Google prohibits employees from using Zoom

zoom The video service is criticized for security vulnerabilities. (Photo: AFP) Mountain view Google blocks the video conferencing service software zoom on his employees’ computers after various security gaps and data protection problems became known. The desktop program does not meet Google’s security requirements, a spokesman for the website “Buzzfeed” said on Wednesday. However, employees […]

Bundeswehr think tank: Covid-19 reveals Germany’s deficits

Regardless of favorable economic and political framework conditions in Germany, the crisis uncovered more and more “the lack of substantial, actually legally prescribed resources at the level of the municipalities and the states as well as the lack of strategic reserves in terms of personnel, material and infrastructure at the federal level”, writes the Leadership […]

To limit exposure to coronavirus, US airport security screens are pushing for better masks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A union representing US airport security screeners is urging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide more effective masks to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus, union leadership told Reuters Tuesday. PHOTO FILE: people wait in line to reach the TSA immigration process at John F. Kennedy International Airport in […]

Switch from Google Authenticator to a more secure 2FA app

According to a recent report by Nightwatch CybersecurityThe Google Authenticator app for Android has an unresolved issue that can create a big security nightmare if you have malware or other mobile apps installed on your device. (The Microsoft Authenticator the Android app also shares the same problem, so don’t switch to one or app, for […]

How to update your Super-old Android so that it won’t be hacked

IIf you have an ancient device that no longer receives updates, then the chances are good that someone, somewhere, could find and exploit a vulnerability that nobody is interested in or able to solve anymore. This is why we preach that you should always update your wifi router with the latest firmware, and the same […]

At AMD and Intel: security gaps in almost all current processors

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Tear gas fired on the Greek-Turkish border as migrant tensions ignite

Greek riot police officers walk through the clouds of tear gas near the Turkish border crossing at Pazarkule, in Kastanies, Greece, on March 7, 2020. REUTERS / Florion Goga KASTANIES, Greece (Reuters) – Tear gas and smoke bombs were launched across the border between Turkey and Greece on Saturday with a new blaze of tension […]