Anastasia Volochkova showed a string of “alcoholic” and publicly put in place Dan Borisov

Anastasia Volochkova and Dana Borisova long-standing conflict. Two blondes had a fight after the former TV presenter has accused the dancer of alcoholism and amoralke. In response to the dancer urged her opponent to answer.

Dana Borisova came face-to-face Anastasia Volochkova, which was accused of drunkenness. The ballerina denies that suffers from alcoholism. “What she’s accusing me? What I like to drink wine. What do you not drink wine? Sorry, what do you care what I do, I sleep with somebody that I realize. If the main task is to come every day to be on stage,” he said, as snapped, the actress in the new issue of the program “New Russian sensations”.

Dana just does not intend to retreat. “By the way, at this stage the legs were growing. It is explained to us in rehab. Female alcoholism, the third stageread the literature , specifically the woman begins to crawl” – not appeased with the scandalous attacks on television.

Volochkova also not born shita. “I’d love to see Dana Borisov after his cocaine, so she went out and did something physically feet, hands. Without cocaine, I think, will not. If she says this, that they used to lose weight,” he recalled ballerina revelation sworn friend.

Borisov admits that struggling with their addictions. “Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict! But I’m honest, I speak about it openly. But I’ve dealt with a long time all these initial stages, and her daughter is not even in the beginning, it is in active use! That is her denial even saw but saw. Nastya, I have a lot in common. We share the same disease – alcoholism“- she said.

Anastasia most resent injustice. “I do not understand why people take the liberty to judge me, to appreciate and evaluate? Climb into my soul, into my glass, my plate, in my bed, in my house. I have a feeling that in my house lives the whole country. Everyone drink: one wine who – vodka is what everyone wants – it is the right of every human being. But after drinking you can’t come to the gym and doing cartwheels, pirouettes and to do what you love”, – is angry with the artist.

Volochkova believes that Borisov must answer for his slander. “When you’re talking shit, you have to answer! I can tell you my cat: chatter and … – no bags to roll”.

Dana retorted: “Away: Mat-peremat. Habalki included. You go drunk, beg, fall.”

However, the proposal Nastya took. “Anastasia, breathe!”, – demanded Dana. Volochkova complied with the request, and Borisov withdrew, driving away the smell. “Are you sober?”, – asked the presenter.

In response Volochkova assured that just worked eight hours on Pointe and offered the opponent the experiment. She sent Borisov through all the circles of hell ballet to the on your own Pointe shoes see how hard hangover “to be in the pack.”

The job – to do the splits – Dana failed miserably. And this is understandable. In this field Volochkova has no equal.

Drove Dan twine “alcoholic” in the air. Spinning, spinning. String “alcoholic”, and revolves a ball of gold” – Anastasia twirled in the dance, doing his trademark splits.

She said that for the year from it there were 40 performances of “the Dancer in the mirror of the circus.” “I do every day love. Wake up in bed with a loved one… to Blame I have nothing. Has no right! For the charges that she made, calling me, pouring dirt, she will answer in court”, – said the dancer.


WHO estimates possible timelines for easing restrictions due to the virus in Russia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”

The mitigation of restrictive measures introduced in the framework of the fight against coronavirus in Russia is possible after two weeks if the growth rate of the number of infected people decreases during this period. This was stated by the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia Melita Vujnovic during a round table on the theme “Recognize and defeat COVID-19: diagnostic tactics and ensuring treatment accessibility,” reports TASS.

“I am very glad that we have seen a decrease in the growth rate over the past ten days, and today in Moscow we have seen a significant decrease in infections,” said Vujnovic. According to her, in the next two weeks it is necessary to “very carefully” monitor the development of the situation and in the case of positive dynamics, we can begin to gradually ease the restrictions.

Popova announced a decrease in the growth rate of the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

Earlier on April 29, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova announced a decrease in the rate of incidence of coronavirus in Russia. According to her, now the daily increase in infections in the country is 7-8%. The Governor of the Moscow Region, in turn, said that the region reached a plateau in the number of patients with COVID-2019. According to him, the daily increase in new cases of infection in the suburbs is at the level of 5-7%.

In total, in Russia, according to the operational headquarters, 99.3 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, more than 10 thousand people recovered, 972 died.


Russia Moscow Peace

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Source: JHU,
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anti-virus operations

Source: JHU, federal and regional anti-virus operations


Open Bookstores round the 3,800 units sold

The campaign Open Bookstores has sold about 3,800 copies in ten days and has reached the 300 affiliated bookstores. Boulder Eva Baltasar has been the best-selling book between March 23 and 30 on the platform, which proposes to readers to buy books now despite not being able to physically have them until the bookstores reopen, to provide liquidity to nearby stores.

As for the bestsellers, Baltasar’s book is followed by I sing and the mountain dances by Irene Solà; Brave women from Txell Feixas; William by Núria Cadenes; Don’t tell tales by Natza Farré and Gala Pont; Ca la Wenling by Gemma Ruiz; Breaking the silence de Mireia Boya; A wedding in Lyon by Stefan Zweig; Normal people of Sally Rooney and It’s just that we weren’t before by Empar Moliner.

The reader enters the catalog, chooses which novelty he wants from more than 6,000 titles of 2019 and 2020, and chooses in which bookstore he wants to buy. and pick up the book in a few weeks. The organizers explained that 100% of what generates the sale of books will be for the bookseller: When you receive each order, you will have 50% of the amount and when you can reopen, the remaining 50%.

Among the new establishments of Girona that have joined are Blanes (Ça Trencada, Laia), Caldes de Malavella (Solés), Girona (Calmot, Sweet Books), L’Estartit (Elias), Camprodon (Anglada) , La Bisbal (La Singlatana, Spiral), Figueres (Edison, La Bookman), Llagostera (Sureda), the Fornells de la Selva tobacconist, Lloret de Mar (Gallissà), Olot (Drac), Vilamalla (Text), Palafrugell (Forum Space Forum), Sant Feliu de Guíxols (La Guineu, Lectonauta, Nobel), Pals (La Caseta) and Puigcerdà (Viladesau).


“The impact of the coronavirus will be very severe if it lasts three or four months”



Porsche announced its 2019 results on Friday, the year in which it sold 280,800 vehicles, 10% more, despite the fact that world vehicle sales fell by 4% for the second consecutive year. Turnover increased 10.6% to 28,518 million euros, with a net operating result before specials of 4,397 million euros, 2.52% more. The profit on sales stood at 15.4%, among the highest in the sector, although below the record of 17.6% reached in 2018. A setback due to the heavy investments necessary for the development of electrification, with the brand’s first electric model, the Taycan, launched on the market last year.

In addition to the Taycan, in 2019 Porsche carried out the most intense launch campaign in its history, with launches such as the 911 cabriolet, the third generation of the Cayenne SUV, with its new coupe bodywork or the new 718. It also inaugurated its new production facilities in Zuffenhausen , the first factory in the world that produces vehicles in a totally sustainable way. However, the manufacturer foresees great challenges for 2020 due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis, as detailed by its head of Finance, Lutz Meschke.

‘In many European countries there has been a complete closure. It is a very complicated situation, “Meschke explained at a round table with journalists in which ABC participated. “We don’t know when production and sales will resume – the manufacturer has decided, for now, to close its plants in Zuffenhausen and Stuttgart for at least two weeks.” We don’t know if it will have a short or long impact. In my view it is still too early. But the impact will be significant. We do not know if the situation will last until summer or fall.

The coup is also not exclusive to Europe, but has also spread to North America, for now especially to New York and California, as China began to rise. “In China the situation in February has been very difficult, with a closure of at least three weeks. We now had hopes of recovery in March, with up to 80% of dealerships reopened. ”

Meschke insists that if the break extends for two or three weeks the impact would not be very severe. “But it will be very different if the situation lasts for three or four months.” Asked if the European Commission should rethink its emissions targets for 2020, which could lead to fines of up to 12,000 million euros for manufacturers if their fleet is too polluting, he considers that «it’s still too early to discuss with the authorities a delay in the objectives. If the crisis lasts a couple of weeks it will not be necessary. But if it lasts until summer it will have to be discussed, this is clear. It is not realistic to have limitations that later cannot be met ».

Although the profitability per vehicle of Porsche remains, at 15.4%, among the highest in the sector, it has suffered a drop from the record of 17.6% obtained in 2018, which the manager attributes to the electrification program development costs of its offer, starting with the Taycan sports saloon. Despite this, he was counting on keeping it above 15%, with a “promising” situation before the coronavirus, although now “we have a crisis situation and we must wait to see what happens in the coming months or days.”

Despite the fact that it is usually argued that the production of electric vehicles requires less personnel, Porsche increased its workforce to 35,429 employees, 9.6% more. “In general, compared to a thermal car, fewer people are required. But with the Taycan we needed a new production site, and so we needed new jobs, about 2,000 new ones. The production of our sports cars has also gone well and that is why it has also increased.

The crisis, he considers, also offers a window of opportunity for the digitalization of the sales process, something in which Porsche, with a virtual platform already in testing in Germany, is a pioneer. “It is a good opportunity to prepare customers for new purchase formulas.” The platform, he continues, only prepares cars for car acquisition, but the dealership is always integrated into the process, to assist in paperwork and guide the customer in car setup. “For dealers there should be no concern about the new digital platform. In addition, dealers can take advantage of preparing customers for the coming months and direct sales in the coming months.

It also advocates for continuing to develop new business models, taking as an example the subscription service Porsche Passport, started in Atlanta (Georgia), and which allows customers to switch between different models of the brand depending on their specific needs. “It is very important to invest in new business models, and to go in the direction of autonomous driving. One approach is to offer customers subscription models like Passport, a proposal that has been very well received and has allowed them to attract new, much younger customer profiles. ” In this sense, he recalls that the company has decided to expand the offer to San Diego, Toronto and Las Vegas, and advances that it could also be extended to Europe and Asia.


High schools, universities reveal reimbursement fees, credit policies – NBC 7 San Diego

With most university campuses closed and many students returning home, families are looking for details of possible reimbursements or school credits, as well as reimbursement policies related to campus accommodation and catering costs.

The University of San Diego offers proportionate reimbursements for room and board expenses, parking permit fees and its fee for the Student Life Pavilion, but the USD student government group will not reimburse the tuition fee for college students. The group instead decided to use that money “to provide support to students with financial needs who have been affected” by the closure of the campus.

USD administrators also offer a 60% refund for students who withdraw from university by March 20. The university published the details of its “financial arrangements” for families on its website.

Max Chan, a graduate of the Canyon Crest Academy now in his first year at the University of Southern California, was forced to return home after the coronavirus epidemic. Her father, former NBC7 reporter Chris Chan, said that USC does not offer refunds or credits for the fall semester lessons because Max and other students are attending the spring lessons online.

“It’s hard to argue, say,” Well, it’s only 60 or 70 percent worth, “and ask for that money back or ask for a discount,” said Chris Chan.

But the Chan family is relieved that USC, like the USD, will offer them a proportional discount for Max’s unused dormitory rent and meal plan.

In Cal State San Marcos, classes also continue online, starting March 20. The university does not offer tuition refunds. Students who live on campus have the option to cancel the housing contract without penalty if they decide to move from campus. CSUSM spokesman Eric Breier told NBC 7, however, that campus housing remains open “for residents who would like to stay.” The CSUSM website contains detailed information on its housing policy, as well as notifications on the cancellation of campus events and general information on the impact of the coronavirus on the San Marcos campus.

In contrast, UCSD administrators are “strongly urging” students to leave La Jolla campus “as soon as possible, but no later than March 29th”. School officials said students who cannot return home should have enough room for “effective social removal”. Students who leave the campus by the deadline of March 29 will receive a full refund of housing costs for the spring quarter, UCSD spokeswoman Leslie Sepuka said.

Sepuka said, however, that, “in line with the president’s UC office guide”, there will be no tax refunds or contributions because “the campus remains operational” with virtual and alternative learning methods.

San Diego state administrators have published detailed information on reimbursements, credits and lesson status on the university’s website. An SDSU spokesman urged students and their families to check his coronavirus information page frequently, “since we are updating it several times a day.”

Many local families also hope for refunds or credits for school trips to the east coast and around the world that have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Peter Schwarz said the travel company that canceled a $ 3,400 trip to the East Coast planned for his son’s middle school class offers a full refund, minus their $ 250 deposit. He said families also the possibility of withholding the refund, in the hope that the trip will be rescheduled.

After talking to other parents, Schwarz decided to decline the refund offered.

“Hopefully they will continue to offer that refund,” said Schwarz. “This was the only thing that was a little vague in their communication. Do we have to take the refund now and we won’t receive it later? It’s unclear.”

At least one family, however, is taking legal action in San Diego against the organizers of an exchange program for US students. In a lawsuit filed on March 11, the student is contesting the tour group’s alleged refusal to refund the full $ 3,800 cost of the program. The student’s attorneys also want a judge to declare the company’s contract inapplicable and “inconceivable”. That lawsuit could last for months, however, as California courts essentially closed local courts and filed civil cases during the pandemic.


our selection of films to escape from confinement

Love is a merry-go-round. The couples spin like wooden horses. Round (1950) is designed on the model of marabout-end-of-string. X meets Y which falls on Z, etc. This allows Max Ophüls to summon all the gratin of French cinema. He takes feelings seriously, hires a mustachioed playmaker who ties events together by humming, with a cheerful second degree.

In imperial Vienna Reggiani, a soldier, meets Simone Signoret whose virtue is not above all suspicion. Daniel Gélin quotes Stendhal. It is unclear whether Odette Joyeux is a midinette or a casserole. An actress leads Jean-Louis Barrault, poet, by the nose. This does not prevent him from also attracting Gérard Philipe. He does not believe in happiness, with his monocle and his cassowary.

The director describes this saraband as vertigo, with the exhilaration that champagne drunk in a private practice gives. This elegance. At the end, we return to the starting point. Do not miss the moment when the narrator stops the film just before a scene that was going to be removed and cut the film with scissors. All this, fluid and airy like the foam of the beers served on the terrace.

The trailer of the film:

Trip for two, the choice of Etienne Sorin

Stanley Donen could have just filmed Let’s sing in the rain, co-produced with Gene Kelly, just like One day in New York and Beautiful fixed on New York, and he would have remained one of the greats of the Hollywood Golden Age musical. But the former Broadway choreographer did more than crackle taps on the screen. After Charade and Arabesque, two pastiches of Hitchcock with Cary Grant and Gregory Peck in the early 1960s, he takes a real turn with Trip for two (1967). A pop and melancholy jewel.

Twelve years of the life of a couple (interpreted by Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney), from the intoxication of the beginnings to the agony of feelings, with the Côte d’Azur in the background. Wild Side did it big with this bonus-rich edition and accompanied by a book by Adrienne Boutang and Marc Frelin, Fragments of a love transport. Superbly illustrated, it traces the genesis and the shooting of the film. The authors review in detail the collaboration between Donen and the English novelist Frederic Raphael, screenwriter at times in Swinging London. They recall the filmmaker’s admiration for his muse, Audrey Hepburn. “My passion for her survived four marriages, two for her and two for me “Said Donen, who would eventually convince the”funny face“, Long reluctant, whose couple with Mel Ferrer is struggling and will not survive the film.

Wilde Side Video set, € 49.99.


Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place.

In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire race and – thanks to the past two decades – are now recognized as the best coach and quarterback in NFL history respectively.

Trying to share credit for a race never seen before the NFL domination and perhaps the most incredible trait in the history of professional sport – to some extent – is missing the point.

Did the ancient Egyptians stand in front of the pyramids and discuss whether the architect or builders deserved more credit? Did Mrs Wright analyze which of her children – Wilbur or Orville – was primarily responsible for the invention, construction and flight of the first plane?

There is something to be said just to close and appreciate the realization, isn’t there? Yup.

And we will get there.

But right now, with the engines going down Route 1 to pack Tom Brady’s remaining stuff and take him out of Foxboro forever, the question hangs on everything. Which man was most responsible for creating the story we’ve seen written in the past two decades: Belichick or Brady?

Results may vary. In fact, I know they will. But here’s how I see it.

If it hadn’t been for Belichick, there would never have been the mini-dynasty that they became in the decade 2000-2009.

If it weren’t for Brady, the Patriots would never have become the Super Dynasty that they became from 2010 to 2019 when they blew up the 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s Niners and 90s Cowboys to become the only franchise that has dominated two decades.

Bill gets the first decade

The moment Mo Lewis cut an artery in Drew Bledsoe’s chest in September 2001, he is touched as the history of the NFL has changed. It wasn’t. It will only speed up a trial that began when Robert Kraft decided to hire Belichick to succeed Pete Carroll in January 2000.

Belichick took a look at the team’s register and management and started fumigating and renewing. In the end – despite the heavy contract that the Patriots gave Bledsoe in January 2001 to help strengthen public confidence and private investment in building CMGI Field (possibly Gillette Stadium) – Belichick was wary of being tied to a quarterback that the coach was able to routinely undress whenever he trained against him.

Especially a quarterback who had to be paid as the top of the market, as Bledsoe and his agent David Dunn made clear.

Brady was not enlisted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft as Bledsoe’s successor, but in September it became clear to Belichick that he had something. And it became obvious during the 2001 offseason and the training camp that – although not better than Bledsoe in all – the child who made $ 298,000 was more mobile, more precise, more ready in his pocket and destined to be more suited to handling a Bledsoe game.

Mo Lewis accelerated the process and – with a painful stroke – made the transition relatively painless. But the credit goes to Belichick for seeing what he had, promoting it and having the decision to pull the trigger.

The fact that the Patriots went 14-5 under Brady after starting 5-13 under Bledsoe is persuasive evidence that Brady was the missing piece. But Belichick created the register, built the culture and hired the right people – from managers to coaches – to put the team in a position to succeed. It deserves more credit.

Brady may have helped them get where they did, but the Patriots were undoubtedly headed in the right direction and the fruits of Belichick’s designs were collected in 2003 and 2004.

Those Super Bowl wins – the first at the end of a season that started with the shooting down of lawyer Milloy in favor of Rodney Harrison; the second thanks largely to a dice throw on Corey Dillon – they were the victories for “culture”.

Disinterest imposed. All done for the greatest good of the team. Everything ego in your pocket. The most impressive aspect of the patriots was therefore their stamina and mental endurance. Brady was an important part. But so were Tedy Bruschi and Harrison, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and so on.

Fifty-three very intelligent and capable players row together in the hold of the big ship while Belichick was over the bridge to trace a route. It was from 2001 to 2004.

The dips in 2005 and 2006 began the process that would have led Brady to become, largely on Belichick’s design, the engine.

The 2005 Patriots were hit by injuries – not a hindsight surprise when you consider the nine extra games played in the previous four seasons and the difficulty of staying on top. They started to see some friction to grow old – Troy Brown was 34 then – and the ongoing game was marked as well as their defense on the run. They went 10-6 and lost in the division round.

The following season, a protracted squabble over the contract led to the Deion Branch being swapped with Seattle shortly before the season began. Reche Caldwell led the team in receptions followed by Ben Watson, Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. However, they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl, but lost on the road to the Colts.

That season, Brady got a toy he had never had in Randy Moss and a Troy Brown replica model named Wes Welker. The entire set of record sets went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to 2008. This is the season that many are aiming for when they say that it is Belichick’s genius that is most responsible for twenty-year success. The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel starting in quarterback. Hadn’t he been a beginner from high school, yet the patriots still went 11-5?

Cassel was exceptional, better than anyone could hope for. But it’s still a sharp drop from 16-0 to 11-5.

In 2009, the central defense core was expelled or withdrawn: Vrabel, Bruschi, Seymour and Harrison. Belichick complained to Brady on the sidelines during a defeat for the Saints that season that “I just can’t get these kids to play the way I want them. So frustrating.”

The season ended with an ignominious home defeat against the crows in the AFC division playoff round.

Brady gets the second decade

The patriots renewed in the off-season and, in my opinion, Brady was at the forefront of finding their places where they had no business at that stage of their reconstruction. In 2010, the Patriots went 14-2, they were seed no. 1 and Brady was the unanimous MVP.

The offense, moving away from the narrow final position, enlisted two – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – and their production would become historic in 2011 when the Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl and lost again to the Giants. Brady launched for 5,235 career yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 picks.

In the 2012 season, he launched 637 times, a career high and one of three times in four seasons that attempted more than 600 passes. With a defense that too often seemed to resist better teams, it was Brady and the offense to score and score and score a little more. They were the first, third, first and third in points marked from 2010 to 2013. Defensively in that period they were eighth, 15th, ninth and tenth.

Even in 2013, when Hernandez was jailed for murder, Gronkowski was grounded due to back surgery and then with an ACL, Brady still ran by hitting the ball with Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and – to a lesser extent – Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen.

They won the Super Bowl in 2014, winning a shootout against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, 35-31, and then overcoming a 24-14 deficit against the Seahawks in the fourth quarter when Brady moved to a completely different level in the fourth quarter.

The previous April, Belichick had enlisted Brady’s aspiring successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, in the second round. Brady, perhaps remembering the shrug that Drew Bledsoe had encountered Brady’s arrival 14 years earlier, would not have fallen asleep on the move with the team that ran Garoppolo.

Brady went on to launch 69 touchdowns and 16 predictions in 2014 and 15. He lost four suspension games in 2016 – Garoppolo overcame six quarters of Brady’s relief before hurting himself and giving way to Jacoby Brissett – but he still threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions before ending that season with a 43- record. by-62, 466 yards in the Super Bowl when the Patriots canceled out a deficit of 28-3. Brady did it at 39.

At 40 in the AFCCG, without Edelman, without an injured Gronkowski, Brady and Amendola joined together to push the Patriots beyond the Jaguars and in the Super Bowl against Philly where he would have launched for 505 yards.

So let’s tell here. From 2010 to 2017, the Patriots have reached seven consecutive AFC Championship Games and the year they didn’t, Brady was the unanimous MVP. He wrote the filming of the playoffs against Ravens and Seahawks in 2014, the Falcons in 2016, the Jaguars in 2017 and led the team to two Super Bowl wins.

In 2018, Edelman was exiting an ACL and was therefore suspended for the first four games. Gronk was injured for a large chunk of the year. Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan were the main gimmicks for a while until the team faced Josh Gordon. It’s still? The team went 11-5, Brady put them on his back in the fourth quarter and overtime in Kansas City in the AFCCG and then the Patriots defense checked against the Rams and delivered a Super Bowl to Brady – apart from the shot at Gronk which led to the game’s winning touchdown – he just had to play OK to win the team.

The final verdict

So, see what my answer to this debate is now. Bill gets a bigger share of the first three Lombards. Tom gets a higher share than the second three.

So many people over the years have speculated that Belichick wants to prove that he can win a championship without Brady. I don’t know if it’s true.

I think if Brady was gone, Belichick would appreciate the opportunity, but I never thought he would have wanted to get rid of what he thinks is a quarterback capable of giving him a title that the others couldn’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. Belichick doesn’t see Brady as special as he once was. Great? Sure. Are there other guys who can do things they can’t do now? Belichick seems to think so. Brady has apparently survived its usefulness here.

Bill will do what he has done to so many other players. Go ahead. But this is the life cycle of the NFL.

From what I’ve been told and what I’ve collected, Brady agrees. He hoped to be special and to be able to write a different ending here, but to realize he couldn’t shock him. For a legend, it is rather well established.

Playing for Bill Belichick will help keep a player that way. And maybe even for that, Belichick deserves a lot of credit. He allowed Tom Brady to become Tom Brady because he was eternally and exasperatedly Bill Belichick.

Every. Single. Year.


Australian Open 2020: Nadal still lacks edge | sports

Nadal comforts a ball boy during the match against Delbonis. Video: The Country.

There was the history of left-handed people and, in that area, it is already known: the overwhelming logic. The good of Federico Delbonis had it all against. Not only because of the fact that in the previous three pulses with Rafael Nadal (6-3, 7-6 (4) and 6-1 in the latter, resolved in 2h 31m) would have scratched only 10 games. He had more elements against him. He has not lost the number one game against a left-hander for three courses, when Canadian Denis Shapovalov surprised him in the third round of Montreal; since then, a string of 13 consecutive victories, but that’s not the case. There is more.

The Mallorcan, cited in the third round of the Australian Open with his friend Pablo Carreño, has only lost three duels against left-handed tennis players in the Grand Slams; rewinding 30 victories and only three concessions are grouped together: against Gilles Müller, a repeat offender on Wimbledon’s grass (2005 and 2017) and that against Fernando Verdasco in Melbourne, 2016. He could finish the scourge here, Delbonis would think. But no. There was still one last statistic that threw another sand shovel over the Argentine morale.

In his entire career, Nadal has won 104 of the 119 games against that enigmatic brotherhood of lefties; these, by the way, 10% of the world’s population: it is estimated that about 12% of men and 8% of women. The Manacor, in his line, gave a good account of the latter in a game he controlled and drove as he wanted, despite the difficulty of opening the melon and lacking edge. Delbonis defended his first service turn for 14m 23s and until the seventh ball of break (for 3-1) he did not uneven the first set. In that section, an important blur: the report reflected 3 of 20 at the end, and by the second set the percentage was very poor, one of 18.

“I need to improve and I will improve, because I think I am doing things well enough. In training I am feeling better every day, but in games I am not being able to let go of what I need to let go at the beginning. Both the first day and today, the third set have been good, but before it was short and made mistakes. I have not awarded any ball of break, but what has been a catastrophe is not having won a break point In I don’t know how many opportunities. I don’t know if one of 18 was going, a lot … ”, he analyzed.

“When the opportunities are happening and you are not able to catch one… We have already started like this, because in the first game that I have subtracted I have had I do not know how many break points… There have been too many missed occasions and one is tense; in the end, when things like this happen to one it is said: we are with them again, and it gets into your head. When I have passed that point of tension, tennis has not been bad at all, ”he radiographed after dispatching Delbonis.

The Argentine could have fallen like a house of cards, but he grabbed the tournament with good arguments and a lot of dignity, until the second acceleration of number one, winning the tie break of the second sleeve, he left practically grogui. There, Delbonis already melted. And in the meantime, the incorrigible Nick Kyrgios demonstrating that he has ojeriza and some obsession with the Balearic Islands, imitating his liturgy at the time of taking off, and the devalued Alexander Zverev, long lost, saying that they, the capricious youngsters of the circuit, are paying the Instagram bill.

Nadal talks with the ball boy. On video, the moment of the pitch. REUTERS

Who does not clue or shoot is Nadal, who do not finish convincing the Australian balls this year; “Tired”, as he warned a couple of days ago, because he accumulates 4h 32m between the first two games in Melbourne and in the ATP Cup he invested a whopping 15h 06m; nor excessively convinced with his latest shoe model, hence the return to the previous one. To succeed him, it happened until an unfortunate incident with one of the ball bouncers, to which he gave a tremendous ball in a rest. The immediate reaction, taking interest in her and giving her a kiss, touched a bleacher delivered in the first night game of the Balearic this year.

“I had a good coup and I got scared, because in the end the speed of the ball is high and more in a rest, which adds to the speed of the service, and I also hit it in the middle; when I saw her shoot out there I got scared because it was straight to the head and you don’t know what can happen, ”he lamented. “But well, the truth is that the girl has been a phenomenon, very whole. Obviously she fell a little bit of lagrimilla, of course, but I was surprised because the ball has been strong and she has endured the type in a fantastic way, that is, a very good example, ”he celebrated.

Interestingly, two years ago a similar episode occurred, also in Melbourne, when he played against Leonardo Mayer in the second round. Now, in the third, the present stands in his way to the right-handed Carreño, who defeated Peter Gojowczyk 6-4, 6-1, 1-6 and 6-4. But this Thursday’s story was left-handed and, in tennis, Nadal is the king. And that is usually said to be choked a little. And that which by nature is right-handed …

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Australian Open 2020: Stone by stone, Muguruza continues to progress | sports

Want to come back Garbiñe Muguruza. Removed the blindfold and seeing things more clearly, came the reaction, the decision to rehook the train that moved him happily to the golden space of tennis and, consequently, to recover the lost ground in the last two years . It will cost, and it may not even reach the intended station, because in tennis two years are an eternity. There will be defeats. But the will exists and now Garbiñe applies, which this Thursday, during the Spanish dawn, took another step forward in Melbourne, the first stage to gauge the effectiveness of that rudder.

For now, Muguruza is already in the third round and in its first two games significant signals are perceived. He drew a first day of dogs, still convalescent of a viral process that diminished him during the week prior to the tournament, and on the second date he got rid of a sticky rival that did not make things easy for him. Down the local Ajla Tomljanovic (6-3, 3-6 and 6-3, in 2h 21m), the next crossing will gain volume and require one or two steps forward before the Ukrainian Elina Svitolina, fifth seeded and executioner of the American Lauren Davis (6-2 and 7-6).

“I come with real expectations of saying: well, I have many games ahead of me and I’m not a seeded [es la 32 del ranking], then they will all be very difficult, so I will go game by game. The first day was quite fair [la fiebre le retiró de Hobart la semana previa al torneo]so it’s a challenge because you are not one hundred percent. I just think about recovering and going game by game. Let’s see how many I earn … ”, he said.

In any case, hopeful details are observed. Muguruza no longer gets carried away and looks into the eyes at the problems that are happening on the track. He traced the premiere and this time he knew how to stop the Australian attempt, incidentally, an overly flat and too conservative player. Methodical and linear, Tomljanovic lacks what Garbiñe has left over: deep right and a cross setback difficult to find in another racket of the circuit. Final shots. He also had patience and good work, because that was required by a game with traps hidden in the cement.

“I must have patience, less anxiety”

However, Muguruza had control and temper. Now, the complaints are the right ones. No bad gestures or bad faces. More and better attitude, complicity with Conchita on the bench, as he uncovered the smile they both exchanged as soon as the triumph was signed; this, built on a good response in the first round, when Garbiñe countered the breakage of the start with two lunges, and another show of faith and confidence in the third, when he did not let the Australian stand up, who had countered the break of the fourth game.

Muguruza left happy, restrained but satisfied. There is much, much work to do, but the vibrations are different. Last year he reached the eighth in Melbourne and in 2017 his ceiling in the tournament, the quarters; Now, the purpose is not so much as far as it can go but to recover the form, to be a recognizable competitor again. The reconstruction requires time, from stone to stone, and the first two months of the new cycle with Conchita – “we are working on many things: tennis, not tennis …” – they are returning good habits. Tennis, tennis, tennis. Garbiñe clenches her teeth again and squeezes her fist, but not in anger. He wants to come back.

Suarez says goodbye to Melbourne

“Last year, in the important moments things did not go to my face and in this I am trying to face them again with more tranquility. It’s a new year and I’m excited to play and find sensations again, have more patience, less anxiety of wanting everything now, right now. I am patient, because the time will come, ”he resolved before the special envoys and before being alone in the women’s team. In her last participation in the tournament, since she retires at the end of the course, Carla Suárez gave in to Polish Iga Swiatek (6-3 and 7-5) and Sara Sorribes could not with Anett Kontaveit (6-1, 4-6 and 6-1).

In the men’s team, Fernando Verdasco (4-6, 7-6, 6-4 and 6-4 to Nikoloz Basilashvili) and Pablo Carreño (6-4, 6-1, 1-6 and 6-4 to Peter Gojowczyk advanced ), but Jaume Munar could not with Alexei Popyrin (6-2, 7-6 and 6-2) and the Valencian Pedro Martínez, who came to get his first victory in a Grand Slam, the first also in the ATP circuit , said goodbye to Daniil Medvedev, who threw a serve from below. “It has not been disrespectful, it was simply far behind and is a resource,” he explained. “It’s a pediment,” he then described to the Russian, who could bump into Rafael Nadal in hypothetical semifinals. “From the bottom it doesn’t squeeze much, but it just fails. It is very large, reaches all and has one of the best serves, ”he settled.

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Australian Open 2020: Tyson, kayak and dance, stimuli for Gauff | sports

As if he had half a life in front of the microphones, Coco gauff It unfolds before journalists with the dialectic expertise of a veteran. However, he is only 15 years old and, he said after going back to Sorana Cirstea (4-6, 6-3 7-5) and getting the ticket for the third round of the Australian Open, he has very little left to get the license to drive. “I already have the allow [la autorización requerida para practicar en Estados Unidos], but I brought it to Australia and I don’t know why … My mother has kept it, so she won’t lose it. She lets me drive less than my father… ”, he joked in front of a large group of special envoys, because his media resonance is proportional to his sporting precocity.

Gauff has a star. And the United States pampers it as if fate were written beforehand. In just six months, everything has changed. He should be competing among the juniors, but it is the 67th in the world, he has won a professional title (Linz) and last summer he made history in Wimbledon, becoming the youngest tennis player to access the main draw of the British great. “My goal is to be the best in history. That is my goal, to win the largest number of Grand Slams, ”says the sportswoman without blush, whose face already occupies covers of prestigious magazines, late nights, advertisements. Your nation awaits you. Vertigo in the face of pressure? None.

“I respect everyone, but I think I can beat anyone,” he says. “She is extremely mature for her age,” said Venus Williams three days ago, 24 years older than her and rendered the two times they have met, in London and last Monday in Melbourne. “He is special, very aware of everything around him. It can be a great inspiration for people, especially for young people, ”says Billie-Jean King, winner of 12 greats. Everything is praise and she processes them naturally, knowing that an excessive reality comes upon her, although there is her protective belt: her father and coach, Corey, her mother Candi and coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

The latter, the Frenchman who trains Serena Williams for years and also advises the talented Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, has an academy in Nice for which Gauff has paraded many times and last month devised a conviviality to crown the preseason. In a strategy of team building (team building), gathered Serena, Gauff, Chris Eubanks and Marius Copil from December 10 to 20, accompanied by a pair of juniors. The framework of the meeting was Boca Raton, an idyllic place in South Florida where Naomi Osaka, Coco’s next opponent, resides precisely. There he organized a series of group activities led by former boxer Mike Tyson, famed fitness coach Shaun T and DJ Bob Sinclair. And there was everything: triathlon, diving, basketball, kayaking, dinner and karaoke.

Cori Gauff and MIke Tyson, last month in Boca Raton.

Cori Gauff and MIke Tyson, last month in Boca Raton.

The camp de Mouratoglou was responding, in fact, to the goal of a plot so that Gauff continues to grow and grow this year, and the legendary Williams (6-2 and 6-3 to Tamara Zidansek) finds the way to the infinity of the big 24. “I don’t usually box a lot, because it’s not good for my nails, and I always dance because it’s more entertaining than going to the gym every day, isn’t it?” Serena reasons. “The momentazo was the choreography with her,” says the last girl prodigy of the racket. “Actually, this has been my first preseason because I was junior,” says the girl, who is entertaining these days with an application (TikTok) to create music videos.

“Everyone thinks I’m as serious as on the track, but I am not. I don’t really take my life too seriously. I just want to have fun, ”he says as his game continues to evolve. To its freshness adds a formidable mobility – 1.75 meter and weighs about 55 kilos – and that solidity in the rally that has sustained him in his first appearances in the greats; technically quite neat, it is now required to sharpen the right to gain track and enhance the offensive phase, because in the fold it is pure marble. “Pure talent”, describes the German Steffi Graf, with 22 majors on the record.

“I just have to worry about my game, not what people think about me. I still have a lot to improve… ”, Gauff closes in Melbourne, where he will meet another young woman who hatched a year and a half ago, Naomi Osaka (22). The Japanese linked two big ones – the 2018 US Open and the Australian Open last year – but has lost incandescence. In September, both ended up comforting themselves in tears after the Japanese appealed to the American in the third round of New York. Now, Coco is facing the challenge of climbing another step towards that place that, they say, belongs to him.

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