same or similar, but there is no doubt that tennis is in crisis.


Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are planning aid funds

Superstars Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer appear to be working on the establishment of an aid fund to support financially threatened professionals in the rear of the world rankings.

Several media, including the French sports newspaper, report on a letter to the players from the Serbian Djokovic, who is also the chairman of the ATP Players’ Council L’Equipe.

“We believe that we all have to come together and help these players. Many of them are thinking about leaving professional tennis because they simply cannot survive financially,” wrote world number one Djokovic: “We have to try to take care of them all. They are the basis of tennis and the basis of professional sport. “

Djokovic confirmed on Saturday live on Instagram Live that he had a “long talk” with Federer and Nadal about “how we can do our part and help the lower-placed players who have the biggest problems.”


In the dark and unarmed, the ‘duel’ of the tennis players in confinement: “It is difficult to play this year”


He saysAna Puente, specialist in Sports Psychology, that in the situation that tennis players are experiencing right now there are confluence with grief. “It is the loss of their daily life and implies a similar process, which begins with acceptance, assuming moments of sadness and anger.” Puente works, among other athletes, withDusan Lajovic, world number 23 and finalist last year in the Montecarlo 1,000 Masters. The Serbian, like the vast majority of his colleagues, has had to

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Federer challenged Messi and CR7 to perform an exercise

Although there are no tournaments and it is very possible that it will take several months for the competitions to return, Roger Federer He decided to take out the racket and challenge various figures in world sports. The Swiss challenged Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon, Tony Kroos, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Lebron James Y Stephen Curry, among others, to hit a ball with a racket a few centimeters from a wall, while the stoppage of tennis activity due to the pandemic lasts.

Dressed in immaculate white and wearing a classic hat of the same color, in the image and likeness of what players from the beginning of the last century used to show, Federer shared through social media a video in which he is observed repeatedly hitting the ball, as if it were flying on a court. “Here is a useful solo exercise. Let’s see what you have! Respond with a video and I’ll give you some advice. Choose your hat wisely ”, commented the 38-year-old tennis player, who throughout his career has accumulated 20 Grand Slams.

As it is a content of maximum public interest, in the context of the pandemic that affects the world, this note has been released by LA GACETA so that all users can access it without restrictions.


Wimbledon out due to Corona: will tennis be played in 2020?

Uncertain look into the future: There is currently little to suggest that Roger Federer and colleagues will soon be back in action.
Image: Reuters

After Wimbledon’s cancellation, doubts grow as to whether tennis can be played again in 2020. Angelique Kerber, Roger Federer and Co. are facing unclear weeks. A memory also tarnishes the mood.

VA few days ago, Roger Federer reported on the social networks with a small video that showed him in the thick snow with a hat and down vest while changing the ball with a tennis wall. He hit the balls in front of his body, behind and through his open legs, and of course it looked like it was a little thing. On the video, he wrote that he wanted to make sure he hadn’t forgotten the tricks; a rather ironic little comment, because the danger did not exist in spite of his break in dangerous times. In February Federer had an arthroscopy in his knee and his return to tennis was planned for the Noventi Open in Halle / Westphalia in mid-June. First steps on the beloved lawn, the next should follow over on the island in Wimbledon.

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When Federer released the video with blowing snow, he probably had more than a clue that nothing was going to happen in the lawn season. Now everyone knows, officially. He was “devastated”, said the Swiss immediately after the cancellation of the All England Championships 2020 on Wednesday, but added that he could not wait to be back in Wimbledon next year.


Wimbledon will not take place – Release

On the live Coronavirus

Wimbledon will not take place

Oh no !!!

Canceled. Not reported, no. Canceled. No strawberries with cream this year, no hope more and more vain to see Federer clinch a twenty-first title of the Grand Slam in la loulou. No opportunity to make fun of the English tradition. The Wimbledon organizers have announced that they will no longer host the tournament, scheduled for June 29 to July 12. It is the first time that one of the four major tennis tournaments, in this case the most prestigious, has been canceled. There was no question of playing it behind closed doors: between players and referees, ball collectors, too many people would have walked the alleys of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. And impossible to postpone it: at Wimbledon, the lawn is only green in the summer, in the fall it would be too slippery and therefore dangerous, and the site only has two short courts. However, the organizers should not leave their shirts there, in this case their white polo shirts. Well inspired, they signed an insurance contract, “7 digits” said one of them at Daily Mail, which provides for their almost total compensation in the event of cancellation due to a pandemic (or terrorist attack, or death of the queen which would cause a period of national mourning). Their insurer will therefore have to take out some 300 million euros (ouch !!!). Not sure in the future that a company dares to sign such a contract.

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Athletes help Corona break after injuries or problems

DThe soccer Bundesliga is paused, as is the tennis tour. Formula 1 is waiting for the start of the season, the Olympics and the European Football Championship have been postponed. The corona virus has swirled the sport vigorously. The cancellations and postponements are not so inconvenient for some athletes.

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Leroy Sané and Niklas Süle: It was also difficult for national coach Joachim Löw to predict whether the two important players would be fit in time for the European Football Championship this summer. Both had contracted cruciate ligament tears in the first half of the season. If anything, they would have traveled to the tournament in June and July with very little practice. Time was running out, especially for Bayern professional Süle. The pan-European tournament is now to be held from June 11 to July 11, 2021. And the defense chief, like Manchester City attacker Sané, has plenty of time to get in shape.

Marco Reus: DFB colleague Marco Reus also gets enough time for recovery. The Dortmund captain suffered a complicated muscle injury at the cup out at Werder Bremen in early February and has not been used since.

Robert Lewandowski: At Bayern, the top scorer misses fewer games than feared. At the end of February he had been diagnosed with a crack in the shin edge at the left knee joint and a break of four weeks. For the record champions, the pole is actually irreplaceable. Lewandowski had scored 39 goals in 32 competitions in three competitions.

Roger Federer: A knee surgery after the Australian Open led to a months-long break for the tennis star. Successes at his biggest goals this year – Wimbledon and Olympia – were also at risk. It seems likely that Wimbledon will not be able to start in late June as planned. The Swiss would be able to realize his dream of Olympic gold in 2021 when he was almost 40 years old. However, according to the current status, the French Open scheduled for autumn overlap with the Laver Cup he initiated.

Angelique Kerber and Andrea Petkovic: Like Federer, Kerber would have missed the important and then canceled tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami because of her lengthy hamstring injury. The three-time Grand Slam winner threatened to crash further in the world rankings and possibly slip off the seed list at upcoming Grand Slam tournaments. Now the world rankings remain unchanged for the time being. And Kerber, like her Fed Cup colleague Andrea Petkovic, has enough time to at least cure her injury. Petkovic has had to take a break since the beginning of the year and have an operation on his knee.

Marcel Nguyen: The three-time European gymnast had his surgery on his shoulder in October, but was recently slightly panicked about the Olympics. The closed halls made suitable preparation impossible. Now his Tokyo dream is much more realistic. Had it been the original date from July 24th to August 9th, he might have run out of time. “I was given valuable time,” said Nguyen, who won Olympic silver on the parallel bars and in the 2012 all-around in London. “Now I can prepare myself in peace. Without the stress of getting myself to my previous performance level. ”

Sebastian Vettel: The winter test phase of Formula 1 was again sobering for the Ferrari driver and his team. The new car from Scuderia looked immature and could not counter the pace of the title competition from Mercedes and Red Bull. Vettel was already preparing for a difficult start to the season when the opening race in Australia was canceled at short notice. The racing series is now in the Corona break until at least June, and the teams are on holiday for the time being. From mid-April, however, Ferrari could try to catch up with the development deficit and rebuild the car vigorously. The time until a possible restart would be the chance for the Ferrari engineers – and in the end for Vettel.